Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Momma had a whatjercall, "team outing" at work today which means she got home early. They went to the Garden in the Woods in my own home town of Framingham, Master Chew Sits. Now at this point, there should be a bunch of cool photos of the gardens, but unfortunately, the freshly charged batteries in the camera &*^%* failed! So nothing. Momma was none too pleased since this was after the caterer showed up 45 minutes late (and she planned the whole event, so she had 60 hungry uber geeks to contend with). Plus, she tried out this new goo that was supposed to be both insect repellent and sun block and as a result her face is totally red and she has humongous mosquito bites on her (so much for those combo products).

OK, but momma said she still wants to put in a plug for the caterer because the food was totally yummers. So, here you go, the food was from Apple Spice Junction.
They have locations all over the US and she truely recommends them (just make sure they have a good map).

It is officially way too hot for too long! This is New England, for cripes sake! Plus, its only June! But its been like a gazillion degrees jungle hot for days now! Its people fall over and die hot! Look at the thermometer. Momma says it got up to 100 degrees (and the outside thermostat is in the shade) but now its a cool 99.7. I sure am glad they finally put in the air conditioning even if it cost a ton of money because inside the estate it is only 76.5. Phew! (check out the wasabi pees in the background - they are too spicy for the mango man, but the peoples love them).

Even so, this is pretty much all I have been doing.

I do go out to sun bake, but momma says I am "dumb as a stump" and would fall asleep in the sun and suffer the heat stoke, so she makes me come in and, curiously, I do feel better. Its so hot that momma can't even take pee-wee to his puppy agility because the mastiff mobile just won't cool down enough to transport the little guy safely.
Speaking of whom, check out who is using every opportunity to be wet. Seems Master was watering the garden, so, well, you can see for yourself.
Makes me think maybe we could fire up the big freezer in the basement and make some labra-cubes. That would solve several problems at once. Mango Man! Oh yeah!


wally said...

Oh man it is so hot here, too. I recommend frozen foods. And naps. ANd then more frozen foods.


ps. That freezer is MINE. My ma ape is a vegan which means she is crazy. So we get the meatable eatables for ourselves. Mmmmm.

Peanut said...

it's hot everywhere. My mom says to tell your Mama that if she wants sunscreen and bug repellent together then to get the stuff from avon it really works.
My mom makes me come inside to even when I don't want to. What is it with these women?

Moco said...

Our weather here is only 56 degrees. If we don't get some sun my tomatoes will not grow very well. I don't want it as hot as you have, though. Keep cool and safe.
Grammie loads the pictures on blogger. Maybe they are blocked by alien techno geeks. She (grammie) wouldn't have a clue why they don't work.

Mack said...

Watch out Dexter!!
Those PeeWee cubes could be dangerous to your health lil dude!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

It has been SOOOOOO bad - my mom is being mean (but nice) and not walking me -

We khould have gone tonight when she and my doggy nanny got bakhk from dinner but it was trying to rain/storm -

Stay khool!

PeeEssWoo: Chekhk out my blog fur an update on the PF's - I did pawmail woo about it!

Snowball said...

Its hot hot hot here too. Jie jie didn't even have the air con on for me.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Mango!
I know you feel about the hot weather!
Ice cubes and a good fan is in order!
Kisses and hugs

Joe Stains said...

I thought maybe pee-wee was into that jeri curl juice or vitalis to get his wet look!

Kirby said...

Hi Mango,

Man, it is way hot over there! It's been warm here, but not nearly that hot. Don't blame you for relaxing isnside. A pooch could melt outside in that weather!!

Your pal,

Huskee Boy said...

Hey Mango,
Gee, we are having 2 extremes of the weather.. over here at my end, we have had a tropical downpour last night and this morning.. complete with lightning and thunder!!

Abby and Jack said...

Labracubes sound awesome! Send some over to us! We could sure use some of your hot weather. All we have is rain rain rain.

Jack and Abby

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Aw.. I hate hot weather. You need some frosty paws fast!

~ Girl girl

Maggie & Mitch said...

We have the same horrible temps, Mango but no aire-conditioning! Stay cool!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Sophie Brador said...

Labracubes! That's really funny, until I really think about it.


Biggie-Z said...

It has been so hot here, too, that I don't much want to play unless it's in the hose at the dog run. Thank goodness we have that. Are you sure you don't like the hose? It's really fun to bite the water and dance with it.

River said...

Hi Mango,
Thanks for visiting me! It's miserably hot in the South, 10 degrees higher than normal and normal is high. My mom puts ice cubes in our water bowl and that's inside the house. Labracubes--that's funny! We'd like to add you to our friends list--would that be okay?

love & wags,

Toffee said...

Oh! Thank goodness it has cooled down a bit...phew! I feel very sorry for the peeps and fur creatures that do not have A/C...stay cool big dudes.


Deetz said...

Labracubes....that is hillarious! Its funny he likes to be wet all the time. Your poor mummy! I am sorry her face is red and has bites all over it...Give her extra licks and kisses

Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...

Dang Mango!

That is way hot! It was 112 at our house in AZ yesterday...I've been sleeping on all the cool spots in the house. In fact, it's so hot that I don't enjoy eating my food as much anymore. But I could never say "no" to a treat. Mmmmmm freezer...

Slurp! Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Stanislaw said...

Hey Mango!
I saw on Toffee's blog that you are a Red Sox fan! I wanted to let you know that my brother Big Pupi has a pro MLB blog that's all about the Sox:


He even ran for president of Red Sox Nation. (And made it to the final 9!) His platform was for a section K-9, where dogs can come watch the game.

Anyway, we're playing a game against a Yankee dog blogger named Mackenzie. If you're interested in joining, you can check out the game rules here:


Let Big Pupi or Mackenzie know you're in! The more Sox fans the better!

Asta said...

It's melting weathew evewywhewe..Mommi looks like a lawge puddle, and only takes me out fow little bit on the shady side of the stweet ..sowwy about youw Mom's wash..yikes...I think lying on the cool floow is the best idea, and some gelato
smoochie kisses

Saint Lover said...

its been really hot here too. Today it was a little more "liveable" and the dogs wanted to sun themselves on the pool decking. I hope you get some under 90 degree days coming your way soon!

Agatha and Archie said...

We are WITH you guys..All we do is lie on the cool tile or in the rooms with the air
conditoner..Walk? Pah you have GOT to be kidding. PL1+2 went to the Garden in the Woods last year for the first time. It was stunning but they came home bitten to death and looked like one big GIANT mosquito bite!! Love A+A

MJ's doghouse said...

wow mango man..it sure is hot there..i just couldnt handle it at all...it is not even warm here yet...well maybe...we are lucky to get in the 70s....so dumb...mom works in a garden shop and it is dead....and my tomatoes are suffereing outside as well..oh well..i hope it cools down for you big guy....and can you hope it warms up ...a little bit...for me