Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mango Minster Day Four

Before we get started tonight, I want to thank Asta and her Mumsie for providing pictures on their bloggy from that other doggie show. Visit Asta for some really nice photos. Most important, they went to visit all the doggies and peoples from the Mastiff Manufacturing Facility located on the Cape (that's Cape Cod for you out of state doggies).
They had three doggies entered. One is a youngster whom I don't really know, one was my half sissy, Badabing, and of course, MY BROTHER FLOYD, otherwise known as Eastwind Comfortably Numb. Here he is practicing his pre-show meditation.
I will tell you that Floyd is totally my twin except that I don't really like doggie shows which is too bad because Floyd's peoples say I could have "finished" which means you get to hang out with lots of hot mastiff gals. Maybe I could let Floyd do the showing and I could do the finishing.

Here's Floyd in the ring. His butt is bigger than mine because he goes to the gym and works out.

Even though Floyd didn't win the mastiff group, he was not shy about advertising his availability for liasons with hot Mastiff gals (yuh, like having about ten gazillion puppies already isn't enough).


Special thanks to alert readers who have pointed out ACTUAL MISTAKES in some of my recent bloggies. The Mango is trying, but sometimes he needs a little help from his friends...

ARG! Those Terriers are at it again. Look what they posted outside of Mango Minster. Little egoists that they are, the terriers have decided the show is all about them! Fi fi!

Before I let you know about the judging and voting, I want to share with you that my buddy, Moose pointed out that the Mango Minster groups might have been a bit compromised. Apparently several of our Non-Sporty entrants are actual professional FARTERS which would mean they belong in the Sporty group. Gosh, hope that doesn't confuse Judge Joey at all.

Non Sporty Group Reader's Choice Award
Tanner the Doofus!

Tanner is seen here demonstrating an advanced Doofus pose. Please do not try this at home! The more I look at this picture the more disturbing it is...

Non Sporty Group Judging

I have donned a most Sporty cap to observe the Non-Sporty judging. Hee hee.
I graciously turn the microphone over to our esteemed Judge Joe Stains to provide the exciting play by play action from the non-sporty judging. As you can see, Joey opted to wear an official judge's wig. He is very serious about his duties!Here are his words;

*Deefor (M / Havanese)
I think the stress of living with Arrow really affected Deefor's showing ability today. Better luck next time buddy.

* Dixie Cuddlebugg (F / Bugg)
Dixie is just too darn cute to be a winner in the Bad Sport group. Sorry little Bugg.

* Doyle (M / Cavoodle)
I checked out Doyle's site for more pics, but I can't quite honestly say I could even find a dog under all that fur. I didn't even see a pair of eyes anywhere. Maybe I am too old for this judging or I need a pair of glasses.

* Lexi (F / Boston Terrier)
Lexi is another contestant who is just too adorable to be a bad sport. She mud wrestles with Corgis and Mom is now going to go ooh and aah over their blog.

* Murphy Dogg (M / Boston Terrorist)
Murphy Dogg was a fan favorite going into this, but I must admit I was let down. He just did not show well. I was expecting him to come to the show dressed in one of his offensive shirts featuring HBO words, but his mild mannered showing just didn't fulfill the breed standard of Boston Terrorist.

* Olle (M / Non-Sport Pug)
While Olle tried to be a bad sport with this pic, I did further investigating on his blog and found he is sweet and adorable. Good try my new friend.

* Ruby Bleu (F / Boston Terrorist)
Ruby has entered as a Boston Terrorist and as my job is to judge against the standard she fails to be a terrorist, she is just too darn cute. I also hear she is pretty obedient, so I am sorry Ruby.

* Sir Harles Montague (M / Pug)
Sir Harles Montague is quite the gentleman, and that just does not equal a win in the Bad Sport group, I am sorry.

* Tanner (M / Doofus)
Tanner was disqualified for not giving me his dinner and for not letting me sleep in the snuggle ball. Hey, I am the judge, I can do whatever I want

That leaves just three doggies, Isis, Ike, and Bolo.....

