Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dexter Day!

I had the best time doing the Dogs with Blogs chat! Momma never suspected that I swiped her work pooter and hid with it in the loft of the barn! Plus it really frosted the Relentlessly Huge!

But on to Dexter Tuesday.
First off, I am proud to announce that I graduated puppy kindergarten!

This made me so happy because it means in just two weeks I get to start puppy agility!!!!!

Next, I updated my shot on the sidebar with a more recent photo showing what a striking labradude I have become.

It was a rather odd day all in all. Momma and Master decided to start the day off by rearranging the furniture, so they moved all of the living room furniture into the dining room. I can only suppose that this is so they won't have to travel so far to get their snackies while they are watching the Red Sox.This left the living room looking a bit spartan which is a decorating style that some folks prefer.I relocated my bunker to the study since things were getting a little too crowded for me in the dining room.Of course, the Relentlessly Huge thought the new space was just right. Now here is the odd thing, that out of all the gagillion photos we have of him, none have scary eyes, but look what happened when he went into the empty living room! Maybe Momma and Master had to move out of the room because its haunted.

Then I went outside to discover that we must have had an earthquake or something overnight because this hole had opened up in the observation deck!

I suppose it could also have been caused by some gigundo dinosaur sized creature...

After a pleasant morning hanging out in the rain, it was time for lunch. I have been criticized for my manners, but, really, they have me on a starvation diet here, and you can hear the Relentlessly Huge in the background just dying to come in and rob me of my scant rations, so no wonder I eat in haste.

Just when I thought things were getting back to normal, these two guys showed up and started banging away putting stuff up on the walls and ceilings. Maybe they are sealing the room to keep the boogums out.

It went of FOREVER and it was sooo hard to concentrate!Of course building inspector Mango had to supervise the entire affair.I'll tell you, by the end of the day, I was pretty pooped.I am feeling very sleepy...KONK!Dexter Done!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Rainy Monday

First of all, I need to thank the Dogs That Blog for a most awesome second anniversary chat! I almost didn't go, but I need to thank Lacie for encouraging me to participate cause I never did the chat before and didn't know how much fun it was!
For you doggies who are having problems with inappropriate suitors coming after your teenage (or not so teenage) humans, I am sending you a bottle of the extra highly concentrated anti-suitor Mango suds.
This stuff works great on my human brother-in-law who thinks its like acid!
Next, I want to say hi to all my new friends; Snowball who is kind of, uh, petite, the Whippets who still kind of confuse me, Tank who is an actual full sized doggie, Ben who is almost as handsome as me, Deefor who has great hair, Toffee the Chihueagle, huh?, the WriggleButts who live in Norway (where the heck is that, on the north shore or somethin?), and Moco who is also kind of compact.
Today was raining, so not much action here at the estate. I did, however, take a trip in my mastiff mobile to the doggie store to stock up. And look what I got!

Cow trachea!!!!Which I got to enjoy inside due to the rain and all.Oops! Where did it go?Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sleepy Sunday

Getting sleepy....

Cannot hold up large and magnificent head...


Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Even More Bitey Face

I kind of like playing bitey face with pee-wee. If you don't enjoy the movie, you can listen to the nightly news. Sorry it is so dark. Seems like it is always nighttime inside the Mango estate.

Of course, at the end of the day, Pee-Wee is in his crate and the Mango Man has whatever he wants.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Deep Thoughts

After talking to my new pal, Hector, I decided to do some of the deep thinking regarding my blog and the fact that I am much older than other doggies around here and therefore very wise.

Hector suggested that I clear my mind by fasting and he agreed to take over the guard duties for the day.

So, I began my mind clearing fast... notice lack of food bowl on podium.

Uh, hello, are you supposed to feel kind of, I don't know, HUNGRY, when you fast?OK, I really think that I will have more deep thoughts if I have some Brauts and Tots!

Ah yes, I thinking much more clearly now.

Anyhoo, I will admit that in the wider doggie community, Pee-Wee is not a total midget. But he is compared to me, so the name stays (and even Momma and Master call him that).

