Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Hector here, and I am feeling pretty frazzled trying to get everybody ready for the big party. I told Mango he needed to pack, but he wasn't really too keen on the idea. As you can see, his suitcase is empty.

So I guess its up to me. I asked him if he wanted to bring any of his stuffies.

Since we don't have too much room for luggage, I suggested he just choose one, so he selected this little blue monkey.

Now I know the big guy was just trying to be helpful...
When he divided the monkey into three pieces. He told me that this way we could each have a stuffie without using up extra space. Sigh...The boys were so wound up that I decided it would be OK to let them work off some steam while I set to more serious preparations.

I think this should be enough food to make it through the flight. I sure hope they have kibble in the UK.We're good to go. Now we just have to wait for Aire-Ruby to arrive (and figure out where Dexter has gotten to).Hector Wheelie, over and out!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dexter in the Doghouse

Dexter here! And I am in big trouble!
The day started off OK. I got to try out my new Frisbee.

Its made out of rubber, so even when Dinosaur sized beasties play with it, it doesn't get broken.I LOVE chasing the Frisbee. Its sort of like chasing a bird!And when you run with it, it kind of flops around which makes it even more fun.I'm not sure why, but sometimes when I am chasing my Frisbee, my butt looks really HUGE (like Tanner).I go super fast so that my legs don't even really touch the ground much.And I even drop it to make it easier for Momma to pick up and toss again. Let's do it!Meanwhile, Relentlessly Huge "played" with the Cuz. Don't wear yourself out big guy (hee hee).And he did some roaching (wish you could hear the way he moans and groans when he does this - sounds like a big old wookie).After our morning workout, momma took off for parts unknown and said that when she got back I would get a special walkie and RH could run errands. Well, while she was gone, I noticed that one of the gates was slightly ajar and I kind of ran out and RH kind of ran out after me.

Mango said, "Let's go visit that blond labragal down the street." I was game and off we went (with Master in hot pursuit). Well, she wasn't home, so I suggested we take a foray into the woods and that's when poor old Master lost sight of us. Let me tell you, we had a great time in the woods and I managed to get totally wet, but Master was pretty upset. He ran back and got into his van and started driving around looking for us. He even called the animal cops and reported us missing.

After an hour or so, we made our way over to a house where some doggies live and the nice people there gave us tons of cookies. Meanwhile, they called Master on the phone because we keep our phone number on our collars and he came to get us.

Momma pulled into the street just in time to see Master walking home with us (busted!).

Poor old Mango was super tired because we'd kept up a pretty good pace and must have gone a few miles in all, so after drinking a gallon of water, he just konked out.

So now for the bad part...

Momma said Mango couldn't go on the Running of the Errands because he was too hot and tired from all the running and she was really mad at me for running away and for making Relentlessly Huge run until he could have had a heart attack or something.

I said, "OK, but how about that walk?" And she said NO WAY because she was "pig bitin' " mad at me. Master was mad at me because he always gets in trouble with Momma when we break out and he was worried that we might get lost. Even Mango was mad at me because he loves running errands and getting his car cookie. Not even cute face helped. I'm sorry everybody is mad at me.Dexter done.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Preparations

Hector Wheelie here. It seems Mango is confused... again! He thought the big party was this weekend and he and Dexter have been practicing sleeping to adjust themselves to UK time.

They also decided that they need more than one costume and so we're still trying stuff on. Dexter isn't really big on costumes, but I think this captures the spirit of the holiday.With others, you just kind of have to wonder what they're thinking.I think this one will be good for the in flight party.I'm not sure what Scruffy and Mango are up to, but the old Scruffman sure seems to have made himself at home.Hector Wheelie! Over and out!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Friends, an Award, and 2 Troubles!

I want to introduce my newest pals. First Gus and Waldo and next the Three Musketeers. Its always nice to make new friends. Stop by and visit them. Tell them the Mango Man sent you.

My friends Sunny and Scooter gave me this nice award. Thank you so much!

Trouble #1

Today a package came from a place called Amazon. I was told that some of the stuff inside was for me, but I'm not so sure. The first thing out of the box was this. Huh? Is Momma going to start eating chicken bones?

Then she said, "oh no, Mango, this one is for you."

