Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WTF Wednesday - Tennis Ball El'bow

We all know how lazy my momma can be, especially when it comes to doing happy fun times things with the Mango. Well, one of the things she does when she is too lazy to walkie me or work on my mastiff moves it to play tennis ball. OK, that's tons of fun, but a few months ago she was throwing the ball and all of a sudden she went SQUEEEE! OH OW OW OW!

No big deal except that ever since she has been whining about her arm hurting. So I finally convinced her to go to the human vet.

Imagine my surprise when she brought home THIS shocking x-ray of her anatomies!

WTF? Momma has TENNIS BALL EL'BOW! How the heck did that happen?

I will say that El'bow contacted me recently concerned that his tennis ball had disappeared.

After examining the photo, I explained to El'bow that my good friend, Gravity, would return the ball to him and sure enough, he did.

Which still leaves me puzzled as to how both El'bow AND his tennis ball somehow showed up on momma's photo copy innards picture.

She says that she has a boo boo in her biceps tendon which is the same as happened to Ted Johnson... NOT! Yuh, he totally spronged his tendon trying to tackle a Mango sized dude and momma hurt herself throwing a tennis ball. NOT THE SAME! But she is all crying, boo hoo and has to go to the physical therapy which I think translates into less time for ME!

Note from Momma
Unlike Ted Johnson, who ruptured his biceps tendon, I appear to have micro tears which should recover in (gasp) a couple of months with PT, rest, and heat. The PT lady thought I was left handed because the hand strength in my left hand was DOUBLE that of my right. I told her, "Duh, that is my LEASH hand."

Yuh, whatever.

Some readers have commented that they haven't seen much of PeeWee lately.

OK, well, actually, nobody has said that, but momma told me I have been a big blog piggy so she is making me post a movie of me and and the squirt playing. You can watch it here.

Oh yeah, and momma wants to know what your experiences are with the steroids because PeeWee is taking them for a bad ear infection and he is thirsty and peeing and kind of panting and honestly not his normal ebullient self so she is worried.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. I MUST share this video that Miss Khyra sent. It is so happy making! You will see.


WFT Nobby said...

Wow, that tennis El'bow is like nothing we've ever seen here before....
Toodle pip!
PS from Gail: I had plenty of experience with short courses of steroids for Hamish's itchy skin problems. They worked a treat but always made him extra hungry and thirsty. I don't recall any panting, but the one time he was given an injection rather than the usual tablets, I found him about 2 days later almost totally comatose. When I phoned the emergency vet, she said 'oh yes, that can happen, didn't they tell you?' Luckily he came round fine later.
PPS from Gail and Bertie: we're really not sure if 'Duh' is the best thing to say to the PT lady.....

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

YIKES!! Tennis elbow - our Mom got that, but it was the beginning of a frozen shoulder - we don't want to tell you Mom how long the recovery time was on that - a bit more than 2 months - we hope your Mom recovers quickly!!

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

Sapphire said...

ouch. speedy recovery :)

3 doxies said...

OoOoOoh, my mum has an issue withs her bicep tendon too...but hers effected her shoulder and her say it hurts likes da dickens!!!!!!!!
I bets your mom could take up arm wrestling withs her left arm...hehehe!
Hope her el'bow gets betters!


Niamh said...

Sorry to hear that your momma has bad pains. Hope the physical therapy helps get the tennis ball out of her elbow because that x ray was most disturbing.

We have never been on steriods but Selkie was and it made her fanatically hungry and thirsty and she peed constantly and even had an accident in the Rally ring which was very embarrassing. Dogs can get more irritable or hyperactive and some become aggressive on steriods. Barbara had to take steriods once and she said she felt very "buzzy" and couldn't sit still so it makes sense that Dexter is panting. Hope his ear is better soon.

Your friends,
Niamh & Ambrose

Unknown said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear about your elbow! Thats funny - your leash hand, mine is the same way prolly!

Steriods - Fred has experienced them twice now for about a week each time. He was extremely thirsty and always had to pee - which was normal according to the vet. Fred is a panter and when he did the steriods he was panting heavier and his eyes were bloodshot, all normal per the vet. After about 5 days he chilled out on them. I kept him really cool and lots of cold water handy for him. Hope pee wee gets better! We now just opt for the steriod shot instead of the pills so we can get one big dose of the steriod.

Bella and Ollie said...

Hope your mummy feels better soon and she can play with you again.

Love, Bella & Ollie.

