Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nothing Much Sunday

Dexter here.

Not much going on today. It snowed a little bit, but not enough to have fun.

Momma wasted half the day going into Boston to see a dog show, but she didn't even bring the camera.

At the show, she ran into Mango's cousins and nieces and nephews and his brother Floyd! Even though Floyd is a champion and went to Westminster, momma says Mango is so much handsomer, so she made me promise to post some glamour shots of him. Alright, let's get it over with...

Here is his Relentlessly Huge full body shot (notice the trim waistline).
And here we see the lovely shape of his head (actually, he's peeing in this picture, hee hee).
More naked full body...Meditating...Ho hum, enough posing..... charge!Let's bitey face.Come on, bitey face, bitey face! I'll kick your Relentlessly Huge butt!Phooey, all he wanted to do was play bitey stick! Nom, nom, nom...Given its Sunday, I requested a game of football.Anybody?Momma wanted to try and get photos of me jumping onto the observation deck, but she is much too slow. Here is my approach.And sprong! Right onto the deck. Piece of cake.For added points, a jaunty toss of the butt to finish the exercise.

RH, "Duh, how did you get up there?"Finally, we practiced these things called "recalls." This is fun because you get to run full speed and when you get to Momma, you get all kinds of smoochies and treats and stuff. Here I come!Whoops, too fast... bam!It just feels good to RUN! Don't you agree?Dexter done!
P.S. I want to apologize if RH hurt any terrier feelings with some of his comments lately. Its not that he doesn't like terriers, but he can get grouchy with doggies who move around too much and sleep less than 22 hours / day.


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

WHOA there Big Fella!

Don't wear yourself out!

Of khourse woo are more handsome! Woo are MANGO, RH!

PeeEss: Oh yeah, nice pikhs kid -

Randi said...

Oh look mighty handsome yourself in all those shots! & especially love the butt pic of you jumping up on the Ob. Deck...very very athletic of you...

Do you think I could play the game of 'Recalls' with you? I could lure you in with little smoochies...of course, treats might be better...

Just so you know, we are sooo on the same wavelength! I sent my mom/secretary to the post office yesterday to send YOU a package! It should arrive early next week! Let me know if you don't get it..cuz I can track it online!

Did you get my card yet?

Love & Licks,
Your Cougar,

ps...why didn't your ma bring the camera to capture RH's extended family? My dad LOVES the name FLOYD!!!

River said...

You can really run, Dex! I love to run more than anything, too. Kind of you to do some flattering shots of RH.

love & wags,

Mack said...

Dex, you are full of energy! How does RH keep up with you??

Eduardo said...

I think Mango should compete! Dexter you have a lot of fun! I know you want RH to play with you but he needs his beauty sleep! Why don't y'all do the meme on my blog!?!?
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Lorenza said...

Hi, Dexter!
Nothing much??
Looks to me like a very busy sunday!
Kisses and hugs

Chef said...

Hey Dexter, you've become an ace athlete. A great runner, a great jumper. I'd love to play with YOU!! Oh, and tell Mango that in my books, he's a Champion too.


Technodoll said...

I want to date both of you handsome boys. Why do you live so far?



Biggie-Z said...

Dexter, you are quite the spronger! Are you a stronger spronger? A spronger spaniel? har har har.

I meant to invite you to come play with me in Brrr Mont too. Hope you don't get offended, there are just lots and lots of little black labs there and I wanna start that 100+ Club with Mango.

Enjoy the snow!

The WriggleButts said...

Hahaha... Of course Mango man is the better looking! And you look pretty good yourself jumping up on that deck!


Harry said...

Mango does look like he knows how to pose like a pro, but I think you are equally handsome Dexter.

Oh, and cassidy says, yes her Terrier tail was vibrating in her show pose photos!

Toodle pip
Harry x

Noah the Airedale said...

Dexter, you got the moves matie. We thought you were going to slide right off that deck hee hee.
It looks really cold way up there in Masterchewsits.

Please let Mango know we're not offended about his terrier comments. We can be a little crazy especially if your name is Lucy.......


