Monday, November 29, 2010

My Date with Tula (and Norwood)

Wow! Tula totally invited me to visit her at her new estate. I figured, great, this is my big chance to be alone with her and work my Mango charms. Sadly, it was not meant to be as dumb Norwood showed up to chaperone.

Tula, Norwood, and I went on a wonderful walkie down to a big field. Here we are! Tula's mom is showing us how she prepares for take-off.

We practiced all our good dog behaviors like getting close and greeting. No problem for me. I know Norwood's mom always has the best snackies.

I found it very calm and relaxing to be out with my pals even though I was in a strange place.

Yuh, and general hanging about which is an actual activity, you know. I pee'd like everywhere to let all the doggies in the neighborhood know the Mango had been by. You can count on it.

I made an exciting movie of our funballs time together. Check it out here. Dig Nordork's mom. She thinks she is a regular Trainer Dudette with all her bossy commands. Note that I did NOT lay down when she told me to, no way. Hmmm... seems like its time to clean the camera lens again.

Back at the Tula estate, Norwood and I donned our holiday head gear for a who is the most handsomest doggie competition. Has to be me, right? I am a little elf. Hehehe.

And what of the PeeWee? He had to stay home! Look at him.

Conehead! Neener, neener, neener.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. The bidding is open in the Blueberry official fund raiser. Go here to check it out.

P.P.S. Bonus movie! I found this on the internets. Does that little Chew Wa Wa remind you of any doggie?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Estate - Transformed!

Before I start, I have to tell you that my friend Greg finally came home from Afghanistan and of course he came to see ME and tell me about his adventures there working for the NPR. He directs parts of some show called All Things Considered and I made sure that momma tuned it in to listen to his reports.

Wow, I was so glad to see him safe and sound. Welcome home, buddy.

My estate is what you might call a fixer upper of relentlessly huge proportions and it is still a work in process. But our neighbors are always excited to see what is going on with the exterior. With the front porch finished at last, I want to show off to you the transformation.

The original photo was taken just after Master chopped down all the arborvitae. They surrounded the house and obscured the windows making it night time all the time inside. Not to mention that they were all the way up to the second story and our across the street neighbors didn't even know our house was made of brick. For sure.

Here is my estate then... (I would have scanned in the photo if the DOH ever hooked up the new scanner she bought THREE YEARS AGO)...

And now!

Can you spot all the changes? I will list them for you...

  1. Second story dormers ripped off and doubled in size (yuh, like that made super sized holes in the roof and the inside ceilings all had to be torn out and whatchyercall reconfigured)
  2. New roof
  3. New windows
  4. Plastic screen porch turned in to my living room addition
  5. Fancy pants walkway (he had some help for that)
  6. There is an actual lawn instead of brown stuff
  7. New front door (the old one actually had a Monopoly board stapled up where the window used to be).
And of course my brand spank me new front porch which is very grand. Do you remember what it looked like before?

Then came demolition day and Master got in a big monster machine and smashed the old porch all up.

And Jarrod came to do the heavy work. Regular little Cool Hand Luke.

Look at it now! Wow! I spy on the humans as the go by on walkies and they are always admiring my estate and pointing and stuff. At first I thought they were maybe commenting on the fact that the Mango lives here, but now I can admit that they are looking at the Master's creation.

The porch has been 99.99% completed for some time now, but I did not want to show you until it had the finishing touch.

To whit, these pineapples.

Which a friend of ours who is a Master gilder antique restoration dude made all bright and shiny. Hey! Wouldn't everybody have gilded pineapples if they could? It makes momma smile every time she looks at them.

One of a kind, just like my Master.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. You must be going through withdrawal after all those pictures without ME. Here you go. Ladies, get out your smelling salts...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap

Whew! That was one exciting day for sure. There were so many people! Sadly, the Mango was unable to partake of Thanksgiving foodables as they were all served in the barn where Master put his workbenches together to make a big banquet table. Pea and I were assigned to guard the main house whilst the humans gorged to the point of stupor. Hey, a thankless job, but somebody had to do it.

