Monday, September 29, 2008

More Awards and More Cuz

Better get yourself a cup of cocoa or something cause this is a long post. I have a lot to say today.

Anybody who wants to put their local mouses in the witness protection program can get started by visiting this link.

More awards! I am always to honored when my pals, old and new, send me awards. This one is from little Bajas and his weird brother Virus.

This one is from Scooter (I think) - guy seems a little confused.And, oh no! I think I might have missed somebody, but my mail is all confused, so if I forgot you, please remind me again.

Its been a while since I posted a watchercall "scale" photo to show of my hugeness, so when momma got home from work I asked her if she would agree to be in a picture with me. She told me to remind you that she is 5'6" and thus qualifies as a full sized human being. After which she appears to have promptly fallen asleep on my most large and comfy shoulder (that foolish grin means she must be dreaming about macaroni and cheese).

I snapped her out of her stupor by kind of falling down on her (ignore stupid pee-wee trying to get into my photo shoot). I can be a lap dog as good as the next guy. Sure, the peoples lose all sensation in their extremities, but what price love I always say.

Like many of my pals, I have been on a diet! Ever since the evil vet said there was too much Mango. Look at me now! Just skin and bones. Am actually developing (gasp) a waistline?

I found out that pee-wee had picked up not one, but two Cuz at the dog store.Move aside, squirt, so that I can examine my booty.It took a while, but I decided to try out the blue cuz.I like this one better because it doesn't have any legs and fits quite nicely in my genormous jaws (trust me, its in there).Tough tookies, junior. The cuz is mine. Look at how he sulks.Momma took pity on the little dude and tossed him the alternate cuz.While I settled in for some quality squeak time.Wait a minute, what's this? Looks like a yummers piece of wood.Back off, junior! Mango's block of wood!With the speed and craftiness of a Ninja, I quickly body blocked my prize whilst giving pee-wee what for.Guess I told him.Now what? Did I or did I not tell you that the blue Cuz belonged to the Mango?Oh the agony, the total exertion! I hate it when I have to give chase. Come back here shrimp.That really wore me out. I mean, I almost ran!Finally, Dexter and I have been working hard on our Doofus faces. This is his midget Doofus face. Yeah, sure, he looks kind of goofy, but the kid's an amature.To do true Doofus face requires intense concentration...Tanner eat your heart out!! This is total Doofus face for sure.Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mice and Cuz

Momma has been catching mice and putting them into the mouse witness relocation program. We all heard them running around upstairs. See the little mouse? We use trap and release traps. This one went to the woods behind my yard.

The next day there was another mouse in the trap (see it in the right hand side)? We took this one further away from home where it would be able to assume its new identity.

He was a little reluctant to move. He's just sticking his nose out of the trap. But finally, he took off. You can just see him under the side of the rock peeking out. Momma gave him a good talkin to and said she better never see him around these parts again.Back at home, Pee-wee went with me to the dog store and he actually went in to shop (sorry, camera was left behind). Look what the little guy picked up for me. My first Cuz!Mmmm... thanks for thinking of me.I'm likin the Cuz. Never had one before. What else did you get?Oh my!Its been raining all weekend, so we're spending a lot of time meditating in the study.Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. I just got all caught up on my mail and see I have tons of awards waiting for me!!! My pooter time is limited cause Momma is worn out from getting lost in the woods with Dexter (even though they were only lost for like 45 minutes - I'm sure the pee-wee will tell you all about it on Thursday). I am so excited! I will post my awards tomorrow.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Take a Walk

Dexter here. Mango and I enjoy tuning in for Khyra's walking Wednesday so much that I asked momma if she would help me make my own walkie movie. We live on a busy road and there are tons of distracting things. Today, somebody threw a whole dinner plate of chicken on the side of the road which kind of distracted me, but I think otherwise I did pretty well.

I sure wish that Relentlessly Huge hadn't drained the pool with such vigor. I haven't been wet in days! Maybe momma will take me back to the park this weekend (hint, hint).

Dexter done!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Goodbye Gizmo and Update on Dirt Movement

Mango, Dexter, Momma, and I want to send our thoughts out to Little Deetz and his family. Deetz is only a year old, but he has had to grow up fast. His big brother and mentor passed over the bridge this week. Run free, Gizmo.

Mango Minor gave this nice award to Mango and Dexter. We are always so happy to get awards from our friends (you meant to include me, too, right Mango?). Mango Major asked me to pass this along to Charlie Daniels because he is a good pal and we like his attitude.

It appears that the interior of the estate is finally coming together, but I am frankly dumbfounded by the dirt moving going on outside. Today a big machine came over and started picking up the piles of dirt in the back yard.

I cautioned the boys to stay inside because they don't have the commando training that I have and they might get hurt. They were pretty upset and there was plenty of complaining, but I held firm.The truck took the dirt all the way to the back of the yard and made a new pile. Is there some sort of Cool Hand Luke thing going on around here? What's your dirt doing in my hole?In the midst of the dirt moving, a new truck arrived so I went out front to see what was up.It left behind this pile of dirt which is apparently superior to the dirt that used to be in the hole, so now this pile has to be moved in to replace the dirt that was moved out. Is this making any sense to you at all? Adventurous wheelie that I am, I asked for a ride in the dirt mover.

That was... intense. I think I need to see a guy about a BUICK!

Do you mind if I just lay down here long enough for the room to stop spinning?Hector Wheelie! Over and out!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Terse Tuesday

George gave me this nice award. Thanks dude, but I need to say, I'm still a little confused on how to navigate your web site... Plus, it kind of creeps me out when you talk.
I have been remiss in keeping up with my pals. Just a lot for me to do lately. Take today, for example.

The weather has been getting chilly at night, so I decided it was time to drain the pool and close it down for the season.

I played with my duckie.

And some of my new furniture arrived. I've been told that there will eventually be a sofa in this area, but for now, its a good place for my most huge and comfy bed.

This table is pretty.

Notice that all of the new furniture is color coordinated with the Mango (and I think my darling MJ would like mighty fine on this carpet too - I'll save a spot for you) . Yes indeed.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wally-melon and Pee-wee takes a trip

Before I get started, I am happy to report that the dining room table is back indoors and I am optimistic that my estate may yet be returned to a more civilized condition.

Regarding Wally-melon...
Pee-Wee insisted that the wally-melon was ready to harvest. I disagreed, but he pointed out this large one and said we ought to try it.

Momma cut it open for us and sure enough, it wasn't quite ready, but ready enough to sample.OK, here goes...I'm not so sure if I really liked that or not.Perhaps another bite...The Mango says, "Wally-melon is yummers!"Pee-wee had his outside. Momma tossed it into his mouth to avoid his shark teeth.I, on the other hand, am a perfect gentleman.I never bite the hand that feeds me (uh, you can let go now, OK?).I was just settling down with Master to watch the New England Patriots when Momma said she was taking Dexter on a "little adventure." Big deal. Us big guys are busy.

But when the little dude came home he was soaking wet and TIRED!

My curiosity got the better of me and I just had to check the camera to see what he had been up to.

Oh my!