Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time to Dexercize!

In my quest to whip this pack into shape, I took the liberty of purchasing this gift pack for the DOH from a place called The Firm.

Now momma has had dealings with these firm ladies in the past. She usually uses HBO words when watching their movies and refers to them as "skinny bitches" among other things which I suppose makes them kind of rated R in this house. Like me, they manage to maintain a cool and supportive demeanor even as momma hurls the cuss words at them.

So when I saw their new series I just had to get it. It has 13 disks, each with a short, 20 minute work out. Now you might say, "Hey Dexter, 20 minutes is not really long enough." But friends, 20 minutes is greater than zero so I consider it money well spent. Plus, when momma is just sitting around I can say, "Look at the clock. Think about it. In less than half an hour you will be back in your comfy chair, so get to work."

I even pointed out that she could watch the movies in the dog cave by putting them in the computer rather than venturing into the basement where she had previously, in the distant past, engaged in the aerobic activities.

Still, she requires my strict coaching to keep her on program.

I made her break out the tape measure and squeeze it around all her parts including her jolly bottom. The firm ladies promised that if I make her do the exercises and at least try to eat better that the dimensions will reduce after 30 days. I'll let you know.

Now, how about some DEXERCIZE for real? Given that I have been on an unexpected hiatus from agilities and real class starts in a few weeks, momma took me to a funballs agilities run through class.

Wow! Her handling skills sure are rusty. But check out this movie. Yeah, its kind of long, but there are a couple of golden doodles, a wee little terrier, and a fancy border collie kind of doggie in addition to me (note that I did NOT slow down the speed of the movie for the giant golden doodle - he was just very methodical).

If you fast forward to 1:50 you will see my one good run.

Dexter done!

P.S. From Momma
ARG! Contacts were non-existent and the right entry on the weave poles seems to have totally evaporated. Mercifully edited out my use of bad HBO words when we missed the weave poles one too many times. As for the teeter, well, Dex has never done well on the low teeter (which doesn't excuse consistently calling it "walkit" instead of "seesaw"). My cueing is too slow as well. Poor little guy. Even though we just do agility for fun, I do like to get it right. We'll get in shape once we're back with our old trainer. Hopefully by the end of January.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Word Bubble Wednesday - Strange Invaders

Note - The events you are about to see transpired prior to the BIG SNOW.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Monday, December 27, 2010

BIG SNOW by Dexter

Last night we got the first big snow of the season. Maybe a foot or so which is a lot to fall all at once in these parts. Needless to say, I had momma up and about to clear things off bright and early.

Then I had to awaken the RH. He claims to have had a seizure monster hangover and was moping about. But I told him that he had to put on a show of strength to demonstrate that he is better than some cowardly seizure monster. So, with momma's help, I coaxed him out into the yard for a workout.

Starting with wind sprints and if this sight doesn't strike fear into monster hearts I don't know what will.

I coached him through some balancing exercises for his boo boo leg. Note that I have successfully managed him to put most of his weight on just TWO leggies. Excellent. Like ready for the Olympics, right?

The I broke out the special snowtime fun ball and showed him some exercises to build the strength in his rear end.

OK, not bad, a bit more horizontal that I would have liked, but nice extension.

Next up, ass lifts. These are good for strong shoulders and also your abdominal area.

No, no, no, lift your big butt, you moron. We already finished the hiney work.

I suppose that exercise is too much if your ass weighs 87 pounds. I'll give credit for a nice stretch of the entire rear quarters. But might want to lower your tail a bit. We can see your smiley face.

Ruh roh, that's his I'm going to fart look. Stand clear! Guess we'll have some melted snow there.

Cuteness alert! Hehehe.

Dexter done!

P.S. I added the seizure monster be gone sign to our sidebar. Thanks Mama Lamb!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Evil Seizure Santa Pays a Call

WTF? There I was, having a nice sleep in when out of nowhere comes evil seizure Santa paying me a visit. Yuh, he liked to drag me into the wet room. A room not made for a doggie of relentlessly huge proportions such as myself.

That seizure Santa took hold of me in a most fierce and ungentlemanly manner, causing my leggies to move in ways that I did not care for. I even pushed the crapper off its placemat.

And the hand washy basin pedestal too.

I shook off that nasty chap as fast as I could and Momma and Master were right there to help chase him away. Momma even gave me some nommy ice cream to help me get my strength back.

At first PeeWee growled at me and I was kind of confused and kept sticking my snooter into corners of the estate in attempts to roust out the cowardly seizure beast from where he was hiding.

But he must have flown back up the chimney so I settled down to reclaim my mastiff energies because, frankly, I felt a bit tired.

PeeWee offered to do guard duty whilst I recovered my strength.

I wasn't bothered. He can be pretty brave in a pinch. Besides, what monster wouldn't be intimidated by a cracker labradog all barking and growling so I caught some shut eye whilst the Pea watched over me.

Don't worry. I feel fine. All rested up, a belly full of food and ready to face the day. I hear we have big snow on the way. Ruh roh.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. From Momma
Mango and Dex got up at 4 AM for a potty run. That isn't unusual and everybody did their business and went back to bed and I was looking forward to sleeping in until maybe even 6AM. It was not meant to be. I awoke at 5AM to the sound of Mango having a full blown seizure in the bathroom of all places (a room that he NEVER goes in to). His big bottom was blocking the door and you can imagine my concern with all the hard edges in there, but we could not get in and had to just talk him through it. He stopped after less than two minutes. He did seem to recover more quickly. In the past he had about an hour of disorientation, but this time he was doing well after just half an hour. I gave him some vanilla ice cream as recommended by one of our pals. Dex was afraid of him at first, but once Mango settled down, little Dex stayed very close. Well, at least it was easier to clean up the pee (he voided his bladder), but we'll keep that door shut from now on because of the danger of him hurting himself. Of course there are many places in the house where he could get hurt if he had a seizure. Given his size and strength, no telling what furniture would go flying. Yes, he did move both the toilet and the sink about 1/2 inch each which just goes to show how powerful he is. Poor guy. He is fine now. We'll just go about our day. A gigantic snowstorm is headed up the coast. Oh joy.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays!

