Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Busted!

Ruh roh.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Goodbye Max and Good Thoughts to Mr. Darcy

My sweet pal, Max, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this weekend. We are kind of sad here right now. I'm sure his family would appreciate your good thoughts. Run free, my big friend.

Please also send your healing vibes to Mr. Darcy who is having major surgery.

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Most Curious Event and ROTE Challenges

So I'm in the dog cave all taking my nap when I hear the sound of lots of motorcycles. This is not unusual as we live quite near the turnpike and in good weather there are frequently gangs of riders making loud zoomies. But this time it persisted. Momma was saying to herself, "grrrr.. I bet my dumb neighbor bought himself a new bike and is revving the engine in the driveway, grrr..."

But then momma went down to the basement to do the laundry and she STILL heard the motorcycles and then she saw flashy blue lights and heard sirens. Upstairs, a look out the window showed like tons, swarms, gazzilions of motorcycles going by our house along with police on motorcycles with their lights all flashing and sirens going.

"WTF?" says momma. FINALLY, she got the camera (which will give you an idea of how long it went on).

She was like totally afraid to go outside. WHAT IS GOING ON? She thought it was some Mad Max gang looking for fresh drinking water. OMG!

But after it finally ended, she went out and all our neighbors were out there too. Here is what it was...

Last year, when our department of public works was doing routine maintenance on the fire hydrant down the street, one of the workers had a heart attack and died. Yuck, huh?

So the town made a little memorial out of the fire hydrant and all those motorcycle and police guys were some sort of farewell parade for the town worker guy.

Actually, it's kind of cool when you think about it. Momma went to check out the fire hydrant and they had it all painted nice and pretty with a plaque (although I think chaining the flowers to it was a bit much).

In other news, I did get to ROTE yesterday.

Here I am loaded up and ready to go. Looks like Pee-Wee left his stinky attentions school toy in my ride. No wonder I was reluctant to get in.

As usual, our trip was capped by a car cookie.

Notice here the car cookie is partially in my large yet curiously gentle mouth.

That's because momma pulled it out again! Yes! Imagine! I had it in there, I could taste it, ready to chomp down and she pulled it out so she could get a photo of it.

So it's a pumpkin, big deal.

The next time she put it near my mouth I made sure that it was not coming back out again.

Watch your fingers old hen!

My ride home was most troubling.

Notice the bags of kibbles (that is one week's supply for the two of us) placed most unfortunately on my riding in the car spot.

The Mango can only ride in one spot. This was most perplexing. I was on pins and needles the whole trip back and sat cowering up against momma's seat... "Make scary bags of kibbles go away!"

I even made a movie which shows the horror up with which I must put.

Once we were home, I was reminded that the dog cave is now an official disaster area due to neglected paperwork on the desktop.

So how is that MY problem?

Because apparently, nothing else can happen until the papers vanish and the bills get paid.

So get to work already!

I will not let you out of the dog cave until everything is ship shape.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dexter Day - Tennis Ball Moves

I was told that it was a good thing that I stayed with the Relentlessly Huge when we made our big escape last week because it is unlikely that anybody would have phoned in seeing "just another lab" running loose. Ouch!

I think the real reason we got arrested was that Norwood called the animal cops and told them there was a moose on the loose. I will have to talk to him about that.

My agilities class was cancelled this week, so I had to make due with lame "at home" agilities and since my jumps and poles were put away so that Momma could mow the lawn, she suggested that I just jump over her leg a few times.

Kind of boring if you ask me, but I was up to the task. Apparently, however, her photographic skills were NOT up to it as you can see from this pathetic picture of me levitating over her leg.

I tried coaching her...

OK, I am going to count to three and then levitate and you take the photo.

Ready? One, two, three!


Maybe if we try it from this side. You do know how to count to three, right?

One, two...


I am just too fast for her aging reflexes.

Guess that isn't going to work, how about some tennis ball?

Momma has never had an actual tennis ball retrieving doggie and she is fascinated by my, er, fascination with the tennis ball. Well, duh, I'm a labradude, right? I think that we actually have little tennis balls to play with even when we are still inside our doggie mom's.

