Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Momma's Juicer, Midweek ROTE, and a Non-Stuffie

Momma is on vacation this week which means she gets paid not to work!!! That is fantastic. I wish she would do that every week. The only problem is that our home pooter is totally slow and takes like forever to display bloggie pages. Usually I get to borrow the work pooter just to visit my friends, but Momma says, "That computer is not coming out of its bag until I go back to work!" So forgive me if I am behind in visiting.
There are several things happening here during vacation. One is the cleaning of the dog cave. We've unearthed many treasures. Among them, this picture of the doggie that Momma grew up with. His name was James and he was a little corgi (like Dozer).

Apparently Momma is so old that they hadn't invented color film yet when she was a pup.
Oh yeah, I have to post this movie or no cookies. Warning! No dogs involved (boring).
I always snoopervise when the juicing is going on because frequently there are yummers apples, carrots, and other fresh foodables that find their way into my soft and patient mouth.

Another good thing about the juicer is that we have to go on the Running of the Errands every day to get fresh fruit and veggies and Whole Foodables.And of course stop by the doggie store for my car cookie.Today it was a mitten!Some of the stuff they sell at that Whole Foodables store looks disturbingly unlike food. This is called "cashew butter" that supposedly was freshly ground out of the dispenser. Hmmm.. yes, it does resemble something that is fresh, but cashews do not come to mind.This non-stuffie has been hiding in the dog drawer for like forever. Its called a "road kill" because there is no stuffing. I love it!Look, Momma, I caught a squirrel!

I am quite excited to still be getting holiday cards! Today I got this Happy New Year card from that Lacie gal.She says they're selling like hotcakes down in PA. Well, how could they not? I mean, MJ and I make such an elegant couple.

Its snowing again, so I need to go out and make sure my pee-pee paths are properly cleared.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dexter Day Walkies and Holiday Fun

I started my day as usual with a nice walkie. But this time we brought the camera along so that I could make a movie!
For the holidays, Grandma, Grandpa, Brother, Sister, Brother-in-law, and Sister-in-law all came over to eat Chinese food and open pressies. Also, my nephew, Misha came. Mango warned me that Misha was like some spooky devil dog attack dude and I was kind of worried, but it turns out he's an OK guy. Sure he has to tell the Relentlessly Huge to get out of his space now and then, but that's not such a bad thing. Forgive Mango for calling everybody "cousin" he gets kind of confused by family relations.

There were lots of pressies for everybody, but of course I was most interested in those for ME! Perhaps this big box holds a surprise for Dexter?

Some jokester (Shannon!!) put this bow on me. Oh for goodness sake.I have to say that even though Misha was pretty much a gentleman all day, he did sort of spook me the way he was always watching with those shiny eyes.And he is kind of a squirt. Here he's showing off his Westminster stack and look at how short he is!Hmmm... maybe being little has its advantages. He did get to sit on his dad's lap and whenever I try to sit in anybody's lap they always say things like "get away from me you bad dog!" Imagine!After much searching, I was finally able to locate a package for ME! It was from Grandma.A book! About a labragal named Catie Copley.Its her biography. She lives and works at the Copley Plaza hotel right here in Boston. I had to give her a smoochie.Mango gave Momma this jar of Vanishing Cream made with, can you believe it, Mango butter!He told her to rub it on her face for a youthful glow.I don't know about you, but I wouldn't rub anything made with marshmallow and Mango butter on my face, but that's just me.

Misha brought a stuffie (kind of) for me and Mango.

I think the movie speaks for itself...

Aren't I just the cutest little thing you ever saw?
As the day wore on, Mango and Misha started to show some holiday fatigue so all our guests decided it was time to return to their estates.I was pretty beat too so I retired to the dog cave to sprawl on the Relentlessly Huge's comfy orthopedic mat and let him crash on the puppy bed.Dexter done!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hector Returns for the Holidays

Hector Wheelie here! I apologize for being gone so long, but I have been helping Santa get ready. I took all my clones up to the north pole and we were assigned our own sleigh and off we went!

We were very busy flying all over the globe and eventually we flew over the Mango Estate where I spied Momma out playing in the snow with the boys. They were working on trying to catch snowballs.Please excuse the fuzzy photos, but the sleigh moves kind of fast.Not sure if Dexter quite has the whole mouth eye coordination down yet.As usual, Momma had built a snow man for Mango.And, as usual, Mango was removing the arms (that snowman looks kind of mad).Then Mango tried to bite his face....The clones have decided to move to the North Pole and work year round on making toys with the elves. I asked to be dropped off at the estate and I was rather unceremoniously dumped.I managed to dig myself out.Dexter stuck helped me into the fireplace to thaw out.Ah, its good to be home.Momma and Master didn't have time to get a tree this year, but they did get out the Angel Airedale.

So from Hector, Mango, Dexter, Momma, and Master, Happy Holidays to all our doggie, kittie, hammie, and human pals.

Hector Wheelie, over and out!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Snow and Other Stuff

The big news here in Master Chew Sits is, of course, the snow. And it is quite deep for the Mango.

