Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mango Minster Day Six

Momma has been feeling soooo neglected lately that I asked my friend Petey to help me make her this Mangotine to cheer her up.

Momma would like to dedicate Terrier day at Mango Minster to my Grandpa Angus, the greatest Dale ever, who was always a perfect gentleman and (almost) never ever dug holes, tore up couches, bashed his face against windows, tried to eat the UPS man, flung smaller doggies around by their collars, head butted with great vigor (especially while wearing a cone), insisted on sticking his cold nose up ladies' dresses, aire humped, or engaged in other such foolishness (and we miss him dearly).

Here he is with his Beloved Pi Dog who was his most best companion. Grandpa Angus joined Pi over the Rainbow Bridge when I was still a puppy.

And now on with Terrier Day at Mango Minster!

One of the Terrier Wheelies that lives with the three P's (our judges) has offered to move in with the Terrier Group Winner! That's right, their mom is packing this little wheelie's bags right now for his journey to his new home. Thanks Penny, Poppy, and Patches Mom!

As you know, those terriers are awfully competitive. The Leuradales went shopping just to assure there would be enough trophies to go around in the Terrier Group judging because, let's face it, they think they are all winners.

Photo by Petey

Petey and Asta decided not to take any chances with unfair judges and just brought along some of their own trophies to be awarded.

Photo by Petey

Of course it was impossible to keep that Lacie Beast away from anything known as a "loving cup!" I think her plan is to intercept my unsuspecting brother, Floyd, on his way home from Westminster.

Photo by Petey

More bad behavior in the ring! Still bitter about her disqualification from the Non-Sporty group, Sophie Brador attempted to sabotage the entire terrier class by releasing an enormous rat!

Stanny was all over that action! And poor little Joey could not hide the Terrier in Boston Terrier! Bad Sophie! Shame! Shame!

Photo by Petey

Thank goodness my judges were able to restore order. Well, Poppy had brought along her body guards.

And that Patches is pretty rough trade herself. The Patches stare can cause lesser Terriers to freeze in their tracks.
Penny was persuaded to resume her seat in the judges booth with Patches to protect her.
Even then, we had to wait about 438 hours while those whatsits finished with some last minute prepping!
OK, anytime now, guys, whenever you're ready.

Caught up in some sort of sleep depraved induced 70's flashback madness, Momma actually put this CD on full blast for the judging!!

I, Mango, donned my protective head gear lest the Abba combined with the horrific screeching from the, shall we say, more petite terriers cause permanent hearing loss. OK, Penny, Poppy, and Patches, I think we are ready to begin.

Note to whomever cast the following vote:
Hi...I'm a flea who lives on Scruffy's back. Am I allowed to vote? Frankly, I vote for Asta...she's totally HOT!!!!!

Scruffy's flea

I know who you are and you are in BIG TROUBLE!

Terrier Group Reader's Choice Award
Terrier group reader's choice goes to.... PETEY!

Petey? You there dude? You won the Reader's Choice?

That's it! This competition is officially out of control!

Terrier Group Judging

2nd Runner Up
We have Lacie the Beast (Lakeland Terrier). She has helped soooo many dogs and hoomans to get well with the use of her world-famous (or maybe INfamous) smoothies and we are amazed at her ability to levitate whenever she feels like it.
Naturally, the Beast had to get a touch up before appearing on stage.

And then insisted on making an acceptance speech...

Oh my, this is so unexpected....I'd expected to WIN, damnit...anyhow, I'm caught off-guard and only have only prepared 3 or 4 pages in my acceptance speech.

First of all, I'd like to thank my manager, my agent, my hairdresser, my makeup artist, my manicurist, my bikini waxer, my eyebrow plucker, my dentist, my Botox administrator, my facialist, my personal stylist, my trainer, my Pilates coach, my whelper, my veterinarian, Dogatella Versace and the whole gang at the Snausages headquarters.

Oh, and that lady-I can't believe I've forgotten her name-that feeds me and walks me and cleans up the house. Mimsey? Mopsy? Sorry, it's slipped my mind.

