Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tags and Ice

My friend Maverick the Pirate tagged me to choose the fifth photo from my fifth folder. Here it is...

This was taken last winter when it was very cold and Momma had the bright idea that my large and possibly prone to brain freeze head required a hoodie. I reminded her that my mastiff skull is actually 14 inches thick and no such adornments would be necessary (plus orange is so not my color).

So many of my pals have already played this game, that I am just going to say, hey, anybody who wants to play, go ahead.

I have a new game I'll call "What Were you Doing Last Year?" Go to your bloggy archives and find your post from a year ago. Here is mine. This was a very scary time for the Mango because Momma almost got duped into bringing home some fierce mutant Guinea pig instead of an actual puppy and I was forced to enlist the aid of actual Guinea pig thugs to scare her off.

I am going to tag three of my new friends, Ludo, Dennis, and Kylie to play. Where were you a year ago?

Yesterday we had the worst weather possible. Snow, then rain, then ice, leaving my Observation Deck in this condition.Plus my entire estate has ice on it that makes it impossible to have any fun at all. Even our snowman seems depressed.


Pee-wee practiced catching snowballs for a bit. You can see the snow way up in the air over his little head.

And he worked on his levitation skills (big deal).

The most fun I could come up with was eating this icicle.

Nom, nom, nom. To make matters worse, Momma and Master both went to work and left us home alone. Momma relocated the herb plants because they were deemed to be "looking for trouble" sitting on the window sills with two bored doggies in the house.

Which didn't succeed in keeping certain Squirts out of mischief. See the note that Momma left for Master? "I think pee-wee did this. Hopefully it was empty." Well, I think it was because he didn't blow up or anything.Even my beloved decapitated Santa head could not inspire me.

Usually when Momma comes home we go outside for night games, but it is still too icy, so I continue to be trapped with nothing to do. Ah, poor Mango!

Now there are many toys that are for "snoopervised playtime" only because sometime Junior gets confused and thinks that some of the toys on the estate are actually his, but I was so restless, that we got out the special toys. I got my screaming Lacie monkey.

And Pee-Wee got the cuz.
OK, this is a little fun for now...
Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Belated Dexter Burbday Presents (and Mango too)

Before I get started, I have several news items to share...

First of all, imagine my horror when I saw this posting from my beloved MJ. That's no way to treat a lady! Am I going to have to fly all the way to British Columbia and give that little scamp a talkin to? Don't think I won't.

Dexter's cougar gal, Randi, could use some healing vibes. She is having the seize hers and not feeling well.

My good friend Callie had her first success herding sheep. I knew she could do it! She also herded goats. Callie lives in some wild place where it seems there are always beasties wanting herding.

And it turns out that the mommy of Tinkerbell, Oscar, and Tucker made a gingerbread Mango! 

On to the main topic. Today we got a package from Scruffy, Lacy, and BabyStan!

That's odd... the card is addressed to Pee-Wee
He was very excited to get his own package. What could it be?

A one year burbday card! Scruffman picked out the card and I think BabyStan picked out Pee-Wee pressie.

Whoa! A giant jolly ball! The squirt wasted no time taking off with it!

But what is this? Something for the Mango from that Lacy gal!

Please ignore shop vac and general disarray in my living room. Why, you ask, is the Mango walking around with the monkey in his large and voice box crushing jaws?

Because it screams! I think Lacy must have recorded her voice and put it inside this monkey! It sounds just like her!

Pee-Wee took the jolly ball into the dog cave where he keeps his hump piggie.

Nom, nom, nom. I think he likes it.

I, on the other hand became curiously fascinated by the shrieking Lacy sounds emanating from the monkey.

Until Momma said she couldn't stand it anymore and confiscated it! Sigh, guess I will have to enjoy my new monkey for only brief periods of time.
Thank you so much for our pressies! They are perfect.

Mango man! Oh yeah!

P.S. We are still a bit Inedible Apple challenged. Momma says she is going to have to learn the HTML soon to work on our bloggie and she still isn't sure exactly where the photos go that she loads into the machine.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dexter Masters the Inedible Apple

While some Relentlessly Huge beasties concentrated on their deep breathing exercises...I, Dexter, the Labradude have been figuring out how to bloggy with the Inedible Apple.I noticed that Mango had fallen into a deep meditation reading this book and hoping that Momma would prepare some homemade foodables for us.

I don't think he should get his hopes up given that this is pretty much what she lives on...

Maybe she'll finally use the herbs our human sister gave her and Master to plant. Oh, notice sad looking pot which suffered a fall to the floor when Mango tried to look out the window.

I will say that the Inedible Apple is taking some adjustments, so we might not be producing the high quality bloggies that you are counting in. Never fear, I will continue to work the issues. I sure hope this re-edited version of my snow movie works OK.

Dexter done!