Now sadly, once guests started arriving, momma lost a bit of her brains and totally forgot that she even had the flashy beast so if you can believe it there are NO photos from the feast preparation, consumption, or aftermath. Huh? Whatever. There will be photos later anyway (and an exciting movie).

I want to give a special shout out to all of my Thanksgiving guests.

My brother Jake who cleaned up the barn.

My sissy-in-law Shannon who gave me lots of snuggles.

My sissy Liz who worked hard the night before to help get the foodables ready.

My brother-in-law Nate who peeled potatoes and happily pitched in wherever he was needed.

My Auntie Lynn who made nommy turnips (and if I am not mistaken some pumpkin pie which is still in the cold box).

My Grandma and Grandpa who kept momma busy chatting so she would not strain her mentals.

My Uncle Gary who came from California just to play tennis ball with PeeWee and cheer at my mastiff moves demonstration.

And special thanks to my Auntie Audrey and Uncle Rick who came all the way from Maine and took charge of the kitchen and made everything just happen at the last minute (plus they sent us a most beautiful centerpiece for our dining room table).

And then there is my nephew, Misha. What an odd little dude he is. He came up on Wednesday for a sleep over. That guy kind of scares me. I mean he only weighs 30 pounds, about the same as our Thanksgiving turkey, but he attacks me whenever he comes to my estate. Seriously! I mean it! Is that insane or what?

Oh, you don't believe me? You are saying, "Mango, how could a manly dude such as yourself be afraid of a wee little cocky spaniel." Yuh, you would be scared too.

Watch an actual video of him here.


I took some stills from the movie. They are kind of blurry which is just as well since it is so horrifying to relive even through the digitals.

Look at him! He tried to rip out my large and not wanting cocky spaniel toofers in it throat.

And then AGAIN! All AR AR AR right in my dumbfounded and trying to get out of the way face!

Even scarier, yuh, he totally was howling like the hound of hell. See his little pointy head all thrown back? I figured he was summoning his minions to descend upon the estate!

Of course PeeWee was no help at all. I think he had some annoying little black dog secret hand shake with the Misha devil because Misha never once tried to kill him even when he indulged in shameless belly rubs from Misha's dad.

He doesn't even lay down like a normal doggie. He disguises himself as a dust mop, but I was on to his tricks. He did not fool the Mango, not for a minute. I slept with one eye open you can count on it.

In the morning I showed him where the best grazing lands are to try and make nice. I didn't even bat an eye when he put his black leathery lips on my tug toy.

And you know what? By the end of the day we were kind of pals. Seriously.

Well, are you surprised? Nobody can resist the charms of the Mango for long. Not even little devil dogs from the far away land of Connect the Dots.

OK, it isn't exactly snuggling, but we are actually touching.

But I can't help but think he is wondering if my leggie tastes like chicken.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blueberry Auction Info and a Disturbing Movie

This just in! The official Blueberry auction site is open for business. The link is here.
You can start browsing soon.

Oh yeah, and for those of you still trying to finalize your holiday menu, please do NOT even think of making these abominations sent to me by Jed and Abby in Merryland. Click here for a disturbing video. What the heck is a kulfi anyway?

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

How I Came to My Furever Home - by Dexter

Dexter here!

Today I am thankful to have a soft bed, tennis balls, good food (although never enough), a wonderful estate, and of course momma who always is helping me learn new things and stretch my mental energy and Master who plays tennis ball the best.

And believe it or not, I am thankful for my big brother, the Relentlessly Huge. He isn't such a bad guy and I feel very happy that I can help protect him from the seizure monster who has not returned.

It seems that lots of doggies are posting about where they came from. Me? I never met my dad, but I came from a nice family of labradogs at a place called Nightwind Labradors. I think my dog mommy kind of picked my dog daddy up at one of those dog show places and he lived in Maine or someplace so they had a long distance relationship.

Anyway, I really enjoyed living at the Nightwind place. There were two dog mommies at once and so there were 13 of us pups all playing together with our mommas and aunties and uncles.