Gus said...

hope your Mom feels better soon, and so glad that you convinced her to go to the humV. Muzzer says that sainted Nigel (the dog who did no wrong) took steroids for his ears occasionally, and the side effects went away when the steroids did. We have no long term experience, thank dog for that.

gussie n teka

AFSS said...

We hope your Mom gets well soon. (Sigh) ours has done something to her knee and is very whinny. Poor Fenris didn't even get walked yesterday, although she did throw balls for him while sitting down which is pretty lazy if you ask us.

Zona said...

Oh no... I hope your mom's el'bow gets better super fast!!! Do you have a temporary ball thrower in place?


SeaThreePeeO said...

Oh no! Mango, we hope that your mom feels better soon and is back to full throwing capacity soon!

jen said...

LOL! I have never seen an x-ray like that with such detail! WTF?

I hope your elbow feels better soon, we know what you mean about the arm that holds the leash being stronger:)

As far as steriods goes what you described seems normal, hopefully when Pee wee gets to the tapered dose it will get better....or when you are all finished with the meds:)

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Holy Cow... your mom has a tennis ball in her elbow??? Did she swollow it and it migrated??? I hope she gets it out of there speedy quick and that she feels better even faster than predicted.

Corbin said...

That's some xray!!! Your momma is going to have to get one of those automatic tennis ball throwers! Hope she heals soon! And PeeWee too! No steriods for me... I'm buff enough ;-) hehehe,jk.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Gravity is a pretty reliable companion. Hope your mom's elbow gets back to normal soon!

Mack said...

I'm surprised they didn't wheel Momma to surgery immediately. Thank dog. Sending your mom loads of healing vibes.
PS: Miss Thing (AKA Paris Rain) got a steroid shot last month and she is drinking water and peeing like crazy. She's still psycho; unfortunately the shot didn't change that.

Jake of Florida said...

Strange things do happpen in Master Chew Sits... we thought they couldn't get any stranger than in Flori-doh... but apparently they do.

We hope that tennis El'Bow gets resolved into a win-win-win-win situation. El'bow gets his tennis ball back, Mango mamma stops hurting, and Mango Man gets more play time. And oh yes, that Dexter's ears get disinfected and the sterioids go bye bye.

Wirey woofs,

Jake and Just Harry

Anonymous said...

well, you know what we said about the 'roids. Loki's on them too. and he still itches a little bit. which makes me very worried. i'm pretty sure it's an environmental allergy in his case cuz he seems better after a bath.

that singing husky is making the rounds. she's getting better each time i see her!

oh sooooo sorry that your silly DOH is so whiney about her Tennis Elbow. like that's even a thing. like it's the end of the world or something. why don't you give her an arrrraagggh or two and tell her you'll give her something she can REALLY complain about instead? tee-hee...

best wishes for your DOH to stop her whinin'...

Two Pitties in the City said...

That picture of tennis ball Elbow was most shocking...and hilarious to me. Your mom is too funny.

Raymond and Busby said...

Mango, tell your Mom that physical therapy is like agilities for humans.

We're sorry the Pee Wee is having a tough time with steroids. We have no experience to share, but from what we know about Barry Bonds, steroids make you head grow bigger and your man-parts shrink. Oh, and they seem to cause you to lie to Congress too.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Nice bitey bro movie!

I hope The DOH doesn't need to stay on the DL too long -

PeeEssWoo: I really khan't take khredit it fur the singing hussy I mean husky - it khame via those khrazy Master Chew Sits khousins ;-)

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Yikes on the tennis elbow, Mom has had something like that in both her elbow and her shoulder when she was teaching - something to do with too much writing on the whiteboard. Tell Mom to do what the PT lady tells her and to take it easy.

Great play video - things are really getting frisky here too with the cooler temps - but it isn't doing much for our lawn:(

We loved the husky singer - hadn't seen that one yet.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Road Dog Tales said...

Mango Man - So sorry about your Mom's elbow, dude. What are you gonna do for exercise? You need to get her one of those Chuck-it thingys. Much easier on the humans' elbows :) Oh, yeah, she might consider some acupuncture to help her elbow get better. It doesn't hurt - really - well, most of the time. And it sure helps all of us! Maybe it's really "blogging elbow" and she needs to play with you MORE :)
As for steroids - our vet gave Aspen a plant-based one for some ear & elbow crud (that's the medical term) and it seemed to work real good. Plus, it's supposed to be gentler. It's called CG-Hydrocortisone and our vet orders it through Pet Health Pharmacy. Don't know if that helps any :)
You guys need a vacation!
The Road Dogs

Rufus and Indie said...

Ear infection? Oh noooo! Get better Dexter! And get better Mango momma!

