Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mango Minster Day Three

Before I get started today, I am being FORCED to post a PUBLIC APOLOGY to my stupid brother Pee-Wee the Labradork. Why, you ask? Because this morning, whilst I was enjoying MY Jolly Ball, he actually tried to take it right out of my large and firmly clamped down mouth! Thus, compelling me, Mango, to drop it and give him a talkin to until he went SQUEEEE!

After which, Momma put BOTH of us in the dreaded and boring "sit-stay" and proceeded to lecture on "I don't care who started it, but you are both going to re-focus RIGHT NOW and blah, blah blabbity blah blah."

Plus, I have to include a "cute" picture of the doofus. Fine, here is the little drama queen.

There! Satisfied?

[Mango Momma - Dexter is a one year old Lab and as such can sometimes be a bit annoying (shocking). Both boys handle themselves quite well. Mango makes fierce sounds and head butts Dex who obligingly rolls onto his back and makes sorry little puppy sounds. All over in a few seconds and everything back to normal]

Yuh, whatever. Can we get on with the show now?
I realize that my readers have not been privy to the goings on during the judging. Fortunately, my good friend, Petey, has provided some ACTUAL behind the scenes PHOTOS. And let me tell you, those Terriers have been nothing but trouble! Trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for Prima Donna.

Just look at this! You can click on the picture to biggify and see a close up of the absolute anarchy. Those crazy terriers! They couldn't even wait for the Sporty dog group to end before they barged into the show ring.

They're such fancy-schmancy party animals, they insisted on bringing their own chandelier to glam the place up. Lacie, naturally, wasn't ready and was still having her hair coiffed. Asta and Stanley thought this was a Valentine's party and smooched on the sidelines. Scruffy smiled pretty for the cameras. Eric Square Dog wasn't even entered, but as a royal pup, he donned his crown and just assumed he'd won. After all, he is a Wire Fox Terrier! Archie fainted. Arrow climbed up on one of the WFTs to get a better look. And that couldn't possibly the lovely Bully Feather all howling at the moon, could it? Petey just wondered when the ball catching portion of the competition would begin!

Wait a minute... Do I see my very own Wheelie, Hector in the ring? Et tu Hector?

OK, they've all gone to ground for now...

The Herding Group Reader's Choice Award

Wally the Original Corgador

I need to inform you that contrary to earlier comments, Wally does not eat his own barf, but leaves it for his brudder, Oscar, thereby giving a new meaning to the phrase "sloppy seconds."

Herding Group Juding

For those of you who are interested in becoming actual judges, Miss Kylie has provided some insightful photos of the judging process. It isn't easy! First your mommy has to wake you up and remind you what day it is (My, Kylie, look at those toofers. Did somebody get up on the wrong side of the snuggle pillow today)?

I was pleased to see that Miss Kylie actually used the Judging Book that I had thoughtfully provided.

2nd Runner Up; Hershey

Hershey, now then, why is are you showing your tongue? Is that how you endear yourself to your fans?

1st Runner(s) Up; Addie and Lucie

Ladies! Please! Again with the tongues all sticking out.

That's OK, Kylie, take your time. You want to get this right.

Or maybe if you drank a wee bit less coffee you could focus better? Just a thought...

Winner, Best in Group, Herding is SHINER!

OK, now, wait a minute... why are all the herding doggies sticking out their tongues during their acceptance speeches? Are they disrespecting the Mango? Communicating with their alien leaders? Or possibly still tired from their field trip into the wilderness west of 495?

Thank you, Judge Kylie!

Reader's Choice polls close at 5PM EST on Thursday, February 12th.

May we have the Non-Sporty dogs in the ring please?

Lexi Boston Terrier

Hmmm... what part of Terrier don't you understand. Are you sure these are non-sporty doggies because anybody who can climb up on a couch and lay in wait like that for her peoples to make the slightest wrong move sounds more like a terrier to me.