To all our pals out in blog land, wishing you a safe, happy, and healthy holiday. Full of smoochies, foodables, and funballs good times.

If you feel the need for a holiday movie, check out this one from those engineers with kittehs.

Mango, Dexter, Momma, and Master

P.S. Comments are turned off. Enjoy the holiday!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Loot

Before I start, I want to tell you about a very special chance to win fabulous prizes AND donate a few dollars to a worthy cause. It is the holiday FUNRaiser for Brighton kitteh.
Yuh, I bid at her auction, but I won, NOTHING, so this is a good chance for me to try and win again and you can too.

All it takes is a $5 donation to the fund for Brighton and a cool photo of you enjoying the holiday season.
BUT HURRY! You only have until December 26th to get your entry in.
Read how to do it here.

About 87 days ago, I got a really cool pressie from my buddy, Bolo, because I totally won the look like your human contest. Yuh.

So he sent me a little stuffed hippo which kind of looks like him, but due to the DOH's limited photography skills, well, see for yourself.

Here is a super action photo of my playing with my Hippo. Thanks, Bolo! I totally love it.

I did let the PeeWee have a go, but not for long. Hehehe.

But whilst the midget and I were engaged in funballs activities with the intriguing hippo, momma went inside and, I kid you not, opened OUR pressies from Sassy, Buddy, and Zack ALL BY HERSELF! They were our pressie buddies in Jazzi's fun gift exchange.

Check out what we got! Mango sized bones for chewing on, two entire tubes of tennis balls, noms, and a framed photo of US! SCORE!

Momma claims that she opened our pressies because she wanted to avoid potential mayhem. Well, yes, that might have happened because that stuff is all stuff I want RIGHT NOW!

But most of it went into the dog drawer to be meted out as the stingy witch sees fit.

At least we got to try the noms.

They are little apple crispies and they even smell like apples.

Thanks, three labradogs. I got my eyes on those bones, you can count on it. They won't stay hidden away from me for long. And momma put that photo where she can see it from her favorite chair and it makes her smile which is kind of weird because you know, we're both RIGHT HERE to look at whenever she wants. Go figure.

I am waving my slobbers at you with gratitude.

Now then, since the holidays are upon us, I will leave you with this classic photo of my exciting performance in the Nutcracker with none other than THE BEAST!

Happy Holidays!

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. For an awesome holiday rendition of the Holly Lu Lu Chorus, check out this link from Ina in Alaska.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Goodbye to Miss Opy

My relentlessly huge heart is breaking.
Miss Opy has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to join her Angel Charlie.
For those of you new to dog blog land, Opy, and her brother,Charlie, were the founders of the original Dogs with Blogs.
She was an icon in blog land. A wonderful friend to Charlie and a patient sister to Benson.
I don't have words to express my sadness. Run free, Miss Opy. We'll look for your star in the sky, but our stride will be heavy.

BONUS! Mango Rap!

My pals at the Thundering Herd suggested that I, Mango, might be able to produce my very own rap song. Well, I was on that action like slobbers on a labradork. In fact, I even opted out of morning tennis ball fun to get right on it.

Check it out!

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Wordless Wednesday - First Snow of the Winter Season

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. I received this most disturbing peemail yesterday...

Hey Mango and Mango mom,
I've received a letter from Mango and it's addressed to a "Toby" and I'm wondering if it's been sent to us in mistake. If it is a mistake, I'd be happy to readdress it and send it along to the right Toby.

It appears that the DOH became dizzy and confused whilst addressing my most excellent holiday posts. So if any other doggies or fur kids out there got somebody else's card, forgive me, but enjoy because if you got something then it means you are on my list, right? And if you didn't get a card, huge apologies because I appear to have extras and yet you know who claims that we have sent them all out (counting is NOT her strong suit).

And why the heck are my fonts blue? Sheesh!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice Pressies

This just in!
Lorenza is feeling much better, but still not out of the woods (actually, that is what momma said because reading her blog I don't see that she was ever in the woods).
But she could use good thoughts to make her 100% and also that her test results come back clean.

We participated in the Winter Solstice craft exchange this year, sponsored by Tsar and the Water Dogs. Idiot mom signed us up even though she isn't crafty herself, but she did manage to snag an official craft at the work place holiday auction to send to our pals (phew).

Anyhoo, I got the most amazing hand made cape from Zodiac, Legend, and Lyric.

It covers my large and possibly getting a chill self quite nicely and compliments my furs.

Momma says I have to share it with her, we'll see about that. I LOVE it! What a wonderful pressie.

I also got a matching fleece tug toy!

Which I did NOT want to share. Does that make me a bully? Who cares?

Come and get it if you dare, squirt (momma please take note that in this photo I am using my left rear boo boo leg to the max as instructed by Dr. Linda).


Thank you again Legend, Luric, and Zodiac and to your mom too whom I am certain had a hand in producing my wonderful presents.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. I know how busy everybody is (us too) and not always commenting on posts. That's OK. We are trying to read every post, but don't have time to comment either. No worries.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sleepy Sunday by Dexter

Even labradogs need their rest.

Dexter done!

P.S. Check out the cool labtivity picture that my buddy Moose sent me. Awesome.