Sunday, May 25, 2008

Skating Party, Bad Dog, Explosion, Furminator, Tag

Hector told me that he is on his way to Opal's skating party. To be honest, I am a bit concerned. Yes, he has been doing his physical therapy, but the little wheelie guy is still in bandages. But you know how stubborn wheelies can be, so I wished him good luck and told him to at least wear a helmet.
I was denied walkies today because Momma is still mad at me for the "incident" yesterday. Here's what went down. Because I have been super good on my walkies as of late, and it being like 6:00 in the morning, I convinced momma to take off my gentle leader. OK, shortly thereafter, some jogging lady was coming towards us. Now I am not fond of peoples getting close to momma when I am walking her and usually we "pull over" into a driveway and I have to sit down until the jogging person goes by. Well, I took one look at that tubby lady all a-joggin and I said to myself, "Mango, she is HUGE and she will never get in shape at such a slow pace!" So I kind of barked at her and boy did she pick up the pace in an instant. Unfortunately, in the process, I sort of pulled momma too hard and she fell over which made her really mad, so now I am (temporarily) a bad dog cause her knees are all banged up. Sorry...

Next up, my mastiff mobile kind of exploded in the driveway and spilled out all this stuff.I was told that the mastiff mobile was OUT OF CONTROL dirty and needed the spring cleaning. In order to facilitate same, momma had to go into the loft of the barn to retrieve the little vacuum which involves going up most scary stairs. I was so worried about her climbing those stairs that I stayed at the bottom and did the vocalizing to express my concern.Other pee-wee midgets are all full of themselves from the puppy agility and go right up the stairs to explore the loft.Master hides lots of his construction stuff up there.Pee-wee on the way down...Many artifacts were uncovered in the cleaning of the mastiff mobile... including the Grandpa Angus memorial bobble head.I was forbidden from providing assistance and subsequently spent the entire time with my face pressed against the garage door howling and moaning. Apparently it was very hard work to remove all my most huge and impressive slime from the interior of the mastiff mobile.My favorite bed was deemed "too gross" to return to the interior and so now it is destined for the land fill.All cleaned up and ready for the Running of the Errands. I was told I couldn't go because one stop was the car wash which is way too scary for the Mango Man. Just as well anyway since momma opened the windows and cranked up her Tom Jones CD.How embarrassing is that? And she was taking pictures whilst driving to show off the newly mounted Grandpa Angus bobble head.It appears we are having second thoughts about the furminator. As opposed to my trusty zoom groom.Because even though the furminator collects lots of Mango fur, when we use it, I look the same as before...But when we use my zoom groom, the hair is really flying.See all those dead hairs on me? Finally, the quality of the hair is different. The furminator pulls out short, soft hair.But the zoom groom pulls out long, dead hair that is the same as the stuff that I leave around the house.So I am wondering if maybe that furminator is pulling out hair that I need instead of my dead hair that I don't need.

Finally, my pal Noah tagged me. Here are the rules. You need to name the doggie that tagged you, then answer the questions, and then tag 3 - 4 other doggies. Then remember to leave your tagged doggies a note so they know to play along. Here goes.

1) What was I doing 10 years ago? Uh, hello, I'm only three years old, OK?

2) What are the five things on my to do list today? Meditate, bite pee-wee in the head, meditate, sun bake, did I mention meditate?

3) Snacks I enjoy. Peanut butter, bully sticks, rabbit poop.

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire. Make momma and master get me a proper puppy (preferably a blonde) instead of stupid pee-wee midget hump meister, make momma retire and spend all her time with me, and campaign to make stairs illegal.

5) Three of my bad habits. Barking at joggers (momma made me say that), meditating in doorways, head butting momma on walkies.

6) Five places I have lived. Uh oh, I have only lived with my doggie momma and then the Mango estate. Is that five?

7) Five jobs I have had. Cuddle muffin, Pee-wee babysitter, suds machine, ridiculously large and expensive consumer of foodies, BEST DOGGIE EVER IN THE WHOLE WORLD!

So now I will tag MJ, Baylee, and Paris (come on, Mack, give the girl some air time already).

This was just lying around in the camera, so I'm adding it. Me and pee-wee in the pool.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!


Saint Lover said...

Great Post Mango! Lots and lots of great pictures. We have lots of impressive slobber in the Lab Cab as well. The Saints are master gooey droolers.

I read about your furminator and thougth I would clarify a few things for you. The First few times you use the furminator in the shedding season you will have a TON of the "fluffy" stuff. That is dead undercoat. You dont want that. That's the stuff that holds all the big hairs in there and make those impressive tumble furs. Make sure you are pulling Mango's skin taunt when you are using the furminator. and dont push hard. You can always follow up with the zoom groom as an extra. After a few times the amount of fuzz will go down and Mango will be much sleeker. It's harder to see the improvement on a shorter haired dog. But its there! - Good luck

I hope Hector makes it back from the skating rink with out any more broken bones!

