Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Name is DEXTER!

I want to get something cleared up. My name is D-E-X-T-E-R! Not Pee-Wee, Shrimp, Shortie, Little Devil, Blackie, Midget, Squirt, Junior, A$#hole, or Hump Meister. Its DEXTER! Got it?

Dexter is a fine name, too.

The inspiration for my name was a book Momma was reading when I was born.

Unlike other doggies

who are named after this!

Need I say more?

And another thing. I am a full sized doggie! I weigh a strapping 75 pounds. Just because I don't make the house shake when I walk around doesn't mean I am small.

Yesterday I went to agility school. It was very hard. First I did the A-frame which I LOVE, but momma says I am going down too fast, then we did the weave poles which I am getting better at, but then we did something new... the dog walk! I thought it meant walkies, but instead, it was a scary bridge. I did OK going up, but I got scared when I got to the top and jumped off. I guess we are going to have to work on that some more.

But that's not the best part. I had an after school playdate!

That's right! There was a brown labragal at school. We were making goo goo eyes at each other all during class and once school let out it was party time (don't worry Randi, we're just classmates).

I'm not used to a doggie that is faster than I am! It was hard to keep up with her.

And she was quick with her toofers too! Ouch! That pinches!

I asked her if maybe we could take a little rest. Because I was getting tired after all that agility.

But she was just full of beans and ready to go!

You can see I am starting to flag a bit here even though she is still all googly eyed running around.

I found out that the labragal I met two weeks ago at school was actually my new friend, Molly's, mother. But Roxy couldn't come to school this week due to being all heated up. I'm not sure what that means, but Momma said it meant that I would not have been focused on my agility. Whatever. I liked little Molly just as much.

I told her to come back anytime and bring her Mom too.

Dexter done!


Suzuki said...

Hi Dexter!
I know what it's like to be teased and called names that you are not. My sister calls me pudge guts all the time. Mum and ad have lots of names fur me to but they are things like Fairy Princess, lala and llama so they are not bad names. I know my sister loves me and it just makes her better to call me pudgey. Mum and Dad say that I'm not pudgey, Im vo-lup-chew-us :)
Big licks to you

Niamh said...

Of course you are a full size dog Dexter! I'm sure those are just Mango's affectionate nicknames for you. Ha!

Great job with your agility. I'm sure that you'll do fine on the dog walk. And nice to see you make new friends. But I would stay away from those girls in heat. I doubt that you want to be responsible for puppies at your tender age.

Your friend,

Abby said...

Hi, Dexter...

Dexter is a fine name indeed...

I know what you mean about the name thing...How would you like to be called the "Mop Dog"...

Agility classes sound fun & looks like you are meeting a few new friends...

Be careful of those heated up labragals, though...They might just get you in trouble...

Abby xxxooo

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Okay PeeWee....


Gus said...

Muzzer says Pet Names are OK. I think it depends on the tone of voice. Even my own name (gusdagger!) can mean trouble. But Mussie Gussie is always good. Maybe you need to figure out which of those are pet names.

Or, you can be like Teka, and ignore them all.

Mussie Gussie Wussie

Pamela, Kira and Scampi said...

Hmmm.... Scampi has a lot of those same names!Especially hump meister! Mom takes him to dog school he thinks he needs to Hump all of the other doggies, at least you can do agility! Scampi is still in Versatility 2 class which in Obedience terms is Novice. I am doing Utility work. Mommy is going to try scampi in rally to see if he likes that better. Have fun at school!
-Kira the beaWootiful


Goo Goo eyes! I guess you are not a shrimp but full manador! You know, you have a point about the name mango... does he secretly wear heels and lipstick off film? I noticed your eyes went from glow to hearts... good thing. I was worried.


Martha Basset said...

Hello D-E-X-T-E-R

We hope we have that right! Good for you going to agility school. It should get you fit and then you will be able to keep up when you are out on a date with a lady dog!

Martha & Bailey xx

Mason Dixie said...

Awe Dexter it is so great that you are sticking up for yourself. You sure are not a small boy. And you looked like you were having a great time with that labragal. =)

tula said...

Woowzer.. you had quite a day. Agility and lady luv! Hope you both got your beans out!

** Where did you take your walk in Framingham? Was it the square where 30 & 9 intersect? My mom drives by there every morning on her way to work.


Stella said...

Hi Dexter:

Good for you about straightening people out regarding yourself. If you don't stick up for yourself, who will?


dewdana said...

