Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cone Revelation and More Constructions

My friend Guinness had a most unfortunate encounter with a bad rodent. He is doing OK, but had a really bad night and could use some good vibes. WARNING! The pictures are kind of icky, but there is a happy photo at the bottom where you leave comments.

A most curious and wonderful turn of events today at the Mango Estate.

I was enjoying my morning meditations in the dog cave when I heard the pitter patter of little feet.

Not wanting to disturb my large and sleeping 20 hours per day self, I used my powerful snooter to determine that it was only Pee-Wee approaching.

Much to my amazement, the cone monster had turned into... DEXTER! Yes, friends, it seems that it was never really a monster at all, but just my stupid brother messing with my large yet easily confused brain.

This was a most joyful revelation because it means that I am now free to roam my estate once again without furnitures in the way and that even though Pee-Wee has sprouted a cone, it is actually still him in there. Who knew?

Plus I can't really be too jelly of all the walkies he is getting because he says that the more time he spends heeling, the sooner he will be back in full bitey face, steal my stuffies action!

I was happy that Jarrod and Mickey were back to continue helping Master with my new front porch.

I sure hope they know what they are doing because to be honest it seems to me that they are removing portions of my house which are most necessary to keep out snow and rain.

Mickey took a time out from his most vigorous labors to have a chat with me about tutoring.

He explained that the cone is actually an important part of the process and acts as a communication device. I found this quite interesting and eagerly awaited his continued explanations.

He explained to me how the cone is actually a transmitting device that sends messages to nard gathering aliens who fly overhead and suck your nards out through your eyeballs and...

WAIT JUST A MINUTE! Nard sucking aliens? Come on, does he think the Mango just fell off the cabbage truck? Do I look like a fool?


I went to see what Master was up to and found him making wooden donuts in the barn. Huh? Has everyone gone mad?

I told Mickey that maybe he better stick to the constructions and let the Mango worry himself about more complex topics such as tutoring and what not.

This is almost too much to bear.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!


Smushie Ranch said...

Thanks for the letting us know about Guinness. Nard Sucking Aliens? That's funny!

Sally Ann and Andy said...

I'm glad to see that your baby brother has come back.
Sally Ann

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

I'm glad woo've khonkhwered the khoncept of the khone!

I guess this means woo will be able to handle a Walkin' Wednesday video!


Kari in Alaska said...

glad you figured out it was your brother so you get to roam free again!

Moose said...

Wow! You figured it out! All those intellectual stimulation are paying off! It looks like you have a lot going on there to keep you entertained while pee wee is out of commission at least. Tool time pals are pretty funny! I don't want you to get jealous and steal pee wee's cone, but... cones are actually treat funneling devices. It is like one giant mouth to catch any foodables your momma chucks at him!

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello mango its dennis the vizsla dog hay perhaps if they put the cone on bakwards it wood akt as an anti komyoonikayshun device and then ahhhh blisful silense!!! ok bye

Ziggy Stardust said...

Mango, I am so glad that things might be getting back to normal at the estate with you and Peewee. I think you should stay in and guard the cave so that these mens don't start tearing it apart and then where would the Mango sleep?

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Moose said...

OMD Mango you need to post a warning about Guinness' incident. I seriously could not bear to look at the photos and get terrible willies when I even think about it! I would love to send my well wishes to him but could not scroll any further. If you go visit him tell him that Moose and I sincerely hope the situation has improved, poor pup! *shudder*

monica said...

knock knock, who's there? Luke.
Luke out, here comes another knock knock joke !!

Great post ! .." my large yet easily confused brain." lol!!

Tama-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

We are so very relieved that you discovered Dexter in the cone, Mango!

We visited Guinness. Poor guy! We get hedgehogs in our garden and #1 is very stern about not touching them.


Molly the Airedale said...

Jarrod and Mickey are sure nutty, Mango! Thank goodness they have you around to keep them focused!
Are those wooden donuts edible?!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

The Thundering Herd said...

Wait - Dexter was in the cone all of the time? This is as confusing as a Dennis the Vizsla adventure.

Our word of the day is bedness. That picture of you sleeping showed that you had great bedness.

tula monstah said...


i think you need my supah leaf to cover your most mango-sized private stuffies...

next time just ask, okay?!

belly rubbers,

peeses: pass this onto peewee the conedog. no spying 2day- you're off the hook!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

We're glad to know that things are back to semi-normal as evidenced by the slobber dripping in that last photo.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

pam said...

We are so happy you found PeeWee! But please to keep the Nard Sucking Aliens in Master Chu Sits k?