I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the encouragement of my dozens-strike that-thousands of boyfriends, past, present and future. Unfortunately, several restraining orders prevent me from mentioning them by name, but they know who they are.

I don't think Poppy is paying attention...

And I must thank my parents for my incredible bone structure, naturally curly hair, sparkling eyes, scintillating wit, Olympian athletic prowess, ability to speak several languages and my incredible sex appeal (that continues to flourish even after being spayed!)

I'd like to thank that Foxy Gal who is the wind beneath my winds (No, Mango, NOT the wind beneath my tail...that would be you, you big old blowhard!)...Asta. She never once complains about having to take the backseat to my charm and beauty. And we wear the same size in Manolo Barkniks.

Zzzzzz... there goes Patches...

What? Wrap it up??? Where's that music coming from? I only have 3 ½ more single-spaced pages extolling my award-winning virtues. Ack! Scruffy! Get back! Drop it! DROP IT YOU ROTTEN MUTT! Baby Stan - sit stay! What are you doing with my speech, you brutes! ACKKK!

I'm sorry, but the dogs ate my homework. You'll just have to wait for the DVD of my Acceptance speech to be released on iTunes and in stores on February 14 - St. Lacie's Day! Get your flower orders in early, fellas! (Blows kisses to the screaming mob!)

Mango: Oh, are you done already? Um, great speech, Lacie... I think.

1st Runner Up
We have chosen Mitch the Airedale. He has the most dreamy eyes we've ever seen! When you see them, up close, they almost look like "people" eyes. Also, he's one of the cutest Aire-boys in the whole world!

Mango: Mitch's sissy was pretty miffed that she didn't win and tried to grab the poor chap. Check out the poodle leg on Maggie. I think she might have been misled regarding proper Aire-cut at the salon by the Lacie Beast.

I had to escort Maggie out of the ring to let her cool her jets a bit.

Here is Mitch, your first runner up, showing off those dreamy eyes that so captivated our judges. Good job, Mitch!

Terrier Group Winner
And in first place, none other than Stanley the Aire-goob. After all, he is the Supreme Ruler of his very own country. How many pups can say that? He keeps us all entertained with his Gooberishness and we can usually get a laugh or two just by looking at his picture. He is just the epitome of Gooberocity and you know how we Airedales are...we're all about the comedy!

Mango: Stanny's sissy, Stella didn't see any comedy in losing out to her brother...
And once again, an irate Count Test Ant had to be escorted out of the ring.

Here's GooberStan with his winning Goob face! Good job, Stan, you won the terriers! What a great day for the Airedales!

So that concludes the group competitions and now its right back into the ring for Best in Show! 110 doggies started their journey on Monday night, but now its down to just seven competitors. Which one will it be? Tune in Sunday night to find out!

Best in Show Polls Close at 5PM EST on Sunday, February 15th.
Best in Show Count Test Ants

Representing the Toy Group

Japanese Chin

Hi I'm Pumpkin, a little Japanese Chin in the big city of Chicago. I'm a Libra, I'm on the Atkins diet, and I'm a card-carrying member of Fart Club. My hobbies are supermodeling, chewing bully sticks, and attempting to befriend cats.


Representing the Sporty Group

Sporty Pug
[Mango: Charlie chose to let her show photo speak for itself, and she has provided helpful "vote for me" instructions. Thanks, little pug]

Representing the Hound Group

I am very proud to be a part of the Mango-minster competition. Just to be here is amazing. To win best of the hound group was incredible. I would very much like to represent all the hounds of the world as the Best in Show!

Representing the Non Sporty Group
Boston Terrier
Ok, so when it comes to non-sporting dogs, I am totally the non-sportingest! You totally couldn't get any lazier than me because I pretty much spend the entire day on the couch. I only do my business like 2 or 3 times a day, because getting up is totally sporty. And I know handsomeness comes into the Best in Show equation and, not to toot my own horn (heh, toot) people say I'm pretty handsome because I'm brown and have a kick-ass tongue. And we won't even talk about my fashion sense which is awesome! Oh, and did I mention how humble I am?
The photo I'm attaching shows all of my winningest qualities all at once - how cool is that?!?