Lucky for me, Momma keeps my pee-pee paths clear. Here I have outlined them for you. The one on the left keeps going to the bird feeder and the basement door and on the right is a path to the barn and one to my patio.These paths are quite convenient for doing one's business as I have tried to point out to the pee-wee who seems a bit put off by the whole thing and has taken to storing his, uh, stuff, until he explodes.
Many of my readers have suggested that I might be able to plow paths on my own. Such nonsense. The Mango is a regal and delicate being, not some common draft animal.
Anyway, the pee-wee does a pretty good job of plowing out subsidiary paths on his own as you can see from this photo.

Much to my amusement, it seems that certain zoomie beasts have some difficulty maneuvering when the snow is almost over their pointy heads. So in a game of bitey face, I am able to get some good nips in on his behind as he does his drive bys.

This appears to frustrate the little dickens as you can observe from this attempt to jump on my head and grab my stupendous jowls in his shark mouth.I made a movie of snow bitey face. Momma says I cheated because I grabbed the pee-wee collar. Well, maybe, but it sure is fun to see the little guy squirm.

I want to thank the Master for the fine new stairs he built for me. As you may recall, last year at this time, my observation deck had access only via a narrow and not mastiff friendly set of stairs which frequently frustrated my attempts to mount them.Now I have nice deep big guy stairs with a railing so that I don't feel like I'm in peril of falling off.
See? No problem. Thanks, Master!

Pee-wee is now officially allowed to sleep on the couch and so Momma bought this doggie throw to put on it and keep off the cooties.My good friend, the Scruffman, was kind enough to send me a most disturbing photo.That temptress, Lacie setup herself with some mistletoe and invited all the boyz to give her a smoochie. I was so embarrassed to learn that Dexter had taken her up on the offer. When asked why, all he could say was, "Hey, I'm a guy!" Hello? That's Lacie you have your labralips on! Ewwww!

That fuzzy face is not to my taste. I prefer a gal who can slobber and snore with great gusto, like my wonderful MJ. Here I am snuggling up with her lovely card.

That's it for now.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dexter Snow Day

Before we get started, Momma wants to put in a plug for her new winter coat.This weekend I got to take my new winter coat for a test drive and it is awesome! Its from LLBean. First of all, its super warm, wind resistant, and long enough to cover my backsides. But typical of LLBean, there are lots of cool features that I didn't even know I needed. There are two spacious interior pockets, the zipper goes up or down (makes it easier to get into pockets). The fuzzy part of the hood can be removed, but it does a great job keeping snow off your face. The non-fuzzy part of the hood can also be removed. The coat zips up to cover your neck and the hood has a storm flap for your lower face. The most unexpected feature of all, the hood is adjustable, so if you just want the top of your head covered, you can tighten it up. Best of all, its machine washable AND since its LLBean, I know it will last for at least ten years and if anything happens (like zipper malfunction) they will fix it for free. OK, back to our regular program.

Such a fuss over a coat already! I have to go around nekked no matter what the weather. These peoples are very fragile. Now, it has been snowing here almost non-stop since noontime on Friday. Fortunately, the Relentlessly Huge instructed Momma to do the Running of the Errands early lest we run out of kibbles.

He indulged in some tailgate sun backing while at the doggie store.
Followed by a penguin car cookie (which is not as big as it looks, but this was the only way to photograph it outside his mouth because he was extra hungry due to his D-I-E-T).
Old RH also did a game job defending the mastiff mobile when Momma got it pumped full of gasoline.Around noontime on Friday it started snowing and hasn't stopped since. Momma worked very hard to keep paths clear in the big yard for us. It does make it easier to get around.

And to pee because its kind of hard to do your business without backfiring when the snow is up to your gajingles. And while I'm on the topic of doing your business in the snow, is anybody else reluctant to poop in the snow? I didn't know where to go! I didn't even poop at all until this morning when we finally went walkies and I was frantic and practically exploded, producing what Momma called a "three bagger." Mango says, "get used to it, buddy, that's what the paths are for." I'll work on it.

Not much to do around here. This was taken yesterday and there is even more snow today. Can't really hang out in the yard and back or anything.

I used to have a ton of toys outside, but they all vanished! The only one left is this big ball that the Relentlessly Huge thinks belongs to him (even though he plays with it by just kind of yelling at it).I don't know, maybe Beautiful Raja communicates with him because Momma says this was her most favorite toy. All I can say is that Mango is really weird about it and he kind of yodels and howls to it. Maybe since its the only toy left he could share a little bit?Ow! Get your big monkey paw off of me. I could get a concussion from that. I'll leave the ball alone.Perhaps a little zoomie bitey face? I took off to do my usual ring around the mastiff action. See? he doesn't know which way to go.Whoops. The snow makes it harder to maneuver. I missed my corner and he was upon me. I can't believe how far he stretched out. Like a transformer or something.This is something I've never seen before. Quite unexpected. His whole hiney is airborne! Snow bitey face is much more challenging.And I think RH is getting smarter. He clothes-lined me when I tried to do a drive-by on him. Kind of flipped me over.And pinned me on the fence.

Time out! Time out! Do I look like a shark in this picture?I will leave you with this picture taken in the part of our yard where the snow was fresh. As you can see, it is already very deep and its STILL SNOWING! Dexter done!