Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dexter is In the House!

Mango's Momma here. Dexter arrived about 10:00 this morning and, well, you can just imagine. His official name is Nightwind Dexter in the Dark. As if his first day weren't frantic enough, we're having a bit of a monsoon here in Massachusetts and so all our runs outside are quite wet.

Mango and Dexter are getting along well as each tries to figure out exactly what is going on. As I expected, Mango has discovered renewed interest in toys that he hasn't touched in months now that Dexter is also interested, so we'll have to watch that. But they are interacting well and seem keen to get to know each other better.

This is the best shot I could get of them today. The size difference is striking. Good thing puppies grow fast!
Mango is also quite determined to get at the stuffies that Dexter brought with him to keep in his crate, but much to his consternation, he can't even get his big head in.

There was some good running around and playtime in the house. Dexter is not afraid of Mango and really wants to play. Mango is willing, but I think the intensity of the puppy is a little much for him as he opted at one point to go out alone in the rain for a self imposed time out.
Dexter is a very good boy and after playtime and about five minutes of crying, he konks out in his crate. He's only 15 pounds and I have quickly discovered the places a 15 lb puppy can get into that a 40 lb puppy could not, so we'll have to do some fortification tomorrow.
Hopefully it will stop raining tomorrow and we'll have more to report. Oops! He just woke up from his nap and is making a fuss. Here we go again.
Mango's Mom! Over and out!
P.S. Well, maybe not such a good boy. He just passed the five minute timer howling and moaning. Sigh, puppies.


Biggie-Z said...

Keep'em coming! Biggie and I have been checking your site off-and-on all day today. So excited for you.

Biggie's Mom

(Was Mango really 40 lbs when you got him? at how old? Biggie was close to 20 at 8 weeks, and for a while he was growing a pound every 2 days.)

MJ's doghouse said...

mango...i think if we had puppies together...which sadly is impossible...but if we would look alot like can we pretend...i always wanted to be a mommy and have soemone else do all the are a very handsome big bro/foster daddy....keep up the good work my big man....

Jamie said...

Dexter looks like he's getting feisty in the last picture. Little but mighty! Wouldn't it be funny if he turned out to be the Alpha dog in the house? The picture of Mango trying to get his head in the crate is wonderful. Good luck sleeping tonight guys!

Yours Truly,

Mack said...

I bet Mango is such a good brother!
Thank goodness no fights!

Sami said...


Dexter is all most as cute as you Mango. He is the cutest black lab puppy I have seen.

Pretty soon Dexter will grow and you will have someone to run with outside. My sis Sami was a little wild when we first met each other and now I am too big for her to push around. Not that she pushed me around but made me go rolling a few time cuz she got to carried away playing.

Sami has always been like a mother to me wanting to take care of me. We are the best of pals now.

Congratulations on your new brother!

Lovie Dovie,

Allie Bandit said...

baylee sends you a lot of slober kisses too. Dexter is so cute bandit says it is kinda the coat he has to. baylee has been in the snow so she and sami are licking there paws so much!!!!
baylee adds one more slober kiss and she blows them to you hopefully they get to you.
and allie

The Zoo Crew said...

I was checking in to see if there was Dexter news....and there IS!! I'll be reading with interest over the next weeks to come so I'll have an idea of what to expect when my sister comes home!

Dexter is a cutie and I'm so glad you are being gentle with him!

peace + paws,


Randi said...

WELCOME HOME DEXTER! Oh Mango! You're little brother is sooo cute..but do not fret, you are still the handsome-est Mango Mastiff I need to be'll be getting lots of attention being the bestest big brother ever!

Can't wait to see more pics!

Love & Licks,

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Mango was a 40 lb. pup??? Oh man....Dexter weighs more than I do now...and he's just a couple of lbs. short of Scruffy...And it looks like he's about the size of Mango's tongue...Holy Moly...the pix show how HUGE Mango is!!

Don't step on him, Mango!!!
We feel for you bout the weather. The day we brought Babystan home was a was not the brightest thing to do...

Hope you guys get some sleep tonight...that's why Mango wants Dexter's stick em in his large Mastiff ears to block the howlin' and whinin'...


Peanut said...

Ah dexter is so cute. Mango man have fun with him. Then they grow up to be annoying little brothers like Flash

Lorenza said...

Hi, Mango!
Welcome home Dexter!
Glad to hear that they are getting along well.
Yes, now the difference in size is big but lets see it in a few weeks!
Have a great weekend
Kisses and hugs

Noah the Airedale said...

Oh isn't Dexter a cutie pie. The size difference is quite amazing. It's great to hear that Mango and Dexter are getting along well. I'm guessing Mango is a big softie.
We love the photos. They look wonderful together.

Denise (Noah's pinky)

Maggie & Mitch said...

OMG, what a cutie he is! You're going to have so much fun with him when he gets a wee bit bigger, Mango!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Jamie said...

Hi Mango and Mom!

Just wondering if you got any sleep last night?

The Labragals

Sophie Brador said...

WOW! He looks so teeny tiny. My mom can hardly believe I was ever that size too. She sure wishes she could be there in person to see Mango and Dex hanging out together. But we've just had the snow storm of the century ... probably the same system moving through your area code.

Can't wait to see more pics!!!


Joe Stains said...

omdog omdog I bet he is close to our size yet he looks like a tiny mouse next to Mango!! these are such great photos!!!

We are so glad things seem ok on day one!

cookie said...

Dexter is so cute. We know you will be a gentleman, and be gentle with him. We are very excited for you.

Cookie and crew

wally said...

Whoa dude! What is that thing?? Ordinarily I don't approve of puppies. They're overrated. But I can't help but notice Dexter's resemblance to ME. So I have hard time hatin'.