Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Morning

For reasons I do not understand, Mom always makes me get up way too early in the morning. Can't she see I'm busy? Hmmm.. I hear the sound of the dog drawer opening. As you can see, its full of lots of fun things. Well, that got me out of bed in a jiffy.Maybe we could get a toy out? I don't know why I have to keep some of my toys in there anyway. I suppose its because I already have my monkey and santa out to play with. Today, we just got out my heartworm pills... yum. Time for breakfast!

After each meal, I recommend a nap for at least an hour to aid in digestion.If you have trouble sleeping, a simple meditation will do.I like to wedge myself under Mom's chair so that if she makes any sudden moves I'll wake up.
Mom thinks its too cold for walkies! Only 10 degrees.I tried making my most wicked good cutest face. Pu...leeeeze can we go walkies?I suggested she could wear her hoodie to keep warm.Not for me! Arg!That's more like it!
We always travel with a pouch full of liver treats and hot dogs "in case I'm a good dog." As if that's ever in question.Mom says no camera on walkies because she has her hands full with my leash and poop bags and liver treats and besides she's wearing mittins and blah blah blah blah blah. Alright already! No camera! Let's just goooo!!!!My, that was invigorating. A brief pause to enjoy the crisp morning air. Ah...Even though we were only out for half an hour, I find myself beat. Must have burned some extra calories keeping my handsome self warm. Zzzzzz....

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