Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I am on Drugs

Friends, alert readers, and fellow bloggers, I, Mango, Relentlessly Huge wanted to give you an update on my large and somewhat confused at the moment self.

It seems that in order to keep the evil seizure monster away, I need to take some medicines called phenobarbital. You know what? I even finally learned how to spell it after typing it so many times. For sure.

Well, vet lady started me on 200mg twice each and every day and let me tell you it sure did a number on me. Yuh, like totally my leggies would NOT do what I told them to do and I kept falling down and stretching myself in ways unsuited to a large and dignified doggie. Momma even had to hold my bottom up whilst I did my business which was very uncomfortable for both of us.

So vet lady called Master and said, "oh no! That is not good. Let's try giving him only half his medicines." Last night, I switched to 100mg twice each day and I have to report that I am already feeling better.

Yeah, my rear quarters still kind of have a mind of their own, but I can do my potty without help and am not falling down quite so much. Now I just have to hope that the reduced portions are enough to scare away that seizure monster dude.

I feel all wobbly and dizzy when I get out of bed, but I had a nice walkie right in my own back yard for like 10 whole minutes and did not fall down once, so there.

Momma moved my water bowl to a carpeted area so that I could drink without falling down but that really confused me and I would not drink at all, so she put it back in the kitchen, but raised it up for me. Isn't that nice?

She also put a carpet down in the dining room which makes one less area with those slippery floors. Master moved all the dining room furnitures away after that awful visit from seizure dude last week. No worries. That table is only used for storing stuff anyway.

At least I can eat my kibbles without falling over (although I did eat them from a seated position this fine morning).

Do you see the boxes on the table? Those are my birthday pressies which I have still not opened. Boo hoo! Momma says, "Oh, Mango, we need to wait to open them until you are more stable so that you can enjoy them." Whatever. Stable is relative, don't you think?

I am so happy for all the good thoughts that I have received and lots of advice from other seizure doggies.

Hopefully my next postie will have more action photos and less words, right?

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. Momma's mentals like to explode the past few days and so she has been marking all as read. I hope I haven't missed anything important.


Channon said...

Glad the new dose seems to be better for you, Mango. Sissy wants you to know she eats sitting down sometimes too, just because she can.

Kasha The Dainty Great Dane said...

Oh Mango, I am so worried about you. I sure do hope the smaller dose of drugs keeps that evil seizure monster away. My mom was just wondering are seizures something common in your breed of dog? Feel better soon my furiend.

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

I am really hoping that the meds work for Mango. I know how tough it is to see medication changing your dog!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you've had such a rough time with the phenobarbital. That stinks. Glad you're feeling a bit better now that the dosage has been reduced! And we're hoping that the new dosage will continue to scare away the seizure monster!

Sometimes if Riley is tired, she'll eat or drink while sitting or lying down, so no worries!

We just discovered your other blog about flipping the house! Too cool.

Elyse and Riley

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Our labra-boy, Barney, was on phenobarbytol to keep the seizures away. We used to laugh at him because we couldn't tell whther he was drugged or was goofy just because he was a lab.

I'm glad the meds you've figured out the dose and are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Mango - I'm really sad that you're going through this. Poor Momma too. Hope you get to feeling like your old self again soon... and that Momma doesn't self-destruct from worrying.

Biggie-Z said...

Mango, sorry to hear you've got the sickies. I hope the vet lady's advice helps and you are on your paws again soon.


Raymond and Busby said...

Mango man! We didn't realize the monster visited you last week. We were out of the loop for awhile. Glad you are on drugs and hopefully they will find a dosage that will keep the monster away AND keep your Mom from holding your butt when you do your business. Hang in there dude! xoxo

rottrover said...

That makes much more sense to start off at :-) Geez, dude, your momma was going to have to start posting videos of you wearing a beret and shades listening to jazz and snapping. You'll be back to your relentlessly cool self soon - without the necessity of appearing to be a junkie!!

Ruby sends smooches ;-)

Barbara said...

Oh Mango, I'm sorry you're still adjusting to your meds, but it looks like your momma is taking good care of you! Get better soon!

HoundDogMom said...

Mango Man, we are sorry your meds are still being adjusted. We hopes they get the right dosages for you and you get your stability back. We can tell your Momma is taking very good care of you. Just be patient with her the humans are more mental about this stuff than what we worry about. We have seen those pills like you have to take and it is amazing how such a little pill can have such an affect on the RLH Mango. Sending you some drool, like your house doesn't have enough of that. BOL Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Kari in WeHo said...

I sure hope the drugs work!


CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Oh Mango, Fingers crossed that this will work for you!!! Glad to hear the Master and the Momma are taking such good care of you... but Mom HAS to let you open those pressies soon!!!!

Gus said...

Mango Man..not much happening her, fer sure, fer sure. Get feeling better!


Corbin said...

