Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What Kind of Dog am I - Part II

First, an apology. I had to email momma at work immediately when I found out my mistake. I accidentally posted a shot of Tanner (the Doofus) instead of Joey (my hero) yesterday. Maybe what it means is that if I were a Boston I would be more like Tanner than Joey (I think Tanner's butt is about as big as mine anyway).

I decided to revisit the what kind of doggie would I be in more scientific manner and so I took an online quiz. It said I would be a Basset Hound!

According to the breed club,

Despite a deliberate, unhurried manner and captivatingly clownish demeanor, the Basset Hound possesses great intelligence and what may often be viewed as stubbornness may more appropriately be attributed to an innate ingenuity. In fact, the Basset excels at getting his way, from “demanding” a tasty morsel at the table to hurling his hefty 65 pounds into your lap! His overly long body, short legs and delightful wrinkles become a kaleidoscope of amusing expressions, all cleverly orchestrated to win us over. And win us over he does. Gentle and sociable in nature, the easy-going Basset Hound is loyal to master and family, devoted to children and mild-mannered and friendly towards other animals.

That does sound kind of like me.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!


Deefor said...

Hi Mango
An honest-- if Doofusy-- mistake. I met a Basset Hound Sunday and he was too stubborn to even sniff me.


p.s. Feel free to ask for advice. Of course.

Frasier said...

Hi Mango
Mommy seems keen on finding out what I am ?I think 80% JRT is very obvious!

Sophie Brador said...

Mango! You would make an awesome Basset. Then you could flat basset like Ernest does.

My mom is driving to Boston on July 17th and heading back to Montreal from maybe Cape Cod or Connecticut or some such place sometime around the 23rd or 24th. Will she be anyway near your magnificence?


p.s. I can't believe you are only like a 6 or 7 hour drive from me.

Gaia the Airedale said...

Awww Basset hounds are very sweet! I met one once! Plus my auntie thinks they are the sweetest things ever! And it does sound like you hehe :)

puppy breath,

Biggie-Z said...

Hm. Biggie took 2 different quizzes and came out a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever. But the Golden Retriever-producing quiz did not have any "going Cujo" options.

Maggie & Mitch said...

A Basset sounds like a great choice too, Mango! We've never met one in person before! Mom loves those long ears dragging on the ground!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

River said...

I dunno...seems like anything else is kind of *diminished*. How can any other dog be the equivalent of an apricot brindle Mastiff dude?

love & wags,

Deetz said...

I am so far behind and just now able to catch up. It is nice seeing your face again....

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Whoa, Mango...we had a Basset Hound at daycare...he was pawsome!!! He's relentless huge, but relentlessly short. Countersurfin' could be a real issue, but being lower to the ground could come in handy with the under the sofa stuff!!!!!

Hmm...I'd have to think what I might like to be...actually, I don't have to think bout it at all


Why in the world would you wanna be anything else....you are the coolest dog in the world!


Agatha and Archie said...

Ha Ha!! A bassett hound!!!!Dude thoses kids can not reach the counter or ANYTHING they are so short.But they are really good at listening in to other peoples conversations..Love A+A

Willow the Black Dale said...

A Basset Hound huh! My mom knew one once, she said she was a complete DIVA!! teehee She really liked her. She ruled her house of men bassets!
Do you think you could get past those boundaries if you were a basset?
deep thoughts,

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Ha roooo!

Maybe woo want to study the moves on this little fella - so you khan prakhtice some

Glad woo realized the switching of Joseph YOUR HERO with Tanner THE DOOFUS!!


Saint Lover said...

I bought it right up to the 65 pound lapdog part. We love bassets too! Never met one I didnt like :)

Moco said...

I think I like you best as Mango.

Bogart said...

It's all about the ability to counter-surf, my friend... :)


Charlie Daniels said...

G'day Mango

Congrats for winning the post of the month. Well done :-)



Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...


Do you get everything you want with those eyes? I mean, I would hand over a bullystick to you in a heart beat if you looked at me the way you look at the camera!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Noah the Airedale said...

G'day Mango mate,
You did see one of my sissies trying to hump B. It was Tess and she is obssessed with B.
This is how you tell us apart. I Noah have black ears and I'm the biggest (plus I'm a boy), Lucy is a dale cross so she looks a bit different, straight hair and all that. Tess has white paws and a brown collar and Willow has curly fur and a green collar.
Hope this helps.

Noah xx

wally said...

Ha! You could look like a barrel like me! (My ma ape alarmed everyone at her workplace by barking out loud laughing when she read that). Short legs are where it's at.


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Yo Mango...we just read in the paper that there is an


in Florida

Here's the link if it works:


um...probably not...just google Mango festival...it's pawsome.

We never knew you were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Love, Lacie

Toffee said...

What an honorable breed!

I hope that you are keeping cool. Did you have frosty paws fall from the sky like I did yesterday??

Ike said...

Doofus instead of Joe, man ...

Amber-Mae said...

A Basset Hound? Cool! I'm 100% Golden! Or maybe 50% Golden & 50% Lab. Neh, no way!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Tatum Tot said...

Oooo I would want to be... a collie! LOLOLOLOL

Deetz said...

I sure hope you are having a wonderful relaxing day today.
Just stopped by to say Hello and I think you are beautiful, not like a girl...more cool beautiful...

Joe Stains said...

I accept your apology and laughed heartily at your caboose comparison. I think you are pretty much spot on about butt sizes :) I think Bassets are cute and all, but all of your awesomeness wouldn't fit in a bassett, you need your relentless hugeness to contain it all.

Mack said...

I think you should stay your relentlessly huge & handsome mastiff self!!

Kirby said...

Hi Mango,

I don't care what the quiz says. You are the coolest Mastiff I've ever known! Plus, I just can't imagine you as a basset, from long legs to short legs...too weird!

Your pal,

Asta said...

Oh Mango

Pleeez stay You!!
love and smoochie kisses