Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wally-melon and Pee-wee takes a trip

Before I get started, I am happy to report that the dining room table is back indoors and I am optimistic that my estate may yet be returned to a more civilized condition.

Regarding Wally-melon...
Pee-Wee insisted that the wally-melon was ready to harvest. I disagreed, but he pointed out this large one and said we ought to try it.

Momma cut it open for us and sure enough, it wasn't quite ready, but ready enough to sample.OK, here goes...I'm not so sure if I really liked that or not.Perhaps another bite...The Mango says, "Wally-melon is yummers!"Pee-wee had his outside. Momma tossed it into his mouth to avoid his shark teeth.I, on the other hand, am a perfect gentleman.I never bite the hand that feeds me (uh, you can let go now, OK?).I was just settling down with Master to watch the New England Patriots when Momma said she was taking Dexter on a "little adventure." Big deal. Us big guys are busy.

But when the little dude came home he was soaking wet and TIRED!

My curiosity got the better of me and I just had to check the camera to see what he had been up to.

Oh my!