Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dexter Masters the Inedible Apple

While some Relentlessly Huge beasties concentrated on their deep breathing exercises...I, Dexter, the Labradude have been figuring out how to bloggy with the Inedible Apple.I noticed that Mango had fallen into a deep meditation reading this book and hoping that Momma would prepare some homemade foodables for us.

I don't think he should get his hopes up given that this is pretty much what she lives on...

Maybe she'll finally use the herbs our human sister gave her and Master to plant. Oh, notice sad looking pot which suffered a fall to the floor when Mango tried to look out the window.

I will say that the Inedible Apple is taking some adjustments, so we might not be producing the high quality bloggies that you are counting in. Never fear, I will continue to work the issues. I sure hope this re-edited version of my snow movie works OK.

Dexter done!

P.S. Momma here. Still looking for other Apple bloggers. I am having trouble moving images around when I edit a blog and even though all my movies and images are somewhere on this machine, I can't play my WMV files and the file system on the Apple is a bit baffling at first. However, I am super happy with my new Apple. I got a corporate discount through my employer, so all in all didn't pay much more than for an equivalent PC.


Technodoll said...

Whoopee pies! Mom hasn't had one in decades and she's super jealous.

We hope she shares her mac'n cheese with you.. he he.

Mac. :-D

D&M xoxo

Suzuki said...

Hi Mango
My Mum has that book too, she got it for Christmas from my Dad. She says she is going to make us cool treats from it. I'm still waiting BOL!
Big licks to you

Anonymous said...

you can use VLC to play wmv files on OSX,

Lorenza said...

I hope your Mom makes you yummy treats soon!
Kisses and hugs

The FOUR Musketeers said...

Hope your mum make use of that book & make lots of yummies for you two (:

The OP Pack said...

Please tell us woo and your Mom are mastering that Apple - she is so afraid she won't have a clue what to do with hers if she ever gets one.

Woos, the OP Pack

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I've sent your plea to some of the iBlog iMistresses!

Mmmmmmm, makhk and cheese!


Kapp pack said...

Good luck with the inedible apple!

Kisses, Skyboy

Tracey and Huffle said...

Hi Mango and mum!

Khyra sent me! We blog with an Apple, is there anything we can help with? You can email me on hufflemawsonATgmailDOTcom if you have questions.

Huffle Mawson and her mum

Tibby said...

Hi Dexter & Mango!
I like your new header pic! What's the point in an inedible apple? That's like a cat you can't chase or a bone you can't chew! Anyways, I hope it works out for you!
:) Tibby

Noah the Airedale said...

Are you telling me there is a book out there with recipes for us dogs?? crikey!!!! I wish I wasn't on this damn diet.


Peanut said...

Your mom lives on that food? Do you get it too? if you do can I come live with you?

River said...

I liked the remake--the zoomie sound was perfect. My mom has an Apple laptop but...she used all these words: parallels, virtual machine and windows. I don't understand. But she said she can't help with the Apple stuff. I'm looking forward to what you will create, Dex!

Randi said...

Oh my....Trader Joes Mac & Cheezies...Yummers! My mom LOVES that store cuz there are so many tempting yummies to get...but her favorite Mac & Cheezies is the ole powdered Kraft kind...I know...many say she should never reveal that bit of info to anyone..but she loves the stuff...reminds her of cheetos!

I've never had a whoopie pie...those sound yummers as well..

Mango looks like he's totally zen in that meditation mode..

Dexter, I'm glad you didn't eat the apple...

love & licks,

ps..Randi's mom can move pics around when you edit a blog? Geez....I haven't figured that out at all...I have a reg. HP computer...apples sound much better! Give Mango & Dexter smoochies from me ..& another smoochie for Dex from Randi...

Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...

Those meditation skills are oh so impressive...

Dexter, when shall we be playing bitey face? You look like a super energetic one...yea!!! Go energy!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Suzuki said...

