Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful Award and Adoption Stories

I have received this nice award from several of my friends. It reminds me of how wonderful DWB is and how great it is to have so many pals. I am going to pass it along to five of my buddies (since some of my most bestest friends already got this award, I am going to give it to new dogs).

Bajas and Virus and Poirot who live far away in a place called Norway and always make me smile.

Luna and Wild Dingo (Luna has pantyloons and Wild Dingo is just a doofus)

My newest friend, Twinkie, who, well, you'll just have to visit.

Bobo and Meija who are sharpie dogs with fantastic snooters.

And Moose who is kind of cool for a labradork.

I am most thankful today for all my friends and for my wonderful estate and my momma and master and sometimes even stupid peewee.

I will share with you how our family came to be.

My Beautiful Raja was two years old and my Grandpa Angus was twelve and even though momma and master have something called a "two dog limit" they thought that Raja needed a friend because Angus was "starting to fade."

They almost got a puppy from the same place that they got Raja. The breeder lady had a puppy and was going to be in Master Chew Sits for a show and offered to bring the puppy along. But then she told Momma and Master that they would have to meet her at a truck stop on the highway to get the pup even though we live right off the highway and the breeder lady got all huffy when they told her that we would have to bring the puppy home and see if he liked Raja and Angus and how dare they question the quality of the pup and Momma and Master hung up the phone and said, "No way we are going to bring home a pup sight unseen with no concern about our household."

So they started going to doggie shows and they met my family at one. They were impressed by how happy all the mastiffs from that kennel were and my dumb brother Floyd was in a puppy contest. They fell in love with him and found out that there was one just like him back home and drove out to meet me. Well, of course they fell in love with me, especially when I got stuck in the water bucket. And the next week they brought me home.

Here is a rare photo of my puppy self with Grandpa Angus and Beautiful Raja. As you can see, even as a youngster I was quite good at meditations.

And of course totally the most handsomest puppy EVER! Right?

For any doggie who wonders, I was ten weeks old and weighed forty pounds when I came home... just a wee thing.

Sadly, my Grandpa Angus crossed over the bridge just a few months after I came home, so I didn't get to know him too well, but I adored my Beautiful Raja.

She was kind of lukewarm over my puppy self. You can see her making grouchy face at me here, but nevertheless I always wanted to be as close to her as possible.

Raja had bad sickies which caused her pain and that was why she was grouchy, but I was determined to melt her heart.

I was happy just to be touching her. Who wouldn't be?

Before I was even one year old, Beautiful Raja crossed over the bridge. This caused lots of leaking because she was so young, especially from me because now I was all alone.

I became quite despondent and would not run or play, but mostly lay about pining away.

Momma and Master adopted a little girl Airedale. She was six years old and at first we got along OK, but as time went by, she got meaner and meaner and pretty soon I was afraid to be in the same room with her and she had to go away.

So Momma said "we will find a puppy for you." She started haunting the dog shows again looking for a puppy that was "smart, athletic, and easy going." Sounds like a mastiff, right?

Naturally I was pretty juiced when she announced that she had found the "perfect puppy" as I was envisioning a baby Raja. She said she had found a breeder with happy dogs and that she had told the breeder all about me and how I would need a very special kind of pal and the breeder agreed that if we waited a few months she would have just the right pup.

So imagine my horror when THIS came home.

I was NOT pleased! I did my best to terrorize the little pest, but he retained a goofy, happy demeanor despite my best efforts.

You can bet there were plenty of SQUEEEEE sounds early on.

But that PeeWee had (I have to admit) a way about him. I mean he was respectful of me when I showed him my toofers, but he was kind of sassy and fun to play with.

Sometimes I even miss those puppy days because PeeWee is not nearly as intimidated by me as he used to be.

Actually, we get along great as long as he doesn't try to snuggle or get too close to me when I am meditating or getting special mastiff love from Momma.

And when he acts like a doofus I just ignore it.

Sometimes Momma talks about getting another puppy, but I always remind her that I am her special momma's dog and feeling a bit tired and stiff at times and can't really have some cracker dog all jumping around in my space.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. If you want PeeWee's version, you can read it here. Don't believe everything you read, though.


The WriggleButts said...

Happy thanksgiving guys! We're thankful to have such good friends! We also wish we were in your neighbourhood so we could drop by for dinner ;) hehehe..

Bajas, Virus & Hyssing

Gracie=^o.o^= said...

Boy what a feast you two are having today! So many things to be thanksful for today, though I think every day we need to remember those things.