Ike Boston Terrier

"The Boston has been nicknamed "the American Gentleman" because of his dapper appearance, characteristically gentle disposition and suitability as companion and house pet. They require only a moderate amount of exercise and a minimum amount of grooming. The breed is easy to train and they are easy keepers, preferring to remain by their owner's sides." What kind of nonsense is that?

Murphy Dogg Boston Terrorist

Murphy Dogg designs punk rock apparel for dogs and is, as one would expect, a total spaz.

Ruby Bleu Boston Terrorist

I've known Ruby for a while and she is a great pilot and hostess. She is also interested in mud wrestling (I am seeing a pattern amongst some of my female entries).

Dixie Cuddlebug Bugg

And here I thought bugs had like six or eight leggies but apparently they only have two and walk around like peoples.

Doyle Cavoodle

Is that carpet made of Cavoodle because I am having a hard time seeing where Doyle ends and the carpet begins.

Tanner Doofus

Know that when acquiring a Doofus dog, you may be getting more than you bargained for. Doofus dogs are often hosts to alien beings that erupt from them in the most ghastly ways (yuh, some peoples call them zits, but I, Mango, know an alien when I see one).

Isis German Spitz

She looks so sweet, huh? Well, the Mango happens to know that the German Spitz gal will trade on her good looks to be quite bossy. Apparently if you are a peoples around one of these dogs get ready to work hard because when they want something they get it!

Deefor Havanese

The Havanese is the national dog of Cuba. How about that? His coat is described as "profuse." What the heck does that mean? According to the AKC these little guys also herd poultry? A chicken herder? Perhaps Deefor could post some examples for us on his bloggy.

Ollie Non Sport Pug

The name says it all. Whilst the Toy Pug is a jolly companion, the Non Sport Pug can be kind of a grouch. Aw, come on Ollie, give us a smile.

Sir Harles Montague Non Sport Pug

Why is it good not to be a pug? Because your peoples don't go carrying you around inside their shirts. How embarassing.

Bolo Shar Pei

Hey! Its Bolo! Far out! Sharpie doggies are super smoochie face dogs. If its cuddles you need, its cuddles you will get.

Cast your votes now for Non-Sporty Reader's Choice and tune in tomorrow for the Working Group Count Test Ants!


Gus said...

oh Mango...we are shocked at the way our fellow terrierists were behavin'. You know we wouldn't act like that, don't you?


Anonymous said...


doyle and mollie said...

holy cow i have to vote for myself... so i vote for

Sophie Brador said...

I vote for Joe Stains! Or Ike.


Michelle said...

Hey Kylie, you are a very cute judge. But why are the winner Border Collies? Are they *that* cool? I guess I wish I was one of them then.

Mommy votes for Ruby and I vote for Deefor.

Bye Now,
Riley the Catahoula

Nibbles Treats said...

We have to cast our vote for one of our favorite northerners... Bolo (even though are cousins are Boston Terrorists. Don't tell them!)

Lexi said...

Hi mango! Just wanted to drop by and let you know that Shiner's and Hershey's photos are switched :)


*happy dance*

I'll be back to vote once I go read the profiles :)

AppleDebbie said...

I vote for Tanner because us Doofy dogs have to stick together.

Your Pal,

Lexi said...

They boys have decided to vote for Isis for she is "da purdiest" :)

I also realized I sounded a bit conceited in my above post, we just got excited. This is a fun competition, congrats to everyone :)

Molly the Airedale said...

OMG, we can't stand it! How can we choose just one? We gotta go with Ike! His tongue got us!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said...

Oh this is getting harder and harder Mango. We like Ike, but we like Bolo too. Ohh this is hard. I guess we go with Bolo first and Ike our 2nd pick.
Oh, and BTW~That would be Chico the foster Bull Terror that lives with us howling at the moon in that picture, Feather Louise would never (ahem!) do anything like that.
Feather, Darla, Pappy & Chico

wally said...

