Sunday, May 4, 2008


Today did not turn out as planned. I was quite juiced up as Grandma, Grandpa, Human Brother Jake, Human Sister-in-law Shannon, Human Sister Liz AND family friend Dick were all coming over. To top things off, I heard my little nephew Misha (Sushi) was also coming. I haven't seen him since November, so I was looking forward to seeing him again and taking lots of photos.

BUT, when Misha arrived, he decided that he hated me! Yes! Hated the Mango!! Every time I tried to play with him he tried to bite me. I howled and howled. I wanted to play with him so much, but he was being so mean that he had to spend most of the day in lock down in his cage. How could anydoggie hate the Mango man?

Nevertheless, I did receive the appropriate levels of adoration from all the visiting humans and left nice suds deposits on each and every one. Plus I got some yummers roast beef.

After everybody left, I figured I'd settle in with my monkey for a quiet chat. Now where did I leave the monkey?

I thought I heard it in the kitchen...
Oh no! He was in the kitchen, but somebody had slit his throat! Oh the humanity!I was told that the monkey would not survive his injuries (because some humans are too lazy to pick up a sewing needle even for the Mango) and that he had to be whatjermacallit You-Thin-Iced. Goodbye monkey...Just to end on a more positive note. The view out of my living room addition is spectacular. Look at my pretty flowering dogwood tree.Mango Man! Oh yeah!


Peanut said...

Mango why didn't Sushi like you? What is wrong with him. I can't believe your mom would just You thin ice your monkey. Tell her that is laziness at it's most awful

Lorenza said...

Hi, Mango!
What is wrong with Sushi?? I'd love to play with you!
Do you think it was him who made that to your monkey??
Is there any way you can convince your mom to fix your monkey??
Kisses and hugs

Deefor said...

Maybe Lorenza is onto something. Monkey murdered by Sushi. Poor guy. I know what you mean about humans being too lazy to fix stuff-- stuffy stuff.


babyphat523 said...

Mango, your face is so terribly sad in that last photo :( Sorry your Monkey went kerplooey, at the jaws of someone else no doubt...

That is a very beautiful bloomin' dogwood tree. We love the pink flowers.

xoxo :)

Asta said...

Youw Dogwood twee is magnificent(of couwse what else would it be since it's a dog)
Iaam so upset to heaw that youw nephew didn't want to play wif you..I would wun ovew and be vewy happy to play wif you anytime Mango..he must have been sick ow's impossible to not love you
smoochie kisses
pee ess..I'm so sowwy about youw monkey too..what a tewwible day

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh your poor monkey. I hope you get a new one soon

~ Girl girl

Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...

Mango NOOOOOO!!!! Your poor Monkey! Who would commit such a heinous crime! Please don't say it was PeeWee! I would fix him if I could Mango. Would you like to borrow my Squiggly?

This may be bad timing, but May 8th is National Stuffie Appreciation Day! Get out the best pictures of you and your favorite stuffies!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Maggie & Mitch said...

We feel just awful about your monkey, Mango! Tell your mom to stop being so lazy and fix him for you! It's the least she can do!
Mom is drooling over your pink dogwood! We only have white ones here!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mack said...

I don't get it - how could anyone not want to play with the Mango Man?

He was probably intimidated by your size ...... and handsomeness.

Penny & Poppy said...

That really stinks that Sushi didn't want to play with you! Somedogs just don't know how to have fun. RIP, Monkey! Our mom does that to some of our stuffies too. Otherwise, she would spend all her time with a needle and thread.

Poppy & Penny

MJ's doghouse said...

oh mango...i feel so sad for you...i cant believe you had to let your monkey mom said she would fix it for you. And mango ...did you know that dogwood is the official tree of beautiful british it is soem kind of miracle that you have one in your front yard and you have me at the end of your computer...i heart you mango...i really really heart you

Agatha and Archie said...

How could Sushi not like you? And OH THE HORROR of your monkey....We agree with everyone else..put it all together Dude....Love A+A

wally said...

So sorry to hear about Sushi. I had that same orange-tang. He got decapitated and his brains were found strewn about the house. Someone must have done the same to yours.


Joe Stains said...

what the heck is Sushi's problem?! I wonder if he is the one who cut the throat of the beloved monkey!?

Toffee said...

I am so sorry to hear about your beloved monkey...RIP. I am sure that your hap-pee memories of the times you shared will help you through your grieving...well that and some yummy treats.

your pal,

Sophie Brador said...

Mango, If I came to visit you, I would wiggle my bum and then sit down approximately 4.5 feet away from you and bask in your handsomeness. I also would never slit your monkey's throat. Monkeys are made for lovin' not slittin'


Emma the Golden Girl said...

and the Canine Kids said,
Hi Mango,
We're sniffing on over from Agatha's and Archie's blog because we just LOVE big old mastiffs.
Love your blog too and the tree outside your window is really beautiful.

Sami said...

Mango I can't see anyone not wanting to play with the Mango Man. I would love to play with you and share a sticky or two!
Love dovie,