What the? Dog tricks for the Mango? This book is absurd. I opened it at random and this dog is actually jumping rope. You think the Mango will do that?Maybe stupid pee-wee's might...But you will never catch the Mango doing anything so foolish. Never, never, never! Besides, I have more important things on my mind.Namely, Trouble #2.

Like the fact that I think I might have accidentally made two dates for the big Halloween party. Now that's trouble! I need to take action, but who can I call, who can I call?Got it! I'll call the Scruffman!

I mean, he lives with Lacie for Pete's sake. Eeeek!If he can handle her, he must know a ton about dealing with touchy situations with the gals.

Scruffman! Help me!

He told me to relax, he has a plan and he was at the estate before I knew it and he set up shop in my living room. I was just too distraught to do anything but offer moral support and pee-wee is off in la la land dreaming about you know who.But Scruffy cranked up his automagic sewing machine and told me I was in good paws and everything would be all set for the party.

OK, little WFT dude, I am counting on you to get me through this.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday is now Dexter Day!

I am officially declaring Sunday as Dexter Day from now on. As you know, Dexter day used to be on Thursday, but momma has been going to something called ballet class on Thursday and when she gets home she is very tired (I think because people her age have no business doing ballet, but that's a story for another day).
So here it is Dexter Day and I got to go to the park. Hooray! On the way to the pond, I met this little guy. At first I thought it was Archie!

I usually have to keep my leash on until we get to the pond, but I promised to be good and so Momma took off my leash. Let's go!There was a labragal there who was really good at the whole water retrieving stuff. See me paddling around trying to keep up with her? I couldn't believe how fast a swimmer she was.I did manage to get the ball once when it kind of bounced off a rock and jumped out of the water. Momma said I looked like I had been shot out of the water the way I came flying out after the ball (see, the labragal is looking in the wrong direction completely).I did get into a little trouble when I ran too far away one time with some of my friends, but we came back eventually.Back home, I needed to make sure the Relentlessly Huge got some exercise, so I engaged him in a brisk game of stuffie keep away.Whoops. How did that happen?Dexter done!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Flight of the Relentlessly Huge Bee

Today started off pretty much like any other Saturday. I checked my email and found this nice award from Mango Minor. Thanks, little pal.

Typical running of the errands, complete with scary skeleton car cookie.Oh yeah, then I pooped out this bone! Of course, Momma, the poop investigator had to measure it (4"). Momma says I'm lucky I didn't have to get an x-ray because that would mean going to the vet hospital so they could use the horsie x-ray machine on my incredibly dense self. Whatever...Anyhoo, around noontime Momma announced she was taking the pee-wee down to the common to see the fair and did I want to go? I said, uh, hello, that's like a one mile walk each way. I think I'll just bake, thank you.But no sooner were they gone than I donned my magnificent bee costume.Why, you ask. Why, indeed. Why walk to the fair when you can....... FLY!That's right! This ain't no ordinary Halloween costume, this is Mango, the Relentlessly Huge Bee Magic Flying Costume! When I buzzed overhead where momma and pee-wee were walking, the midget got all frantic sayin, "Momma! Mango just flew over!"But she told him to stop being so foolish, that was just a big bee (hee hee).

Let me tell you, travelling as a bee is fantastic because nobody pays any attention to you. For example, I noticed the shrimp stopping in the liquor store, so I followed him in...

And he keeps saying, "Its Mango, its not a bee!" and they all just said, "oh, what a cute puppy." I arrived at my destination and circled around looking for the best place to land (this required a bit of runway if you know what I mean).I spotted pee-wee checking out these stuffies.Ah! This is the spot. Do you see me? The hot dog stand! Sure the peoples swatted their arms a bit when I buzzed around, but I managed to snap up about 597 hot dogs.Squritino was hoping for a hot dog, but no luck. Too bad, little dude. Urp.Guess he was tired from all that walking! Time for the Mango to fly!Those hot dogs kind of weighed me down and I took a rest on the flight home in this tree. By this time, momma was worried that Dex might have gotten too much sun what with all his Mango Bee sightings.After some very productive farts, I was ready for flight again and got home in time to drop off these yummers pies that I had hidden in my jowls.What a glorious day!Mango Man! Oh yeah!