Representing the Herding Group
Border Collie
Shiner says he is honored to be picked to represent his breed and group in best of show. Who knew a half-starved abondoned dog who had been run over by a car, infected with heartworms, and left to die in a pound cell in Waco, Texas, would make it all the way to best in show at Mango-Minster 2009. He's never been happier, and that's saying a lot for an emo-dog

Representing the Working Group
Great Dane
Haroo Worldwide Friends!

I iz so happee to be da winner ov da Working Groop! Tank woo fur all ov woo dat voted fur me and fur my big brudder Gus. We arr still noo to dis blogging thingy, but we have already fownd soo manee grrreat friends and we luv every won ov woo soooo muchy.

We iz sooo happee to Mango fur starting Mango-Minster. So a big "tank woo" to him. See, I iz a Merle Great Dane. And dat A-K-C groop callz us merlies "undesirable". Ov course, wen my mommee saw me fur da furst time, she did not tink ov me as undesirable. I stole her hart wif my big feet and my droopee eyez. And we iz happee to represent all da Danez owt there, and especially those undesirable puppehs who don't get a shot to show there stuff.

I iz alsow happee to be rep-ree-senting da Working Groop. I wurkz furry harrd every day to eet my 8 cups ov food in 1 minite orr less, pick pears off uv da pear tree fur me and Gus, and eet as mannee cupcakez as I can befur mommee can catch me. I also wurk hard to play wif my brudder Gus, and to fill up arr yarrd wif lots uv big logz dat daddee has to pick up. I hope dat these skillz will help in my runn fur da Best In Show.

Tank woo all again fur yur votez, and paws crossed fur all da Best In Show puppehs. We don't know how dat Khyra will deeside!


Representing the Terriers
I am shocked and honored to be chosen best in the Goober Group (we know that ALL terriers are goobers at heart)! Thank you to our bootiful judges, to all my friends, and to a group of pups who belong to a certain organization that I joined, which shall remain nameless.! Viva La Goober!

Goober love & smooches to everyone,

Best in Show Reader's Choice closes at 5PM EST on Sunday, February 15th. One vote per doggie, please.


Heather and Pumpkin said...

Happy Growlentine's Day Mango!

I vote for Ike. Love the trousers.


doyle and mollie said...

ike was such a fierce contestant in my group my slobbers and vote go to him! mango you really are an exceptional mentor to us all! doyle ;D

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Haha, I vote for Ike, his speech is hilarious!
Here I do the silly dance to cheer your momma up, your grandpa Angus has never been forgotten!Happy Valentine Mango and Dexter
Hope your Valentines Day is filled with extra kisses, treats, hugs & belly rubs!

Unknown said...

YIPPEEEE!!! What a wonderful Valentine - to win the "People's Choice Award" for terriers. Wow! A Cairn win and TWO Airedale wins -- this just shows that Mangominster KICKS WESTMINSTER'S ARSE!

This is better than a juicy, dirty broken-in tennis ball. Wowee.

Mica and I would like to cast our votes for the King of Gooberstan, none other than Stanley. Not only is he a fabulous dude, but not once has he come after me for hanging out so much with Asta. And if he wins, then Asta (as his girlfriend) can be crowned Prom Queen so it works all around!

Thanks again for voting for me, my friends!!!

Your pal,


Mack said...

I vote for Ike and Paris says she votes for GooberStan

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Man...we don't know what to say first...even Lacie's flea is flummoxed...yes, Mango...THAT WAS HER FLEA NOT MINE...first of all...CONGRATS TO PETEY!!! Reader's Choice looked very very competitive...he is a shinin' example of a terrier with a tennis ball fettish...all three terriers bow to Petey...WAHOOOOO...and fab pix Petey from ringside!!!!!!! (Mumsie bows also!)

As for Beast in Show...oops...that was in Lacie's acceptance speech that we tore matter...even though she's pretending to be mad bout not takin' first she recognizes the total worth of the Goober. I mean that tongue...he is truly the King of Terriers....

The three of us are casting our votes to Gooberstan for Beast in's a horrible choice to make...we don't envy Khyra in this decision!! What a field they have...amazing!