Once again, due to poor reflexes, you will not see my most spectacular moves, but I think I show off my prowess quite well, nevertheless.

Here is my no hind leggies bucking bronco assault.

Pouncing! I much prefer to catch it in flight.

I usually run faster than she can throw, so I need to put the brakes on to wait for the ball to catch up to me.

And of course the obligatory return of the ball to momma who is really lazy so I trick her by sometimes dropping it halfway and running back or running right by her or just pretending to let go and then running away and she says, "we'll have to work on that" which doesn't sound like nearly as much fun.

Wait for it...

I throw in some of my fancy dance moves just to entertain myself. Check out the crossed legs.

There is always the danger that I will be overly reckless and THIS happens. Ew! He is getting his slobbers all over my tennis ball!

I think it's even so disgusting now that HE doesn't want it in his large and things always falling out mouth.

No worries.

Look what I have. Hehehe.

Dexter done!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Well, I narrowly avoided a trip to the V-E-T this morning. I was feeling a bit gimpy from my big adventure last week and Momma thought I might need to get it checked out. Yeah, I am a little sore when I get up, but I convinced her that I am really OK and that there was no need to donate any money to the V-E-T today.

With that out of the way, I was ready to open my most exciting present from Honey!

As alert readers will recall, Honey had a slobbers contest which the Mango totally won. Plus my over the Rainbow Bridge sister, Raja, got a win for her classic slobbers movie.

My award finally arrived all the way from New Zealand! I was most eager to discover the contents.

Back off, Pee-Wee, this is addressed to MANGO!

Open with great haste!

Look at all that booty! A dog candy bar, some tendon chewies, two nice award certificates from Honey, and a most curious object.

It is apparently a part of a cow milking machine which is very popular amongst doggies down under.

The Mango was unsure, but willing to give it a try.

Oh my! This is somewhat addictive. So satisfying to chomp on and a bit tasty of cow as well.

Note skulking Pee-Wee on the deck... trouble!

So I am enjoying myself hugely with my cow milking chewable item, when...


How did that happen? I pursued the wee beast most speedily, but he evaded me.

I wanted Momma to get it back for me as I am not able to skitter around after the little dude and it is MY toy after all, but she said that we have to work things out for ourselves.

Which we did. Hehehe.

Thank you so much, Honey! I think this makes me feel a bit cracker dog.

I also thought we should sample some of those tendon things.

Ha! Pee-Wee had to practice his good dog attentions before he got his.

Not so, the Mango. I just grabbed mine and ran. Look at the little brat all coveting whatever is in my large and not sharing no way mouth.

Most yummers! How do you like the blowing in the wind slobbers I am sporting?

I made a short, action packed movie of my large and jolly self enjoying my presents.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. Big Happy 9th Birthday greetings to my pal, Taffy!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Physical Therapy

Special Relentlessly Huge Birthday Greetings to Asta (shown here with her twinner, Nicky).

And Molly!

I tried to get an appropriately festive photo, but, well, some doggies...

Well, I guess I should have kept my large and not keeping secrets mouth shut about feeling a bit sore after my big adventure on Wednesday because when I woke up this morning, that Nurse Lacie had shown up ready to "cure" me. Oh help!

She told me I had to do some physical therapy to stretch out my stiff muscles and get the blood flowing. She claimed it would make me feel better!

This did NOT make the Mango feel better in so many ways.

First off she has her actual paw on my bottom. Plus I do not think that the Mango is supposed to bend that way at all. And why do I look all skinny and squished like somebody tried to make a sausage out of me?

Then the shrieking began about getting into some sort of alleged whirlpool which looked more like an alien spacecraft to me.

This is just wrong! THE MANGO REFUSES!

Ah, that's more like it! I AM starting to feel better. Calgon, take me away!

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. I am sending a bottle of this to my pal, Pooka, who appears to have had some sort of mishap in his nether regions. Get better soon, big guy.