Mango Dude... I really hope this works to keep the evil monster away... I've got my paws crossed!

Karen said...

Do they take therapeutic blood levels of the drug in dogs like they do in humans? In order to see if drug in the right range and not toxic level. Husbands a neurologist and hear him talking about this with patients, but dont know what they do in pets.
But sounds like you're in the right direction, and you are taking such extra good care of him, he is in good hands (literally..that's a big tushie to hold up!)

Reilly / Bree said...

We were wondering if you were on too high a dose of the medicine - it didn't sound right that you be stumblin and fallin all the time. Hopefully with less of it - it will still control the ssssshhhhhh "seizure monster" but not make you all wobbly.

Kitty+Coco said...

It stinks that your meds are making your legs like wet noodles. Boo on that. I am hoping that after a month or two your system will adjust and you will get some coordination back. Most impawtently No Ceasar's! We did giggle just a tad that your mom had to hold up your rumpus. Funny mentals there. If it makes you feel any better, I , Uhm, had a blemish on my tutu that mom had to squeeze the other day. Total humiliation.

Kitty and Coco

Sue said...

Samba lays down with her head in the bowl to eat. Less distance for the food to travel, less chance of dropping any.
Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

Mack said...

That is really good news that the pheno is keeping old Mr. Seizurepuss far far away. I agree with (the beautiful) Kitty - I bet as soon as your body gets used to it your hiney and legs will work a lot better!

Frankie Furter said...

Mango buddy! I am glad that the meds are not being so difficult on you.
I am also glad that YOU (at least) can spell that
Pee No Barbie Doll stuffs.

I have my paws crossed that it works at this dose.. and MAYBE even LOWER. Keep us posted... Esp. about your Birfday Pressies. I think you need some FUN in your life..

Bouncing Bertie said...

Hi there Mango, good luck with the new dosage and you take care now and concentrate on keeping that rear end in line.
Sending steady thoughts from Scotland (rather than healing vibes, as these might make you wobbly again)
Toodle pip!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mango I just KNOW that the lady Vet will figure out the just right meds to keep the seizure monster AWAY forEVER!

woo woos, Tessa

Daisy Dog said...

We are thinking about you and hoping you are feeling better and the monster stays away forever!

Pedro said...

Oh Mango, I didn't know you got attacked by the seizure monster! I am so sorry dude! Good to know the pheno-whatever is helping and I certainly hope the lower dosage does the trick while letting you work your legs correctly. My mom & I are definitely thinking of you and hope you're feeling better!


♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

We hope the new dose helps make you feel better AND keeps the monster away. We think we have read that it takes some time for your body to adjust to the meds. Do be careful, big guy!

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Minnie-Moo (Rescue Lab) said...

Really hope the drugs help you feel much better!

Love Minnie, Muzzle & family

Marjie said...

Of course Momma's mentals like to explode with all this seizure monster stuff and whatnot. My sister says you will get used to this phenobarbitol stuff quickly. And then you will be just normal mastiff tired. She's a nurse. I trust her. But good for you, having nice yard walkies. It's progress for sure.


Wild Dingo said...

exploding mentals...maybe you can pass off a few barbs to the DOH to keep her mentals from going cracker? now that you cut your dose ... i say waste not want not. you know?

Carol from Down Under said...

Hi Mango, Love is having your Mum hold your big bottom while you do your business. Momma you are a star for sure. Glad the meds seem to be working on the lesser dose. Kara always eats lying down with her head in the bowl, less spillage, less energy used. Wobble on big fella, love ya heaps, you too Momma. No worries, love Carol.

Clive said...

Mango, we hope you settle soon with the new meds and start feeling more like yourself.

take care
Clive and Murray

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

If I lived khloser, I'd let woo use my fluffy tail fur leverage -

Paws khrossed the dosage will be dialed in soon!

PeeEssWoo: Paws are also khrossed fur The DOH mentals!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Our paws are crossed that this med will do the trick for you, Mango. We can't have your momma holding you up for such personal business!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

brooke said...

Oh Mango. I hope these drugs keep that awful seizure monster away for a long long time. Will you be less wobbly on them as your body gets used to them? Or will you always be a wobbly Mango while on the drugs?
Feel better!

Oskar said...

I'm sorry, but there is no exucse for not opening birthday presents! That could be the miracle cure you need!

Nubbin wiggles,

Amber DaWeenie said...

Mango, we nose all bout dat bar-bit-u-it. My pack mate, April, started out with 3ml of da liquid, twice a day. Dat made her sleepy all da time so da dogter cut it back to 1 1/2 ml twice a day. Dis works ok. No z-zure monster for over a year now...no sleepy April eider...but sometimes her eyes go in different directions when she looks at ya!

jen said...