Hey there Dexter we agree with Gus, Moose only hears his name when he has done something terrible! I have always loved your real name so it is interesting to know where it came from. When I hear Mango I think of the SNL character but did not think that could possibly be where RH got his name! How undignified ;-) Moose got his name from being a Moose (one guy at the park called him that w/o even knowing his name!). glad you had a fun day pee-w ooops I mean dexter!

Jake of Florida said...

Just Harry here --- Yep, that's my name -- J U S T H A R R Y and I totally understand your frustration.

I am often called doofus, numbskull, "Pinky" (the other half of "Pinky and the Brain"), and a few other unprintable names by my sometimes overbearing brother, the professor.

People think he is so cute because of his one ear up, one ear down -- but trust me, I know the real Jake -- he of the body blows and the "don't bother me, kid" posturing.

It can be tough out there -- so we're glad you have your own buds and your own name: D E X T E R!!!

Just Harry

Joe Stains said...

Hey Dexter, I am glad you had fun with that Labragal. I wish I could send Tanner over to run like mad with you guys.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Dexter, You sure had one busy day! Lots of training and some fun exercise. Keep up the good work.

Ludo van puppy said...

Dexter you is very bigger than me! No one teases me but that cos there be no bigger doggy than me living here. I glad you got to go agility again and had a cool playdate with a labragirl!
I is missing two weeks of agility cos of this stupid new ters and I only just got to go. I is gonna hit Mum's legs extra lots with my cone cos of that.
~lickies, Ludo

peeess. There was a Mango dog on our local news on the tv thingy because it is so ginormous! BOL!

Randi said...


& what a fine name too..But you will ALWAYS be MY LITTLE CUB...not matter how many pretty choco girls you run after.....

Remember, I still weigh about 13 more pounds than you...I'm glad you like girls with a little meat on their bones...

Love & Licks,

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Dexter,
I hope you are not a cereal dog like that Dexter you are named after. But if you are a cereal dog, you should only eat the bad cereal and not the good stuff, or something. I don't know. This is just something my mom is on about and who gets her?

That labragal plays just like me! And looks just like me! If I were chocolate, like my mama was. Maybe it means you and I were meant to be. (sorry Randi)


Noah the Airedale said...

Your class mate sounds like great fun Dexter.
You know down here in Oz, we have this habit of shortening everyones name. So if we call you Dex every now and again we hope that's ok. It's just a sign of affection or mateship.

No Wils T & Luc

Dannan and The Girl said...

Wroo, Dexter! The Girl says that you are named after a guy who is a serial killer (but on the side of Good!) - so that Mango better watch out!

I really like your new furend, the brown Labragal! And The Girl always makes herself a little silly when she sees brown doggies, so we won't even go there!

Please tell your Momma that The Girl is a little too fast with the Enter key to pull fast ones over on Blogger. She's gotta manage the basics (like don't hit Enter prematurely when you're trying to be all sly!) before she can even grasp these higher concepts!

And we are furry sorry about the fire that consumed your Master's workshop. We are happy no one was hurt, but we know that the workshop was so important to your Master. We send him Brown Dog Kisses.


Lorenza said...

I can't understand that obsession to give us lots of nicknames!
Gus is right. It depends on the tone.
Looks like Molly was too much for you!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

Hey Dexter looks like you had quite a busy day! Lots of fun too making new friends!

Mack said...

I think candy and/or chew toys might be a good thing to send Randi about now...

Lois Lane/Laney said...

You're more than twice my size! I would never call you Shortie! BOL

The OP Pack said...

We think Dexter is a great name but your other names seem to work sometimes too:-) We can't believe woo weigh 72 lbs. Woo don't look that big in your pics. The labragal is pretty cute, hope woo, Molly, and Roxy get lots more after school playtime.

Tail wags, the OP Pack

Maggie and Mitch said...

Our mom always says that when others call you nicknames it's because they really like you! You're a very well liked doggie, Dexter!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Petey said...

Can we call you PeeDexterWee? That name might get you a Stains Award! My chocolate lab pal Scout weighs in at just over 100 lbs of muscles. So yeah, you'll always be PeeWee to me!

Your pal,

Petey the Enormous Cairn Terrier

Suki Sumo said...

Hi Dexter! My name is Suki and my brother Mojo and I have heard a lot about you and Mango. Looks like you had some pawsome adventures at agility!

Suki Sumo

Land of Lincoln Labbies said...

