Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Surprise Visit

Today did not start well. Both Momma and Master have the sickies and with all the hackin and coughin going on last night, a dude could barely get his meditation time in. Momma tried to do the work at home so she wouldn't have to use another sickie day, but she said that the coughin medicine has produced compromised brain function and every time she looked at work stuff she felt all woogy (fortunately, helping me with my blog requires very little brain function, huh).

Next up, I tell you that my stuffies typically last for many months because I know the proper way to play with them. So imagine my surprise when I found my Santa Stuffie in this condition! Eiyeeee! Some sort of alien thingie sticking out of his belly. I suspect junior had a hand in this.

Santa is currently... retired.

Now what? Pee-wee is pulling a nutty in my water bowl!
Kid's really losing it.I tried to get a sip in before he drained the tank, but... The day did take a turn for the better because whilst I was out showing Dexter how to examine the perimeter, who should walk onto my estate, but none other than my human brother, Jake!Not much can provoke me to actually, dare I say, break into a jog, but my human brother is like the coolest guy ever and I am always beside myself to see him. So watch out, here I come! Full throttle Mango!Whoops! Crotch sniff.Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Jake gave me plenty lovin while I poured out my tales of woe over baby brother and sick Momma and Master. He is sooooo understanding. Really knows how to communicate with a dude.Anyhoo, besides seeing me, the other reason he came over was because there was a lectrical incident when Master was working on my living room addition and somehow this light fixture which is totally in a different room went all ker flewy.I would have fixed the darned thing myself, but it involved going up a ladder, and, well, just not my forte, OK? Jake is a jolly-man elect-twist-can which is the next best thing to being building inspector Mango when it comes to solving the lectricity problems.

Sure nuff! With my help, it was all fixed in a jiffy. Let there be light!

Mango Man! Oh yeah!


Ferndoggle said...

Well, it's official! Dexter is a Lab.

Nice job supervising the electrical work. I hope you got a big bully stick for all of your help.


Randi said...

Hey Mango! Good thing you were there to supervise little Dexters adventure into the I'm sure your bowl is very deep...& swimming with lots of Mango-ooze that could get a little boy like DexterDude in a heap..or should I say, slime, of trouble...good work Big Brother ...( pun intended!)

Love & licks,

The Zoo Crew said...

Just like Sherman said....peewee is definitely a labradude, playing in that water dish. My sister, Zen, used to do the same thing when she was a wee thing...she'd
"dig" in that water like there was no tomorrow and before long, there'd be no water left! It's a good thing mama wisened up and bought me my very own water dish that Zen can't reach!!

peace + paws,


Peanut said...

what is dexter doing in your water bowl? that is just weird. Glad jake came to see you. I bet he just used the light as an excuse to come give you some pets. My uncle (mom's brother)is an elect-twist-can too :)

Sophie Brador said...

Aw, well, I can tell you from experience that Dexter is really only trying to swim, or maybe catch some light reflections. You know, us labbies are pretty brilliant when we're all grown up, but not so much when we're pups. Better not let the wee guy at the lectric box. Specially if he;s still got a paw in the water.


Maggie & Mitch said...

Your hooman bro, Jake is a lifesaver! A psychiatrist for you and an electrician! What could be better?!
Dexter is sure mischevious, isn't he?!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

Hi, Mango!
Sure Dexter was having real fun with your water bowl! And with your Santa too!
Kisses and hugs

Joe Stains said...

what in the world was that Doo...dude doing in that water dish?!?! Seriously?? I am glad you got to see your human brother and that he, er you restored light to the family.

Biggie-Z said...

Don't these little dudes know that you play with stuffies by keeping the stuffing IN the stuffies? Otherwise they're not stuffies any more, they're unstuffies.

It's a good thing Dexter's too big to go whole body swimming in your water bowl. My parents had to get me an untippable one. Life is so unfair. So I have to play with the one in the dog run.