Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Momma's Juicer, Midweek ROTE, and a Non-Stuffie

Momma is on vacation this week which means she gets paid not to work!!! That is fantastic. I wish she would do that every week. The only problem is that our home pooter is totally slow and takes like forever to display bloggie pages. Usually I get to borrow the work pooter just to visit my friends, but Momma says, "That computer is not coming out of its bag until I go back to work!" So forgive me if I am behind in visiting.
There are several things happening here during vacation. One is the cleaning of the dog cave. We've unearthed many treasures. Among them, this picture of the doggie that Momma grew up with. His name was James and he was a little corgi (like Dozer).

Apparently Momma is so old that they hadn't invented color film yet when she was a pup.
Oh yeah, I have to post this movie or no cookies. Warning! No dogs involved (boring).
I always snoopervise when the juicing is going on because frequently there are yummers apples, carrots, and other fresh foodables that find their way into my soft and patient mouth.

Another good thing about the juicer is that we have to go on the Running of the Errands every day to get fresh fruit and veggies and Whole Foodables.And of course stop by the doggie store for my car cookie.Today it was a mitten!Some of the stuff they sell at that Whole Foodables store looks disturbingly unlike food. This is called "cashew butter" that supposedly was freshly ground out of the dispenser. Hmmm.. yes, it does resemble something that is fresh, but cashews do not come to mind.This non-stuffie has been hiding in the dog drawer for like forever. Its called a "road kill" because there is no stuffing. I love it!Look, Momma, I caught a squirrel!

I am quite excited to still be getting holiday cards! Today I got this Happy New Year card from that Lacie gal.She says they're selling like hotcakes down in PA. Well, how could they not? I mean, MJ and I make such an elegant couple.

Its snowing again, so I need to go out and make sure my pee-pee paths are properly cleared.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Oh My!

I've missed woo and your RH'ness!

WOW - my mom is old too - she's got furamily pikhks that were etched on stone tablets -

I really do think this Lacie girrrrrrrl has the hots fur woo but I do have to fuss a bit - she didn't offer ME one of those hunky pikhs!

Happy New Year!


The OP Pack said...

Mom says she really enjoyed your Mom's demonstration of the juicer but it looks like a lot of stuff to clean up, even if it all goes in the dishwasher.

Hmmmm, we thinks we agree with Khyra about Ms. Lacie.

Happy New Year.

Woos, the OP Pack

Lorenza said...

Hi, Mango!
Sure is nice to have your mom at home for a whole week!
That juice has a funny color! Does it taste yummy?
Happy New Year!
Kisses and hugs

(( K@Y )) said...

Wishing your family, friends and you a sweet 2009!

Saint Lover said...

Happy New Years!!!!

Moco said...

That juicer looks like it makes a nice mess into good tasting liquid. I hope your momma feels better from drinking it. What better deal than being able to run errands more than once a week.

Noah the Airedale said...

G'day pals
A very happy New Year to you and your mamma. We hope you have a great 2009.
The juicer is a great idea. We used to have one but pinky never used it so it went bye bye.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Asta said...

Youw ewwands look vewy pwofitable fow youw tweatgathewing, heheh
I love that photo of you and is a classic!
I hope you and all youw family have a healthy, Happy Tweatful NewYeaw
smoochie kisses

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

Happy Blogoversary!!! We have enjoyed you since you started! Mom wants to know-is that juice good? really? does it taste good?
ok-we hope we will be getting back on track soon.
Happy New Year

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

hay hay big dude. ok anok lissen. lacie gurl alwaz wantz whut she finks she cannot haf. soooo if u duz wanna bee rid ov hur, u haf tu act like u wanna see hur. git it??
ok anok jus tryin tu halp owt the big guy

Joe Stains said...

Mom has a juicer, I think she has used it like, umm 3 times?? Lol. DO you get to eat the pulpables?? I dunno what an enema is and I don't think I want to find out...that cashew butter comes to mind tho...

Biggie-Z said...

Hi Mango (and Mango Momma and Master and... I guess ... Pee Wee). My Momma has been mostly on vacation too so she has been too busy to let me check my bloggie friends. Sorry for missing you over the holidaze.

That juicer looks totally yummers, all that mushy stuff looks just like the stuff I eat all the time, EXCEPT that lemon and the peel just ruined it for me. Blech. No citrus peel in my veggies!

You better start saving your biscuit money to buy your Momma a tank top!


Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello mango its dennis the vizsla dog hay my mama has a jooser too wot she yoozes to mayk joose or as dada calls them "messes" yore jooser luks pretty cool i must say but neether jooser is as gud as the majikal masheen wot spits owt meet ha ha ok bye