Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dexter Day

Dexter here! Things have been kind of boring around here. Momma is being very lazy and not helping us keep up with our friends at all! I can only imagine all the exciting stuff we must be missing.
We went to the park, but there wasn't anybody there to play with, so I decided to go for a quick swim. There was a leaf floating in the pond which looked like it could potentially be fun to eat.
Where did it go?
I had to go snorkeling to nab it.And once back on land it required killing! Those leaves can be pretty dangerous, you know.Relentlessly Huge started his day off as usual with the running of the errands. I'm not sure what the appeal is to riding around in the giant dog crate (as Niamh calls it), but the beastie actually dances at the mere mention of the C-A-R. Here he is preparing for the journey.

Trying to wedge himself into the front seat as usual. Does he even know how big he is?
About the only good thing about the Mastiff Mobile is that a Running of the Errands usually involves a car cookie. I guess the big guy is hungry from his relentlessly huge diet because he didn't even let momma take a proper photo before he sucked this one down his cavernous gullet.
Ah, home at last.Where I was eager to greet him and see if we could get down to some serious back yard action!I tried to get things going by smacking the RH in the face with my tail. Come, on, big guy, let's bitey face.
But he was too busy "thinking" to play with me. Boo hoo!I asked Momma if maybe we could play with the giant soccer ball. I'm not sure why I like this ball so much. Its made out of hard stuff, so you can't pick it up and it hurts if you get hit with it, but I really like chasing it and frequently ask momma to kick it around for me (plus it gives her exercise because she has to chase me).Look at me corner! I am like lightening!Whoops! Why does my butt look so HUGE in this picture? Need to work on certain people's photography skills (Amber-Mae says this is a "pucker buntut" - I'm not sure what that means, but it makes momma laugh whenever she says it).I'd make a great goalie.Oh yeah, I wanted to tell you that I hardly ever use the stairs anymore to get on and off the observation deck because.... I can fly! Here I am leaping up. Whee!Dexter done!
P.S. I put a rather handsome photo of myself on the banner to replace that grotesque picture the Relentlessly Huge had posted. I'm thinking about, sigh, Randi!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Maybe he thinks the running of the errands will inkhlude a trip to Pawsylvania to see my FT!

Tank woo fur sharing your pee-wee'ness with us -

It only serves to make RH all that much more GREAT!


Biggie-Z said...

Wow, Dexter, that's some serious running around. I'm all jacked up looking at you and your gyrations now.

Technodoll said...

You go, Dexter! It's not always about the size of the beast!

xoxo from your akita friends

Petey said...

Dexter you're looking like such a grown-up boy these days. And those rodeo cornering tricks are awesome — my back legs always get ahead of my front ones when I try that trick!

Your pal,


P.S. I love the car, too, Mango and have been known to jump into unsuspecting cars that have carelessly left their doors open!

Lacy said...

w00f's Dexter and Mango, heehee me likes to go toooo...and wow u shure iz a fast one..

b safe,

Aniemother said...

You sure can fly! I'm practicing that skill myself!


Niamh said...


Great swimming in the pond. Don't let those leaves get away. I'm with Mango on errand running in the dog crate on wheels. It is so fun! And car cookies are an excellent perk.

Your friend,

Dozer and Coop said...

We want one of Mango's cookies! They look AWESOME!

Love, Dozer, Dots and Cooper

Toffee said...

Wow, I need to tell my mom to give me a car cookie! Just looking at all of that energy you have makes me feel tired...need to curl up on the couch now...

Joe Stains said...

I think riding in the car is a lot of fun too, and I don't even get car cookies. I guess since I have a truck it'd be a truck treat? Anyway, I am glad you killed that pesky leaf, I hear they are quite dangerous.

The OP Pack said...

That was a great butt shot, Dex. And look at those corners woo can do.

BTW, what was mango thinking about?

woos, the OP Pack

Lorenza said...

Hi, Dexter!
Sure you had a great time swimming there!
Mango always have those delicious cookies!
Kisses and hugs

Snowball said...

Dexter is such a good swimmer.

Mango, your car cookie looks yummy. Is that why you love car rides?


MJ's doghouse said...

did you just call my mango Grotesque....have you even looked at his magnificance...I cant even believe it...not one bit...Mango my big no attention to silly Dexter

Bae Bae said...

You sure are very busy running there Dexter. ;)

~ Bae

Maggie and Mitch said...

OMG, isn't that water freezin', Dexter? I'm with Mango - I'd rather go for a ride in the car and get a free cookie! You and Mitch can be boys together!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Abby said...

Hi, Dexter...

You are becoming a very handsome labradude...

I can't believe you can jump up on the observation deck now...

You're all grown up...

Abby xxxooo

Eduardo said...

Wow Dexter! What great adventures!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Amber-Mae said...

Oooh, a huge cookie for a huge dog! You have a nice "pucker buntut" in that picture Dex!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Mack said...

Wow - that was a big cookie! Did you get one??

Lady Kaos said...

Oh my gosh Dexter! you and I are so much alike!!! I like swimming and chasing balls and I also fly up stairs. Mom says it's funny watching me go up a staircase because I use about 1/6 oth the stairs.

Sophie Brador said...

Dex! You are indeed becoming quite the handsome dude. That Randi is a lucky girl.


Asta said...

You awe Dexter Beckham I think..a gweat soccew Angel Bwuvvew Nikki was amazing at soccew..he could dwibble, and head and block and defend the gosal just like you..I think the magic of the ewwands is the COOKIE!!!
I'm sowwy Mango wouldn't play wif you
smoochie kisses

Chef said...

Tell the truth, Dexter. You didn't smack Mango in the face with your tail -- he was biting it, right? Well, I love riding in the car too because I poke my head out the window and I feel like I'm flying. You got to try it, Dexter. Tell Mango to take you on the next errand run. Just don't try to steal his cookie or he'll never take you again, ok?


Eric said...

Nice dribbling with the ball Dexter...or was that Mango with his cookie? Wags, Eric x

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

Wow, you really can play soccer Pee wee! But seriously, wasn't the water like FREEZING cold??? *brrr*
Those car cookies always ook great.

Saint Lover said...

look at you go! You are like greased lightning!

I think Mango just likes hoarding all the car cookies for himself Dexter. B and R love the car too... they usually get timbits when we go out.