Hi Dexter,
All the guys here agree that you have a most appropriate and handsome name; however,even though you may not like your nicknames it shows you are loved and an esteemed member of your family. Who else would make fun of you like that besides family? By the way, it is too funny that Mango is named after the SNL character.(ROFL) Also, our mom says you are a healthy, wonderful looking young labbie and 75lbs is a great weight for your build. Also, officially that makes you full-sized;-) just not XL like mango.
Your buddies,
Land of Lincoln Labbies

Kess And Her Mama said...

Hi Dexter. You are one handsome fella!

GoldenSamantha said...

DExter - you are gorgeous and "good on you" for going to agility! And pawsome for being fast - I'm working on that. For now, I have to do obedience and today, my peeps wrecked my entire day by bringing me to a supposed "FUN" match. They were both ring stewards and I had to hang out in a cage almost the whole time, which made me bark and squeak the whole time and upset people (Duh! that's what you get!). When we got home, I didn't even WANT to go to the park. But. I went and had - okay - fun. So glad you had fun with labragirl and sorry I had to talk about me so much!
Love to you and licks,
xo Sammie

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello dexter its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow 75 pownds!!!! yoo ar relentlessly hyoodj too!!! yoo way like twice as mutch as my puny brother tucker the other vizsla dog i think we shud start calling him pee wee insted ha ha ok bye

Asta said...

Someone told me I was fat today..and I'm no whewe mneaw 75 lbs..I think you awe a pawfect size big boy..Welentlessly hooge is wathew unoosooally lawge, so We can't measoowe by him...agility sounds gweat, and that playtime aftew is tewwific..I'm suwe Randi knows she has youw heawt
smoochie kisses

Blogdog said...

Hi Dexter
We just heard about you and dropped me to say hello. You are one handsome dog. Looks like you had great fun yesterday.

ocmist said...

My Dad said that it is better to be named after a book than after a fruit and that's what he'd thought you were named after originally... OC

Bae Bae said...

I think youre name is very nice Dexter. ;)

~ Bae

DogzRock! said...

You are a gorgeous dog and I would love it if we could follow each others blogs.
Love Travis xx!!!
P.S I think dexter is a grrrreat name!!!

Nibbles Treats said...

Dexter, we think you are super cool. Perhaps by calling you names, Mango is compensating for his lack of...

Just sayin'.

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Tee said...

Hello Dexter. I gots a fur kid by the very same name too! For some reason he gets teased by the other Fur Kids alots ...

Maybe its because he's the favourite fur kid with the chief and the others are just jealous so they jump on him alot.

Licks and Wags

Tuffy of Dog WOods

GSD Adventures said...

I've seen my brother get all googly eyed and acting weird and I heard my mom and dad talk about the heat too. It wasn't summer and was actually quite chilly out so i'm not sure what it means either. They did say something about fixing it but how do they control the weather. Humans are weird.

Have a great week!

Pruett and Daphne

Anonymous said...

Hi Dexter! You're 75 pounds? Wow, you're a very big doggie - bigger than me. (I'm half fluff.) Don't worry - Zeke and I will never call you anything but Dexter. And good for you for putting your paw down about it!

See ya!

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Hello Dexter!

Thank you for explaining your name, and Mango's (!!!!!!), I really enjoyed reading your blog post, and wow, the Labragal, well ain't she just the sweetest gal on the block!

You lucky Dog!

lotsalicks, Marvin xxxx

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Dexter is a great name, we kinda like your nicknames as well though..hehe

That looked a very fun play date with your new friend. :-)

Holly & Zac...XX

Amber and Nala said...

YEA Dexter! Good job at agility!! I'm glad you had such fun with your new friend but I have a question...what is a labragal?? Part lab and what else?

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Dexter,
It's me, Hershey... I hope Huskee doesn't catch me writing this, but I must say that older siblings are e.v.i.l. I also have heaps of not-so-nice nicknames courtesy of Huskee... eg. Skunkee, Miss evil Teefies, B*tch (mom said taht this is a HBO word too), and lots more. I feel your pain...

Moco said...

We like both of your names. We know that you are a big guy even if you look small next to RH. Becoming quite the ladies man, are we?

Daisy said...

Dexter, I think you are EXTREMELY Handsome! Don't know why the blog is named for Mango, who like some other dogs I know, doesn't do much except eat and sleep. Might as well be a cat! :-)

Good luck with the agility, and the labragal

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

You tell 'em, Dexter! We have lots of silly names too! Unfortunately, we answer to ALL of them! It looks like you had a blast with your labragal friend!

Poppy, Penny & Patches