Friday, November 27, 2009

Wheelie Thanksgiving

Hector Wheelie here.

On Thanksgiving day, Momma and Master were invited to the home of my human brother and sissy in law. Given that their puppy, Oliver, still has a restraining order on the Relentlessly Huge, Mango and Dexter had to stay home, so I, Hector, boldly ventured forth to represent our little pack.

Mango warned me to watch out for that Oliver. I thought that was all a bit overly dramatic given how cute the little guy was (but kind of a sloppy drinker).

But then, oh, I can hardly tell you, but I must in case other wheelies fall into the same trap.

While my nephew Misha watched my brother carve the turkey, I decided to go into the dining room to spend some quality time with Oliver (after all, he is family).

We were getting along just fine, when...


Youngsters, cover your eyes!

I was engulfed by his stinky puppy jaws of doom. Do you see how one of my feet even came off my wheelie platform? That was really painful!

Look! The assault was caught on video (warning, actual puppy attack on wheelie, not for young audiences).

I was able to make my way to the safety of the dining room table.

While the wicked puppy went outside to do his victory dance.

I was too distraught to take any more photos.

In fact I went right from the dining room table into the trunk of the car and hid there until we arrived back at the estate.

Oh Mango! How good to see you. He noticed my boo boo leg right away and gave me nurturing smoochies.

I think I am getting one of those restraining orders for myself against that vicious puppy.

I overheard momma trying to setup a "play date" for evil Oliver to come to our estate. I will keep an eye on the calendar so that I can be sure to get out of Dodge when that happens.

Hector Wheelie! Over and out!


Cowspotdog said...

Oh my dogness Hector - what an ordeal for a wheelie such as yourself. I shuidder to think of that wet slobbery puppy mouth engulfing you. Thank dogness that Mango was waiting for at you home to offer reassurance and comfort.

Ms. ~K said...

Oh No, Romma took one look at Oliver and went "ga ga" talking about how we need another yellow labby puppy....Thankfully Dad said, "No way Jose!"

MurphyDog said...

boy were you lucky to have humans close enough by to save you from ultimate destruction from that evil labrapup Oliver. I think its a smart idea to get that restraining fastly as possible.

wags, wiggles & slobbers

tula monstah said...

Hector, close call. you were almost the turkey.. umm. maybe the helping hand shouldn't pull you in front of the puppy?!! not so much helping.

Happy Turkey Day,

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh Mango! Restraining order, hysterical. I thought for a moment we were going to see a headless doggy toy. A should have no problem with that since you had to deal with pee wee...
Happy Friday
Benny & Lily

Randi said...

Holy Turkey Legs Hector! That Oliver has jaws of DESTRUCTION! Luckily he didn't put a dent in you wheelie platform! YIKES!

Thank goodness you left in one piece!

Love & Licks,

ps..did you bring RH & My little PeeWee any yummy foodables from the TurkeyDay table?

Stella said...

Oliver is one beautiful Labraguy and you could all enjoy him more if instead of bringing the wheelie, bringing a wubba!


Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Poor Hector you were violated.. Sure glad you were there Mango to comfort him...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Molly the Airedale said...

OMG, Hector! How awful for you! Wait till we let Autumn know! You know that you're always welcome here if you need to get away for awhile!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

TwoSpecialWires said...

Oh dear Hector. At least the day had a nearly happy ending when Relentlessly Huge gently tended to your paw. LIke the gentle giant that he is. We'll edit this and pass the lessons learned on to the delicate wheelies of our household, and I'll stay on the kitchen counter. Far from the jaws of the live wires.

The one thing that kept it from a totally happy ending was the idea of a future play date. Wheel yourself to Colorado, if you'd like, in the event that that happens. You are welcome here, young chap.

Winston and the others

Niamh said...

A narrow escape for sure! I am glad that you are home safe with the Relentlessly Huge who will protect your from evil puppies.

