Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Movie Matinee (pre-recorded)

Well, we are back to pre-recorded postings as momma has returned to the work place having survived the worst of her boo boo back. So here is a short, funballs movie that I put together of my labraself in the snow.

And for those of you with more endurance, here is a shockingly long walkie movie with the usual spine tingling narration by the DOH. In this movie, I walk, I pee, I look cute, and I search out foodables in the snow banks. But if it is too long to watch, I understand. Gosh, I was there and even I got bored listening to her drone on.

Dexter done!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Silent Sunday - Too Much Snow!

Dexter done!


Check out this cool award that Team Beaglebratz sent over. Sure, they said it was for "Mango and his Momma" but clearly that is a typo. I think they meant "for Dexter who is doing a fab job running the blog all by himself without any help from the Relentlessly Huge OR the DOH."


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sleepy Saturday - Couch Fail

Evil witch thinks she can keep me off MY couch while she washes my blankets. Think again.

Dexter done!

P.S. Please send my good pal Butchy some healing vibes as he was visited by the evil seizure monster this week. Seizure monster be gone!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

That's Right! It Snowed AGAIN (with an exciting movie)

Can you believe it? Another foot of snow last night. This is unprecedented. Check it out. Here is the observation deck pre-shoveling. Hard to know where the deck ends and the snow begins.

Lucky for me I was able to locate the big red ball and convince momma to throw it a few times, but it was tough going even for an athletic dude like me.

See? It's over my head! Good thing I am easy to spot or I might get lost!

Momma is feeling somewhat better. She went to the doctor yesterday and was told she has a squished disk and to take twice as many anti-inflammatories and to not do anything for at least three more days. But she did walk about in the snow a bit and helped make a movie of our funballs action. I even got the RH to actually move.

Dexter done!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Terse Tuesday - Stupid Training

Snow, snow, snow, and more snow and wicked pissa cold and I have total and complete cabin fever. Idiot mom attempts to provide exercise by doing "training" in the dog cave but sometimes I am confounded by what she wants. Go over, go under, roll over, whatever, just give me the hot dogs. Listen to that cackling! Ish! And please try to make a video that is more flattering to my sleek and muscular labraself. This one is so grainy. Like a surveillance camera monitoring illicit acts.

Dexter done!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shocking Sunday

Anybody else follow along with the folks at Improv Everywhere? They are pretty clever humans and one of the things they do every year is the No Pants Subway Ride. Yup, you heard right, the No Pants Subway Ride.

I tell you this, because the event takes place in New York City which is just south of here for those of you needing geographical assistance. And New York City also happens to be the home of Miss Asta, BFF of the BEASTIE.

Usually Beastie rides up to our estate on her broomstick for Mango Minster pre show action, but this year she got locked out of the funballs and was feeling a bit sour grapes about the whole thing. I understand she was all set to crash the party, but her flight was cancelled in NYC due to the big snow (thank you big snow).

She's been crying her eyes out on Miss Asta's wiry shoulder and I guess in an effort to cheer her up, Asta suggested, well, see for yourself.


Photo by Asta

Dexter done!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pressies from Our Kitteh Cousins

Wowie! We got some really great pressies from our kitteh cousins all the way in the redwood forest of California.

They even sent a message

Mr. Mango and The Labradude,

Please accept our apology for this late holiday gift. Of course, you being dogs and this being food, it may not matter all that much...

Those Who Must Serve Us seemed to have surpassed our already low expectations by sending the first gift to the old manor that fell into enemy hands years ago. We have taken action to make sure this will not happen again. It's amazing how effective a few rotting mouse heads can be when placed where their clumsy hands cannot reach.


Popcorn and the Panther Sisters


A little holiday tree stuffed with noms!

Figures, he gets his first.

What? Just a little crumb for my labraself? Are you kidding me? Just wait until lights out. I know where the stash is.

Can you believe that measly little crumb I got? Momma claims I already had a whole cookie, but I don't recall that at all.

Having never met my cousins, I asked if they could send photos and some words about themselves. I understand that my Uncle Gary found the Popcorn kitteh frozen solid in the woods, but he was able to thaw her out and she is quite fierce. As for the Panther Sisters, well, kind of scary. Here are their actual words...

We really don't approve of having our photos taken, but at times we are forced to follow the hideous will of Those Who Must Feed Us.