P.S. Momma here. Still looking for other Apple bloggers. I am having trouble moving images around when I edit a blog and even though all my movies and images are somewhere on this machine, I can't play my WMV files and the file system on the Apple is a bit baffling at first. However, I am super happy with my new Apple. I got a corporate discount through my employer, so all in all didn't pay much more than for an equivalent PC.

Be Back Soon

We are in the process of moving all of our files from the old laptop to our new Inedible Apple pooter. We'll be checking in with our pals, but the exciting bloggy updates will have to wait until the data transfer completes.

P.S. Please let me know what any of you other Apple people use for image and movie editing. I am not happy with the free stuff that came on the machine. I can't make cut-outs for starters!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Change and Inedible Apple

The Mango does not like change. So when Momma declared that the Dog Cave required emergency cleaning and rearranging of the furniture I was quite put out. She claimed that the cave was so full of slobber, lingering farts, fur, and other doggie detritus that it was no longer fit for human occupation (and that's a problem because....).

Whilst the fury of cleaning commenced, I was left to locate a soft surface upon which to meditate. I was fortunate to be able to find the puppy bed which was now in my living room.

Pee-wee did not fare so well. His only comfort was this little snuggle pad that had somehow become buried in the dog cave and subsequently flung out when it was unearthed as part of the cleaning process.

After about all day and lots of grumbling and groaning, the dog cave was re-assembled and ready for inspection. Things had moved around a bit and it smelled weird (well, we can take care of that I dare say). Ah, here is my large and meant for full sized dogs, but covered with an ugly blanket bed.
But you know what? I am more fond of the puppy bed in its new location. It is well away from those drafty windows and near enough to the door that I can bite pee-wee in the butt as he wanders in and out of the cave.
Later on, whilst sun baking on the deck, I was informed that Momma was going out on the Running of the Errands sans Mango! What, what, what?
This can't be good. Its important for the Mango to go on the ROTE to instruct Momma on where to shop and what purchases we are in most need of.
I told Pee-Wee to go on sentry duty so that I could meditate in the dog cave until Momma's return. I tried to send large and instructive vibrations to her regarding our periously low supply of sardines.Momma was quite excited when she got back. She said, "Oh Mango, I bought us an Apple!" Now, I know there have been comments made about my reasoning abilities, but even a methodical thinker like me can see that this looks nothing like an Apple. Plus, it is totally inedible!AND, I saw the price tag and it cost even more than a week's supply of kibbles so now what am I expected to eat all week? Labrachops?

Anyhoo, it seems that we might be "In Commune Mikado" for a few days while Momma works on the Inedible Apple. I guess its some sort of camp for budding doggie vocalists. Given my incredible range, I am sure I can handle a few tunes.Wish me luck!

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. Since Dexter will likely miss his bloggy day (ho hum) he asked me to post this movie of him so you don't forget what he looks like.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wheelie Wednesday (Delayed) & Recall

It appears that Momma is running a day late this week which is fine during vacation, but she better figure out what day its time to go back to work!

Keeg Hand came over again today to put some stains on our living room addition (I have explained to Mango that this is different from his stains, but the big guy is still confused). Keeg Hand asked me to help him out and I was anxious to comply.
Unfortunately, Momma had other things in mind, such as forcing me to go to the mall with her and Grandma and Auntie. Let's see, doing manly home improvement activities with Keeg Hand or go to the mall with mom? Tough choice, huh? But my opinion on the matter fell on deaf ears and I was stuffed into a wheelie transport pouch and hustled into Grandma's car.

I'm not a big fan of the whole shopping experience, but the mall does have some nice spaces. Like these concrete trees.

I'm not even sure why Momma goes to the mall since it is full of things that make her go "tsk, tsk, who would buy this stuff?" Like these shoes which don't seem in keeping with her LLBean / Lands End sense of style.Even a sophisticated, up with the latest fashions guy like me had trouble understanding this skirt made out of wood.Here's why you shouldn't go to the mall with your mom. You have to go into the ladies room with her! I discretely turned my head away while she "freshened up." I wanted to check out this Ruehl place, but the ladies refused to go into a store with iron bars on the windows.Auntie wanted to take a break and call my Nephew Jack and Uncle Mike, so I kept her company. She bought a Bad Cat calendar for Jack (and boy are those cats bad).
I made a movie of some of my mall adventures.

I was pretty full after that big burger, but Momma, Auntie and Grandma had room for "just a little more"

When I arrived home, Mango immediately told me about a disturbing letter we received from LLBean.

Remember those ice shoes that Momma bought? Well, this letter says, "...Stabilicers [may] break while on ice [which] could result in injury" And asked for an immediate return to LLBean.Wow! Some person must have taken quite a spill! I immediately put them in the postage paid return envelope before somebody around here got hurt. Guess no more ice walkies.

Hector Wheelie! Over and out!