Unknown said...

Wowser, I bet da X-Ray dude was surprised when he developed your mom's pikturs!

I hope her arms feels better with da quickness.........and your labradude brudder too!


BRUTUS said...

So PeeWee and the momma are both broken? Sheesh, Mango - you better watch out or you'll be getting your innards photocopied next! My mom says Mason gets put on steriods too, and the same things all happen to him - thirsty, peeing, tired, panting. As if a labradude wasn't annoying enough already, right?

Brutus the Frenchie

brooke said...

tennis ball el'bow! hahaha. Ok, not really funny, it sounds painful! And months to heal! Yikes!

I hated when Darwin was on steroids. She had total roid rage. It made her super thirsty = super pee-eee, but it also affected her temperament. She growled and barked at every dog we walked by (she never did that before) and was more easily spooked by random noises meaning more barking. Her fur also looked less shiny and healthy (our holistic vet said steroids stops fur growth). Even as we were lowering her doses and weaning her off the prednisone, it took a few weeks after she was done done before she started acting more like herself.
I hope Dexter doesnt have to stay on the roids too long!

Anonymous said...

Mango - first of all, thanks for the kind words regarding my surgery. Plans changed & I actually had it on Monday. I've been whimpering & whining ever since for good reason (my asst. says she can totally understand what you're putting up with....pffttt) In my defense, I was told the VET was going to fix my bad leg... well, I'm pretty sure he went ahead & cut off all 4 of my legs because it hurts like hell. I'm working on 2 lawsuits now.
I've had 2 steroid shots at different times & was super thirsty. Couldn't get outside fast enough to pee. My electrolytes got all messed up too. Bad stuff.

D.K. Wall said...

Wow, that is a BIG tennis El'bow. Hope it heals soon.

Loved the singing sibe video, but you knew we would.

Unknown said...

Tennis ball El'bow is so funny!!!!!
I bet the vet couldn't figure that one out :)

Golden Samantha said...

So, so sorry about your Mom's tennis El'bow - kind of a serious thingy; glad she went to get it checked out. We know it DOES take a lot of work and resting to get better. (You did such an awesome job of telling the story!!!)- And we super like the movie of you and Dexter playing - my, Mango - you were very active there at times! Finally, we can't believe Khyra's video - that's amazing (and very happy-making!) -
Mom - R & R!!! Oh... and we don't know about the thirsty-making part of taking steroids - hope somebuddy does...
Hugs xoxoxo
Sammie, Avalon and Mom

Marjie said...

Thor was on steroids for something, and I quit giving them to him after about 3 days. He was panting, going out for a drink every 30 minutes, and peeing all over the place. Pity's sake, he hasn't peed on the floor since he was about 9 weeks old!!! Now all of a sudden he can't hold it for the 30 foot walk to the door, because he hasn't been out in 30 minutes???WTF???? WTF'in'F??? We always had some kind of corticosteroid ear drops for infections for previous mastiffs, and they worked fine without antibiotics. Just my 2 cents' worth.

Thor says he just wants Mango's little brother to feel better!

and Thor

The Boston Lady said...

Mango I totally sympathize with poor Momma. I too suffered from tennis elbow from overuse of "chuck-it" with my Boston, Panda. I did special wrist exercises to strengthen the tendon and wore a cool "tennis elbow" brace which garnered me much sympathy. I ALSO had to learn how to use the "Chuck-it" differently.

As for poor Dexter, our old lab, Jake and our old shep, Ziggy both had to get steroids for skin issues. Lots of drinking, thus peeing. And for Jake, the labradork, pant, pant, pant, pant. It seems to be a side effect of the roids.

Anonymous said...

Mango you are just going to have to NURSE your Mom back to health. We know that you can, because we know that you have a big ol soft side!

We hope that your Mom gets better real soon!

woo woos, Tessa

Oskar said...

El'bow, get home & out of Mango Momma's arm!

We don't know nothing about no steroids, but we hope PeeWee feels better soon. Mango momma too!

Nubbin wiggles,

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Big Me's!!
Guess who's!! It's yous slightly smaller self's talking to yous selfs big selfs... hu hu's

Yous Momma's got Tennis El'bows!! Oh no!! What did 'da Sanne say?? Hopes yous Momma feels better and Big Adventures stops causing all 'dis trouble for yous alls!!! hu hu's!!

me's sing songs for yous Momma's hurt Tennis El'bows...

