Monday, January 7, 2008

The Stretcher Part II

I gotta say that my boo-boo leg is still really sore. I'm having trouble picking things up off the floor because my leg goes all jiggy when I try to bend down. We went for a short, half mile walk this morning and went very slowly. I was OK walking, but when I tried to trot my boo-boo hurt. Too bad there isn't nice, soft grass in the backyard to walk on. I even took some more Rimadyl. I can't even go for car rides because even though the car isn't very tall, last night I cried when I stepped out. I was optimistic that some food related fun was in my future when I heard the refrigerator door open.

I followed the scent of hot dogs, only to be confronted with... the stretcher! Man, this is just too much. My boo-boo leg hurts, I have wicked cabin fever, and now this stretcher thing again. Oh man! This is just such a dumb idea! Its not going to work. I left my hiney on my dog bed while I put my front end on the thing. That should be good enough, right? Give me hot dog!I closed my eyes tightly and tried to think about Amber-Mae in her hot pink panties. This is not happening to me. Must go to happy place. Where is hot dog?
How about if I put my hiney on instead. Now do I get hot dog?Alright! I'll put my hiney on, but I will not lie down. How can you be so cold? Finally, a little reward.See how nicely I can lie down when I don't have that stretcher under me? The mental strain was too great. I am exhausted.That's right, give me my chew. I need to engage in a calming activity.Ahhh...


Amber-Mae said...
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Amber-Mae said...

Oh Mango, is there something wrong with your leg? I hope it's not HD or something bad like that... Hey guess what? I'm wearing my pink panties again!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer