Monday, May 31, 2010

Mango Walkie Celebrity Sighting

Hey, wanna see Tula's version of our big date? Click here. As you can see, I did sing her my Mango love song and show her my crayon but she was so aloof that who could blame me for trying out my charms on the burned yeast mountain gal?

We have robins living in a house they built on our new front porch.

I discovered this when I went out for my morning perambulations and was most heinously attacked! Those robins are fierce! I retreated to the safety of the indoors whilst momma climbed the ladder for a closer look.

They are still very little. I guess that is why the mom and dad robins are so protective.

Well, I thought the best course of action was to exit the safety of my house via the back and I soon found myself strolling most magnificently around the estate with my momma. See what a good doggie I am?

And then look who I saw! Why, it's Pete MacKenzie from WZLX doing some gardening right near the border of my estate. Yuh, he totally has his own radio show and is some sort of personality. Don't believe me? Check it out here.

But what was he doing putting down mulch and clipping hedges? I guess radio doesn't pay well.

Momma - He lives next door, you big doofus. Actually he is quite popular and plays some good music, but I only listen to his show when WBUR is having fund raisers (sorry, Pete).

Yuh, whatever.

Naturally I was keen to meet him and given my recently acquired social skills I was amenable to a nice ear massage.

And spinal adjustment...

Lucky for me, momma had the movie running in the flashy beast. You can watch my encounter with fame by clicking here.

Did you see stupid PeeWee trying to interfere with Mango time? As if! How quickly he forgot his morning swim during which I was abandonded (note to readers, I do not go to the cement pond lest I actually find myself in the water - I am not sure I know how to swim).

Look at the little mouse who was swimming with the doofus. That mouse did not swim well, especially after it had seen the inside of PeeWee's mouth a few times.

Momma - The mouse had already crossed over the rainbow bridge when we arrived at the pool. Dexter did mouth it a few times, but much preferred his tennis ball and I was able to extract the poor thing from the pool.

The point is, that even after getting special fun shift, the little (now wet) black beast was determined to participate in Mango time. Look at his little snooter all pointing out from under the fence.

I was happy when momma told him to get back. Even she is not duped by his attempts at cuteness.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cement Pond Opening Day! At last!

Before I start, I brief story with no photos. The other day my human brother came over and I got locked inside with the Relentlessly Bad Company. Soon enough I saw them motoring to the back of the estate on the lawn tractor with a big trailer in tow. Next thing I know they are running in circles around the yard shrieking like a couple of ten year old girls and spraying the hose with wild abandon. I was sure chuffed that I couldn't join in the party. Wonder what they were doing?

Momma - Actually we were trying to empty the trailer full of dead grass and leaves that had been accumulating for almost a year. Unbeknownst to us, when covered by a tarp to bake in the sun this is a great habitat for bees. Our dancing was in response to angry bees who were quite exercised at being disturbed. He got stung on the ear and I got stung in the face (lucky for us they didn't swarm). After removing the stingers and regrouping, my brave stepson proceeded to empty the trailer, occasionally dancing off and using HBO words while I attempted to shoot the bees from the air with the hose. A fun time was had by all.

Idiot humans.

We had a couple of days of super duper hot weather this week.

While the Relentlessly Pre-Cooked opted just to bake in the sun until momma feared for his sanity, I, Dexter, kept a watchful eye on the cement pond next door, anxiously awaiting opening day when I could cool my hot labraself off and get in a therapeutic swim.

Finally, momma said it was time.

Now, friends, given that it is not our pool, I always feel that it is only polite to empty out prior to my swim.

But a little privacy would be nice...

And away we go! Wow! This feels great! As soon as I heard the word "swim" I was pawing at the neighbor's gate.

Our neighbor is a big labrafan and always has a supply of pool time tennis balls just for ME!

I've learned a few new strokes since last year... been reading up on the internet.

I am not a devotee of diving, but prefer a controlled launch from the stairs.

I can touch the bottom in the shallow end which lets me take a breather now and then.

Momma can be very cruel at times, like here, where she put the tennis ball just out of my reach. A little more umph and I could have had it.

Like my turn technique? I am ready for the pawlympics.

Of course I want to come out NEVER, but momma says that when my bottom starts to sink I am getting tired and she refuses to throw the tennis ball anymore even though I think I could go a few more laps.

Come on, just one more throw.

I don't know what the broiled beast is saying to me here, probably something like, "Wow, Dexter, you are the best swimmer ever. I really admire you."

Here is your cutest ever labradude photo of the day. I am in heaven!

Dexter Done!

P.S. Live action version available here.

P.P.S. I had my interview for a new agility school and got accepted into the intermediate class! The teacher even said that my weave pole skills were better than the rest of the class (but I need to work on my contacts as I do sometimes fly off the A-frame - OK always fly off the A-frame - at the midpoint).

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Big Date with Tula!

So I had my big date with Tula yesterday! Yuh! I bet you are all dying to know how it went, right?