One day, when we were just four weeks old, dog mommy said that some people were going to visit so that we could interview them and see if we wanted to go and live with any of them. I found this movie that records the day and it has my dog mommy in it! She is big and blond and beautiful like Miss Sophie. I am not sure which pup is me.

All the people were very nice and after they left, dog mommy sat us all down and told us what life would be like with the different families. She said some of us could be show dogs if we wanted and some of us could be hunting dogs like her. That hunting stuff sounded good to me.

But then she told us that there were two people who were actually not looking for a puppy for them, but were acting as agents for a doggie who was looking for a pal. She said that the doggie was very sad because when he was less than one year old his Grandpa Angus the Airedale had crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and then a year later his big sissy, Beautiful Raja, had also crossed over and now he was an only dog.

Mommy said that this dog was lonely and really needed a friend to cheer him up. She said the doggie mostly lay around the house and didn't even really want to play too much with his momma. But she also warned us that he was a very big doggie and if one of us went to live with him, we would have to be ready to be mindful of his hugeness. In return, whatever pup went to this big dog's house would have a nice yard to play in, take long walks, go to agilities, have a soft couch to sleep on, and a best doggie friend.

Oh yeah, she also said that the people who lived with this doggie had never lived with a labradog before so they might not be sure what to expect. Finally she cautioned us that to live in this house would require being very confident but also respectful.

Well, I have to say, that sounded just too good to pass up (I mean any doggie can go to shows or go hunting, right?) and I raised my little paw and said, "I choose them!"

So a few weeks later, the people came back and bundled me in a warm blanket. I rode in a car next to the man's chest where I could feel his heartbeat and I was very calm.

But... I never expected to find THIS at my new house!

Honestly, I wasn't entirely convinced at first that what I was seeing was an actual dog because he was RELENTLESSLY HUGE!

He seemed a bit confused by me as well.

He said his name was Mango, which I think is actually a fruit, not a dog, but I wasn't in any position to point that out to him

He let me in his house and showed me his toys.

And it turned out that he was actually a really cool guy! I can't say that we were best pals from the start because when I first moved in, the big guy yelled at me a lot because I didn't know the rules.

But pretty soon, he was teaching me the ropes...

How to pee outside...

How to enjoy a nice sun bake...

How to bitey face (The movie is kind of long, but towards the middle you will hear Mango making strange sounds. Hearing those sounds did make me question whether or not he really was a doggie - and our first monkey is in it - I accidentally beheaded the monkey shortly after the movie was made).

Oh yeah! He also taught me how to look fierce! ARRRRRR!

Sometimes I admit I was a little bit afraid of him; especially when he tried to get into my bunker with me...

But I have to say that Mango has proven to be a great brother and I really like living here!

Plus Momma lived up to her promises too and I get to go on nice long walkies, sleep on the couch, and go to agilities classes. And you know what? Mango secretly told me that he likes me too and he is much happier with me around than when he was an only doggie.

Dexter Done!

P.S. Poor Mango is trying to find photos of where he came from. Now I really love the big old guy and hate to burst his bubble, but I think he is going to have to go to the natural history museum to find his dog mommy or daddy, because...

Well, we all know that he may think he is a doggie, but he is actually a mutant dinosaur sized beastie!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Help Bring Scuby Home!

Friends, please focus your powerful vibes to little Scuby. He is missing from his home and his momma is very worried. I am thinking relentlessly huge thoughts to imagine him on a big adventure catching squirrels and chipmunks, but coming home very soon to be safe and warm with his family.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

The seizure monster stayed away last night and my Dexometer is no longer going off. In fact the little guy is back to disrespecting me per his usual. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. I wanted to let you know that there is a really cool auction coming up to raise paper money to help Miss Blueberry with her medical bills. Here are the details...

