Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Holiday Surprise!

Yesterday, momma, master, PeeWee, and I were all kind of relaxing and getting ready to watch the football game when all of a sudden there was a knock, knock, knock right on our front door.

Guess who it was?

Close. Nordork was outside in his ride.

But at the door was none other than Tula and Norwood's moms. Come all the way to my estate just to see ME!

Stupid PeeWee thought they wanted to see him too. As if!

Outta the way! Clearly they are here for the Mango!

Hey! How come Tula mom has her light on?

You know what else? There were pressies too! That's right, a bag for each of us from Nordork chock full of noms and goodies and stuff. Plus special doggie specific ornaments.

And.... SURPRISE! Norwood's mom had painted faces on our ornaments. Look! It's Pea!

And ME! Totally!

I LOVE THEM! I especially love MINE!

I wanted to put them right up on our happy little tree.

But, sadly, our tree has suffered a sorrow in it's lower quadrant and is not doing so well right now, so I told momma, "let's just tuck those away for our next year tree, OK?" In fact I think the little tree might be retired early, like today.

Just to get you in the holiday mood, here is a nice photo from some other year which is not now as we (thankfully) do not have any snow.

Now, we turned off comments because we are hoping that none of our friends, human or otherwise, have to work today which means even if you don't celebrate Christmas, you should relax and enjoy the day.

So everybody stay safe and snug and hug your humans!

Mango Man! Oh yeah!