OK, first I want to say that I am SO SUPER HONORED that I did so well at Mangominster! HAROOOO! It is an honor just to be (self) nominated! Second, thanks for correcting the barf thing. I do love barfing but I'm also a total weenie about messes and I won't even step in a spot that has been barfed on. Oscar, on the other hand, ate his own barf LAST NIGHT. Third, and perhaps related to the second item, I do the SAME THING to Oscar that you do to your labradude which confirms my suspicion that I may be part mastiff. Oscar even rolls onto his back and screams!

OK, now to voting. I have to vote for Ike because he's one of my oldest friends. And Ethel would like to vote for Ruby Bleu because she's a good friend and Ethel supports her fellow ladies. Finally Oscar would like to vote for the Doofus. Because he is a doofus, too.


ps. I can't speak for all of the awesome herding dogs but I'm sticking my tongue out to give you a kiss. Mad love for Mango!

Mack said...

Ruby Bleu, of course!

Unknown said...

Okay, since Ruby is Mica's Not of My Species Special Friend, he's casting his vote for her. He also hopes this means he'll get upgraded on the next Aire Ruby Flight.

I'm going with Doofus Tan Tannerson because he's a Boston TERRIER and we all know, TERRIERS RULE!!!!

Your pal,


Anonymous said...


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Definitely Tanner!!!

Congrats to all the winners!!!

Tail wags, the OP Pack

the magic sleigh said...

Well we can be totally impartial since we don't know any of these NON working dogs, we work for the Snuggle Puggle and are hard working dogs! Soooo. we vote for Ollie, because he must have worked to make that face.

Samantha: said...

Oh man, it's so hard! Can't I just vote for everydog? Deefor, cause I never knew there was a Cuban dog, but you must be kidding? I love the backscenes pix - Mango, you have got to be exhaustified.

Biggie-Z said...

Momma votes for Ollie because she likes his "smile" and because his name starts with the same letter as hers. And I vote for Isis because she's PURDY and she looks like my old Uncle Boo who was an Eskie and got my Momma all liking white furry dogs with dark eyes and noses because if not for Boo maybe my Momma wouldn't have got me, you know?

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

I vote for Isis, Tanner and Bolo.

Lexi said...

The pictures are right now Mango! Thanks so much for taking on the monumental task of putting Mango-Minster on! We're having a lot of fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mango! I have to say - Mango Minster is definitely the best and most fabulous dog show in the world! What an amazing job you're doing - this is great! (Sorry you have to put up with all those Terrier shenanigans.) Okay, in this group, I'll vote for Bolo.

See ya!

Bae Bae said...

I'm voting for Tanner... hee hee

~ Bae

Moose said...

I am voting for Bolo b/c I checked out several other competitor's blogs and they all seem to fart for sport so I am not sure they are really non-sporty dogs... Plus Bolo is what I call KFL (Kinda Funny Lookin) but in a good way! I think he looks a little like an elephant seal! Again in a good way. Anywho. Please cast my vote for Bolo!

Dewey Dewster said...

Aaaawwww Mango..

Are we supposed ta vote here ???? Gram is so far behind on stuff she has no idea what's happenin'....we're gonna get 'er ears cleaned 'n 'er eyes fixed too...

Oh.... 'n stay away from Lacie Girl is ya value yer unmentionables...vicious I tell ya....vicious...

Dewey Dewster here.....

Murphy Dogg said...

Since it's Valentine's and all, I'm gonna forgo being a selfish prick and instead of voting for myself, I'm voting for my girlfriend Dixie!

coopercreek said...

Ollie gets our vote. Lexi thinks he's pawsomely cute.

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Now...this is a tough one cuz we have friends here. We were going to ignore our we judged each pic based on breed standard.

Our you count as one vote or three??? is


He is such a DOOFUS.

Nuff said.


Amber and Nala said...

We vote for Murphy Dogg! Very cool that he designs punk rock apparel! ;) Also, Kylie did a good job judging....I agree though maybe she needed to slow down on the coffee. ;)


Huskee and Hershey said...

Hershey: YAYYYYY.... I can't believe I am the 2nd runner-up!! THANKS so much! **chasing own tail**

Huskee: See Mango, you know what I have to put up with everyday now? Ok our votes... it's a tough one, but I'd like to vote for Deefor and Hershey wants to vote for Tanner.