Your friend,

Paco,Milo, Maya and mommy Simona said...

what a scary!!!!!
this young dogs are sooooooooo bad sometimes!!!!
Sooooooo glad you have found your safety way on the table!!!
And luckily you have Mango to take are of you when you back home!!!!!!!
Take care of you sweet friends!!!!
Mango pleaseeeee.....can you give him tons of licks to hector for us?????
Thanks dear friend!!!!
Have a wonderful day!!
We love youuuuu!!!!

Unknown said...

Nurturing kisses from Mango? Don't let the smooth taste fool ya! You may have underwent a vicious evil puppy attack but those mango jaws can fit you whole .. and with some nom nom nom. I've seen it too!


Anonymous said...

err...hector baby? not to be discriminate, but you're stuffed. and not from turkey. being stuffed around a quadruped of any kind is well, it's dangerous times my bro. dangerous times.
wild dingo

Golden Samantha said...

So sorry Hector, for your abusive treatment by the naughty Oliver. And Mango, you sweet thing, to gently welcome H. back home. R & R fur you Hector. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a buncha leftovers!
Hugs xo

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

We bet the musikhal soundtrakhk was inkhlude to khover up the sounds of the hoomans laughing at The Helping Hand and khamera holder!


Smushie Ranch said...

Geez Mango, a restraining order? The nerve of Oliver. Mom had to bust out her glasses to see the scratch on his nose.

You're always welcome over here Mango man!

Stella and Gunther

Martha said...

Oh poor little Hector! That puppy Oliver is a rascal!
He could have eaten you all up - you know what these pups are - they will eat anything!!!
Thank dogness you made it out 'alive'............
Stay safe Hector - next Thanksgiving we think you should stay home with Dexter and Mango.
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx

Sam said...

Looks like Hector got beat up this Thanksgiving.. but that pup is still cute as ever..

BTW, we agree with you about offleash dogs. A lot of them are out of control and will think nothing of running up to other dogs, and I think that is unfair for dogs like Marge who are scared by others running up to her.

Mack said...

Cocker Spaniels! Blondes! Labradudes!

It is a MIRACLE you came out of there alive little one!

pam said...

Oh Hector we are sorry for your misfortunes but yer plight did make our mommy spew the coffees!

Bobo and Meja

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello hector its dennis the vizsla dog hay oh noes!!! i am so sorry to heer abowt this vishus and unprovokd attak upon yoo!!! sumthing similar happend to flat tony wunse wile he wuz visitting us he wuz attakd and eeten by a dog and ..... oh wayt i did that ummmm forgit i sed ennything!!! ok bye

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Hmm...that was totally disturbing...and that HAND...just comin' outta nowhere like an alien!!! What kinda housiehold did ya visit? Wheelie eatin' dogs and alien hands? Sheeschsch...

Actually, I think the post shoulda been titled


You know..sorta like goin' crackerdoggie...

Um...that Oliver is one of the handsome est yella labs we've seen....he is so DATE A BELL...

SO...he makes a mess when he drinks...that's funny ya mentioned it...cuz we just did a post on sloppy drinkers or somethin' today...

So has anybody told Mango that Squeally Boy is comin' to play???


Sharpenin' his RH toofers, huh?

Kisses Hector... YOU date?


The Army of Four said...

Hector! Are you OK? I wonder... I wonder if Oliver, the puppy Jaws of Doom is related to my sister Amber -- Jaws of Steel. You wouldn't be ali... err... able to post any more if she had her way with you. I hope Oliver doesn't grow up like that!

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...

Oh my Hector!! How scared you most have been almosty getten eatan alive by Oliver. I almost got eaten by a minature horsei yesterday and the only way I escaped was hiding under the car. I thought Mommy loved me best but she let those little ponies & big horses too love all over her.

Mango, Mommy just cried when she read how loney you was but look what you got, Pee Wee and I have to say you are perfect together.

