Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dexter Day - Balls (and my new trick)

This is a long post! It contains 15 pictures (mostly of ME), three movies, and a featerette. So settle in and enjoy.

The Relentlessly Huge and I won a handmade holiday ornament from Maggie and Mitch. I wanted to check it out, but momma said I was a bit too enthusiastic and hid it away for later.

Thank you M&M!

Ever since my tutoring, I have been receiving lots of new balls. I am not sure how one relates to the other, but I am always happy to get presents.

I got a big package all for me from my lovely cougar gal, Randi. Sigh... Randi.

She sent me a nice note. Can you read it? It says;

My little cublet Dexter (she calls me her little cublet, sigh),

I'm sorry you had your tutoring done - but I've sent you a replacement pair of balls - so no need to worry...

Since I'm pretty sure you didn't let RH play with your relinquished set of balls - you should take care not to let him near your new set... they just might disappear again...

Love and licks,
Your Cougar,

Not only did I get new balls, but also bully sticks and a nommy puck of cow chewie. Oh boy! Thanks, Randi.

We also got a surprise from Mack and Sally Ann. A box full of balls!

Here is our current line-up of balls. Starting from left to right;

Special extra bouncy balls just for me.

A "normal" tennis ball (we are not allowed to play with those because they are too small).

The slightly larger tennis ball that we usually play with (just so it won't go down somebody's gullet too easily).

A bigger ball from Mack and Sally Ann, and

A super sized ball, also from Mack and Sally Ann.

Let the games begin!

I waited until the RH was sun baking outside to try out my special balls from Randi. They are super bouncy and momma thought it would be fun to try them out on the slippery kitchen floor for some reason.

No problem for a quick guy like me.

Waiting for it...

Outside, we got the two 2nd biggest balls from Mack and Sally Ann (thanks for sending two).

I will admit that it was kind of hard to get my labrajaws around it, but I managed.

It was really bouncy.

Forcing me to execute some of my best ninja moves. Oh joy!

Even though that ball looks kind of large, it is no match for..... JAWS!

In fact he had the air out of it in no time. Notice how his ball is no longer properly shaped.

Whatcha doin?

Drat! He smooshed my ball too!

Actually, I couldn't really get mad at the big guy because it is much easier to carry around in its smooshed state.

But I need to maintain vigilance, lest you know who piggy baby momma's cry baby dog steal both my balls (EEEEE).

Oh, never mind. Guess he wore himself out.

Thank you for all my new balls. I love them! Here is a short ball movie. I confess to looking super extra cute at the end.

Alert readers will recall that Momma has been working on a new trick with us. Of course I figured it out on the second try. As you can see, Momma suffers from "mastiff vision" and always thinks I am much smaller than I am. That stupid box was not big enough for me, but I played along anyway. Watch me here.

Meanwhile, other thick skulled dinosaur sized beasties are not nearly as clever. All he had to do was put two feet in the box, but apparently that was too scary. You would think the box had nails on the bottom or something the way he is a big chicken to even put one foot in. See what I mean?

Dexter done!

P.S. You will have to wait to see what the RH did with that really big ball.


Niamh said...

Good boy Dexter! Great video! You do a good job jumping in and out of that box. Watch out, your momma will now try to get you to jump in a really tiny box. But if you get good cookies for it, who cares?

Your friend,

monica said...

great balls and great work with the cardboardbox trick time!! hm - I can see in my Mum's eyes she's getting good ideas... sigh...

Bundy the Bundle of Joy

Oreo said...

Here is the link to Benny.
Have fun shopping

tula monstah said...

Hey Mango.
Oocch ooh.. cover my eyes.. quick don't look..tried to watch your video but your own personal set of balls was too distracting.. hard 4 a girl to see (even if i am from brooklyn!) traumatized!

today was obviously sponsered by the letter B..

Gracie=^o.o^= said...

Wow! Lots of new ball for you Dexter! How exciting. You are for sure the champion ball player of the world. I am glad that you were not mad that Mango made your ball not round. Maybe he was trying to make it easier for your little mouth to fit around it better. The movies are great! Tell you mom we like the movies a lot and do more. Have fun playing outside.

The WriggleButts said...

Well done, Dexter. Mom says that if I was bouncy, too, we could attempt that trick. Hmm


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

HI PeeWee (A.K.A. DEXTER) This is my ADDY.
Frankie Furter Price
14980 Twp. Rd. 202 N.E.
Corning, Ohio 43730

I can't wait to go shopping for Bilbo's pressies. I don't even know him. This will be soooo fun.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I loved the fact that you took over the bloggie for the day. You did a super job. Loved the pics and videos. Balls said the Queen, If I had.... OOOOPs I don't think I was supposed to know that poem. Sorry.
Well, you sure got some grrreat ones ... in return for the ones you lost. hehehe

The Thundering Herd said...

Excellent videos today, pal. I would be careful with that getting in the box trick, just in case Mango decides to ship you somewhere.

Achieve1dream said...

So cute! Good job on the box. I just love how you slimed the camera at the end of your movie. :D


Anonymous said...

Great job on the BOX. MRH needs a way bigger box though!