Next up... no I do not have to learn from scratch to go up and down the stairs every day. The stairs are just not proper Mango size!

And on the agenda for this summer is to build appropriate Mango stairs. Its about time!

Many of my friends have confirmed that there are force fields (like did anyone mention the one that makes pee-wee afraid to ride in the mastiff mobile? I think not). So phhhtttt on that.

And to my little pal, Deetz, I looked through ALL of my many photos and could not find one with scary eyes. I know this doesn't qualify for your contest, but here is my "Don't come near me if you want to live" face.And this is my, "MJ, I yearn for you" face.Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday

Hector here.

I decided to take advantage of the construction stuff in the house to get a good work out by practicing climbing up and down the ladder. Sort of like my own wheelie stairmaster.

Afterwords, I caught up on my reading. I just LOVE statistics (guess I take after my Mom).

Then I enjoyed a cocktail on the observation deck and watching the sunset.

That got me to thinking that there has been a bit of mud slinging going on between Mango and Dexter lately (almost like watching the democratic nominees). But really, the guys are great pals and they need to show some restraint in their blogs. I decided to give them both a talking to.

It seemed prudent to discuss this issue with Dexter while he was relaxing in his crate, but he gave me his full attention.

Next, I started explaining to Mango that as the elder, he needs to set a good example. At first he did not want to listen to me.But then I explained to him that he needs to take the high road and not make up bad stories about his baby brother and I think he got the message.All of this was hard work and quite fatiguing. And one thing Mango is better at than any other doggie is being a good cuddle buddy.Hector wheelie. Over and out.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dexter Tuesday

That's right, you heard me. In keeping with the fine tradition of my buddy Tanner I am proclaiming Tuesday as baby brother day and taking over the blog. So, while Mango was "meditating" (and who can sleep with the volume of those "meditation" sounds).

I decided it was about time to claim my blogging day and set the record straight!
First and most importantly, I am NOT a midget! I am a proper, full sized dog. Sure, I am not some lumbering, behemoth about the size of a dinosaur. I am a most magnificent labradude.
And let me tell you, that Mango, he is as dumb as a stump. First off, he needs to learn how to go up and down stairs all over again every day! And then!!! You know why he stays in his mastiff mobile while Momma shops at the dog store? Because he is afraid to go in! That's right, he sees force fields all over the place and is one big chicken! I mean just look at this face. Is this the face of a deep thinker? I think not.

I am accused of being a dope because I sleep with my head in the water bowl, but its hot out, OK? I think this is a reasonable coping strategy.

Life here at the estate is pretty good, but I do have some complaints. Number one is that the Relentlessly Huge takes ALL of my stuffies and chewies away from me. Even when I bite his lips. Second up, although the grub is good, they don't feed me enough and I am forced to eat rabbit poop, sticks, and other assorted items to keep from starving to death.

I do enjoy relaxing on the Observation Deck.
Its not that I don't like the Relentlessly Huge, because he is fun to cuddle with, but, well, I sure wish there was a smart, energetic pal here. Hmmm.... maybe somebody like Payton...
In the meantime, I guess I'm stuck with this.... beast!

Dexter done!

P.S. I have discovered that when Blogger gets grouchy and won't allow image upload that I can still complete my blog by painstakingly uploading images one at a time.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oh, the Horror!

That's it!!!! I am sending Pee-Wee back. Enough is enough! First, he robs me of Mango day. Then, this morning, I went out to play with my stuffie and holy roller and discovered that they had somehow managed to get under the observation deck.

How could that have happened, I wondered. But then I saw this!I told Momma to seal off the escape hatch so that midget pee-wee pain in the butt would have to stay in there FOREVER!!!Then I had to get stern with her. OK, it you won't seal him in, then at least go in there yourself and retrieve MY stuffie!!!It worked!!! But there were some very bad words spoken in the process... Plus, look at that devil dog lurking under the deck.Holy roller... recovered. Check.Stuffie, recovered. Check. And don't even be looking at it, squirt.Mango's stuffie!Mango Man! Oh yeah!