Glad to hear that you adjusted your meds and are feeling better! Your Mom and Dad are so awesome to take such good care of you and rearrange the house!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Mango...it sounds as though the redecorating Mango style could be interesting. Now in case you are wondering how the heck you've been getting up, have you ever looked under your hoooooge self? (Lacie flexes her muscles...) Yes, I have been shoving you around all week. That time you sat on me for ten minutes??? Well, that flattened my bottom. Honestly, Mango, you are better than my foundation garments...



Stella said...

Mango, I am glad that your meds got reduced and that helped you get around better.

We are thinking of you and hoping no more seizures!


Anny said...

Oh Mango... this is not good... hope the reduced meds will be able to keep your seizures at bay and won't keep you down. Our paws and fingers will be crossed for your speedy recovery. Get well soon dude.

woofs n licks,

Lorenza said...

I am happy to know you are doing better with half of the meds!
Power of the paw is here in action to make the seizure monster staying away from you!
Tell your momma we are thinking of you two!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Thank you for letting us know how things are going, RH. We're sure your excellent vet is checking your blood levels regularly and watching you like a hawk to be sure you get the correct dosage. And Mango Momma & Master are doing everything possible to keep you healthy, comfortable and safe. Might be a good time to ask for a Mango-sized expansion of the master BR, so there's room in there for your new double decker bed at night. It would save Mango Momma having to sleep on the sofa so often so she can be near you.

Tell Mango Momma to be grateful she just had to steady your rumpus for a bit, instead of change a Mango diaper :)

Just keep getting better, RH.

Jed & Abby

Anakin Man said...

Big Me's!!

Me is waiting for yous action packed posty for sure!

Me is glad to hear 'dat you is feeling better each day and soon yous be able to pick on big adventures again!

Me is glad 'dat seizure dude stay gone- and yous half dosed self is managing-
Me is totally tinking of yous bro!!

Yous Twinner,
Anakin Man

Lexi and Jasper the Danes said...

Glad your legs are not as wobbly! Us big dogs have further to fall if our legs don't work properly ;)

We're glad to hear that you are feeling better - hopefully the monster doesn't return anytime soon!

Licks and lots of slobber,
Lexi and Jasper the Danes

tula said...

oh bubba, phew.. we know it was hard being dazed AND confused. now woo's just back to being confused?!! hheeehhee..


i still smell efurry spot woo left in @ the tula estate backyard.

El'bow and Hauwii said...

poor mangopall !

we are happy to hear that your feeling better :)

Happy sunny Kissslobbers
El'bow & Hauwii

Anonymous said...

Glad the lower dosage is working better for you Mango Man (((HUGS)))

Thinkin if Mom doesn't give you your pressies soon you should just take them off the table and open them yourself ;P

Waggin at ya,

PeeS: Is it my eyes or is Dexters tail in a bun on your header photo? Cute bun on your buns BOL!

DianeTaylor said...

Mango-man - Indy Bones here - my human read me your post today and she got all teary eyed, remembering the lab she had before me (Buster) and all his sickies and how his meds made him do his business in the house. I hope they find the right combo for you so you can be more like yourself VERY SOON!!! BTW my human loves the "SAY NO TO MANGO SMOOTHIES" on your side bar - ha ha ha. So funny.

Feel better soon!

Your friend,

Indy Bones and Diane/Dave Taylor from Baltimore MD

Peppy Sheppys said...


Thank you for the update. We have been thinking about you a lot, especially since Norwood posted video of you singing to him! Oh my! We hope you feel better soon and, most importantly, that the seizure monster minds his own business and stays away! Our ape said that it took awhile for Conan (her phenobarbidog) to adjust to the meds but once he did he never had another seizure! And he was not wobbly. So we hope you get it worked out too!

Sheps w/Pep, Otis & Edgrr.

FiveSibesMom said...

I am just catching up with Blogger...so sorry to hear that Mango has been having such a tough time of late. Gibson's been on Pheno, as you know, long range, after all the side effects of lethargy, dizziness, etc. he has come to a good place with it. He is on a combo of Pheno and Potassium Bromide (less harsh on liver and stays in bloodstream longer). The combo is working nicely. I have also done research and learned that Milk Thistle (natural and dosage goes according to weight) will also aide in helping to cleanse the liver from the Pheno. Just something I thought I'd pass along. Mango, we are thinking of you and hope you'll be feeling like yourself very, very soon!

KB said...

I'm way behind but I saw a later post saying that you're back in action, even doing agility, Mango. I'm so glad that you figured out the meds so that they wouldn't leave you feeling so wobbly.

achieve1dream said...

Poor big guy. I'm glad the reduced dose is working out better. I hope it's enough to keep the seizure monster away.

I'm so behind on reading blogs. I must have missed that it was your birthday, or maybe I read it, but I don't remember. Could also be because I didn't get nearly enough sleep. Anyway I was just trying to say Happy Birthday! I hope you get to open your presents soon.