* Bolo (M / Shar Pei)
2nd Runner up:
I admit, I gave Bolo 2nd runner up because he looks like he could beat the crap out of every other contestant in the group. I did some further checking and it appears he is actually a pretty nice dude, and he sleeps a lot, which I am into. He also looks sort of like a hippo, which is just freakin cool, and I am the judge and if I think its cool, you get a ribbon.
Mango: Bolo is a bit worse for the wear from the competition. Hope he revives in time to judge the Working Group. You awake, dude? Bolo?

* Isis (F / German Spitz)
1st Runner Up:
I checked out Isis's site and discovered she is completely in charge of her household. I admire her ability to reign supreme over the humans and I believe this qualifies her for first runner up. She also looks like a mini version of my brother Lobo who has gone over the Rainbow Bridge. This may have nothing to do with her being 1st runner up. It may have everything to do with it. The thing is, I am the judge and I don't have to tell you either way.
Mango: My goodness, she looked so sweet in her competition photo....

So you know who won, right?

* Ike (M / Boston Terrier)
Ike's attempts at bribery by taking tanner off of my hands were quite tempting, but did not effect my judgement. Ike is the winner of the bad sport group because of his freakishly long tongue, his awesome disregard for the rules of where to go to the bathroom and his inability to get along with others. This exemplifies the breed standard of Boston Terrier, which is what I am judging against, of course.

Mango: Well done Ike! See you at Best in Show on Saturday.

IF you want a cool shirt like Ike has, click here and join the Fart Club. Thank you, Judge Joseph Stains

Working Group Reader's choice voting open until 5PM EST Friday, February 13th.

May we have the Working Group in the ring please?

Dakotah Akita

Akitas have been around a long time in one form or another and can trace their lineage back to the ancient Japanese peat dog. Essentially a good natured animal, this dog is still large, powerful, and assertive. They are highly adaptable as both pet and guard dogs.

Maika Akita
Both the male and female Akita is prone to extreme Doofus face attacks (see bloggy). These facial expressions are so extreme that they have been known to send grown peoples into helpless spasms of laughter. Maika is posing with her dorky brother Dakotah.

Summi Alaskan Malamute

Poor Summi was temporarily incarcerated for committing acts of muddy paws around the house. Nevertheless, he still managed to smuggle out this competition photo.

Madison Giant Schnauzer

Giant princess is more like it. Oh, don't we just love ourselves?

Waldo Great Dane

The Great Dane is a wonderful, dignified, stately animal who should not be messed about with by his daddy with a solder sucker or any other nerdy devices that happen to by lying around.

Biggie-Z Kuvasz

Watch out! The Kuvasz has been known to be a little wiser than its peoples. They also seem to bring out the WTF in peoples which is most unpleasant (see Biggie's bloggy for more). I happen to know that Biggie himself is a very smart doggie and a super watch guy who takes good care of his family. Please, please, please, if you ever see a Biggie dog, do NOT say, "you should put a saddle on that thing." Ugh.

Randi Lab-Newf

I like Randi well enough, but my stupid Pee-Wee brother is totally in love with her and they have some sort of cougar / cub relationship which I hear about way too much. Her taste in doggies aside, Randi embodies the best of both the Labradog and the Newfie. She is playful, thoughtful, and kind. A real sweety pie.

Rocky OodieSheep

What can I say about Rocky? He is a real dog's dog. He is super kind and thoughtful and always trying to help doggies that are less fortunate that him. But don't think he's all super serious, he knows how to get crazy too.

Daisy Pink Pit Bull

Its all about the Kongs with Pink Pit Bulls. Give me kongs! That and meditation. As with many of my (um) female contestants, these gals can be a bit vain. Fortunately everything goes with white.

MJ Pitty Lab

OMG! Its MJ! In a total huzzy pose! MJ is my main gal, you know, so don't get any ideas. Why do I love her? Well, she farts, snores, and slobbers... what's not to love?