Sending blessing and best wishes to you, your family, and friends this Thanksgiving Day.

Unknown said...

Oh Mango
I can't believe you admit your thankful for Peewee! My eyes are welling up.. I think you guys are like the ODD couple.. hmm but neither of you are clean and tidy. Maybe Barney & Fred instead.

Happy Tday to you! I'm thankful that I get my daily laugh everytime I read your blog and comments.

Nancy at the Farm said...

Happy Turkey Day Mango and PeeWee! We loved reading about how you both came to live at your home. Obviously we feel Mango's writing almost demands a Pulitzer prize. We'll see how we get him in the running.

Love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper

Golden Samantha said...

Thank you both so much for telling your great stories that are wonderfully written! Mango: "thankful for your bro???" - wonderful nuze, cause we think he's pretty cute and awesome and we bet you'll both conspire together today to worm some turkey treats from the table!!! Congrats on your nice award and a huge and bountiful Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
Hugs xo

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Happy Turkey Day Mango. You certainly have a lot to be thankful for as do we..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

BRUTUS said...

Nice to hear your story, bug buddy. Looks like the itty-bitty Pee Wee would have easily fit into your carvernous mouth! Guess he should thank his lucky stars today that you liked him & didn't swallow him whole! But don't worry, some day he'll get a taste of his own medicine (mom keeps telling me that too)!

Have a happy Thanksgiving, guys - hope mom got you your own turkey!!

Brutus the Frenchie

The Thundering Herd said...

What a great post (and we read Dex's version too). Isn't it great as a family comes together.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Mango that is a Grrreat Thanksgiving photo.

I loved your story of Adoption. However, PeeWee sort of ... well... ummm I hate to say this butt... his story was TREEmendOUS.
I saved your blog for last beclaws I knew I was going to be in for a GRRRRREAt READ!! You never disappoint.
THanks for being... your hugeness.

Gus said...

Great story Mango Man...we hope you have a wonderful celebration.


Nellie, Yuchie, Calvert and Bailey said...


This is he bestest stowy ever! Rajas was sooo bootiful, looks like you really loved her.

But aren't you super lucky to have pawrents that kept on trying to get you a sibling you'd get along with. Mine are the same, after Tate passed away they gave me Calvert (sigh)... He may be a pain, but he's my PAIN!

Happy Thanksgiving dear Pal, we're thankful to have you as our new buddy.

Nellie & Calvert

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

wow! i loved reading the story!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Wow, can you set two more places for us at your dinner table - it looks pawesome.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful adoption story. We are very glad that the humans didn't take that other puppy off the highway - we would never have met you and Pee Wee. We are very thankful to have you as our furiends.

Happy Thanksgiving from the OP Pack!

Mack said...

Happy Thanksgiving guys and we hope you get some turkey & dressing today!

Now we are off to read PeeWee's version!!!

Sam said...

OMdoG what a story! You're going to met ME get leaky over here with the losses of Raja and Angus..

What a terrible thing for that breeder to do, to not let their puppy come to your house and meet the pack! Glad your Momma passed on that one.

How amazing the way everything worked out and you and your brother live at your wonderful estate with your great parents.

Happy Thanksgiving, Mango and Dexter. :)

Two French Bulldogs said...

Congratulations on your award. Mango did you teach pee wee everything he knows. He was really a pee wee back then. Cute pictures. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the humans.
Luv treats and pie,
Benny & Lily

Huskee and Hershey said...

Thank you for sharing your story with us and those precious photos of Grandpa Angus, Raja, your cute puppy self and Pee Wee too!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Happy Thanksgiving Day to my handsome pal in Master Chew Sits (and his Dorkador bro too)!

Tank woo fur sharing your adoption stories!

We all are truly lukhky to have fooled these hoomans into letting us adopt them!

Khongrats on the pawesome award too!

PeeEssWoo: Do woo want me to shake my tailfeathers fur woo?

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Mango and Dexter. What great stories,each have their own twist, but with the same happy ending! We hope you get some turkey and pumpkin pie - yum.
your pals, Morgan and Maisie

Unknown said...

Mango! Congratulations on your award! Dude, you're passing it along to lil' ol' me? Ehem, I would like to thank my family, the Academy, my loyal friends...too much? LOL Sorry, it's my first award e-ver.
Mango, your story had me in tears! Especially the part about Raja. I was curious about Dex's version too. What a sweetie, he thought you were cool from the get-go.
Thank you for the award, for the wonderful post, and enjoy your feast. I'll be spending the day with Jude today, but I'll be thinking about you.