Thanks for all your hard work!!!!!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stan

Pee ess...Lacie wants to know if Grandpa Angus dates?????

Allison Walton said...

Go, Waldo, Go!!

Suzuki said...

I vote fur... RIVER!
Big licks to you

Amber and Nala said...

We must vote for the big boy....Waldo!!!


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Hey, who else could it be but....RIVER! So that's all of us voting for River the Beagle, four votes, yes? Coolio!
Well done to the readers choice winners, Petey, Rosie-the-trollop sends you smoochie kisses!
Good luck everyone :D
Slobbers xx

Samantha: said...

Big boy, Waldo! Go, baby, go!

Puglette said...

we have three dogs so three puppy votes for our GIRL Charlie! :o)
Thank you very much for undertaking this huge job! It has been a lot of fun.

Asta said...

What a show!!!
Congwatulations to all the was quite a contest wif so many pawfect doggies..Stanny I'm so pwoud of you!!! you awe myGoobew of Goobs..the king of the tewwiews!!
and Petey , my sweet dawling fwiend congwatulations on the peoples'''' choice..a well desewved and faboolous win!!!!
love you all
smoochie kisses

Anonymous said...

This has been so much fun!! Riley and I both vote for Gooberstan!

Rusty & Riley

Lindsay said...

Mango Minster has been a pawsome event! Mango, you and your MangoMomma have done a super job!

For Best in Show, we have to vote for RIVER!!!!

The Girl says it's expensive to access the internet by cellphone, so we have to sign off. But consider our devotion to the first annual Mango Minster that she's going by cellphone when the laptop pooter doesn't work! You two are AMAZING!!

Lorenza said...

Happy Valentine's Day Mango and Dexter!
I vote for Ike!
Kisses and hugs

Tweedles -- that's me said...

And we vote for Charlie!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mango! Once again, we were moved by your beautiful dedication to Grandpa Angus (and Pi). Well, all the group winners are awesome, but I'll cast my vote for River, and Zeke says he wants to vote for Waldo. We can't wait to see the grand finale! Happy Valentine's Day!

See ya!

The Musketeers said...

Lady , Zena , Cody & Joyce will like to vote fur GooberStan !!!!

Becky said...

We are voting for Charlie the pug for Sporty Group!

Stella said...

We want to cast our votes for Best of Show:

Stella casts one vote for River the Beagle.
Ali Z. casts one vote for Pumpkin the Japanese Chin
Mom votes for Zim who tied for Working group winner


MJ's doghouse said...

so much pressure...i think i will vote for ike...i dont is cute...and brown ...and i think he should win...i am a bit hung over today after drowning my sorrows for not nearly winning yesterday...but mango..i am getting ready fro next year..and i will be so ready to take the big ribbon...

Emily and Ike said...

Yay Stanny!

Lexi said...

We all vote for Shiner! :) Yay! :)

Asta said...

I would like to vote fow Shinew
I can't wesist those eyes, and I know fow a fact that aftew going thwoo so much Shinew has what it takes to be BEST!!!(plus hewdews awe just pawsome)

Unknown said...

I vote for Shiner!

Molly the Airedale said...

Wow! I am so humbled at being the 1st runner up! Grandpa Angus was sure one handsome Dale! I'm honored to be mentioned in the same post with him!
I vote for Ike and Maggie's going with Stanley!

Yer friend,

Princess Patches said...

Can you believe it? We cast all 3 of our votes for Stanley! Yes, we are sort of breedist, but then what dogshow judge isn't?

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Sara said...

I vote for Waldo!

Abby said...

Hi, Mango...

First of all...Thank You & your Mom for organizing this...It must have been exhausting for your Mom...But, what fun for everyone...

And, Thanks to all the Judges...What tough decisions they had to make...

I don't know how Khyra is going to choose...

My Vote goes to Shiner - I love his story & he is beautiful...

Rosco's Vote goes to Ike - Cuz he's such a cool dude...

Tigger's Vote goes to River - Cuz he has such a sweet face...

Good Luck to Everydoggie...