Bobo and Meja

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Nard Sucking Aliens !!! YIKES
that is more scary than the Grinch. Glad that things are getting back to "normal" with PeeWee.
Watch that roof thingy or your dog cave could morph into... an Igloo soon.
Hey Mango, I got a really grrreat thing in my email yesterday. You would LOVE IT. Here is my email. Send me a note and I will forward the thingy to you. frankiefurter@wildblue.net

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

oh Mango--thank you for the support--we were shocked that so many people were concerned about Guinness! he is dong much better and milking it for all he is worth. hopefully that will be a lesson well learned. there is an update on his progress tomorrow. thanks again
your friends in hugeness saige and guinny

Kelly said...

Oh Mango, I am so relieved that that cone monster is gone, and Dexter is back! What a relief!

You have been constantly on edge to protect Momma from a possible cone-attack. You must be pooped.

brooke said...

Mango man, more warning next time! Poor Guinness! As much as I was disturbed by his pictures, I made it through to the bottom of his post to leave a message.
Anyway, nard sucking aliens huh? Those construction guys are pretty silly!
Glad you recognized Pee Wee finally! Now you don't have to hide out in the dog cave anymore!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Wow, on guinness. We don't know how he or his mom were able to endure that all night. We sure hope he heals quickly and feels more comfortable now.

What are those donuts for? They look a little big for dunking:) That reminds us that our Dunkin Donuts officially opens tomorrow but they are doing trial runs already. So the Momster is off to get a coffee there soon and we told her to bring back some of those tasty donuts too.

Glad the Pee Wee has returned, are you sure you are happy too?

woos, the OP Pack

Anonymous said...

Oh good to hear you finally realized it was Dexter.

Oh lord that construction sure is interesting LOL. Good luck!

Moco said...

Aliens are behind everything or so we are told in our house.

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Oh Mango, we are so glad things are improving with you and Dexter!!! Life is better when you all get along.
Thank you for your kind words!!
I did forgive my Mom. She was a sick puppy, I know.
The animals taught me how to love!! A dog was all I had when I was very young. She was my family!
I loved her so much and she loved me. Gave me love and kindness and I will love you forever!!
Have a good day, Fern

The Army of Four said...

A transmitting device for aliens!?!? Brilliant!
Play bows,

Marjie said...

I am so glad you found your brother stuck in the cone. And I hope they close your house back up right very soon. I hear it makes a mess if rain and snow sneak into your house.

And I don't think Jarrod knows much about tutoring. My brothers learn the sciences and maths and stuff, and they say there are no aliens.


Sam said...

Mango, I'm so happy you came to your senses about the cone! There was never anything to be afraid of.

Looking forward to bitey face pictures when Dex is all healed up.

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

Glad you got that whole Pee Wee /Cone Monster thing straightened out...hopefully you can straighten out those silly porch rebuilder dudes soon too!!

We are over to give our well wishes to Guinness!


BRUTUS said...

Gosh, never a dull moment there, eh? Did you at least get to sample one of those wood donuts - think they might be good to chew on! Glad to hear you didn't fall for Jarrod's goofy story!

Brutus the Frenchie

Lucy-Fur, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

Nard sucking aliens?!? We don't have any males (other than Dad, who seems to have overpowered any such aliens), so we are unfamiliar with the nard sucking aliens, but it sounds perfectly reasonable to me. I'm glad that the Cone Monster turned back into Dexter - sort of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing, huh? Hopefully those important roof sections that keep out the rain and snow will return soon!

*kissey face*

Agatha and Archie said...

Hoooo doggy those porkupine shots did old Arch man right in.. he will be out for hours....We are all caught up now.... Glad that PeeWee is back....uhmmmmm did you happen to hear like any wierd whistling noises or anything or funny languages while that cone thing was on? Just asking...Love A+A as Joey would say WTF is this weather? hot cold hot cold....

TwoSpecialWires said...

Mango. You and Mickey and Jarod have made us laugh and brought a smile to our day. Just when we needed it. We're glad things are moving and shaking about the estate. We just hope some of the missing things come back and others heal well.

BTW, if ya have a chance, send some healing supportive vibes to Snickers. OK? She's not doing so well and she could use the relentlessly huge difference we know you're good for!

Love ya big guy,
Jake and Fergi xxoo

Astrid Keel said...

bwah ahahaha!!!! nard sucking aliens! BOL! Oh my dog... i am choking on laughter!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh Mango your poor friend.Yikes!
Benny & Lily

Oskar said...

Hooray for the return of Pee-Wee. I don't have to worry about the nard sucking aliens, my Oskar-berries were removed ages ago.

Brind'Amour Clumbers said...

Hey Mango! Thanks for the update on everything. You sure have a lot going on over there.

Nard sucking aliens... I LOVE IT! Wait.....


River said...

Ahh, I don't get it!! I don't believe that baloney about aliens either!

love & wags,

Kasha said...

Angus is such a cute name. I love to hear of everyone's memories. That mango! Your house is looking great! I can't wait to see the finished product!

Sophie Brador said...