Billy Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are not just sled doggies, you know. They are all around athletes and working dogs that do agility, therapy work, and what not. Oh yeah, they also shed, a lot, no, I mean it, a lot, like total tons of fur everywhere, like you could get buried and die amounts of fur. Really!

Cap'n Maverick Siberian Husky

Maverick is a pirate. He lives with Lisa the Mean.

Kira Siberian Husky

Are all Siberian Husky gals huzzies? Look at her grinning at the camera like that in all her fluffiness. Oh bestill my huge and hammering heart.

Zim Siberian Husky

This is what happens when a Husky dog is snow deprived. They start imagining things. Like Zim thinking he is at the Kansas ocean.

Tinkerbell Tinkerdoodle

Tinkerdoodles are serious lap dogs. I mean you better have a serious lap if you have one of these and be prepared to lose all sensation in your legs and feet (now that's love).

Cast your votes now for Working Group Reader's Choice.


Nibbles Treats said...

Mango, we are going to be totally biased and vote for our best gal Tinkerbell. Without her, we wouldn't know how to be brave. She's got our backs 24/7 (except when she is meditating). Plus we love her freckled nose!

Gus said...

What difficult choices. We are glad we are just observers, not judges.

gussie n teka

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Aarroooooo! We hope we're not too late to vote this time, hehe!
Ok, so we're allowed one vote each, right?

Snoop and Alfie would both like to vote for Madison cos she's like, sooooo beautiful we fight over who she'd love the best if she lived here, haha....Mum says neither cos she's like, a princess or sumfin....oh well, so that's two votes for Madison :o)
Rosie and Gabbi are both going to vote for Zim, he's so manly and handsome....*sigh* But...ahem, where is DAVE, hmm? Did the Z-Man push him into the Kansas Ocean to improve his chances at
Mango-Minster? Fair enuf, so that's two votes for Zim :D
Good luck ladies and genitals and well done to all the winners so far!
Slobbers xx

doyle and mollie said...

i only have eyes for madison... doyle ;D

Moose said...

Randi the Cougar gal! Next to Wally she is one of my favorite labra-mixes! I was going to vote for Waldo but his blog said he is a 'bad dog' for eating almost 20 cupcakes and turning on the stove! He is awfully handsome though I and I will write off that behavior as cupcake mania (is it just me or do dogs love cupcakes way more than they should). Daisy will have to take 2nd place for her nose!

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

We sure don't know how to pick but we will take Zim..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Anonymous said...

This is another tough group to choose from, the competitors are all wonderful.

I vote for Daisy, the Pink Dog, she is sporting that pink bandana with a flare.

Riley votes for the beautiful Kira!

This is such a cool competition, Mango!

Rusty & Riley

Unknown said...

New York is in the house! (That was Mica.) He's voting for Biggie-Z because he thinks Biggie would sit on me if we ever get to meet and he wants New York represented.

Me? I'm voting for Rocky because he looks like a taller, longer-legged version of me and I know I don't stand a chance in the Terrier Group with all those WTFs ---errr -- I mean--- WFTs because you know they always have to win.

But I do have a wee crush on Khyra so I hope she racks up some votes too.

Your pal,


P.S. Is the All Terrier Show sign available for sale? As a tee-shirt, tote-bag, coffee mug? It rocks!

Suzuki said...

I want to vote for... ROCKY & ZIM :)
Big licks to you

wally said...

Mango--Your show is SO AWESOME! Each day more exciting than the last! So here are our votes:
Wally: RANDI! She is my good bud and (don't tell Dexter) but we kinda have a thing.

Oscar: Wally told me to vote for MJ because they also have a thing going on. Wally is a HUSSY.

Ethel: I'd like to vote for Daisy because she looks like FUN. And not like these ANNOYING DUDES I live with.

Deefor said...

I vote for my pal Rocky cause I'm a doggie and he's the doggie's doggie. Arrow is in love with Kira so he's voting for her.


