Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dexter Tuesday

That's right, you heard me. In keeping with the fine tradition of my buddy Tanner I am proclaiming Tuesday as baby brother day and taking over the blog. So, while Mango was "meditating" (and who can sleep with the volume of those "meditation" sounds).

I decided it was about time to claim my blogging day and set the record straight!
First and most importantly, I am NOT a midget! I am a proper, full sized dog. Sure, I am not some lumbering, behemoth about the size of a dinosaur. I am a most magnificent labradude.
And let me tell you, that Mango, he is as dumb as a stump. First off, he needs to learn how to go up and down stairs all over again every day! And then!!! You know why he stays in his mastiff mobile while Momma shops at the dog store? Because he is afraid to go in! That's right, he sees force fields all over the place and is one big chicken! I mean just look at this face. Is this the face of a deep thinker? I think not.

I am accused of being a dope because I sleep with my head in the water bowl, but its hot out, OK? I think this is a reasonable coping strategy.

Life here at the estate is pretty good, but I do have some complaints. Number one is that the Relentlessly Huge takes ALL of my stuffies and chewies away from me. Even when I bite his lips. Second up, although the grub is good, they don't feed me enough and I am forced to eat rabbit poop, sticks, and other assorted items to keep from starving to death.

I do enjoy relaxing on the Observation Deck.
Its not that I don't like the Relentlessly Huge, because he is fun to cuddle with, but, well, I sure wish there was a smart, energetic pal here. Hmmm.... maybe somebody like Payton...
In the meantime, I guess I'm stuck with this.... beast!

Dexter done!

P.S. I have discovered that when Blogger gets grouchy and won't allow image upload that I can still complete my blog by painstakingly uploading images one at a time.


The Zoo Crew said...

Dexter, dude, don't dog your bro too much......he may read what you wrote on the blog and never ever let you have any stuffies!!


Mack said...

Hi Dexter!

Mango talks very highly of you...

He says he wouldn't trade you for anything. Be nice to the big guy!

Jamie said...

OMG Dexter,

Now that you have found your voice you are turning out to be a very mature labradude. Payton is so flattered that you referenced her intelligence. She feels that she is a highly evolved creature. Things have been crazy for the human Mom. We'll try to get her to blog tomorrow (it was SUPPOSED to be her day off, but it looks like she needs to put in a few hours). Keep eating that good kibble and the "rabbit roca", it makes you big and strong and even more smart!

The Labragals

Lorenza said...

Hi, Dexter!
We all love you but you need to be careful with your words about Mango! He is bigger than you and you might be in trouble!
Kisses and hugs

Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...


I sleep in my dog dish too! It's mostly because it's nice and cool, and it smells like food. It's just so great all the way around!

I like your brother, he makes me laugh...a lot, my human too. We saw a couple of him at the park last night...but lemme tell you, Mango is much cuter.

Oh, and forcefields are real! They can be found anywhere!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hey Dexter. You're cute but you gotta be careful of what you say about Mango. He's huge remember

~ Girl girl

Maggie & Mitch said...

You better be nice, Peewee or Mango is gonna step on you!
That's a pretty good idea to sleep in your water dish when it's hot out!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Sami said...


Mango is smarter then you may think. Maybe he is letting you blog so he can out smart you. Never under estimate my Mango Man.

Mango's lovie dovie girl Baylee

Amber-Mae said...

Hi dude! Be careful what you say becoz remember this, this is Mango's blog, the Relentlessly Huge's blog. Remember that aight & whatever you say in "his" blog will be read by "him". And whatever you say that is hurtful to "him", if I'm not mistaken, I think he'll sit on you. Yeah, that's right! He will flatten you like a pancake. Hee!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Sophie Brador said...

Dexter! You are getting so big, and are clearly the brains of this outfit. Am I surprised? Hardly. After all, I am only half labradude and brilliant!


P.S. That forcefield thing is hysterical.

Deetz said...

Wow, that Pee Wee sure is bossy. Poor Mango. Mango Man.....pee wee is getting bigger and bigger. I cannot believe how fast he is growing. Pee Wee, be nice to Mango, he will always protect you and keep you safe. Mango could have had you for breakfast, but he loves you.
Can't wait to see your scary eye photos

Stanley said...

Dexter Dude!

Welcome to blogging finally. A new author with a new (RESOUNDING) voice. I don't think you DO subtle, am I right?

Your head-in-the-dog-dish position looks perfectly comfy, and I can see why you do it. But, don't underestimate your brother. Mango is a philosopher, and they sometimes, while brilliant, have a deficiency in the common sense area of life.

Bummer about those force fields. I believe Mango. You better watch out, man.

Goober love & welcoming smooches,

Penny & Poppy said...

We hate to tell you this, Dexter, but those force fields are real. Every once in a while we encounter one and there is no way we are breaking through it. doG only knows what kind of bad stuffs are on the other side! That sleeping in the water bowl sounds like a good idea. We will have to try that !

Poppy & Penny

Sparky said...

Be careful Dexter...Mango Man may corner you and swallow you in one gulp! I've seen it done before. I swear!

Peanut said...

Hey Dexter I know just how you feel. My older bigger brother is not that smart either but likes to think he is. Glad you got to post.


Joe Stains said...

Oh geez dude, not another little squirt infiltrating the blogging world. This is DOGS with blogs, not peewees with blogs. BUT I guess we should be able to hear your side of the story too!

Noah the Airedale said...

Wow Dexter, you got a bit of a nasty streak their matie. Surely the big guy isn't as vague as you say...could this be true.....nah. We did look closely at his face. He looks kinda smart to us.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

Agatha and Archie said...

Whoa..little Dude....watch out there!! Your big brother is exactly that......your BIG brother...he is a brilliant guy and you should be thrilled to be taking lessons from him....As for the force fields/heck we wouldnt go in either..Love A+A