Sunday, January 6, 2008

Feeling Better

My boo-boo leg is feeling better today, but I still can't quite support my front end enough to drink from my water bubbler so Mom had to put out a raised bowl.
We did go for a very short walk. Some of the streets still have snow on them and it was kind of slippery. After walkies, I tested the snow conditions in the back yard. Still hazardous for my big self. You have to move sloooowly because you never know when a leg will sink in. Here I come!See? Some places don't even have snow. My next door neighbor dog friend, Maggie was barking at me, but wouldn't come out to play.This snowman is still scary. I hope it melts soon.
This one isn't quite so scary, but you still need to approach with caution.
I'm invisible!

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