Paco,Milo, Maya and mommy Simona said...

what a great great story about your family dear MAngo MAn!!!!
We're so touched.....
Thanks for sharing with us such a special moments of your life!!!!
We love the photo of your grandpa and Raja.....
And you and Peewee are sooooo cute!!!!!
HAve a wonderful Thanksgiving day with all your family!!!!
And we're thankful to have you as a friends!!!
Tons of love and kisses

Oreo said...

Great story!!
and it so nice to be thankful for each other and you guys look great together.

Happy Thanksgiving

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello mango its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry yoo didnt git to no grampa angus and the byootiful raja for longer and i am shoor that wen yoo wer terrorizing peewee it wuz just to mayk him stronger and tuffer and now yoo ar a happy famly!!! mostly!!! happy thanksgiving!!! ok bye

Moco said...

We love to read history. Thanks for sharing it with us.

The Army of Four said...

What a great story, Mango! We loved reading all about how you found your home - and seeing the pictures! Your Beautiful Raja was GORGEOUS and wasn't Grandpa Angus a handsome fella! Your puppy pix are KILLER cute..... and I have to say it. I HAVE to - Dex was ADORABLE!!!!!
Great post! Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Play bows,

Niamh said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mango! I can see that it must have been a complete shock for you to get a pee wee labradork as a brother. But as goofy as little brothers are, they are fun sometimes and I guess you should keep him.

Your friend,

Kari in Alaska said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you get some yummy treats!

Smushie Ranch said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mango and Dex.

We're thankful for you because you bring a smile to mom and her friends everyday!

Mango, I can relate to how it feels to lose a special friend. Just like your mom found Dex for you, my mom and dad found Gunther for me.

We have a lot to be thankful for!


Lucy-Fur, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

Happy Thanksgiving! And what a great 'family history'. Heehee! You were so little and cute. I can't believe that at one point you were even littler than me! I love the pictures of the 'little you'.

*kissey face*

River said...

Your Raja was a very beautiful lady. We are so sorry she had to leave you so soon. PeeWee is a character of his own, at least he can make you laugh even when you want to put the chomp on him. Happy Thanksgiving to you and PeeWee and your family.

love & wags,

1000 Goldens said...

I loved reading the story of how your family came to be. Raja really was beautiful, and it was so nice to see the 40 pound baby you were. Happy Thanksgiving Mango and Dexter :)

Eric said...

A Reentlessly Huge happy Thanksging to you both and the leggeds too!. Thanks for sharing your story. So sad about the beautiful Raja and Grandpa Angus but guess you are now thanks for lem leading you to Pee Wee - aren't you?!

Wiry loves and kissies Eric xxx

Clive said...

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving Mango! Enjoyed that story very much.

love and woofs
Clive and gang

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Wow...we're barkless...mostly from watchin' the bitey face videos of you and Dexman...those noises...Daddy is tryin' to nap and um we just went crackerdog when we heard those marsupial sounds...sheeschsch.

Of course we could tell which puppers was Dexter...the one hidin' under the table...peein' on the floor??? We thought we heard that pup say...ME HOOOGE...ME TAKE ON MASTIFF, but it might have been something else...(like LACIE'S PUPPY BUTT IS SO ATTRACTIVE...)

We didn't know about the Airegal that bossed Mango pup around...that musta been awful. I do know that when Stan's sissy came to play ( was the first and last time) well, I just like looked at her cross-eyed and m a y b e gave a nip/growl/shriek and p o s s i b l y attached myself to her hairy shoulder. (Well, she did shove one of OUR rawhides in her hairy mouth...) took three hoomans to get us Stan's breeder sez...the Dale's don't usually start a fight,but they surely will finish it...for some reason after that Mumsie said I could never have a sissy, but I get along just fine with Baylee...course she just rolls on her back and sticks all four paws up like she's dead when I try and um nip at her...

sheesch... girlie terriers can be a pawful so to speak...

We think you and Peewee adore's so like obvious...

Kisses, Darling and hope ur full of turkey!


koko said...

Angus and Raja were both beautiful, but sad that Raja had a short life... the brotherly love between the RH and PeeWee is obvious but neither wants to admit or show it... hehe. I enjoy reading the story.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Licks, hero

Oskar said...

I hope you got lots of table treats today!

TwoSpecialWires said...

