Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pizza for Mango!

No chewing required.
Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


More pictures of the mutant guinea pig alleged baby labradoggies arrived and they are getting scarier looking by the minute (at least they've stopped mugging that beautiful blonde). This one looks like a cross between a sea serpent and Yoda and those stumpy leggies are downright spooky. I'm worried that Mom might be convinced that these are actual labrapuppies (she can be pretty gullible) and bring one home and who knows what it might turn into!
Fortunately, the beautiful and worldly Angel Labradoggie has been reading my blog! She sent me a special note when she heard about the mutant thug guinea pigs threatening to take over my house. Angel lives in Upton, Massachusetts, which is a pretty tough and lawless town and get this... she's the ring leader of an actual guinea pig gang! Oh yeah, these guys are professionals, like wise guys. I've heard of gangs like these running fake organic vegetable scams and handing out catnip at the kitten daycare, but never had any actual contact with them (hey, I live in Framingham, not the wild territories west of 495).

But... check it out! Angel is the real deal! Here is an actual photo of a couple of her gang members at the speakeasy after a day of wet work. They've got those pointy carrots at the ready in case anybody crosses them.

These guys are serious professionals! The one on the right is named Milo and the one on the left is Mr. Fancy Pants (yeah, like Lefty the Knife or Sticky Fingers).
Angel said that this was taken after they mugged some hamsters and stole their do rags.
I'm told Milo can knock out his targets by just giving them the evil eye.
So Angel said that she and her gang would watch my back if those mutant things ever came to Framingham. I think what she said exactly is "I do this favor for you and someday I will come to you and ask you to do a favor for me. Do not contact me directly. I know how to find you." Well, that seems reasonable. Right? Right?

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Beautiful Raja

I found all the videos I could with My Beautiful Raja playing soccer and put them together. I did try to play with her sometimes, but she was so agile that she could nip at me and still maintain possession of the ball! Raja was only three and a half years old when she had to go take her forever nap. It makes me sad...

Note from Mom -
Raja developed hip dysplasia at a very early age and by the time she was a year old, she was already having difficulty getting around. We treated her with various pain medications. Sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn't. Eventually, nothing worked and it often took Raja several minutes to hoist her backend up. The muscles in her legs started to atrophy and she lost a lot of mobility. You can see in some of the clips how her topline was kind of hunched up in the rear and her gait is stiff and awkward.

These clips are from the summer of 2006 and even though it looks like she's getting around OK, off the soccer field she would sometimes drag her backend from one side of the room to the other because when she tried to get up her legs would fail her. When winter came that year, I think the cold weather accelerated her deterioration.

Even so, she always loved to play soccer. I think it gave her such a rush that when she played soccer that she didn't feel the pain in her legs (but she sometimes paid the price for it later). Although hip replacement is available for dogs, we decided, in consultation with our vet, that on such a big girl (190 pounds) the outcome was, at best, questionable and the recovery would be long and painful. When Raja was in too much pain even to play with her ball, we decided it was time to let her go.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cabin Fever

Looked out the window and what did I see?

Ugh! Snow... again. Snowed all bloody day long.

The Mango Man is insane with cabin fever!

I am leg bitin' crazy!

I think I'm getting seasonal distress disorder or something.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Suds Machine

When we got back from the Dog Store I RAN up the stairs lickin' my chops because there was something new in those bags that smelled really good!!

Whatever could it be?
A smoked cow trachea!Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!Definitely something to enjoy outdoors! Would you believe it? Its actually sunny outside today!I snarfed this down so fast there wasn't even time to lie down.

Crank up the suds machine!

Mmmmm! I'll take another one of those any day. Love those cows! So many yummy parts for Mango!

Mango Man! Oh Yeah!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mango vs. Misha

My most handsome self vs. my nephew, Misha. Mom thinks Misha is a Little Black Cocker Spaniel, but I know he is a Little Black Devil!! He makes me go up the stairs and down the stairs - up down up down. He barks at me... A LOT! He's really not a bad little dude, but he needs to chill already.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Soccer Dog MOVIE!

Whew! I finally figured out all this video posting stuff. So, here is my first official video. It stars the Beautiful Raja Soccer Dog. My Beautiful Raja was the best soccer doggie ever and she was completely self taught.
As a bonus, you get to see my most handsome puppy self hanging in the yard with Grandpa Angus. Old Grandpa was about 13 years old here and getting a bit long in the tooth. He didn't really have much interest in jumping around with my most energetic self.

I asked Mom to put the camera by the back door so she could video me greeting her, but I guess it would have been more effective with a wide angle lens (plus I keep head butting her around). Don't worry, my movies will improve!
Mango Man has gone multi-media! Now I just have to find all the CDs with my other movies on them! Stay tuned!
Mango Man! Oh yeah.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Let's Make a Deal

I made a deal with Mom tonight. She could post more photos of those alleged Labradoggies if I could post a photo of her with my most beautiful self enjoying sitting on her lap. Now Mom is very reluctant to have her photo posted, but she is determined that if I post enough photos of those gangsta guinea pigs I will be convinced that they are actual Labradoggies. So we agreed to trade one for one.

Sitting on Mom's lap.Labradoggies?Sitting on Mom's lap.I LOVE sitting on Mom's lap!

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


OK, so I am so totally busted! Mom knows all about my attempts to crack open her email.

[Mom - I read your blog, pal]

Doh! Should have thought of that.
So I tried to appear appropriately chastised while she scolded me about respecting privacy and blah, blah, blah and all of that.

Then, she invited me to look at this most disturbing photo of a hapless gal getting mauled by a gang of teenage guinea pig thugs! Look, you can even see that they are wearing their gangsta bling! [Mom - those aren't guinea pigs, those are baby Labradoggies, like Randi and Sophia-brador].

