Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I am very grouchy tonight! The day started off OK as my boo-boo leg felt good enough that I could drink out of my water bubbler without getting jiggy.
I figured that, combined with warm weather, would guarantee a satisfying walk, but for some reason, Mom decided NOT TO GO WALKIES this morning! Arg! I was so mad that I barricaded the door when she tried to go to work (which she seems to do almost every day). My plan was foiled when My Master came charging in and unceremoniously butted me out of the way.

Then I tried to take my morning nap, but couldn't sleep because of all the banging and drilling going on while Master removed more brick from my living room addition. THEN, some guy came over to inspect the house for installing air conditioning (about time). Of course I had to help him examine the house and measure things up.
Just when I thought things couldn't get worse, Master went to work too and I was home alone for almost four hours! Fortunately, I was able to exercise my superior powers of meditation to go to my happy place while I was home alone.

[Mom - Mango, buddy, you meditate for four hours in the afternoon even when I am home]
Yeah, right, whatever.

The last straw was that when Mom finally came home she made me practice with the stretcher without taking any photos! I'm told that I have been abusing my internet privileges to garner sympathy from my doggie pals about how mean it is to try and "train" me to lay down on a stretcher. NOT! Pictures don't lie, Mom, OK? Stretcher training stinks!
So after our "session" I made my best pissy face. I'm not talking to you.I heard the dog drawer open and of course I did have to investigate.Alright, a fresh chew is a good idea.But just because I'm chewing it, doesn't mean I'm not grouchy anymore.By the way, just for the record, the current score is MANGO - 3 / STRETCHER - 0! And I am NOT a spoiled baby, but a magnificent, handsome, sweet, loving Mango Man who should always be treated as such (that means walkies every day and enough with the stretcher, am I right)?


Peanut said...

mango man you are a dog after my own heart. You shouldn't have to do anything you don't want to and if that means no stretcher then so be it. Your mom needs to get with the program.

Ferndoggle said...

Mango, you should only agree to stretcher training if 100 thousand liver cookies are involved. If not...what's the point?


Joe Stains said...

hey Mango I came on over from the Dogs of Jackman Ave's blog to say hello. I know all about being grumpy!

Amber-Mae said...

Hey Mango! Hahaha, I like that picture of you cross-eyed! Mango, if you don't want to use the stretcher, then don't. You hoomans can't force you unless there's delicious treats for you ofcourse.

Pee/s: I've finally added you to my links. Will visit our place often!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Girasol said...

Hello Mango,
I saw your sweet name on Dogs of Jackman Ave's blog.
A meditation time always is good.

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Mango, I wouldn't be up that stretcher business either. Even if my mom could get me to lay down on it, I would bolt the second it left the ground. I'm a little nervous about such things. But my mom says she understands it. Last year, I had surgery for a torn cruciate and she had to haul me up and down a spirally staircase for two months. She worked out quite a system, that she things she should patent, but she also says she'd never do it again in a million years.

One more thing .... I would never run away from you. I would totally play. Although admittedly, if you boo boo leg was still boo boo'd, I might be tempted to take you out. I'm a little weird about weakness in other dogs. Aside from that, I would wiggle my bum and go in for the play.


Stanley said...

Hey Mango Man!

I heard about you from Lola, Penny & Sherman. I have to ask, what the hell is stretcher training?? My thought is, your peeps should be happy you continue to choose to live with them. 'Nuff said.

By the way, I'm Stanley. I'm an almost 2-yr-old Airedale, weighing in at a puny 85 lbs. Come by & see me sometime.

Your new goober bud,

Randi said...


I love you! You are sooo very handsome! & my dad is gonna DROOL OVER YOU! He loves mastiffs! I can totally understand they stretcher training..I know it seems silly..but your peoples have your best interest at heart..& you'll get hotdogs! I love hot dogs! My brother Dublin left us back in March of 07 & he was 135 mom was always concerned what she would do if Dublin got a boo boo & couldnt' walk...the stretcher idea is a good one...& maybe you need to do Wagon Training too...just in case only your ma or pa is home with you when you get a boo boo...of course, you could then demand BBQ'd steaks & hotdogs for that training!

I'm gonna link you to my bloggy OK! That way I can visit you all the time!

Love & Licks,

PS..I saw that Shermie, Penny & Lola were talking about you on their bloggy so I just had to come over!

PSS..I hope you boo boo is way better soon!