Friday, November 21, 2008


Mango Momma here with public service and educational announcements.

Public Service Announcement
DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM PETLAND! There is evidence that they use puppy mills to get their puppies.

Educational Announcement
Don't patronize stores that sell puppies at all! In my opinion, the idea that any puppy bought at a store comes from a reputable breeder is bunk. I've met lots of breeders over the years and not one of them would knowingly sell any of their puppies to a dog store for resale to anybody with a credit card. They would certainly not keep their puppies in wire cages 24x7 during their critical first few weeks such as you see in these stores.

If you want a pure bred puppy, go to dog shows, look on line, and find a breeder. Ideally, find a breeder that you can visit personally and meet the sire and dam. Any good breeder wants to personally know where their pups are going and is anxious to maintain contact with you after you have brought the pup home. Buy from somebody who views breeding as their passion, not a business.

OK, I could go on and on, but don't want to rant too much. It just really steams me that puppy mills stay in business because people choose not to do their homework before they bring one of these precious beings into their lives.


Eduardo said...

This has made me & Mommy very angry & we sent Petland a e-mail! We also fowarded the video & info to all our family!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Furry wellput Mango Momma!

I'll ask PeeWee and RH to be EXTRA nice to woo!

We don't have no stinkin' Petlands 'round here and wouldn't go near one if we did -

Tank woo fur your PSA -


Coco said...
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Coco said...

OMD! I had just finished reading about PetLand before I logged onto blogspot and read your page first! Total coincidence...that was horrible news and I also know many breeders who would never sell to a pet store.

In my part of California, there are not any PetLands, and I haven’t seen a puppy for sale in a pet store for years.

It is truly a sad situation. I rescued a spaniel who I later found out was from a puppy mill and it was heart breaking to know and see the results of what he had been through.

Thank goodness there is no PetLands near me or I would be outside boycotting with huge signs!

LeeTal - Coco's Mommy

Biggie-Z said...

Thank you for your notices, Mango and Pee Wee. This whole puppy mill and backyard breeders thing has got my Momma all worked up too.

Technodoll said...

Rant away all you want - how else are people going to get educated to the fact that NO PETSTORE should EVER sell live animals?

Stores are for merchandise and living creatures are NOT merchandise!

Puppymills are sickening but so are backyard breeders, who have no business breeding pets and who contribute to the never-ending overpopulation problem.

*shakes fist at irresponsible people*

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

As you said, NO reputable breeder would ever allow their pups to be in a pet store!!! Back when I showed dogs and bred a few litters, it was in my contract that none of the dogs were to be bred without written permission(that was before you could sell pups with a no breeding classification like you can now.), there was a clause that stated if such permission was obtained, no dog would ever be seen in a pet store for sale and that for the entire life of the dog, if for any reason the original purchasers could not keep the dog, I would be contacted for first choice to purchase the dog back. My sales contact was nearly 3 pages long, and some folks fussed that it was like trying to adopt a child. But as a responsible beeder, it is your job to protect the pup you sell and offspring from that pup. I figured if they didn't want to abide by such a contract, they did not need one of my pups.
The ONLY dogs you will find in a petstore come from puppy mills.
Personally I don't feel any living thing should be sold in such a place.
Wow, sorry-I too have a tendency to rant about these things... Good post.
Jamie and the kids

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

We definitely agree, what kind of reputable breeder would sell puppies at a store...
Yes Callie definitely has Mango ears... They just stand up..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Maverick the Pirate said...

Harrrrrr Mango
very well put Harrrr.
Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

Eric said...

I agree, good post, how terrible that those stores sell puppies Eric x

Agatha and Archie said...

How awful WE back you 100% on this one buddy..We don;t even think we have one around down here..Love A+A

with love, Madison said...

We never heard of Petland before. We googled it and there is one right by us. How terrible! We hate them! How can they sell puppies like they do? We want to go picket on their sidewalk. One of the most wonderful things about Madison's breeder is that she is so happy to stay in touch with us. She even wants to come visit! That is how puppies should come into this world - loved every single minute.

The OP Pack said...

We were so furry glad to see a Petland near us closed down.

Good advice fur all.

Woos, the OP Pack

Lorenza said...

For the first time I am happy to not having a Petland here!
Kisses and hugs

Dewey Dewster said...

Gee MAngo..

Yer Mom is sure right.....we have always been told that pet stores only get puppies from puppy mills....don't ever buy there.....but not
everyone listens and some people just rescue puppies from there....

Dewey Dewster here....

Snowball said...

We boycott puppymills too. Not only those dogs kept to make puppies are suffering. Often, puppies produced also suffer cos of their irresponsible breeding, puppies produce has got lots of generic issues. I am a typical victim of the puppymill. Due to their irresponsible act, I have to suffer lots of pain due to me medical condition.

Jie jie is at fault too cos she do not know anything about dogs when she got me. She din even know what breed I was and was talked into bringing me home by the pet shop guy when she and her friend went there to look at puppies. So she has to pay for the ignorant now. She says that with the amount she has spent on my medical bills over the years, she could have buy a few show quality pups from responsible breeders.

But she has never regret having me thou. She is only angry and sad that I have to go through so much pain and that gives her lots of stress too.


Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Thanks for helping to get the word out, Mango Man. A friend of mine manages a Petland, and I kept trying to tell her about how bad it is, and she wouldn't believe me. Their puppies come in on a truck, and she believed they were coming from loving families. Terribly ignorant, I think.

Niamh said...

Great post Mango Momma! We completely agree with you and we do not go to or buy from pet supply stores that sell live animals. We don't have a Petland near us that goodness. People seem to want an "instant puppy" and don't want to bother with doing their research and finding a reputable breeder.

My person is a dog trainer and sees quite a few puppies from pet stores. Besides the medical problems many of them have major behavior issues because they weren't properly socialized. I am so thankful that I had wonderful, sound parents and a great breeder. Thanks for letting us know about the evil Petland (Pethell) place.

Your friend,

Joe Stains said...

I don't think we have those around here but we can never get the info out there enough about the terrible puppy mills :(

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

That's a great post, Mango Momma! We just heard about Petland on the news last night. We just read Sunny & Scooter's comment and we agree with her. When we adopted our first three Airedales, we thought it would be easier to adopt a human child, but that's because they all came from very reputable breeders. We think ALL puppy mills should be shut down!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Aniemother said...

Well said! Selling puppies and kittens in pet stores is just horrible.. We're so lucky it's not legal here.


Petey said...

(small voice)

I came from a pet store.

But we agree that puppy mills are horrible and should be abolished.

Your pal,


Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

I don't think anyone is allowed to sell puppies or kittens at all in pet shops over here in the UK now. Years ago you could get kittens but not now. As far as i am aware it is illegal here.

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

oops sorry, posted before i had finished!

I am glad we don't sell them in pet shops, i wouldn't like seeing them in cages in pet stores at all.

We do get bad breeders still though unfortunately. People only breeding for money. :-(

Sadie & Geegs said...

Thank you for posting!! I couldn't agree more!!

wally said...

The Mango Momma said it all.

We don't have Petland near us but we do have a PetKare and I'm sure their puppies come from mills. We won't set foot in a store that sells pups.

wally t.

Dannan and The Girl said...

Mango Momma, thank you for this important post. We heard about this on Pet Connection, and we just knew it! Pet stores, all of the ones that sell puppies (and kitties, too, we imagine!) have to get them from puppy mills or backyard breeders, because no responsible breeder will let them near their puppies!

It is so very sad that these awful places exist. The store that The Girl used to buy my foodables from started bringing in puppies from a b.y. breeder, and The Girl went ballistic on them. Needless to say, we take our business somewhere else, now.

Brown dog kisses,

Chef said...

Amen, Mangomama!

Those poor little pups who get neglected and shipped off to pet stores. It almost makes you want to buy them just so you know they end up in a good home. But of course we can't encourage the pet stores so those poor creatures are left to fend for themselves. It's a real shame and it makes us very angry that dogs and cats are bred so irresponsibly and used to make a buck, instead of breeding for a known market, carefully and selectively, and with love.

There ought to be a law.


Amber-Mae said...

Yeah, we heard about it & pee-mailed them but now their pee-mail doesn't exist! Hmmm...

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Lacy said...

w00f's mango momma, well said...the more we get this terrible action out in the publics eye, the quicker we can shut these places down..i use to go in pet shops and think ooo how cute, but now if i go in one, all i can c are its pawents in cramped cages, no toys, no treats, no vet care, most of the time no water no life...just so sum people can have money...its disgusting...

b safe,