Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gated Community and Still Dancing!

Check out this card that Miss Asta sent me! Now that's dog dancing! I also got pressies from little Mini-Me, Anakin Man and Jed and Abby in Merryland. Thanks, guys, that cheered me up for sure.

Momma has not been helping me with my dance routine. She says that my current coordination issues would lend themselves only to some sort of Martha Graham interpretive dance for which her sitting about like a lazy slug person is not designed. Sigh.

So she assigned me to study the boring choreography that she wrote down and practice in my head. What the heck does practice in my head mean? Like I could fit my large and not compressible self into my own head and how would I do that anyway and then would my head totally explode from all the dancing and.... ouch! My brains!

Well, I have been listening to my music over and over and over and making notes for the DOH.

Ever try to work an iPod with Relentlessly Huge feet? Not easy.

When she wasn't looking I worked on perfecting what I think will be a stunning move.

Oh yeah, I am totally feeling the music now for sure.

In other news, momma made exactly seven trips to the upstairs of the barn to bring down the chairs for my observation deck. I find the arrangement somewhat unsuited for the human seating.

Apparently this is intended to let me enjoy sun baking with no worries of dropping off the edge should my hind quarters fail me. OK, I'll go with it if it means I can enjoy my outside time again.

Hey! You know what else? I went for a walkie yesterday for the first time all week. I didn't really want to go to far. Amazing how bumpy and lumpy and uneven those streets can be when one is uncertain of one's footing.

So I opted to give Master's flower beds a good inspection. Don't tell Master, but I even watered one of his plants. Shhhh. I'm not telling which one. Hehehe.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. Guess what, my Uncle just got named to be chief bicycle dude out in the wild west of California. You know what else? Apparently he is some big wig because he co-founded Merlin Metal Works and kind of invented the titanium framed mountain bike. Yuh, like he even got honored at the Smithsonian. I thought that was just for dead people. Who knew? Momma says it is too funny that an aging hippy who started his career as an Aerosmith Roadie is now a government employee. But I say good for him! You can read about it here.

Here's an older article about him. I love this quote; "I still ride my same old steel bike I built umpteen years ago (I am tempted be like Tom Ritchey and contend it was constructed prenatal). At this point I care far more that I can get out and ride rather than having a frigging nerdfest over frame materials. The worst frame material is the one that creates a need to purchase a SUV and never take the bike off the rack."


Fiona, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

An Aerosmith roadie?!? How totally cool is that?!? I mean, the Smithsonian thing is kinda cool, too, but a roadie?!? Heehee.

Hey, can we borrow Master? Mom's been 'working' on the lawn for like, ever, now, and she's still only half done 'prepping' it. It's going to be snowing again before she get the grass seed down.... *sigh*

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

Michelle said...

I love that photo of Mango rockin' out with the headphones! Too cute.