Bidding starts December 4th
Bidding closes December 12th

You can read details and how to preview items over at JD & Max's blog this weekend. And my pal Frankie will also be providing updates. I already have my eye on some things for momma. Shhhh. Don't tell.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Something is Up and I Don't Like It

Yuh, well the first thing that is up is that the DOH has been hogging my bloggy with all her stupid blue italicized words. What the heck? Does it say Momma's Big Adventures? I think not.

But on to more disturbing items. Twice now, I have gone about my business like a regular guy only to be awakened from my meditations most unceremoniously and feeling quite odd. Like somebody turned the lights out and turned the heat way up and messed about with my coordinations. I am told that somebody called the Seizure Monster crept up and attacked me during my vulnerable moments. WTF?

Momma even showed me a movie she took of the alleged seizure monster visiting me. As if! I know they can do anything with videos nowadays. Hey! I saw the Matrix, OK? And if they can make Keanu Reeves look like he can act they can do anything. Obviously a fake.

I was a little embarrassed to have discovered that I wet my bed. The Mango has never ever peed inside. Even when I was a baby. How did that happen? Then to make matters worse the evil witch rubbed me down with ass wipes. Yes, you heard me, ass wipes. I mean the rubbing part felt good, but come on already.

And PeeWee? He is as moody as a little girl. One minute he is all growly at me and the next he is practically sleeping in my bed!

Does this look like a sane dog to you?

He also is sporting what I consider the most ridiculous fur trim ever. Momma keeps putting white powder on it. That's why it looks so funny. I think he is sorry he asked for that fur cut because he is always trying to rub it off. The DOH says he better stop it or he will get coned. Now THAT would be scary.

I'll tell you what else. Things are really BORING around here. All I hear is, "Oh, Mango, you need to take it easy" or "Mango, I don't want to walkie you today and stress you out." Stress? Huh? Sigh. Gone are the halcyon days when I went to funballs skool with TM and Norwood. Check out these action movies from our last day of class.

First me and Tula in a RACE! Can you hear her flirting with me? Roo roo roo. Watch it here.

Then me and some labragoon. He is no match for my speed. Watch it here.

And finally getting ever so close to the lovely Tula herself. I can tell she likes me. Watch it here.

I am most appreciative of all your good thoughts because I really don't know how I can defend myself alone if this cowardly seizure monster is going to come a calling when I am in dreamland.

Oh yeah, and I am supposed to clarify that the special vet, my good friend, was to give attentions to my large and not well gaited bottom but I am not even going to get to visit her now because momma is all like, "Oh Mango, that long drive and all the poking and prodding is not good for you right now so I will just call your regular vet, OK?" Well, not OK, because I know nice Dr. Rogers was aiming to give me a full body massage and my regular vet is just going to want to steal my blood and whatnot. Plus she doesn't even have handicapped access and I am forced to haul my large and not wanting to go up and down stairs self, well, up and down stairs. For what? To get my DNA removed for their black market Mango based products?

And don't even get me started on visiting my friends. Sometimes I can get some computer time whilst momma is at work, but for reasons which I do not fully understand it is harder for me to log in when I know she is super busy at the work place. Must be my empathetic nature. And when she gets home? Well, I can't complain about that part since she is snuggling with me instead of reading bloggies. Sorry, pals.

At least I got to play tennis ball a little bit this morning.

Look at me go!

Actually, we both played tennis ball.

To be honest, I felt a bit fatigued after just a few tosses. But I discovered that it is quite easy to enjoy a game of keep away from the PeeWee from a recumbent posture if the proximity of the tennis ball is correctly aligned with my large and jaws of doom with an alarmingly long reach self.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Seizure Monster Strikes Again

Thank you so much for all your comments. Your words mean so much to me and I know that Mango is feeling all the good vibes coming his way.

Mango spent a relaxing day at home with the Master. He was happy and his old self and even played tennis ball. I took PeeWee to the vet after work to get his hot spot tended to (he was a big baby about it and even the vet couldn't get it totally trimmed up). Yes, Dex should be wearing a cone but that's just more than I can handle right now. He did come home with magic powder to apply 2-3 times / day. Hopefully it will relieve the itch so he doesn't bother it.

