Monday, January 19, 2009

Dexter Day (Delayed)

Momma is on vacation again. They have some sort of "use it or lose it" policy at the work place which means she has to take her vacation time. No problem for me, because that means more Momma time for me!

We now have so much snow that the snow drifts are starting to intrude onto the Observation Deck.
Being accustomed to gaining deck access without benefit of the stairs, I attempted to climb the snow mountains.

This stuff is deep! And just when I thought I would reach the summit, I slid back down!

I even tried a lateral approach, but was ultimately thwarted by the snow bank.
It was with mixed feelings that I agreed to a ride in the Mastiff Mobile. I'm just not a big fan of the blasted thing and I kind of drool the whole time I ride in it. Momma thinks perhaps I have the motion sickies and she says I might need to take some Drama Queen before our next trip.That said, our destination was certainly worth a little anxiety because we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Momma's Brother and Sister are visiting from California and South Dakota respectively for some sort of family reunion.

Oh yeah, the reason the RH didn't go is because he is afraid to go into Grandma and Grandpa's house because you have to go up stairs to get in their house and he is too big of a chicken. If you bring him he just sits at the bottom of the stairs and howls, even if there is yummers foodables inside. I guess we all have our weaknesses.

Hey! No problem for me because I got a special chewie JUST FOR ME to enjoy while the people ate their lunch.

After lunch, I took a nice walkie with Momma and my Auntie and Uncle. Grandma and Grandpa live in Wellesley, Master Chew Sits which has lots of really big houses. Momma says that the houses are all on steriods and they used to be smaller when she lived there (yuh, I think about 200 years ago and the houses were made of straw and mud). One nice thing about Wellesley is that they do a much better job of plowing the sidewalks than in my town of Framingham.

Of course I was very keen to leave my labra-pee behind for all those estate living doggies to sniff.

Auntie Wendy wanted to say hi to my Nephew Jack. Hi Jack!

(Did Momma just say she was going to go pee on something)?
I will tell you a BIG secret! I pooped in a snow bank and Momma just buried it rather than pick it up. She said nobody will know it was me by the time it thaws out. BAD MOMMA!

Back inside I was pleased to see that in addition to my special chewie, Grandma had a pink elephant stuffie that she saves just for when her Grand-dogs visit. Oh boy!

It was such a pleasure to be the center of attention without the Dinosaur Sized Beastie butting in. I was so into it I even practiced some of my doga moves.Here is proof that I am NOT a midget dog, but a handsome, full sized dude. How regal I look lounging with my Uncle.So I think today really was Dexter day since I got to spend the whole day having big adventures with Momma all by myself! Because much as I like my Relentlessly Huge brother, I need some special Dexter time, right?Dexter done!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

So he doesn't want to do the stairs...

At least he doesn't sit and drool in The MangoMobile!

It was nice to hear your mom's furry wise words about the lokhale fur your walk...sounded like something from my mom's skhript!

Woo did seem to have an excellent visit!


Abby said...

Hi, Dexter...

Looks like you had a great time...

Too bad Mango is not a fan of the stairs...He would have had alot of fun at your Grandma's house...

Abby xxxooo

The OP Pack said...

It sure was a great Dexter Day, but our hearts go out to RH, those stairs must be quite the challenge for him. How does he handle the snow drifts in getting back to the observation deck?

Nice pressies woo got on your special visit. AND we will keep your Mom's secret a secret.

Woos, the OP Pack

Peanut said...

We have a drama queen you can have. She's 13 but I don't see how she would help you with your motion sickies. What a fun day you had with your Momma.

Niamh said...

That is great that you had your relatives all to yourself and that you got those special treats and toys. And that walk through the snow looked like fun too.

Have you ever tried ginger or gingersnaps to help with your motion sickness? It may help.

Your friend,

Dozer and Coop said...

Dexter! You rock! Don't tell Mango we said that!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Dexter!
Sure is nice to have your mom at home for a few days!
I am with Mango. Stairs are scary!
Kisses and hugs

Randi said...

Hi my little Cubbie Dexter...What a wonderful way for your mama to spend her vacation...with her favorite labby boy!

& I seriously think that is the CUTEST PIC OF YOUR BUTT EVER!!!!!

I LOVE IT...if its OK with you..I just may put that on my bloggy..with your approval, of course...

& that pic of RH at the header is one of my favorites of him ever!

Just be careful in that snowbank!

Love & Licks,
Your Cougar,

Moco said...

What a great day out for you, Dexter. I am sure Mango stayed in the dog cave and inspected the inside of his eye lids.

Chef said...

Dexter, I like that your Mum left your poop in the snow. Don't tell anyone but my Mama does that too because my poop just sinks down and I don't think she could find it even if she tried. I'm glad you had some quality time with your Mum and her family. All that attention and toys must have been fantastic. I wouldn't breathe a word of it to Mango if I were you or he might start liking stairs...


Joe Stains said...

It is amazing how when you take Mango out of the picture you do look like a big dog!! Your poop will be frozen in a snowbank and then maybe in a million years they will find it and clone you.

MJ's doghouse said...

wow...i sure hope you didnt leave the magnificent dude alone for too long...poor big beast...btu it sure did look like you got spoiled...and everyone likes to get spoiled once in awhile...

Aniemother said...

Special Mom time is the best!


Biggie-Z said...

Dexter, what a pawesome day! Thank you for that picture with scale so we can see just how average-size you are! (I mean that in the nicest way, buddy, you just are not big to me yet. RH is "big.")

Snow mountains are great fun, aren't they? You are so lucky you have your very own run out the back door. Momma took me out this morning and she slipped and fell on a sheet of ice. Luckily she has had a lot of practice falling, so this was no big deal and we continued to the run.

Happy Dexter Day!

Lady Kaos said...

What a cool day!!! Please tell me your Mom was pretending to know what you were thinking when she saids she was going to go pee on something. Silly woman! hehe. You have a bunch of snow!!! Guess you already knew that though!! Good luck with it! I hope it doesn't melt too fast or I'll have to send you Mom's inflatable raft.

Dannan and The Girl said...

You certainly do need some Dexter time with your Momma. It is important for us doggies to have those special times.

It was good to see you in a different perspective - you really are a full sized doggy! Next to RH, it is hard to tell that!

Wroo, Dexter!

Jamie said...


We like your Doga practice. Isn't that pose called "downward facing frog butt"? Anyway, it's one of our favorite postures!


Stanley said...

OF COURSE you need the Dexter Time. My girl does the same thing with Stella & I. We each get special days out with her and nodog else gets to come!

Your granny must love you, man. At least you can make it up her stairs to get the bones and squeakies.

I'd like to hear about your Drama Queen experience. I've thought about hiring one of those for myself. Do let me know!

Goober love,