Abby xxxooo

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Mornin' Mango...(Lacie sips at her tall latte, carefully dabbing at a bit of whipped cream on her beardie....) donuts? Cut up fruit?? I stopped by for breakfast...just finishin' my Valentine's Day rounds...WANNA BIG SMOOCH????? Hmm...didn't think so...Lacie waves her paw have um morning breath, Mango...

So...what in the world are ya gonna do after Mangominster finishes??? Clean the yard?? Yeppers...110 dogs strollin' thru here has somewhat marred the pristineness of the Estate.

I bet you were so busy yesterday ya didn't even get to do the ROTE??? No car cookie????

Lacie digs in her purse,pulling out two beautifully wrapped packages...Valentine's Mastiff and Labradork Car Cookies...iced in pink, red and white. She looks at them thoughtfully wondering if she can consume Peewee's as he sleeps.

Well, Mango...I'm not gonna even try and cheat and vote again...and I don't have FLEAS!!

Love and kisses...Laciegirl

Murphy Dogg said...

Holy crap, this is tough. Three of my good friends and, um, colleagues, are in this competition! So I've called on the family to help me out.
I'm voting for Pumpkin, cause I like cute girls.
Ginger votes for Ike because she's got a filthy mind and loves his outfit.
Trudy is voting for Stanley because I think she has a crush on him but won't admit it.

JD at I Do Things said...

Hi, Mango!

I'm new here, but I wanted to vote 1000000 times for Charlie for Best Sporty Pug. I'd also like to cast an honorary vote for Ollie, just because.

Amber-Mae said...

Man, the Terriers are dominating the whole show!!! Go GUNDOGS!!!

Butt sniffs,
Solid Gold Dancer

Joe Stains said...

After seeing Ike's showing I can tell I made the right choice in my group. This is going to be very exciting to see the final results. Mango you are going to need about 400 naps after this.

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

We love it. You are doing such a great job. Who do we vote for. It is so hard but we decided on Shiner, just because we love herding..

Big sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Noah the Airedale said...

Holey moley, what a competition. Much better than that other one. You've done a pawesome job Mango!!! Go the terriers!!!!


Jake of Florida said...

While we think every dog who has reached the pawsome status of a Best in Show candidate deserves to win -- our hearts tell is there is only one truly gooberific choice to be made. So Just Harry and I, Jake, cast our two wirey votes for our favorite King of the Terriers, Mr. Stanley of Gooberstan himself. We mean, who else has his own country?????

We would also like to note that, had our Mom not been in such a geekish stupor for the last few weeks, we might have been more active participants in this very very cool alternative to Westminster.


Jake and Just Harry

Mr. Puggle® said...

i have SO enjoyed mangominster. it is hysterical and creative and clever. i am sure it takes a lot of work. just letting you know it is appreciated. so funny. LOVE all the pictures. :)

Courtney said...

I am putting in my vote for my shiner pup! Gosh I love that little emo dude!

Anonymous said...

Hi again, Mango! I just wanted to tell you that I nominated you for the Awesome Blog Award. Mango Minster has been awesome!

See ya!

Emily and Ike said...

Ok, so my "yay Stanny" was just congratulating him on being an awesome terrier, but not really best in show because I am naturally voting for myself.

Niamh said...

I vote for Pumpking. She is so cute.

Your friend,

Ruby and Penny said...

I vote for River and so does Penny.
Ruby & Penny

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

GooberStan is the one Baby Rocket Dog votes for, though Hootie thinks Ike's stylin' is fab and must cast his vote for him! Our Mommy loves them all. Smooches from pooches,BabyRD & Hootie

Eric said...

Ah Mango, we think you should win best of show but as you aren't entering I have to vote for Goober bro' Stan!!!

Fabbie job Mango on all the reporting... Everybloggie three cheers for Mango and his Mama. YAP YAP HoOORAY!!


Lacy said...

w00f's Me is sad, me mama been sick today and stayed in bed most of it...and we furgot to vote..i guess 6:37pm iz to latebut iffin we cooda got here we wood have voted, fur river, gooberstan and pumpin..

a sad, pouting at mama,