Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Open Presents - AT LAST!

You might notice me posting more this week and actually reading and commenting more too. Why? Because Momma is on VACATION! Hooray! And she is spending it HERE with ME (and the squirt, sigh). Of course she has BIG PLANS for getting "stuff" accomplished but so far all she has managed to do is clean half the house and sit around watching season four of Dexter on DVD (which I thought would be a mind numbing series on black labradorks, but I actually found kind of riveting). I am not bothered. I say, goof off, enjoy, that is what vacation is for, right?

At the beginning of the summer which was totally MONTHS ago, Jake and Fergi came all the way to the Commonwealth of Master Chew Sits.

Sadly, due to scheduling issues, I was unable to meet them, but they did send me this wonderful gift package via the Norwood Mobile transport.

The lazy old witch finally opened the package to reveal a bounty. Foodables, toys...

And little round things with our faces inside of them (yeah, there is one of PeeWee too, but don't forget whose blog this is).

Then momma showed me this fancy pants new treat bag that she got bought JUST FOR ME from Miss Kylie's pal at Cody's Creations (and if you haven't shopped there yet, get yourself over there because she has collars and leashes and stuff in all different cool patterns).

Yuh, and remember when I had my Caesar like way back in July? Well, Mack sent me an awesome get well card along with a cool sticker for my Mastiff Mobile.

Hey! Does that say Asstiff? I have been assured that the M is most clear without the reflection of the flashy beast. Well, I should hope so! Humph!

Last but not least, a strange yet curiously fun times object from Baby Rocket and Hootie just because they LOVE me! Well, who doesn't?

Can you believe the bounty that momma has been hoarding from me? Time to break it all out and have some action!

Those little cheeseburger stuffies were pretty fun, albeit smallish. Of course PeeWee was all like, "Look at me! I can fly and catch it in the air!" Ho hum, big deal.

I can catch it without moving. How about that for being a clever and athletic chap?

Hmmm.... something wrong with this picture.

Fear not, I recaptured both burgers and strategically positioned them where midgets dare not tread.

"Look, ma, I have two ba--- um, CHEESEBURGERS!"

Super Relentlessly Huge thanks to my pals for their cool pressies.

Oh wait! What action fun time post would be complete without a super movie?

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Labradog Contest WINNERS!

First off, I need to tell you that momma did the evil "mark all as read" last night so I apologize in advance for not even getting to read your posts from last week. Not fair! She promised that this week she will have more time to relax and enjoy all your adventures. Well, I certainly hope so.

Today's post is dedicated to all black labradogs everywhere because it is time to announce the winners of my black lab challenge!

Before I tell you who is the grand prize winner, a recap. Here are all your wonderful faces with the actual names revealed.

#1 - Domino

#2 - Moose

#3 - R

#5 - Stella

#6 - Sophie

#8 - Randi

#9 - Rudy

#10 - Dexter (that's ME)

#11 - Koda

#12 - Buddy

#13 - Asta

#14 - Cosmo

#15 - Shen

#17 - Mr. Magoo

#18 - Hunter

#19 - Gem

See? That wasn't so hard. We are all very different, right?

Well, apparently this was quite difficult because only TWO doggies were able to correctly identify each and every photo. It was Minnie-Moo (who sent me her votes via email so that she would not reveal how clever she is) and Mr. Magoo!

I thought I should be able to award prizes to BOTH of them, but momma said, no, only one prize.

Fortunately, our pal, Kira's mom donated this beautiful labradog ornament to the contest. Wow!
She has lots of cool doggie stuff at her Magic Sleigh web store.

So this will go to the runner up.

Are you ready?

I tried to think of the best way to choose a winner, but momma thought that since there were only two that a coin toss would be the most fair. Here goes...

Minnie Moo wins! And Mr. Magoo wins runner up! You are both clever and Mr. Magoo is handsome but that Minnie, sigh, she has the sweetest face... in fact she kind of looks... like ME!

Dexter done!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

If You Got It, Flaunt It!

Apparently some of you doggies out there become unusually shy over full out displays of your nether regions. I note that Miss Puddles even used the photoshop on her recent post to cover her little self up.

Well, I say, fi on that!

Check it out! PeeWee is always displaying his wee self.

And now, are you ready?

I give you...

FULL MONTY MANGO! Ladies get the smelling salts out!

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Totally Wicked Fun Balls at Skool!

OK, I am supposed to tell you that today, August 28th, is the final day to get your votes in for Dexter's Dumb Black Lab Contest. Sheesh. Consider yourselves told.

Hey! You know doggie skool is not just about sitting and staying and whatnot. Especially when you are in super advanced graduate skool such as my large and educated self.

Allow me to explain.

To start, you kind of have to dress up for skool so I wore this lovely tablecloth, er, I mean bandanana which I received just last week at the beauty salon.

So the first thing we did was the doggie weave poles. Now I know that stupid PeeWee is all about the agilities weave poles, but these kind are so much more fun.

All us doggies sit about whilst one weaves in and out. What a great opportunity for me to check out Tula's muscle butt. Yowsa!

Then we did something called a relay race. Yuh. The humans carry a nommy cookie on a spoon and run back and forth with their doggies and you have to not eat it or drop it or anything.

Tula was my team captain and our team was called Tula's Tornadoes! Dumb stuck up teacher's pet Norwood was the captain of the other team. I forget their name... let's just say it was LOSERS because our team WON for sure, thanks to my most speedy mastiff sprints. I was what ya call the anchor dog.

Next up, musical chairs. Now this one is kind of hard because you have to walk around and around and listen to some really bad music which can make you feel quite dizzy and disoriented.

Then, when the music stops you have to sit still and the humans all go SQUEEEEE and run to sit in a chair.

There goes Norwood...

See this wee beastie? I did not get close enough to check out his / her undercarriage, but this is the dog that won at the musical chairs.

EEEEEE! A wolf!

Tula opted out of the chair game as she was having a bad hair day. And then idiot Norwood went on strike once he found out that he wasn't going to win.

A most invigorating hour well spent.

And after? Well, you can just imagine...

You can see my live action skool movie here!

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Waiting for Bunny Snack Wednesday

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. Don't forget to cast your vote in the black labradog contest. Seems like most of my pals are too chicken to even try so at this point you could just kind of do a random match and you still might win. You don't need to be a black labradog to play. See yesterday's post for details.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dexter's Black Lab Contest - VOTE NOW!

It's time! Oh boy! Time to prove that all black labradogs certainly DO NOT look alike.

Here is all you have to do...

Below you will find photos of all of my contestants followed by a list of names. Just leave a comment matching the photo to the name and you WIN! If you want to read more about my contestants, I have listed links to them in the sidebar under my handsome labraphoto.

You only have until Saturday, August 28th to cast your votes.

In the event of a tie, I will randomly select a winner who will get a fabulous labragift package!

Note that photo numbers are ABOVE the photos... let's go!




















Dexter (that's me!)
Miss Ellie
Miss Opy
Mister Magoo

Get to work! And may the best dog win!

Dexter done!