Mango! We saw you, or at least one of your relatives on the Westminster Dog Show today! We got pretty excited, especially with the people started pointing to the screen to make sure we looked good and closely. Reading your adoption story was great ... all but the Aireboy giving you a hard time and you losing Grampa Angus and Raja so soon. But they set a good stage at the estate, and now you've got PeeWee to keep ya company. Did you share the turkey and pumpkin pie with him?

Hope your Thanksgiving was good!
Jake and Fergi xxoo

Ms. ~K said...

Enjoyed your story Mango.
It's obvious to us that Dexter has loved his big bro from the very beginning...
We're thankful that we have gotten to know you both!
Wroooo wroooo!

Achieve1dream said...

Great post Mango Man! It was good to hear your version. :D


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mango, Dex, and Momma (and Master too)!! I hope you are having a great day!! Thanks for the comment on my attempted family photos... They were with the camera phone so I think that flash had something to do with the eye spookies. I also had just licked Daddys face, Hence the laughing by Mommy! BOL (No one believe her when she tells em she's 27)

Mommy will be working with those kidlets for half the day tomorrow but I will be sure to snuggle up with Daddy until she gets home. Then, it's time to set up the Christmas TREE!! Are you helping with your tree?? Is it as relentlessly huge like you?? Mine is dorky pint size.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Mango!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Soooo, when Dexter came to your life you knew how Raja felt about you, right??
I know you love him as much as he loves you!
Kisses and hugs

Scout and Freyja said...

Wishing you and yours the most blessed of days as we break bread with friends and family or spend our time as a volunteer with any one of the numerous charities in need of our time and talents.

Peace, plenty, prosperity - my wish for the United States of America.

Life With Dogs said...

It's a great story, I'd stick with it too.

Happy Thanksgiving - only seven minutes left!

Mollie Jo and Bobo said...

OH Mango! Wonderful post...We love hearing you tell's like we are actually there with you. Happy Thanksgiving

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Khady Lynn said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

Although having annoying "siblings" can be a pain, I wouldn't trade any of them for the world!!!

Just don't tell the little pooper I said that.


Martha said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Great Thanksgiving pic too..............
We loved hearing your story - we could see you adored Raja - the look on her face was very funny - we think you may have irritated her just a little.
She was stunning!
We confess to laughing at you being scared of an Airedale girl but we guess we shouldn't laugh - just cos you are big doesn't mean you don't have the same feelings of terror!
We just love the pics of you and puppy Dexter - we must read his story.
You two are just perfect together - sort of like the Laurel & Hardy of the canine world.
We are thankful you are our friends and make us smile and laugh at your ongoing antics.
love you lots
Martha & Bailey xxx

Cinnamon and Mint said...

Thanks for telling how you and Dexter became family! Nice story.

monica said...

Great story of both of you - and you were both so cute as babies! Some of you are still very cute off course :o) You are really so lucky to have eachother.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

AWWW! We love these stories even if our Mom did leak a bit while reading it.

We hope you had a most delightful Thanksgiving.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Cowspotdog said...

that was just the most pawsome story - thank you sharing it with us and what a wonderful thing to be thankful for.

Molly the Airedale said...

What a wonderful story for the Thanksgiving holiday, Mango! You are one handsome Pilgrim!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

pam said...

We are very thankful you grew into yer head. And that you didn't eat PeeWee when you had the chance.

Thanks for the award. Yer all blessings to us too!

Bobo, Meja and Mommy

Unknown said...

Dear Mango,
I feel like a goofball. Did I just commit a faux pas? Was I supposed to post my award and pass it on to 5 more friends? If so, please forgive a newbie. Let me know what to do. I'd be honored to post your award on my cherished blog.

Kisses to your slobbery face,


The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

What an awesome Gotcha story Mango!!

Hope your Thanksgiving was way pawesome!!


Moose said...

Mango! Thanks so much for the award and calling me 'kinda cool'! I am blushing as much as a black labradog can blush! Momma is trapped behind the new inedible apple! I think it has fused to her lap and she is unable to get up and move around freely. What am I to do. Her latest confusion arises from being able to find her photos in finder but not when she tries to upload them to my blog! She has never been so perplexed in her life!
Anyways, Thanks for the award and your lovely thanksgiving adoption story!

Tosca the Lakeland Terrier said...

Holy moly, you look even more awesomely huge next to puppy PeeWee!

brooke said...

Aww hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving! Love your and PeeWee's baby pictures! So tiny!