We're working on walking over grated drain in our driveway rather than around it. both dogs showed fear of stepping on it. So I worked Loki first and he got it within a few minutes. June-bug is taking a big longer but she gets 2 paws on it and gets her treat.

shapping behavior is hard!

Congrats on all the new balls Dex!
wild dingo

koko said...

Great nifty movements with the ball, Dexter... and I like your box trick too... but for RH, I think he would have squashed the box if he did go in and sat. Looking forward to what RH did to the big ball.

Licks, hero

TwoSpecialWires said...

Your balls and the box trick were a great way to start off our day. Your focus inspires us. We'll go right now and focus on our food.

Happy Sunday tricks
Jake and Fergi xxoo

Moose said...

Great balls fire Dex! Quite a collection of balls there. Very thoughtful of RH to make the big one more portable for you... I guess! You are hilarious on the kitchen floor scrambling around but be careful!
OMD on your box trick! Aren't labradogs the smartest? You learned that so fast! I may try that with moose because it looks like it might force him to put weight on his surgery leg. I have seen some exercises for this purpose that are basically the same movement but they do not also result in an adorable lab in a box! Moose is on the suspiscious side and not brave like you so it might take a bit longer like poor RH! Anyways, we enjoyed your show today!

Mack said...

What great ball work!

Smushie Ranch said...

Wow guys, as always I'm way impressed by your ball handling skills!

Mango, dude. If you're balls hung any lower they'd sweep the floor. I'm so jealous...


Maxmom said...

Hey Dex'
Are you implying that it pays to loose your balls? It certainly looks like it from all the pressies you are gettings!....mmm....uuh!...No thank you! I think I'll keep mine. But you certainly look happy, my dear little dude! Take care of yourself now and I hope you keep getting more and more better by the day!
Tons of licks and goodwill coming your way!

Ziggy Stardust said...

Dexter, I feel much better for you now that you have all kinds of new balls. Wow Mango bit the heck out of them, but I am glad you can play with them easier now. Good job on the box, I hope you don't accidently get mailed somewhere in that box, maybe thats what the Mango is afraid of.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Luda said...

What'z yer Momma gonna do wif yoo once she getz yoo to stay in that boks?

Yer pal,

Sam said...

Mango! Your little brother just got that toy, and you already deflated it! IT was the biggest tennis ball I'd ever seen before you got it in your jaws.

Molly the Airedale said...

Holy moley, Dexter! You cornered the market on balls!
It looks like you've claimed the Christmas stocking for your own!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Sally Ann and Andy said...

I'm so glad the tennis balls are loved. I think there was a hole to blow them up. I hope Mango likes them to.
Sally Ann

Marjie said...

I have a duck who was just too fat. So I took out his squeaker. Momma stuffed it back in, but one of my brothers was smart enough to figure out that I didn't want it. If you make your toys the right shape, they are much more fun! I am glad to see you not being a conehead any more.


Chester said...

Ya know, I vaguely remember bein' tutored when I was just a wee pup but I never got such cool balls after the fact. I wonder why-maybe the tutor place was snatchin' alot of balls at the time and ran out.

You shoulda left your cone on and dropped a ball in it and you could see how long you could swirl it around without droppin' it. Ok-bad idea...

Chester ;0=)

Two French Bulldogs said...

Great balls a fire. That is the biggest tennis ball we ever saw in our young lives. It might hurt us. Have fun Mango
Benny & Lily

Two French Bulldogs said...

Hey mango me your address. You are my gift exchange
Benny (& Lily)

Leeloo the Fat Kitty said...

I want to play, too! I loves to play with moving things. Momma, GET ME A BALL LIKE DOGGIES HAVE, NOW!!! Momma ignores me. I love her anyway.


Lucy-Fur, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

So do you feel better now that you've got new balls? (Mom is humming some AC/DC song, but, as usual, I think she's just crazy...) And maybe if RH had a RH-sized box?

*kissey face*

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

WOWOWOW So many little time!!!


brooke said...

Wow. Those are some big balls!
Was Mango really a chicken about getting in the box? Or is he just smart enough to know that box is way too small to hold all of his handsome self?!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Dearest Mango -

Isn't there another hobby The DOH khould take up?


1000 Goldens said...

That giant tennis ball is so cool, I can't believe it. Perfect for Mango's face. You are so nice to share Dex! We love your video, when you happily wag your tail during training :)

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

the best part was reading there was going to be 15 pics of Dexter. ooooo--we loved the anticipation and settled right in

The Army of Four said...

Woo! Now THAT is a ball collection!

Lois Lane/Laney said...

Holy smokes, that ball was as big as a toaster oven!

Joe Stains said...

I am absolutely terrified of boxes, I won't even touch them. You really are so totally brave Mango!!

As for those Tennis Balls, that huge one is as big around as Tanner, do you think you could deflate him for me??

Kari in Alaska said...

tennis balls are the BEST!

Anonymous said...

Love all the videos. Wow those are some squished balls now LOL.

ocmist said...

So glad to hear that you are not lacking for balls... even IF they are a bit smooshed! BG