Well here is an ACTUAL MOVIE of us.

Er, uh, OK, well that isn't really what happened, but it totally could have.

What we really did was walk around... A LOT! We walked around far away from each other and then we walked around closer and closer and closer until we were practically walking right next to each other! Stupid momma did not take any pictures of that because she said she was too busy! Duh. Simple minded woman.

I did find out that Tula doesn't like doggies who get too close to her bottom because she used some HBO words on me when I was about 5000 ft. away and just looked at her muscle butt. Hey, lady, if you don't want guys to look don't go shaking that booty around. Sheesh.

As you can imagine, after all that walking we were most fatigued and had to rest.

I tried to act cool by not looking at her too much.

But I did admire her when she was otherwise occupied.

Then we took turns resting. But sometimes when I was resting Tula would vanish!

Now this next bit is very interesting. I was just minding my own business when all of a sudden I got a snooter full of a most wonderful aroma.

Yes, friends, out of nowhere appeared a beguiling Burned Yeast Mountain Dog and she was all there if you know what I mean.

I immediately forgot all about Tula and began singing my Mango love song.

Now I know what you are thinking, "Hey Mango! That is kind of rude to sing a love song to another gal when you are on a date with Tula." What can I say? The Mango is weak.

I found the entire experience to be both invigorating and exhausting.

As did Tula, by the looks of things here.

But overall it was super fun! I got tons of hot dogs and got to meet Miss Tula in person and Norwood's mom was there too!

Plus I qualified for graduate school! Can you believe it? But I might not go for a while since when it is hot out they have graduate school outside and the Mango is NOT designed to be out in the sun. But momma promised we would go as soon as we can (that means paws crossed for rain on Saturday mornings).

I am a super star good doggie for sure!

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Simple Amusements with Mango

Sometimes when I am feeling bored I entertain myself by messing with the Relentlessly Huge's small and easily confused brain. One of my favorite activities is to take advantage of an open door to fool him into going inside and outside over and over and over and...

Open the door! I want to amuse my labraself.

Here he comes (please excuse blurry photos because they are all clips from video - the link for the movie is at the end of this post).

Oops! Fooled ya! It is really time to go in.

Look at his face! Do I smell smoke?

Then I give him the outside command. Follow me to fun!

Ha! Idiot! I was only faking. I really think we should stay inside.

Really, I mean it this time, come back in.

Hang on...

Did I say inside? Silly me. I meant outside!

See how obedient he is?

Well, that game is only fun for so long. Besides, I was getting kind of hungry.

The RH has been eating outside ever since our little incident. Hey! I just gave him a warning. Who wants nasty slobbers happening right next to their labraselves when they are trying to eat?

Here's an injustice for you. While the Relentlessly Spoiled gets to dig right in, I have to wait and make eye contact with momma before I can eat. Does that seem right? She is not nearly as attractive as whatever is in my bowl.


Wow! This photo is super blurry. Must be slobber on the camera, but you can still see how good my supper was. Mealtime. Gotta love it!

Dexter done!

P.S. Live action version available here.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Daycare and the Gauntlet of Doom

Daycare is one of the high points of my week. Unfortunately, they have remodeled the daycare place and now getting out to see my friends requires a nerve wracking trip down the corridor of doom.

You see, that hallway goes right past the beauty parlor which is a place I truly despise. Sure, I like being wet, but on my own terms, so whenever we go to daycare I have to be on high alert lest the grooming salon door open and suck me in.

Here I am checking with momma and bracing myself to make a dash for it.

I find that just keeping my head down and focusing on my destination helps. But seriously, I don't know why it is required for me to suffer through this every week.

Once in the safety of the happy playtime area I am able to put that hallway behind me and greet my pals. Like Jake, the big fat yellow lab.

I encourage him to run around as much as possible to work off some of that blubber.

I thought this was Miss Khyra herself at first. Especially since she spends most of her time on that rock playing queen for a day.

I had to tell momma to get lost. She is so nosy always wanting to photo me when I am busy with my friends. Hey! Go get your own friends... it's Dexter time!

I am teaching some of my more athletic buddies how to launch from the rock on to the air conditioning unit. This particular lesson was foiled by squirt bottle lady who is just outside of camera range scolding me for being something called an instigator.

Well, all good things must come to end I suppose. They use walkie talkies so when momma comes to pick me up, squirt bottle lady beeps the humans in the yard to "bring in Dexter."

Which means another trip down the hallway for me. Be brave, be brave...

See those legs behind me? That is short pants dude and he likes to herd me down the corridor like I am some big old cow. That is pretty embarrassing.

Of course there is shopping to do before it is time to go home. I am starving by the end of the day and quite put out that I have to wait to get home for my foodables when there are all these labrasized bags right here at daycare.

Drive woman! I could expire from hunger!

Dexter done!

P.S. I made a movie to demonstrate the scary hallway. Try not to be frightened because there is action footage of me playing with my friends in between my vexing trips past the salon. Watch by clicking here.