Hey Mango Momma 'dat in Pain
From a doggie dat belongs to Sanne

No not really... just El'bows head
Me blame Big Adventures bro instead

Ice it, soak it heat it and rest
Listen to 'da Mango he know best!!

hu hu's

Me's trow 'dat togethers and puts some bass to its!

laters big me's
Yous twinner!!
Anakin Man

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Mommy 'doesn't have experience wits steroids, butt 'dose sound like normal side effects... hope Big adventures gets betters...

Laters agains...
Anakin Man

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

OH no Mango you broke your Mom. What are we to do with you. Better watch out for the revenge!! Be on alert it there maybe less treats involved...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Ms. ~K said...

Same symptoms when Sassy was on steroids...I took her off of them...
Take care of yourself!

Kari in Alaska said...

I hope your mom is all better soon


Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Good thing Mango Momma's left hand & arm are so strong, so she can keep throwing your tennis ball with her left arm while the right arm heals. We're sure you'll keep her priorities straight: no excuses for slacking off on the Mango tennis ball throwing as long as she has one good arm.

Jed has been on steroids occassionally, for bad itchies. Same symptoms as PeeWee: panting, peeing, lots of water drinking. No change in his normally equitable temperment, however. He was back to normal within a couple of days of completing the treatment. Abby is on Medrol, which is a milder form of steroid; she only gets it every other day, but she never had any of the peeing/panting/water-hogging symptoms. Jed is a Golder Retriever mix; Abs is a Boxer/Beagle mix. Don't know if the genetics make any difference in the reaction.

Good luck & fast healing to PeeWee and Mango Momma.

Jed & Abby in MerryLand

Unknown said...

I am ultimately convinced someone has to be sickies at your house at all times. I told your momma at grad skool and she didn't believe it. Ummmm i'm very curious to the strength used on leash and tossing tennis balls to tear the bicep?!! The spy lady hasn't seen u walk for weeks! Please don't blame El'bow ha Anyways my momma works w/ people who have these problems all the time and thinks perhaps there is an accomodation that will allow your momma to perform the essential mango duties. See us at skool.

houndstooth said...

But how did El'bow get in there? That is most puzzling! I hope your mama feels better soon!


Bunny's mom here! I have the world's weakest lungs, and I have had to go on prednisone several times for pneumonia. Trust me when I say, I could drink gallons of water and I felt like I could eat every house on our block I was so hungry. On top of that, you get these bursts of energy where you feel like you could clean the entire house, but, as my doctor warned me, doing so isn't a good idea at that time. When I've had dogs on pred, I've seen the same reactions. They are constantly drinking, after me for food and to take them outside when they're on it. Since I can sympathize, I try to accomodate them to a degree.

Carrie and Waffle said...

mango- gee now I know what you mean by slobbers. Poor Dexter he look kind of gooey to me. Tell your momma to get better soon.

kissa-bull said...

poor mango mama
please to gives her our healing sugars for us kk??

pibble sugars
the pittie pack

Lucy-Fur, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

Sorry to hear about the tennis ball in your Mom's elbow - that doesn't look like fun. Mom and Dad hurt themselves so often (seriously... most people go skiing, and then go home and have hot chocolate; Mom and Dad go skiing, stop by the human vet for photocopies, and then take lots of drugs for the various owies they incur - like Mom crack two ribs last year in a NASTAR course... *sigh*) they own a 'cold laser' machine that helps heal micro-tears in those delicate human body parts. Hopefully your Mom's PT has one, and recovery will go much quicker. Mom also says that she used to have an evil (her words - although she says he was also Very Sweet If You Knew Him) toy poodle who was on steroids, and he did the whole drink alot-pee alot-pant alot cycle too. His pee also stunk something fierce...

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

Sue said...

A few years ago I tore my bicep making a grab for Tsar as he tried to escape out the front door. As if that wasn't painful enough, I developed frozen shoulder syndrome and had almost no use of my arm. I was in therapy twice a week for six months and then still had only about 80% range of motion.

My shoulder is 100% now, but that was a very painful period and doggy walking and training came to a screeching halt.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm very much sorry abouts your momma's Tennis El'bow. I dunno why El'bow would come all the way over to Master-Chew-Sits just to hang out in your momma's arm. I sure hope she doesn't have to have a Tennis El'bow-ectomy!

I'm sending her my most powerfulest brindle wishes that she gets better real soon!

Wiggles & Wags,

Kapitein Haakje said...

we just liove this post :D

hahaha its so funny
but still get beter mango momma

El'bow & Hauwii

Unknown said...

Hope your Momma recovers soon and El'bow can have his tennis ball back! :-)

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Wow thats a very poorly elbow. I hope it heals very well and soon for your mum.. Hugs GJ xx