Abby said...

Hi, Mango...

They are all great & I really want to vote for all of them...

But, I gotta go with Tanner...

Abby xxxooo

Joe Stains said...

Mom said I HAVE to vote for Tanner since I was sort of a jerk to him when it came to judging. woops.

Stella said...

Our family, Mom, Stella and Ali Z, cast three votes for Tan Torkelson, aka Tanner Doofus. Tan has been through a bit of a rough patch with a rough patch on his face, he is getting better, but he needs a lift!


Emily and Ike said...

Since I've been accused of shameless self-promotion, I vote for Ruby. So ha!

Lacy said...

w00f's, since lots of pups iz voting for more than one, me iz going to too..

rocky votes fur tanner
bear votes fur Isis
and angel lacylulu vote fur Deefor...

b safe,

Niamh said...

I like Deefor's profuse coat. Very handsome.

Your friend.

Moco said...

This is another hard one. Foley votes for Ruby. I myself vote for Deefor and of course Dawson the dingle doof votes for Tanner.

nl1990 said...

Ike - then Dixie - then Tan Torkleson - then Ollie - then Ruby - then...

maybe I'll just stop now!


MJ's doghouse said...

oh dear...ummmm...oh dear...ike ruby and tanner...yep...IKE ruby and tanner....yep ike RUBY and tanner...oh maybe TANNER ike and ruby....OH Man Mango this is so tough...I want tanner to win..but then i also want the other two to win.i want everone to win...what the heck am i gonn do MM

MJ's doghouse said...

oh man...okay then...if i can divide my votes...i will...if not..i guess TANNER

Chef said...

I vote for everyone!!

Is that STILL not allowed?? POOP! I can't decide. I'll come back.

Asta said...

This is tewwible
I love too many..I'm closing my eyes and pointing..
ok I pick Deefow mean it wasn't a Valentine's pawty??
smoochie kisses anyway

Stanley said...

Mango! You and all the judges are doing a FABulous job! LOVING MangoMinster!

Okay. This is one tough category. I vote for Deefor, and Stella votes for Tanner!

By the way, wherever Asta is, it's a party for SURE!

Goober love,

Suzuki said...

I vote for... TANNER :)
Big licks to you

The Musketeers said...

Tanner ! :D

Hansel said...

me and ben vote fur ISIS!

Andromacke said...

I vote for miss Ruby Bleu!

Mack's cousin Katie

Heather and Pumpkin said...

I vote for the handsome Murphy! He is even wearing one of my mommy's designs in his picture. What can I say, the dog has taste :)


Allison Walton said...

Arr vote is fur Ruby Bleu!

Gus and Waldo

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

I'll vote for Tanner please!

Clover said...

Oh boy, this is hard!! I wish every dog could win. But I vote for one of my best gal pals, Ruby!
Love Clover xo

Unknown said...

Madison is napping. She asked me to cast her vote for DOYLE, because we just discovered him on here and it is cool to make new friends. And he has a very very nice curly coat. Madison likes fur coats, lol.

Anonymous said...

We are votong for Bolo becuase of his non-sporty nose!

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

There are three of us so our votes are for Harles Montague, Dixie, and Dixie's boyfriend MURPHY!!!!

Lindsay said...

I think we might just make it in under the wire with our vote...

We're torn between Tanner and Bolo. The decisions never get easier here at MangoMinster!

On the one hand, Tanner is the perfect example of a Doofus. But Bolo is a perfect example of a Shar Pei. Tanner has a dot on his face and could stand some cheering up. But Bolo is a CANADIAN doggy... But I don't think we're supposed to vote based on citizenship...

Sticking to breed standard, we cast our vote for TANNER!

Puglette said...

Olie, Ollie, Ollie!!!
We vote for Ollie!!! He's a perfect gentleman and he is the bestest snuggler ever!!! And...he knows how to dance!!! That's right, dance!!!
Vote for Ollie!!!!
thank you very much,