Moco said...

Mango is doing a lot of standing around. I bet he is really tired from it. We are betting that you (Dexter) really wear him out.

Ruby Isabella said...

Hi, I'm Ruby Isabella from Australia.
It looks like you two have fun. I think it is important to stop and think about the big things in life.

The Musketeers said...

Wow ! Looks like you & Dex have fun :D

Hey mango ! Our word verification is : Mingo ! ( Sounds like MAngo huh ? )

Toffee said...

I think we saw a picture of your relatives on Agatha's bloggie!! So cool! Btw nice trim belly...have you been doing "doga" or some ab crunches to get that washboard stomach?

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Mango you are one handsome lad. Are you sure you don't like to play bitie face? Dexter we will play with you. We love footballs too. They just don't last long here..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Lady Kaos said...

You are right! Running is the greatest feeling! I practiced recalls this weekend, too - kinda. Da was just making sure I remembered my pheasant hunting calls and signals. We had no idea they had a special name until we started reading some of the dog blogs. I was cool and didn't even know it! lol

Lady Kaos said...

OH, one more thing. Why in the world would your mom go to a boring dog show when there is a much cooler dog show at home? Humans are silly!

wally said...

Whoa! You look like a handful, dude. Mango is looking a little skinny. Are you sure he doesn't need 3-4 more pounds of food per day? I know I do.


ps. Mango--I hear ya on the 22 hours of beauty rest/day.

Molly the Airedale said...

We got a little bit more snow than you did but nothing to brag about - yet, Mango and Dexter! Mom helped us open your cute Christmas card when she got home! Thank you so very much! We love your card!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Thanks Mango and Dexter for the lovely Christmas card. Mine was already on the road now.
Do you own the post office, big brother Mango? I'm so impressed with your own stamp, my mom said the hat really complimented your facial expression!
Happy Holidays!
See y'all

Unknown said...

Mango, you may not quite have six-pack abs but you certainly have two kegs!

I think you just need to hang out with the right terriers. Remember - Wire Fox Terriers have "Wired" in their name!

Your pal,


Sophie Brador said...

Dex, This is a little off topic, but you are becoming quite the handsome little dude.


Joe Stains said...

Dang dude, you got some serious hops!! I can't believe you got right up on that deck! I think Mango would destroy it if he leaped up there like that. Tell Mango I assured my uncle he is a slim and fit 230!!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh Man, Dexter...what amazin' shots of you jumping onto that deck...I'm thinkin' the RH doesn't do too much jumpin'???

You better come and see the trouble Lacie got into tonight,speakin' of decks...she's fine,but it was quite the little scene....

Never a dull moment with Lacie around...

Hey...did the RH lose some weight? He looks very slim and trim...didn't he say he was being starved there for a while? I'm guessin' ur momma cut him back to two tons of food per day from three tons??? He's lookin'good though!!


Your mom shoulda met up with Ag and Arch's PL2 at the dog show!!!!!

Bae Bae said...

You 2 look pawsome. Are you ready for xmas?

~ Bae

Lindsay said...

Dexter, I love to RUN, too! We could have some good fun together, I think!

Mango, you look Relentlessly Fabulous in those pictures! No other doggy, Westminster or not, could approach your handsomeness!

You asked if I was flying in my Sunday Shadow picture... I wish! When I run, I have the smoothest gait you can imagine. But at slower speeds, I'm a bit of a hopper. Makes my ears go all over, and apparently makes my shadow do funny things!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Mango...GREAT IDEA!! I love it...absolutely love it...ya know the one bout hidin' poop around so Lacie won't dig....FAB!!!!

That's gonna be my main source of snack dispensin' all winter...oh..yummers...poop that I can reach...poop that I can ea...

SCRUFFY! Enough...Mumsie here...she drags Scruffy away from the puter wonderin' why she ever thought dogs would be a good idea...

Um, Mango..ya better check with me before givin' ideas to the terriers...what works for one may be a TREAT for the other...

NO, SCRUFFY...YOU ARE NOT HUNGRY...that's just disgusting...


& Scruffy