After coming home and doing some tidying up, Mango, Dexter and I were just settling in the dog cave to read some blogs when it happened again. This time it lasted about a minute and a half. Mango was not as disoriented as before, but still paced for over an hour before settling down. He is very clingy and wants to be near me. If I even go to the bathroom he is howling outside the door. Looks like another night on the couch.

Right now, the thought of leaving him alone tears at my heart. I would appreciate words from those of you who have had seizure dogs. I know that I can't stop my life to be with him, but what do you do to ease your mind when you have to leave your dog? Of course I worry that it will happen when I am not home.

My understanding is that the big concern is that he will hurt himself or that it will last so long that he overheats and it damages his organs. Even almost two hours after the fact his ears are still hot. And he was very hot immediately after. His jowls were inflamed and he was panting heavily.

I tried to take some photos earlier tonight of the boys together. None of them came out too well, but I am including one anyway.

Poor little Dex got tossed unceremoniously out the back door when Mango's seizure began and I left him out there until Mango started to show that he recognized me and where he was. I had the presence of mind to close doors and turn on lights. Mango still managed to bang around the house and get into corners. Dex was confused too and a little growly when he came back in, but not too bad.

I'll be canceling Mango's scheduled trip to the special vet. His less than perfect gait is not really a major concern right now and I don't want to stress him out with all the poking and prodding that will likely be in store for him there. I'll consult with his regular vet in the morning.

Paws and fingers crossed that the next post will be from Mango himself reporting that he has kicked seizure monster ass and is back in action.

Mango Momma

P.S. For some happy making reading, check out the next installment of Roo's big adventure featuring none other than the RH himself. Read it here.

Mango had another seizure - by Mango Momma

Many of my our readers live with or have lived with seizure dogs. Me? I had grown complacent as Mango's first seizure was some months ago, but last night he had another one.

First, I want to tell you that as of now, he is perfectly fine and resting comfortably after enjoying his breakfast. Last night (or I suppose this morning) I was awakened around 3AM by little Dexter running into the bedroom (usually a sign that Dex is having a potty emergency). As I staggered to the back door I could hear Mango moving and initially thought he was just dreaming, but something sounded different. I turned on the lights to see him in a full blown seizure, foaming, thrusting his legs, and having emptied his bladder. Dexter wanted OUT and I was happy to oblige.

Focusing on Mango, I realized that I had forgotten just about everything I learned about seizures when he had his first one. Everything except to stay away from him and talk to him. It couldn't have gone on for more than 30 seconds after I got up but it seemed like forever.

He eventually stopped and lay there, quiet, then brought his head up. He responded to the sound of my voice and after a minute or two got up and started staggering around. He was very disoriented and frightened and did not want me to approach. I turned on all the lights in the house. He was pacing from room to room and even going into rooms like the bathroom and bedroom which are off limits. This made him even more frightened as he found himself trapped behind the bed or falling down on the slippery bathroom floor. I would find him and call to him. He responded by approaching, but wanted me to walk away so he could follow and he stayed several feet away from me. I just kept talking to him and turned away which seemed to calm him a bit.

This went on for about 20 minutes during which time he drank a ton of water. Dexter came back in and was very growly. He did not want Mango anywhere near him. For the next 40 minutes Mango continued to pace. Eventually he would come over to me, but when I reached to pat him he shied away. Finally he seemed to be coming to. He went to sniff Dexter and Mango's tail, which had been firmly between his legs, was wagging, and Dex held still but did not growl.

Around 4 AM Mango finally settled on his bed and I settled on the couch. Two hours later, we all woke up and everything was as if nothing had ever happened. Now he is resting and his bed cover is in the laundry and the Clean and Green is doing it's work on the carpet.

I tried to write down the details of yesterday, but nothing out of the ordinary. In fact it was a really good day. He had an excellent walk, did some training, enjoyed a bone, played tennis ball, got cuddles, and took some naps.