Pee Wee, you made a big decision to come live with the Rentlesly Huge but we are so happy you did. We met a golden lab yesterday named Buddy and he followed Mommy around like a puppy...hee hee.


Marjie said...

Glad you all had a good Thanksgiving. It was good that Mango and Dexter didn't visit the baby Labradork. Dinner might not have been such a happy occasion. We enjoyed Mango's puppy stories, too. It's good that Momma found Dexter for Mango. Momma is a smart lady.


Unknown said...

This was too shocking for lil me, but, for the record, I don't think they should have stuck poor Hector with the babysitting. Mango, go ahead get a restraining order for that vicious Wheelie, but going to court can be nerve racking. Why don't you just step on him instead? I may be small but I'm brilliant!


Achieve1dream said...

That was perfect music for the video! Poor Wheelie needs a restraining order now. That is some dangerous territory in the puppy jaws lair. Be more careful and always take backup!

Huskee and Hershey said...

Poor Hector!! Hope your momma managed to fix your boo boo...

See, it's good to have the Relentlessly Huge with you sometimes cos he sure can give you the best protection!!

houndstooth said...

Good heavens! That Oliver looks like pure evil! I would hide from him, too! It was such a close call for you, wheelie dude! I am ashamed to admit that my human laughed a great deal over your plight.


Sally Ann and Andy said...

We are so glad you made it out stuffed. Did you at least get any turkey?
Sally Ann

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Wow, Oliver, the little puppy, isn't so little any more, is he? Wonder how that playdate will go? Glad you made it back to Mango's estate safely after that vicious mouth attack.

Woos, the OP Pack

Kasha The Dainty Great Dane said...

Hi Mango & Dexter,

I’ve been visiting your blog for a little while and have never posted since I didn’t have my own blog but now I have my own blog and thought I would formally introduce myself and say hello. I found your blog by way of my fellow Dane friend Honey. My name is Kasha the Dainty Great Dane. I’m from Illinois, U.S.A. and I’m a 7 year old female Harlequin. I was a rescue and mom and dad got me a little over 2 years ago….I’m sure glad the rescued me! I like to go for walks, sleep, eat, sleep, do some training and did I say sleep!! Sleeping is my favorite pastime. Mom is slowly figuring out this blog thing so she’s going to try to visit you and post more often so stop by and check out my new baby blog and say hello when you have time. I’m at

By the way we just think you are a hoot!! I hope I can be as clever as you and PeeWee are with your blog.
AARF Kasha the Dainty Dane

Lorenza said...

Hi, Hector!
Glad that "helping hand" was right there to rescue you!
Oliver is a rascal!
Kisses and hugs

Kasha said...

Hilarious! Your title picture is absolutely perfect and incredible! Who is the artist/photographer here?! Love it!

The Thundering Herd said...

Whoa - Oliver is certainly getting big! Well, not beside Mango, but still.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

That Oliver is a real cutie, but we know those puppy teeth can be viscous. It's a good thing that your Mom was taking such good care of you and got you back to the safety of your own trunk.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

wally said...

That Mango is quite perceptive. I trust his judgments of character, being that he is a character himself.

wally t.

Joe Stains said...

I think you need one of those big old domes like the pope has over his pope mobile. Puppies are scary stuff dude.

Linda said...

Awwwwh, poor Hector. How is your booboo? Are you able to still wheel around the house? Maybe you can sit on Mango's back and he can haul you around, hehehe. Oliver surely needs some proper instructions on how to greet wheely kids. He sure is a cutie though.
Luv & Wirey Hugs,
Butchy, Angel Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby

Cinnamon and Mint said...

Hector, I am glad that you safely returned home!

Biggie-Z said...

Hector, are you ok?? Geez, that's a lot to go through. Hope you are recovered from all the trauma.

Lucy-Fur, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

Eeesh! That's AWFUL! All that Puppy Breath! Ugh! I'm glad that the RH was able to take care of you. But I'd definitely look into one of those restraining order thingys.

*kissey face*