I so glad I don;t have nards to be sucked. So why did I have to wear a cone a couple of times?


doyle and mollie said...

happy to see the mango estate is almost back to normal... my baby sis arrives on saturday... *sigh* my estate is soon to be covered in newspaper and mystreious puddles... *sigh* i can feel the rising sense of chaos as i dictate this... i need a mango cave!

Achieve1dream said...

Glad you recognize peewee again. :)

Lindsay said...

Wroo, Mango! I finally got That Mean Girl to let me visit some of my fur-ends, can you believe it?? Thanks for the posting about Eduardo, I had no idea. (Because of That Mean Girl - this is just another bad thing I chalk up to her.)

We are furry happy that you seem to be feeling a bit better - and that you found Dexter! (Hey Dexter, dude, way to go on the tutoring! They didn't happen to take your leggy while you were under, I notice - and I'm furry glad to see it! Not like last time I was knocked out at the V-E-T. I was worried there for a minute.)

Anywroo, keep getting better, Mango-Man. And keep an eye on Master and those guys he has helping him... I think they are suspicious!

Brown dog wags,
Dannan and That Mean Girl

Courtney said...

Hi Mango,

We are good friends of Brutus the Frenchie and got to see your Paw it Forward package in person! You are a very good shopper and Brutus is really enjoying the goodies.

By the way, we watched some of your YouTube videos the other night. You are Ridiculously talented and Ridiculously handsome.

I have a labradork for a brother too - his name is Jaeger and he looks a lot like Pee-Wee.

Can't wait to get to read lots more about you.

Puppy kisses,
Sadie Lou

Deefor said...

Hey Mango
They should have a sit com about your house. Or maybe a reality show. I don't care if it is Dex, I wouldn't want some scary cone-headed doggy around me.

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh man...

So that's what heppened when Stanny and me got our nards well, whatever...I do seem to remember Martians...

Snickers is really sick Mango,(see Gussie's blog) and Max from SA is having surgery tomorrow...his mom is really worried...

Now we're worried too...


Scruffy, Lac and Stanny

Life With Dogs said...

In this house, it's always measure once, cut twice...

Anonymous said...

Wow! YOu concured the cone! guess what? Juno came home with one the other night. she didn't even wear it and guess what Loki did? he FREAKED OUT! guess what Wild Dingo did? she made him play with the cone and praised him for sniffing it. she held it over him, shook it at him and played games with him with it. but sometimes it still surprises him. juno didn't have to use it much. we just sprayed her catheter bandage with bitter yuck so she wouldn't lick it and she never even used the cone of shame. good thing too, cuz she's still stressed out enough, still sickie. :( she sure loves The Mango Man! Oh Yeah! Especially that last photo. You're so studly in that, it makes her fever rise. Mango Man! you give my Juno fever! ;)
Wild Dingo

1000 Goldens said...

Mango, thanks for making us laugh this morning :) We are so glad you have your baby brother back. It's unfortunate that he grew a cone, but you are such a good boy to accept him as he is!

Gracie=^o.o^= said...

I will pray that your sweet friend will get back on the paws soon. Not nice of that mean old rodent to do something bad to him.
Glad you figured out that your brother is your brother and not a cone headed monster. It will make for more fun times.
I am not sure about your construction crew. I think some of the things they say are . . . well . . . not quite right.

Deetz said...

Mango man
I think everyone has gone mad at your house...lol
My mum thinks its hillarious, but I am worried about ya man.
PS I just got word that our dear ms snickers is very sick..the power of the paw is needed, Asta made some stars.
Sorry we have not been by, but mum has not had time to help us kids.

Rosie said...

Hmmm looks like I missed a lot of goings on at your Estate while I was at my grandmaws. Poor Pee Wee - if those construction guys get the measuring wrong he will drown when it rains with that cone on. Tell him not to look up and pray for sunshine :)
Rosie Marie

Mack said...

Don't feel bad Mango, I get confused easily too!

Do those wooden donuts taste good?

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

Wow Mango! You figured it out! How clever!!
Good job us dogs don't do sarcasm huh or you might think we was all not as impressed as we really are!
~lickies, Ludo

wally said...


You house is too punny. Are the donuts what made you drool? I hope they were good; they must be mighty large to require a saw to cut them but I bet your mighty jaw would do just as well.

Also good to see that Dexter is not a monster after all. Or at least not the monster you thought he was.

wally t.

Joe Stains said...

I think Jarrod and Tanner would get along very well!!

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...


ocmist said...

I'm so glad for you that you have your buddy back, even if you can't play yet. BG says he doesn't remember Aliens, but then he doesn't remember much about losing his nards, either... Maybe it WAS Aliens! You made Gimli and Pippin's eyes about pop out of their heads and they ask you to "Please... keep the Nard Sucking Aliens in Master Chew Sits!!!" They said to tell them that they don't even HAVE any nards yet, whatever they are!