Uh, hello? I don't think so, what do you think, I'm some kind of idiot?

[Mom - Well, pal...]

Not! Rhetorical question! Anyway, those are so not puppies of any sort, let alone beautiful Labradoggies! What are you thinking? This is what a proper puppy looks like.

Damn! I'm good looking!

Next, I was invited to comment on this movie

My comments? First of all, Louie looks like a cool dude. Secondly, great to see that the movie does include an actual baby Labradoggie.

Third... are you INSANE???? Do I want some horrible hump meister getting his freak off on my head and my nether regions? I don't think so! I want a puppy! Not some little squirt determined to make my life miserable (Louie, dude, I feel for you).

[Mom - They are still little puppies, we need to wait and see if one is right for you].

I'll tell you how to see if one of those mutant attack guinea pigs is right for me. Send them to Bogart and put them through his jerky machine, and then we'll see.

What is up with Mom? Is she out of her mind? I'm just going to let the whole thing drop and enjoy the football game. Pats rule!!!

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mystery Not Solved!

Last night I was so focused on this whole Puppy Deposit thing that I couldn't even finish my supper

I have to get into Mom's email and find out what is going on. She had the computer on, but didn't log into her email... rats! I tried every reasonable password I could think of... mangoman, ilovemango, mangoisthebestdoggieintheworld, and nothing worked!

Then I had a brainstorm! I could see what web sites she'd visited recently. Maybe that would provide a clue! Let's see...

Netflix - nope
YouTube - accidentally wasted some time cruising for new mastiff movies - stay focused!
The Library - looks like there are some outstanding fines
Mastiffs! - This turns out to be a website for the place where my doggie mama lives along with some of my other relatives. Looks like my Uncle Vinnie is going to Westminster. Way to go, man! But nothing about any Puppy Deposits.
Westminster - Definitely not
Bogart - Dude! Guess she's as big a fan of yours as I am.
Nightwind Labradors - This one had a button labeled "The Girls" which I just had to push. WOW lots of glamour shots of some smokin' hot gals! Ooo la la!

Uh oh! She's coming! Try to look innocent. Not me, I'm not doing anything and I am especially not spying.

I agreed to do some stretcher training which gave me the opportunity to wipe the incriminating suds off that had just begun to form from looking at those hot gals (I even let the stretcher win cause I was feeling a little guilty).

Afterwards, I was exhausted from all the thinking and intrigue that I decided to give it a rest for the night.Thus I am no closer to unraveling the mystery of the Puppy Deposit. Hopefully some deep meditation will yield a strategy.

Mango Man! Oh Yeah

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Oh man! Gotta get this post going now! After I finished my last posting, I noticed that Mom had left the email logged into her account. So, I was just looking at the subject headings (that's not really snooping, is it) in her inbox and saw one that said "Puppy Deposit Form" What, what, what? Now, deposits typically refer to what comes out of my hiney in the backyard, so my first thought was, "why would Mom want puppy deposits?" This was, indeed, a puzzle and I had to think as hard as I could.

That's me, concentrating! Then I thought, wait a minute, what if puppy deposit means that she's going to deposit money (whatever that is) and get..... A PUPPY!!!!! A PUPPY FOR MANGO!!!!! I was so excited, but just then, I heard Mom coming back and since I'm not supposed to read her email, I had to make a getaway. I quickly went to my bed and pretended to be meditating.Pretty convincing, huh?But I gotta say, this has really got my gears turning. I mean, I can't exactly go to her and say, "Hey, I was reading your email and I saw.." Cause then I'd be in real trouble that might include limited access to the computer. So, I am going to have to think really hard (ouch) about how to figure out what's going on. Any suggestions?

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Just Hangin'

First of all, I never realized that all this blogging stuff would take so much time! I've made so many friends so fast that its hard to keep up. Plus, yesterday we were having issues getting online. So, for those of you who haven't heard from me, hang in there, I'll get caught up.

Next, I found a web site that sells doggie football jerseys
All the profit goes to MSPCA which rescues and takes care of orphan doggies here in Massachusetts. Fortunately for me, the sizes only go up to 5XL which is for doggies with a topline of 32" (mine is 35") and who weigh a maximum of 175 pounds (I haven't seen 175 since I was nine months old... hello?). So I don't have to worry about being forced to play dress up, but for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing... go for it!

Mom decided to work at home today which is great because whenever she takes a break, its MANGO TIME!

So, first break we just went Big Yardin' to check out the conditions. I was happy to discover a stash of well preserved kibble in the snow bank off my Observation Deck. I usually dine al fresco and, well, sometimes kibble gets caught in my lips and spews around, and, well, you know.

See the kibble near the top of my nose? Yum. Chilled, aged kibble.At our lunch break, we got in the Mastiff Mobile to go out and buy some french fries for Mango! Pay special attention to this photo because it demonstrates what an awesome, good, self controlled Mango Man I am. Even though I can put my head on the counter without jumping up, I never never never steal food off the counter because I know that I can make my humans give me the food just by willing it to happen (and it works better when they think its their idea). Even so, Mom ate most of them!Afternoon break and its bully stick time! I took it outside and did my happy dance in the snow.Then back inside because the suds machine doesn't work right when its below freezing (tend to get sudcicles).

You'll notice that the stretcher scorcard hasn't changed much (oh, yeah, the stretcher got one point when I accidentally lay down on it... but I was tired!). I'm hoping that Mom has given up, but she can be determined so it might pop out again at any time!

Mango Man! Oh yeah!