Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dexter Day - Barn Update and A Tag

Master brought home another manly tool for the barn today. This one is called a lathe and he is quite excited about it even though it is very drab compared to the others. Some of you asked about that thing in the corner. It is part of the vac system. All the tools have hoses attached to them and there are pipes running around the barn that sucks the sawdust up. It even has a remote control. Cool.

Some of Master's tool time buddies helped him bring home his final big purchase. It is called a wood stove, but I think he might have been bilked because it does not appear to be made of wood at all.

Jarrod did a nice job completing the railings on the stairs. Of course I had to check them out. Don't be fooled by this photo. That is as far as the Relentlessly Huge got before he started howling.
Aren't the stairs pretty? For inquiring minds... yes, the usable square footage of the barn is about the same as our house and it would make a very cute little home. Unfortunately, no plumbing.

Momma found this movie on YouTube and she and her uber geek friends watched it over and over with their mouths agape. So I thought I would share it with any of you who have similarly dorky people living at your house.

I will note that the star of the movie is apparently the same weight as the Relentlessly Huge, but a bit more coordinated. Keep watching... at 1:40 it slides around on the ice and then in the end it does agilities!

I got tagged by Storm and Mr. Darcy to share with you six little things that make me happy.

I am going to tag another doggie for each happy thing.

Swimming! Miss Kylie

Roaching! Archie

Reclining! Charlie and Molly

Bitey face! Benny and Lily

Walkies! Lorenza

Agilities (wherever you can find them)! Marge

Dexter done!

P.S. Momma fell down during agilities this morning. She is good at falling down. She says that she has learned that she is too old to be able to react in time not to fall, but still young enough to "roll with it" so even though it was quite spectacular, she didn't get hurt. I officially graduated to intermediate agilities, but we signed up for another round of beginners since my pal Taj will be there and it is a smaller class and my teacher said that I could still do intermediate runs even if the other doggies were beginners (plus the intermediate class interferes with momma's weekly trip to the massage parlor - excuse me).


Oskar said...

My mom person falls down alot too. That makes people call her Grace, which I don't understand since her human name is Pam.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...


No YouTube of THAT?

Those were some really thin people in the video - but khwtie agile ;-)

Woo do get some big points fur your kreative tagging fur the happy things - I'm sure I know the inspiration fur that!

That RH is SOOOO furry gifted!

PeeEssWoo: Maybe your momma needs to wear a helmet during agilities so she doesn't hurt her important part!

Noah the Airedale said...

Crikey that video is amazing. B has seen it before but D hasn't. D felt sorry for the poor robot slipping on the ice.....I tried to tell her it wasn't real but she still felt sad for it. Odd woman.
I say it's all well and good but can it chew furniture and send pee mail... I think not!!!!

Hope your mum wasn't hurt in her fall. Maybe she can get some tips from robot dog.


Stella said...

The Man House looks very nice, but not even a terlet?

The Big Dog was hysterical. I wonder if our Dept of Defense is spending a whole lot on these?

Good wishes for a cheery weekend!
Keep the liniment handy, Agility Mom!


My word verification was reekingi,
does that have a special meaning>

D.K. Wall said...

The vac thing is cool. Our humans wondered if they could hook hoses to us and it suck our loose fur up as we walk around. We DO NOT find that funny.

And did your mom get put into remedial agility for the fall? Does it cost you points when she does that?

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Ummm, very interesting video:)

Hope the Mom is OK, that's exactly what saves TD from having to endure agility - the Momster is petrified of falling.

woos, the OP Pack

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

When is your dad gonna get that barn finished? We wait with bated breath. Our daddy likes to get new tools too but is in a holding pattern because he's not up here in N.Idaho enough to use any of his tools. What's this about your momma falling down? Hope she's okay.
Smooches, BRD & Hootie
ps-met a Mastiff 2day at FallFest. Will post pics later.

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

ps-What must one do to become a part of your exclusive top secret blog?? Is there some sort of initiation or do you have to live on the east coast?? Just wondering. BRD

Moose said...

Cool video! What is even cooler is that central vac thing and how it is connected directly to the dust making machines! I wonder if there is an adapter to connect it to fur making machines (I.e. Labradogs and such). I guess that would be as rediculous as the poo trap contraption we posted, but still, a girl can dream, right!
The stairs (as with all aspects of the barn) are beautiful! Sorry to hear that RH's bathmophobia prevents him from using them though! Moose is mostly recovered from this same affliction but still, we can understand!
Moose + Dana

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

Cool barn! Cool toys for your Dad too. Sorry about your mom fallin. I bet our mom is the champion faller though! ha

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Gee Dexter, I was a bit afraid from watching that video. Please tell you Mummie I'm sorry she fell down.
Sally Ann

1000 Goldens said...

Congratulations on graduating in agility school Dexter! At least your Momma falls down during a physically active event. My Mom once fell down crossing the street, and she wasn't drinking either!

Golden Samantha said...

1. Poor mama. Maybe she needs some wire attach-a-ments like BIG DOG with a remote? (Hope Mom is okay)
2. At first I was convinced that we had two anorexic oomans in a very wired(weird?) costume. Then I realized that it was horridly amazing - especially horrific when that male man kicked the beast across the ice. He should never hang out with any creatures (furry or not) of any kind.
3. Congrats on your award - love how you pawed them forward.
Hugs xo

The Oceanside Animals said...

That video is freaky -- I can just see that thing busting in the door some day and going, "Sarah Connor?" Although I don't think it would sound Austrian.

Koobuss said...