Note from Popcorn - As a connoisseur of all that is huge and excessive, Mr. Mango should appreciate the Panther Sisters frightening rate of growth. It (they appear to be a single organism) is only one year old, yet has a combined weight of almost 30 pounds.

The Josie-thing almost crushed Karen as her vast belly is being serviced.

Only one part of the Panther Unit has ever been observed awake at any given time, so it's obvious they share a single catbrain.

I don't know why they even bothered giving them separate names - I can't tell them apart.

Note from the Panthers - Just ignore Popcorn's bad attitude - she's a grumpy old biddy who was born over 15 year ago, which we think was near the end of the Pleistocene ice age.

Pippa still remembers how the father of They Who Must Feed Us had such a gentle touch (not) when she was a just a kitten.

As you can see, the Son resorted to a similar technique just to take Josie's picture. The Panthers will exact their revenge.

The Cats

They also included this photo of the Popcorn kitteh communicating with her alien friends.

Thanks for the noms, kitteh cousins, but maybe it is a good thing that you stay far away from the estate. I am ill prepared for visitations from weird resurected from the dead 200 year old predators or giant mutant two headed lurkers who could crush me in my sleep.

Dexter done!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ammy's Wish for Kindness and Humor

Oh my heart is breaking as I bid goodbye to the wonderful Ammy
Now, Ammy was very clear that she does not want lots of crying eyes in blog land. She was always a happy gal and told some really great jokes, so her request is please, do not be filled with sadness, but rather follow the words from her mom;

"just be nice to someone. Cheer someone up. Show some kindness. Do it when no one is wathcing and don't tell anyone. That is the spirit of my Ammy and one of the most important things she taught me"

So that's what I am going to do!

Walkie Wednesday - Prerecorded

Here we have an unremarkable movie of walkies from SATURDAY which is comprised of three minutes of us, well, walking, along with mind numbing narration by the DOH.

I apologize in advance for the fact that it contains footage of the Relentlessly Uncouth doing pee (not to mention that because he moves in slow motion, he got more minutes in the movie than I did).

Did you see the size of our recycling bins? I am proud to say that ours is usually full up on trash day while our regular trash barrel barely has enough to put out. Yup, all green, all the time.

Dexter done!

P.S. Here is a current report. Yesterday we had rain, sleet, and snow. Good news is that Master figured out how to get the snow blower into the back yard and he widened all the potty paths and momma got home from work early and cleared the deck. Bad news is that momma hurt her back trying to build a dumb snowman and everything is now a sheet of ice making navigation near impossible.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Big Snow - Gosh, this is getting dull

I was hoping to be able to post something more interesting than "black dog with snow" but somebody has been very negligent with the flashy. Not to mention that I continued to be forced to pre-post my writing because THERE IS NO TIME during the week.

So here goes and I will tell you that these photos are all from Friday, January 14th, so who knows what it might really look like outside by now.

The town did a super job clearing up after the big storm. Here I am showing off one of the big snow banks on the street. They even sort of cleared the sidewalks (but not enough for the RH).

I've really been missing my tennis ball, but the evil witch says, "No tennis ball until the snow is gone!" Something about them getting lost and then the Relentlessly Clueless finding and eating them.

So I have to make due with the super sized tennis ball which isn't all that much fun but at least it doesn't get lost.

Mango has decided to boycott the yard altogether, leaving momma running like a mad woman around the potty paths with him in pursuit as a substitute for actual exercise (now wouldn't you like to see a movie of THAT)?

The deep snow doesn't bother me terribly, but it does make you know who grouchy because it is over her knees and I force her to come venture off the paths in order to give me proper playtime.

Sadly, the poop deposit pile is all the way in the back and I have yet to convince anybody to make the journey, so the potty path is getting a bit, er, full...

Dexter done!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Mango Minster Entry

Hey, it's me, Dexter!
I am outside playing with Miss Fiona. You can read about it here.
I now turn the blog over to one of the other residents of the estate.

Hello, my name is Stuffed Kitteh and I live at the Mango Estate and this is my formal entry into the kitteh category at Mango Minster.

I spend most of my time in the toy basket to avoid having Master trip over me and boot me across the room whilst using HBO words.

But I also enjoy checking on the neighborhood.

And napping in the sunshine.

It is unclear whether I am a boy or a girl. Is that important?

I get along with my brothers really well.

We even play together.

Oh that Mango, such a silly guy, always trying to see if I will fit in his mouth.

But at the end of the day, we are all good pals.

See what I mean?

Respectfully submitted,

Stuffed Kitteh

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Movie Matinee Saturday - Therapy Ball Progress

With the dark, cold and ice, we frequently substitute training in the dog cave for evening walkies or other funballs activities when momma returns from the work place.

The other night, she turned on the movie camera from which she extracted these blurry, but informative still photos.

First of all, I am a bit miffed that momma's dog RH ALWAYS goes first. What's up with that?

And he is determined to poke his gigantic bottom in the camera.

So he finally learned to put his entire front end on the ball. Big deal.

And then he gets stuck like this! Fool!

Momma has to knuckle him sideways otherwise he would be there all night.

Apparently I am still a bit overly enthusiastic about the big red therapy ball and I am always getting momma handled when attempting to perform my athletic dives on and off.

I CAN balance on it if I want, no big deal, but really, who wants to stay still for more than two seconds?

Bonus is that I have a bit more mental endurance than you know who (he is very fatigued in his brain after just a couple of minutes). So we work on other stuff.

To whit, pulling out RH's step stool. Having watched him do his Dumbo pivots, I figured all that was required was to put my front feet on the thing. WHERE ARE MY COOKIES?

But it was soon revealed that I was supposed to lay down with my front end on the stool. Not really comfortable and kind of pointless if you ask me, but let's face it, knowing there are hot dogs behind her back will lead me to do just about anything.

Are you ready? Here is the super action packed video.

Dexter done!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Double Header - BONUS Big Snow Movie

Guess the lazy moo won't be picking up those poops anytime soon.

Speaking of poo, if you have some time on your hands, take a look at Tula's post today. Talk about a Relentlessly Huge dump. Gross. The things you see on the internet.

Check it out! I can FLY over the snow. No worries here.

Dexter done!

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Field of Poo

I don't know what you were expecting what with the neglect and cavalier use of Mark all as Read that is going on around here lately. I think with the big snow, the lazy sow just figured she would pick up poo in the spring.

Dexter done!

Monday, January 10, 2011

It WAS My Birthday

You know how the RH said I could take over his blog while he is off doing his dumb show? Yeah, well did he also tell you that yesterday was my birthday? I bet not. Not only that, but I am supposed to remind everybody to put a google reader link on their list to Mango Minster so that they don't miss any of the "excitement."

So here I am, reporting to you that yesterday was my third birthday and we did NOTHING.

Not only that, but momma said, "Dexter, let's post the photos from last weekend when Tula and Norwood came over and pretend it was your birthday celebration."

Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one grounded in reality around here.

But in order to keep the peace, I AM going to post from that visit which was, let's see, now 8 days ago and if you are so inclined, you can pretend it is my birthday celebration.

First of all, the RH and Tula went for a walk in the woods together with Norwood as chaperon.

Photo by Norwood

Here they are. Mango hoping to get a little closer. I could hear him howling his love song to her all the way back at the estate.

Photo by Norwood

Let's cut to the good stuff. While Tula and Mango retired to recuperate from their lethargic stroll, Norwood and I made a bee line for the back yard to work on our funballs agilities.

Fun Aunt Dee volunteered to setup the jumps. Raise that bar if you don't mind.

Here I am showing my style off to Norwood. Nice hang time, don't you think?

Not bad for a beginner.

Camera suck up. Don't let that sweet face fool you. He was all over jumping cracker dog earlier on.

Our good dog shoot. Note that we are both good sports about the whole thing even though we were forced to lay down IN THE FREEZING COLD MUD and try to look adorable.

Here is the super funballs movie.

I thought my jumping was so impressive I made a slow motion version you can watch here.

OK, I'm off to pretend that I got something for my birthday.

Dexter Done!

P.S. Norwood actually remembered my birthday. At least I have one friend. Well, more than one because several of you sent me good wishes for which I am very thankful. Norwood posted more about our funballs day on his blog here.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


YES! It is here! Bigger and better than ever. MANGO MINSTER 2011!

All the thrills!

The spills!

The glamour!

The adventures!

And the aliens? Huh? WTF?

So go visit the official Mango Minster site right away to read this year's rules and regulations and don't forget to add it to your google reader.

And with that, I bid you farewell for the next months whilst I assume my grand poo bah responsibilities. The Pea has been given my blogger passcode, oh help us, and I am trusting him to keep you posted on the day to day activities at the Mango Estate.

Here I am informing him of proper blog eat a cat. Hehehe. Does he look like he is listening?

Mango Man! Oh yeah!