Saturday, January 5, 2008

Not Our Usual Saturday

Today was not our usual Saturday. Since it was so warm, I thought it would be OK to play ball in the yard. So I was running along and then the snow gave way and I spronged my leg. Owie!!! I must admit that I cried and I couldn't walk on my right front leg. Now little dogs can get around on three legs, but big guys like me really need all four feet (ever see a three legged horse) and my boo-boo being my front leg it was extra bad. I finally made it back inside, but I have to say that I cried (a lot) along the way.

Mom called the doctor right away. I asked her not to bring the camera since it was kind of embarassing to be so helpless. I got in the car OK, but when we got to the doctor I had to kind of shimmy out of the car because I couldn't put any weight on my front leg. Mom gave me a Rimadyl to keep the swelling down. I needed to get an x-ray. Since (apparently) it takes three people to get me on the x-ray table and all the helper vets were busy, Mom had to leave me behind. It was kind of scary as I was put in a kennel where there were lots of sick puppies. Now I will pause to note that my doctor specializes in fertility "issues" and so there are often really hot gals there with all of their equipment, if you know what I mean. Sadly, this was not one of those days, so I had to spend a couple of hours with sorry looking dogs with cones on their heads and IV's.

The good news is that I only had some soft tissue damage and was cleared to go home. I'll need to go easy on walkies, but other than that, Mango is back in business. Mom went to the dog store without me while I was waiting for my x-ray. She said that because I was such a brave boy I could have a bully stick INSIDE!

You need to really get the foam on to enjoy a bully stick!
Here's something which is not on our usual shopping list. In case you can't read the package, it says "Top and Tail Wipes." OK, I'll admit that I can sometimes be a bit "relaxed" with my morning toilet, but please! No photos allowed regarding use of this product.
Here I am following doctor's orders to keep weight off my boo-boo leg.


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