Anonymous said...


Murphy Dogg said...

I'm voting for Waldo, cause he looks like my Great Dane uncles and they are super cool so he must be super cool too. Plus, he's giant and he can FLY and he can rock an orange coat like nobody's business.

Maverick the Pirate said...

Harrrrrr Mango
I will have to vote for that Cap'n Pirate Maverick
Lisa the Mean

D'Azul Siberian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi Mango! It's my honor to vote for my captain, Maverick the Pirate, and if all you landlubbers know what's good for you, you will too!

Harrr...I mean, see ya!

Lindsay said...

We want to say upfront that we would totally vote for Biggie, EXCEPT that one of our furry best furends is in this catgory.

We vote for DAISY, who is the quintessential Pink Pitbull! Wroooo to you, Daisy-doll!

the magic sleigh said...

Kira votes for Kira,because I can, and Scampi also votes for Kira, because he better....Mom votes for Kira because she is...
-Kira The Beautiful

Puglette said...

Biggie!! he is beautiful!!!
thank you,

of course i still might start a write in campaign for ollie and charlie, actually working.

coopercreek said...

Carly says we must vote for Daisey because pink is her fabervite color.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Now this is the hardest group of all for us to make a decision - soooooooooo.....

Dakota votes for Zimmie.
Thunder votes for Summii.
Phantom votes for the Cap'n.

Mom votes for Waldo and Billy.

And we so wish we could put in a vote for all of them.

Woos, the OP Pack

Bae Bae said...

I'm voting for Rocky. ;)

~ Bae

Peanut said...

How are we supposed to vote with all those people are this category. We are going to vote for Biggie but it was so hard.

Joe Stains said...

I thought I commented, but blogger ate it I think....

You are doing a pawesome job Mango...

we vote for MJ

♥♥♥♥Team Husky♥♥♥♥ said...

Summer would like to vote for Summi, Prince votes for his buddy Zim and Suki votes for the pretty Kira:)

Woo Woos
Team Husky

D'Azul Siberian said...

Mango Cap'n Maverick is our favorite blogger and there are 11 of us count it as you like.
D'Azul Siberians

Allison Walton said...

Gus putz in his vote for his little/big brudder...


fitmummyal said...

I vote for Waldo! The smartest Great Dane ever!!

Anonymous said...

Why do we only get to vote for one? We like Biggie-Z cause he eats raw meat like we do, and we like Waldo cause he's just cool in that orange coat AND we like Daisy the Pink Pit Bull cause we're like cousins, Bull Terriers, Pit Bulls, see? we're cousins. So since there's 4 of us, we're gonna use 3 votes.
Feather, Darla, Pappy & Chico

Megan Henderson said...

Go Waldo!

Samantha: said...

This iz the hardest one yet and we have three votes over here: mama for Maika and Dad for MJ and me: well... I HAVE TO HAVE two pleaaaase? Waldo and Kira! Love and Tons of Kisses and Licks,

Unknown said...

I vote for Daisy, that cute, adorable and very pretty pink pit bull! Yay, Daisy!

MJ's doghouse said...

well...when you aer up against all those hard workers it gets tough to I think i HVE TO VOTE FOR MYSELF....i vote for that allowed...but i wish everyone could win...and ummm mango...ummm could we have a photo of you lying on your back like your brother flloyd...ummm....that would be better than winning this contest

Kent said...

I heart you Waldo!

Plain Old Phil said...

Waldo! He has an orange cape!

Anonymous said...

Well I am voting fer Daisy of course cause she looks EXACTLY LIKE ME! So adorabull!

Go ME! I mean go DAISY!!

nl1990 said...

ok - this time let's go with Billy, no...Summi, no...Zim, maybe Daisy, or MJ or Cap'n Maverick


Emily and Ike said...

My vote goes to RANDI!
And I would like to thank all my adoring fans and one very easy to persuade judge!

Asta said...