I will note that Dex has been growly with Mango for the past several days. Could it have been something he sensed? And last night, Dexter would not settle down for bed. Mango was in his usual spot in front of Dexter's couch, Dexter would get into bed, then jump down and come to me, but not really want to be patted, he just couldn't settle. Did Dexter know what was coming? It certainly would not be unheard of.

Of course this has negated the sweet smelling guy I brought home from the beauty parlor on Friday. Mango is pretty stinky having peed himself. I still need to figure out how to fix that problem since the outside water is turned off and all we have in the bathroom is a tiny shower stall and if Mango is in the bathroom there isn't room for anybody else anyway.

My plan is to take my cue from Mango and continue as normal. He seems fine, so I have to be as well. Go to work, come home. Little Dex has developed a hot spot on his face. I will need to take him to the vet to get that clipped since it is all oozy and nasty and needs to air out and I can't get him still enough to do it myself. Might need some antibiotics as well. Hopefully not a cone since loyal readers will recall that Mango is terrified of Dexter in a cone and thinks he is a monster that must be driven from the estate. Sigh.

I do remember that the emergency room vets, regular vet, online forums, and readers all said that until seizures become regular occurrences, there isn't anything that can be done medically. His last seizure was on a Thursday night around 10 PM, this one on a Monday morning around 3 AM. Nothing comes to mind that would have triggered either one. I had thought the original one could have been brought on by eating plum pits from the yard, but that is unlikely to be the case this time. The plums and their pits are long gone.

Don't be worried if we don't post for a couple of days. It won't mean anything bad is happening, just that we are busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. Since Mango is already scheduled to go back to the special vet tomorrow night, I will likely get more advice there. He will be seeing his good friend (and mine), Dr. Rogers who transferred to that practice from our regular vet and I know that I can talk to her (unlike odd other vet who was a very good doctor to Mango but not such a good listener or communicator for me).

Hug your puppies and spare a good thought for Mango. Here is a happy making photo of him I took on yesterday's walk.

Mango Momma

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Training Update, Walkies, and a Couple of Other Things

My friend, Roo, is in big trouble. His mom turned him into a cartoon and I went to help him, but, oh dear, you really have to just read it for yourself here.

Loyal readers know that the PeeWee has enrolled in something called Beyond the Leash. Whatever. I'm not too bothered except that momma is making ME do HIS homeworks. Most recently some ridiculous "activity" called "leave it" where you are apparently supposed to ignore hot dogs falling from the sky. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I made a movie of our trainings. Watch it here.

Did you see idiot momma wearing her coat inside? Yuh, because she is LAZY and forgets to take it off and what about her hair? Oh the horror.

Now normally Sunday is the housework day, but since we have guests coming on Thursday for the big gorge fest, momma decided to kick back and just enjoy hanging out with us and leave the dirties until Wednesday. Sounds like a plan to me.

First the Pea had his woodland walkie and Momma says, "NO MORE WOODS WALKING UNTIL IT SNOWS!" Cause she totally was pulling ticks off the little dude even though he uses the Frontline. Ew!

What? Does he think he is a pointer or something?

Now, let me tell you something about my walkies. I used to think that I only had to be a good doggie at school and let me tell you I am a most excellent student.

But funny thing is, I am kind of getting in the habit of being a good boy whenever my leash is on. So sure, I still feel the need to yell at joggers who run too fast or weird neighbors, but I am getting more and more relaxed.

Look at this! I am so far from home you can't even see my estate!

A Mango sized tree for some peemail, yuh!

And check this out! I went all the way across the scary turnpike bridge! Wow!

Friends, it is with a heavy heart that I must encourage you to boycott the Trader Joe's groceries. Yes, I know they have tons on nommy foodables, but it appears they have gotten on the bandwagon for black market Mango based products. Alert reader, Khyra, sent me these actual photos from a recent trip to said establishment.

Things are still kind of busy here at the estate what with momma trying to get all her work place stuff done AND get ready for the Thanksgiving, so bear with me if I am not my usual witty and blog reading self.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. I am going back to the special vet this week so I made a movie for her to watch how I run. If you want to see it too, just click here.