Hi Mango
My Daddy isn't Superman, he thinks he is, but he's not BOL.
Scooby, Daddy and I were pretending to do weaving through the football posts. They are the goal posts for Australian Rules Football. Tahlia and Mummy did it first and then tahlia wanted to do it again with Dad. She is so needy. BOL
Mummy still does not know what she is going to do with our yard. We like it but she thinks it is too grey. I might ask her to paint the fence :D
Big licks to you

Moco said...

We live with a techno moron. We would be no help to anyone. We are better off sticking to the whoopie pies.

Maggie and Mitch said...

Our mom is so computer challenged it's not even funny!
Save us a whoopie pie, Mango! yummm

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Gus said...

Mango's Mom...Lots of DWB folk use Apple products...I think Asta's (NY) mom uses one, and Greg and Brooke(?) Anyway, bop on over and post a help note or something, they will help if they can.

Gussie's muzzer

ps..glad Dexter has mastered the basics!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

I've heard lots of good things about the previously-recommended VLC. Also take a look at Flip4Mac for playing WMV files through QuickTime. You can download the free player at (It is not a Microsoft product even though the download is from Microsoft.)

Nibbles Treats said...

Wow - Whoopie pies! We didn't know they really existed (must be cuz your mom keeps buying them all). We love the first picture of you, Mango. Our mom always enters a gingerbread house contest (benefits Shriners Hospital here in Cincinnati). This year she made a dog house with a dog sticking out of the door. The dog she designed was based on a picture of a mastiff that she had found but the picture looked just like the one of you! Have your mom check out the gingerbread house. My mom made a post about it on our blog. She named the dog Ginger.. She even gave her a jeweled collar and red toenails! You will fall in love with her!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Mack said...

Hi Mango Momma,
Don't let my name fool you - I made be a MACK, but I don't know nothin' about inedible apples!


Lady Kaos said...

Pupcakes, mmmmmmmm. Mom is making me some pupcakes in a few weeks for my birthday! I love the ZOOM noise in your movie!!

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Big brother Mango and Dexter,
What're you up to besides knocking over the plant on the window?

Niamh said...

Glad you are helping your momma with the new computer. I am sure she will love it after you two use if for awhile.

Your friend,

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Mango...tell momma that Asta blogs on an apple...inedible...she can do all sorts of things on it...very clever dog, that Asta....

Let us know if you need her peemail address...we know she'd help ya out!!!


Stanley said...


Glad you're getting back to blogging with your apple, inedible or not.

Glad you got some extra meditation time in during the ROTE, since you didn't get to go along as navigational copilot. Did you get a cookie, though?

The Whoopee pies sound both fun and tasty. Hope you get a chance to sample those and he Mac n cheese. That's good stuff (even if it ain't real cheese)!

Goober love,

Asta said...

Hi Mango and Dextew
Mommi ooses an inedible apple too..she had a weal hawd time in the beginning(mumbled something about a leawning cuwve)..she doesn't know anything about oosing Wmv files, but I see someone does..all she knows is I photo, and Photoshop sowt of.I think she'll be twying to teach hewself fowevew..have fun wif youws
pee ess if youw Mom wants to talk and ask questions peemail us and we'llsend ouw phone#... K?

Asta said...

Pee ess ess. we can only edit my bloggie well if we use firefox to acess bloggie..if we use safawi..we can't move things awound
love and smoochie kisses

Nigel, Sola and Co. said...

The movie is fun - but I'm a PC guy, can't help with the Apple quirks...

Maverick the Pirate said...

Harrrrrr Mango
Yer Cap'n has just tagged ye Harrrr. Go to me blog to find out Harrrrr.
Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

Kodak the Eskie said...

That pupcakes book looks really neat. I might get my Mommy that book for me. Glad you like your Apple.

Hugs, Kodak

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Sorry we don't know anything about that apple stuff. Mom is planning on setting one up at work since she probably will get asked to support them..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

wally said...

Oooh. I like the look of that pupcakes. I hope you will share pictures of your bounty of baked goods.

wally t.

Amber said...

Cute video! :) LOVE the cow moos and the speedster sound. ;)


Joe Stains said...

It will take a bit to get used to I am sure, but in the long run I bet you are totally stoked.