I watched the video and found it to be very interesting, although I had to say that I didn't like the ending. I was sure we were going to meet Big Dog personally. Do you think that maybe the big sweeper in the corner is related to him? Now, my mom was interested in that! Hehehe...

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

Ziggy Stardust said...

Congratulations Dexter on your agilities. I hope Mom is ok and feeling better. The video just scared me and I don't ever want to meet that thing. I would much rather play with the Mango. The stairs are really nice.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Maxmom said...

Oh Oh! We are sorry to hear about your Mom's spill...ouch! Hope she is ok.Dexter - you can give her a lick! (Mango's lick might just be too slobbery!)
Ok, now that robotic gadget (Yes, we got to watch!) - we were wondering as to it's significance. Is Mom going to exchange Mango for the Robot or herself? Quite confusing, but also facinating!
Mango, dear Buddy...Perhaps your mom should instal some sort of elavator- so that you can get to see Dad's fancy new Barn!
Lots of licks

Martha said...

Dexter, as you know we are always impressed by how well you do in agilities - but we also think you need to learn how to work the camera.
Whilst our human is concerned that your mom had a fall we dogs would appreciate a video of that!
Well, let's face it we can't even sleep without camera interference!
We still want to come live in that cool barn - surely you could connect water and drainage for us!
We have to come back to the video as it didn't work for us this morning.
Martha & Bailey xxxx

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

You are so talented. We love the jump off of your deck. It makes you look like a super dog.

Hope Mom is none the worse for her fall. Our Mom is a faller too - we like to tangle our leashes around her legs and trip her.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Unknown said...

M & PW
That Big Dog thing is creepy, it looks more like a big bug... Nice work on the barn. I guess u two can throw dog parties and sleepovers in it now.. just let me know when. Nice roaching PW.

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Hi Dexter! You are so cute and I love your swimming picture! I wish we could swim together.
My dad would love that lathe, and the barn looks so cool.
We laughed and laughed at Mango's comment on our most recent blog post - YES, one of us IS huge!! And it isn't me. It is my fat brother - he weighs 27 lbs, while I am only 16 lbs and pretty small. (That was a regular sized frisbee I was playing with.) Anyway, Chewy weighed 30 lbs when we got him and is on a weight loss program now. :)
P.S. Glad your mom was not hurt after her fall!

wally said...

Hmmmm. Our mums appear to be afflicted by a similar Clumsitis. And I believe they are of the same age. They're so embarrassing.

Those are some great photos, Dexter. And your barn is pretty amazing! I bet you could turn it into a gigantic dog house because you don't need plumbing anyway (just electricity for the fridge.)

wally t.

BRUTUS said...

My mom fell over the tunnel earlier this summer - how is that possible?? It isn't exactly small.... Oh, well, better than running smack into the dogwalk like she saw someone else do!
That barn is beautiful! A vacuum too? Other than plumbing, what doesn't it have? What about a fridge? Or does you mom make your master come in to eat less she lose him out there for days on end??


Unknown said...

I'm beginning to think Master torched the old barn himself so he could build the super-duper deluxe barn of his dreams! It is truly a thing of beauty!

Your pal,


Tee said...

wow, that's some barn! Our chief is admiring the woodwork! So fine!

Hope your mom didn't bruise too much with the fall!

Lics and wags,

The Dog Woods Pack

Molly the Airedale said...

Oh no! Did your mom remember to tie her shoelaces?! Our mom falls down too! It's so embarrassing to take her some places with us!
As for the tools - our dad told mom a long time ago that he was all done buying. What he didn't mention was the upgrades to bigger and heavier and vintage! Boys and their toys! You gotta love 'em!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Achieve1dream said...

Those are great pictures! I especially love the swimming and jumping one. Sooo cute!

How can you let your momma get away with mixing up her priorities like that? Massage more important than agility? Then again if falling is a regular part of agility then maybe she does need those massages. ;)

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

That beed very cool! especially how it knew it was gonna fall over.
Congrats on getting to intermediate agilities! Woohoo!
~lickies, Ludo

Mack said...

I just know you will lick momma back to health!

Those stairs are indeed very beautiful.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Thanks for tagging us!! Poor mom, hope you licked her face when she was on the ground.
Benny & Lily

Sam said...

Yes Dexter, I do agilities any chance I can get! I love hopping over things in the park, especially.

Thank you for the tag. I'll convince the hooman to play the game sometime this week.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dexter,
I loved your 6 things; especially roaching and the photo of you jumping off the deck - your ears go into an amazing shape when you do that - did you know?
My daddee is goes green every time he sees your daddee's workshop; strange huh?

I do hope your Momma does not have wobblers. But as she is full grown probably she doesn't. I am like your Mumma; I may not be able to help falling over, but I can make myself fall with style!

Mr Darcy

Tosca the Lakeland Terrier said...

Hope your momma's ok!

Woodrow, Luna, MJ Campanella said...

congrats on your agilities graduation - your barn is extrodinary - congrats to your dad for getting it done - it is really beautiful

Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

Unknown said...

Ooh, Dexter - your poor human! I hope she was OK and not too bruised and sore. One of the other doggies in my Agility class - his human also ran straight into a jump and fell on it and everything collapsed on top of each other...but I think his pride was hurt more than anything else! :-)

LOVE that photo of you sailing off your deck! Now THAT is REAL agility! :-)

Honey the Great Dane
ps. Hey Dexter - guess what? Am going to a doggie swimming pool tomorrow so I'm going to join you as a "pool hound" at last! (Well, that's what my humans, I might just stand on the edge of the pool and observe...)

Euri said...

Wow, agility - that's pawsome! My mommy thinks I should try it but I think I'd be better at tracking since I like to sniff things in the woods.