Once again..tewwible pwoblems deciding, but I have to go wif my Rocky!!!
He can be wild, he can be sweet and he wescooed his Mama fwom sowwow when angel LacyLulu cwossed the bwidge
smoochie kisses

Amber and Nala said...

YIPPEE for Waldo and Daisy and Zim!! :)

Stanley said...

Hey, Mango!

Nice hat, and thanks for all the hard work, man!

I vote for Rocky, and now Stella tells me she is voting for Rocky too!

Goober love,

AppleDebbie said...

Another tough decision but I have to vote for my buddy Waldo. Waldo ate 19 CUPCAKES in one sitting! Woo Hoo! You rock Waldo!!!

Your Pal,

Molly the Airedale said...

That's a lot of working doggies! Tough choices once again but we're going with Madison! Any doggie that primps in front of the mirror because she thinks she's the most beautiful IS! You are doing one great job, Mango! We just love your Mangominster posts! We smile from beginning to end!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Moco said...

We all love Randi. We really are enjoying see all these new pups that we don't usually have contact with. The Mango Man is doing a superior job.

Abby said...

Hi, Mango...

I was looking over the entries...Having an awful time making up my mind...

Then Rosco walked behind me & stopped dead in his tracks...

He saw Daisy - the Pink Pit Bull...I think he fell in love...

I told him he could vote for her, cuz I couldn't choose anyway...They are all beautiful...

So...Our vote,(especially Rosco's)goes to Daisy...

Now I have to go give him oxygen or something...

Abby xxxooo

Niamh said...

I vote for Kira. She is very pretty and flirty, just like me!

Your friend,

Pamela said...

we love Waldo!

Anonymous said...

Big Brother Mango,
I'm hooked to your show, simply the best, man!
I vote for Rocky, Madison, Maika, Daisy and Waldo
If I could have only 1 vote, then it goes to Rocky.

Princess Patches said...

Our viewer's choice is: Cap'n Maverick! We don't know just IS!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Sophie Brador said...

I am so torn on this one. I absolutely have to choose Dakotah, because I have kissed him in real life. That's how things roll in my dog park. But I also have to pick Randi, because she is my fellow independent woman dog. Maybe Dakotah and Randi could take this whole thing and go on a date. (Sorry Dex).


The Army of Four said...

Congrats to Ike!
Dave is blushing and ha wooing over the Dughallmore Beagles' comment!
Can I vote for every one of the boys? If not, I'll go with SUMMI, because he's very handsome and sweet and I don't know WHO put that mud on his face because I'm sure he didn't do it.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Go Pink Daisy!

Michelle said...

I am going to vote for Biggie Z because he's big and notorious. Riley wants to vote for Waldo because she *loves* playing with the Blue Merle Great Danes. Loves getting them to chase her. Riley is also impressed that Waldo managed to eat all those cupcakes.

Michelle & Riley the Catahoula

Unknown said...

Well, Madison would vote for MADISON, because she really does love herself, but then everyone knows that ... so she is voting for BIGGIE Z because perhaps no one knows she LOVES Biggie, too ... so now the secret is out ... MUAHHHHHHH

Jack & Moo said...

Star votes for handsome Zim
Black Jack a-r-- votes for his Captain, Maverick

Louka said...

I totally vote for Kira because she's GORGEOUS! Woo!

Heather and Pumpkin said...

I vote for Dakotah Akita because us Japanese dogs need to stick together :)


Sames Blogs said...

PAW!!! Dude... WALDO ALL THE WAY!!!!
Max the Dude!

Lacy said...

w00f's mango man, heehee me bout furgot to vote..

rocky votes fur Zimmie
bear votes fur MJ
and angel lacylulu votes fur Summi

me cant vote fur meself..but mama say me iz her winner..

b safe,

pps thank u to all the pups that voted fur me...

Angel Tucker, Daisy and Leo said...


We want to vote for our friend Waldo Superdog.

Tucker and Daisy

Tee said...

Its Waldo! Voted, I have!

Tuffy of Dog Woods