The Army of Four said...

In my humble opinion, BOTH the Furminator AND the Zoom Groom are EVIL. ALL brushes are. Really.
I love bunny poop, too.

Sami said...


Thank you for tagging me! I updated my blog so checkout my answer!

Your Lovie Dovie Baylee Girl!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Mango!
The Mango mobile sure had lots of things inside! Are you going to have a new bed there?? I hope so!
Kisses and hugs

Biggie-Z said...

Mango, seriously, we need to stop having such mind melds! i've been walking with my momma with the benevolent dictator since she had her splurgery, but she just puts it on my mouth to remind me to behave. this morning i was so naughty i barked at a basenji (im suspicious of dogs that don't bark back) and then at a rottie across the street. i just wanted to see and smell them, you know? but it almost made my momma have splurgery again, and p-daddy got all mad too, and then i had to get the leash clipped to the kim jong il. that really sucked because the way i wear it, it is not a gentle leader at all.



Anonymous said...

Mango of course you and Hecter are invited, Nanny was so sited when she heard use burbday is the same as hers, except she sure is a lot older than use, hee, hee. Did use know my new wheelie Harley is an Italian Mastif (Cane Corso) sews we is almost like family. Come visit my blogging anytime and tell Hecter that Wednesday is Wheelie days to blog.
Hugs, bellyrubs,smoochies
Pearl, Opal & Harley

Maggie & Mitch said...

OMG, we have a Grandpa Angus memorial bobble head too only ours sits in front of the rear window instead of on the dashboard!
We sure hope Hector is careful at Opal and Pearl's skating pawty tomorrow! We don't want him to get any more banged up than he already is!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Agatha and Archie said...

It must be a Massachewsetts thing...Pl2 took the car(without us) to the car wash and then complained because she couldn't get our hair out of the back....We said so what??? And as for barking at the jogger??? Well someone has to do it..why not us??? Want us to call Sockolov????(in your defense of course) Love A+A

Asta said...

I loved youw post Mango..don't wowwy I'll keep my eye on Hectow at the pawty..awen't you coming??
That bobble head is looks just like Lacie..Idon't think you wewe being bad just helped the lady move fastew..a public sewvice
smoochie kisses

Amber-Mae said...

Okay Mango, now you got me thinking about that Furminator. People said it's good but after reading your post, I'm worried about it now. I don't want to be even balder than before! But I think my mommy is still gonna order it on ebay, very soon. Oh nooooo!!! I bet it was a tough job for your mom to clean that car out nicely. Our hooman M's car just went for service two weeks back & the air conditioner had to be cleaned out becoz is was packed with CLUMPS of our FUR! Woohoo!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


What a day there BIG fella!!

My mom should get off her lazy butt and khlean the Xterra but she won't - she'll take it somewhere and make THEM do it!!!

As for the jogging, that's why I only let my mom walk - the jog would NOT be a pretty site at all -

Happy Long Weekend!

PeeEssWoo: LOL, my word was RIPOTUM - funny!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Mango dude...ya don't fit into that pool...that is a Pee Wee sized need a Mango sized....

Um...ya splatted ur mom on the sidewalk??? that went over like the Titantic sinkin'...that stoopid jogger lady shoulda moved not ur fault...

Um...the Mango cleaned? Does ur mom not realize that will decrease the value...that Dog Snot Art...SNART...destroyed???!! Oh my.

You better be comin' to the Wheelie pawty...there is no way I can spend an entire pawty with just my sibs and a bunch of crazy wheelies....Lacie's bringin' the first aid kit....think we're gonna need it....


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh, the furminator still scares me. I thought you were nice to tell that lady to run faster..

~ Girl girl

Mack said...

Mucho Macho Mango Man!!

Paris Rain here!

That picture of you in the pool is super sexy!! Looks like it is just the right size for my large and lovely boy!

I am so excited about playing the game! Thank you for tagging me.

And I am SO scared of that furminator. I think I would prefer the zoom groom too.

Have a great Memorial Day super stud. Hope to see you at the skating party!


Sophie Brador said...

Hey Mango, Things sure have been busy over there. My mom is really curious about your furminator discovery and is now wondering if our furmination sessions are doing me harm. I haven't been swimming yet this spring, but if I sink to the bottom of the river, we know the furminator took out the good fur and left the bad.


Peanut said...

Wow you had a lot of stuff going on there. Hey I can't believe I am typing this but mom wants to know where you got that zoom groom. She says if it works that well on you it should work good on me. She is sticking with the furminator for Flash though

Joe Stains said...

Mango, your car looks very slime friendly, like you could just hose it out. It looks like someone planned ahead for your relentless hugeness. I don't particularly like stairs either. I am very glad I do not have to mess with those furminator contraptions.

Noah the Airedale said...

G'day matie
Great answers. I forgot about being the best dog in the world. How come my pinky didn't help me think of that......sigh.
That grandpa Angus bobble head is excellent. We are most impressed.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy