Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shameless Commerce Division

Now the Mango does not typically enter photo contests except for those sponsored by DWB (and even then only when certain DOH's are not feeling lazy). However, I noticed that the folks at Orvis were having a cover dog / fund raising thing and I could not resist because;

  1. The dollars go to doggie cancer research which is totally a really good cause and
  2. I am sick, sick, sick of seeing idiot labradoinks on the cover of their dumb catalog.

So I set to finding just the right photo. Momma chose this one because she says it is so cute who wouldn't love it? Bah!

Then Pea says, "oh use this photo because it is a sure winner." Yuh, like kind of missing the point there, little dude.

Personally I think this is one of the best portraits of me ever but momma said that it wouldn't win because not everybody is enamored with my big dog slobbers. Whatever.

So we compromised on this one. Nice, neutral background. No slobber, no lipstick, and certainly shows off my handsome mastiff face.

Now to vote for me you have to donate $1. You get one vote per dollar so for, let's say, the small sum of $87 you would get 87 votes. How cool is that?

If you are on board just click on this link and then type Mango in the keyword bar to find my handsome self.

Thank you for your support.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. Sadly, voting is only available to folks in the US or Canada. Sheesh.

The Starving Mastiff Redux

Thursday, July 28, 2011

PSA from Mango Momma

Mango momma taking over the blog briefly to share a review of my recently purchased dog ear thermometer. I had previously used the classic rectal thermometer which has plenty of drawbacks as I'm sure you're aware. Not the least of which is that with Mango if you don't maintain a tight grip, you could lose the darn thing (almost happened for sure).

Being able to take your dog's temperature is very important. Often if a dog is displaying off behavior you might not think it is time to go to the vet, but if you can detect a fever then you will know that your pet is really sick.

I poked around on Amazon and finally selected the Pet Temp ear thermometer

It worked great! Very easy to use and the dogs don't mind it at all. Of course they are both used to having their ears handled and cleaned. One note is that this does not seem suited to smallish dogs. The probe is a bit large.

I made a little demo movie so you can see how easy it is to use. The movie is kind of long, but Mango and Dexter are in it, so that should help with the entertainment value. Watch it below or click here.

Mango Momma

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sing Along with Mango

Please visit the beautiful and sweet Lorenza and send your good thoughts. Not only is her mom sick, but there are some really scary things going on and she could use your support.

Also, Jazzi's mom is having the surgery again today (something about her innards being where they oughtn't) and Miss Jazzi is a little worried about her.

So momma helped me make a new love song movie and then I posted it on Facebook because idiot Pea wanted to use the blog, but you can watch it here.

Not bad, but that isn't the best part because check this out.

Winston decided that he wanted to do a duet with my large and previously always singing solo self and I have to admit that I love the results. He has quite a vocal range and his lovely baritone compliments my counter tenor quite well. Watch it here.

Wasn't that glorious?

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Doing my Exercises on a Hot Day by Dexter

It has been totally wicked pissah hot here forever! See that thermometer? Sure it only says 90 degrees, but that is late in the day and in the shade for goodness sake!

What's an active guy like me supposed to do to stay in shape?

Well, I suggested we break out my balance ball. What a super workout! Check out this movie. I am getting much better. Pretty soon, momma might not have to hold the ball in place, that's how talented I am.

Dexter done!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Some Updates on Pals and Puppy Playtime with Dexter

If you can send some doggie zen to one of our dearest friends, Miss Penny, it sure would be appreciated. She is suffering from the arthritis and having a difficult time getting about lately.

I am also sad to share that Dennis the Vizsla's little Trouble Kitteh crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. That is really sad as she was the only thing standing between those big clumsy dogs and total mayhem. Not sure how mama and dada will manage without her.

On a more cheerful note, Miss Daisy survived her tail shortening and even though her tail is orange now, I think she will be glad not to always be suffering from those happy tail boo boo's (I am told her nub is only temporarily orange).

And our buddy, Fred, got some good news from the vet that he is a pretty healthy guy, so all paws crossed that the evil seizure monster does not visit him again.

Hey! Our good pal, Jarrod brought his wee little puppy over to meet ME!

Gosh, he looks just like a mini Norwood.

The RH was not allowed to come out and play. Why? Because he is a fool who alternates between mugging and stepping on puppies. That's right. Our poor nephew Oliver got squished so badly he had to go the the vet and then the RH got all grouchy and cut the poor little Oliver in the brains with his big toofer. You don't believe me? Well you can read all about it here.

But that is neither here nor there because I know how to behave. Since Rocky is only 3 months old I knew that he would be a little intimidated by my labraself, so I just played it cool with him.

I even made a movie of him enjoying MY estate.

I hope he can come back again soon. It can grow tiresome having nobody to play with other than the relentlessly moody.


Dexter done!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Date with Cinnamon - Conclusion

Mr. Fox appeared to have gone into his little hidey hole. No worries, as we just so happened to have earth dog extraordinaire, Agatha, along for the ride.

I was starting to worry about about Cinnamon's mental health as she appeared, shall we say, a bit intense over the whole state of affairs.

In fact, one could go so far as to say she had developed an unhealthy obsession with the capture of the fox who near as I could tell was kind of minding his own business at the Susie bar before Miss Cinnamon' incident.

Miss Agatha dug as only a terrier can, but came up short. All she could find was this crumpled piece of paper coated in eau de fox.

Can you read it? "Having fun with cracker dog Nutmeg?"

What does it mean? Who is Nutmeg? And what is that oddly familiar symbol on the bottom?

Well, no worries here. I considered the whole thing a grand adventure and once Cinnamon got her eyes back in her head, so did she.

Agatha took the subway home. Chrome dropped Cinnamon and my large and really needing a nap like I mean it self at the Mango estate.

Whereupon, we collapsed into a contented heap to recover.

Chrome seemed kind of tired so I called Dennis to fly him home, along with Cinnamon, on his private jet. Always a nice ride. Looks like Cinnamon had a little something for Chrome in her shopping bags.

The Mango had the best time ever, yuh... dancing, almost eating, and an exciting trip through the countryside. I will miss little Cinnamon for sure.

And what of that mysterious note? Could it be that some doggie played a trick on the Mango?

I find that hard to believe, but one can never be too sure...

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Date with Cinnamon - Part 2

Let see... where did we leave off? Oh yes, Cinnamon and I had just finished a most exhausting yet strangely exhilarating time break dancing with some totally rocking dogs.

Well, of course that led to the pangs of hunger, right?

Cinnamon suggest we go to something called a Susie restaurant. Never heard of such a thing, but being a gentleman, I obliged.

Then, a most curious event transpired.

Upon the arrival of another patron to the mysteriously name Susie bar, Miss Cinnamon underwent some sort of disturbing transformation.

She leapt from her seat in a rather unladylike manner leaving the Mango to wonder if this was some sort of odd New Zealand form of dining in which one is deprived of foodables.

What is a Mango to do?

Well, as luck would have it, who should appear but my good pal, Chrome along with, huh? Miss Agatha? Talk about your odd couple...

And we were away!

I sure wish Chrome had brought a saddle or maybe even a chariot because let me tell you that bouncing around on top of a horse is not the most comfortable state of affairs.

But what regard had I to a small pinch in my nether regions as I felt it was of utmost importance that we pursue Cinnamon on her odd and confounding chase.

Not sure what compelled Chrome to take the difficult route. One would think a tempered canter about the far end of the wall would have sufficed.

To be continued...

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Date with Cinnamon - Part 1

Before I start I am sad to have to share with you that the evil seizure monster visited my buddy, Fred. It might not be on his blog yet, but his mom posted it on his facebook and they could both use your good thoughts.

Friends, I need to tell you that momma hit the big old mark all as read button today without even looking so you'll need to let me know about any important news.

But it was so worth it because she helped me process the photos from my big date with Cinnamon! That's right! An event so big, so relentlessly huge, that it needs to be told in three parts. Today, I give you Part 1.

I am kind of embarrassed to admit that I accidentally fell asleep on my observation deck and totally missed Miss Cinnamon's flight arrival. But she is a resourceful gal and how wonderful it was to come to from my meditations and find her already situated on at my feet. She is so adorable!

Now Cinnamon's mom had packed lots of nice outfits for her, but for reasons that are unclear to me, she insisted that our first stop be the shopping mall where her plan was to hand over large bags of cash in return for some more, shall we say, date appropriate items.

Who is the Mango to argue, right?

About 87 hours later...

Hot momma! Yowsa! Right fellas? Look at the gams on that gal.

Given that Cinnamon and I are both most accomplished dancers, our first stop was the dance hall. She had scoped out stuff via the internets and selected a sedate ballroom setting.

Friends, can I make a confession? That ballroom dancing, while providing for upright snuggling opportunities is.... BORING! The Mango was like totally almost asleep on his feet. Not to mention that it appears to attract a questionable element.

I detected the sound of a possibly more entertaining party in progress.

"Miss Cinnamon," says I, "let's take a break and go see what is going on down the hall."

YES! Total score! Now this is what I call a dance party. The Mango wants in!

Can you dig it? Oh yeah!

Now, I promised Cinnamon's mom that I would not discuss my nards during my time with Cinnamon, but seriously, those pants! Surely they were not meant to contain my mango-ness with any degree of comfort.

So with a relentlessly huge RIIIIIP I tore that outfit off, tight pants and all and that wild, disco crazed Cinnamon followed suit and we found ourselves doing all out nekked break dancing!

Woo hoo!

Yuh, for sure, like you never knew I had the moves, did you? The Mango is nothing if not versatile.

To be continued...

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

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disco crowd scene courtesy of Miss Asta

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Slobbers on Saturday

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. My hound pal, Cleo, came home from the vet yesterday, but it is still very much day to day with her. Please keep her in your thoughts.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Starving Mastiff

Oh please is it dinner time yet?
Can't hold out much longer.
Foodables.... must have.

And what the heck is idiot PeeWee's bowl doing on my Mango nommy raised food do hicky anyway?

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

POTP Needed for Hound Gal Cleo

Friends, I would appreciate any good thoughts you can send to little Cleo. She has bad sickies that happened fast and has robbed her coordinations and stuff and had to spend the night in the hospital. Let's keep our paws crossed that she comes home soon.

Please visit her here.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Super Labrafun with my Nephew Oliver!

Some of you might recall that a little over three months ago, momma and master bought a sad little house with the notion of rehabilitating it. Well, Master has been spending all his time there, along with some of his tool time buddies and it is ready and waiting for its new inhabitants. If you want to see the before and after just click here.

Me? I am waiting for some humans to fall in love with that little estate and hand over a big bag of cash. Maybe I will get some noms or a sporty bandanna or something. You think?

This morning I took a trip to visit my nephew Oliver. He is two years old already which makes him almost as old as I am.

Of course the first thing two handsome labradudes like us do is..... TENNIS BALL!

I'm faster! Neener neener neener!

He's been practicing his Tae Kwon Do moves with his boxer buddy, Hank. Kind of took me by surprise.

The best thing about Oliver's estate is the pool is for labradogs only! No slobbers!

Ah, this feels great...

Wanna see an action packed labramovie? Click here or watch below.

Dexter done!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Daycare Day by Dexter

You know how momma is always threatening to cut back on our blogging time? Well this time I think she means it because she starts her new job at the work place on Monday and she says it will mean getting to work earlier which eliminates our morning tour of blogland. Uh oh.

In the meantime, I made a movie of my daycare day. I would include still photos for you slow internet readers but we are still quarrelling with Apple over the removal of still frame export from iMovie (bad Apple, shame on you).

Sorry that you didn't see too much of me playing, but there are so many black doggies that idiot momma sometimes has trouble finding me in the pack.

Note to self... get momma to clean the slobbers off the camera lens. Gross.

Guess I wasn't the only rock eater there because they recently put down Astro turf instead of those nommy rocks they had. Makes me that much hungrier when I get home.

Dexter done!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Terse Touch Me Tuesday

There I was, minding my own business when I feel a weird, alien tingle go through my large and not wanting cooties self.

Ew! MOM! Make him get his stinky feet off of me! I think I'm going to hurl.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. Hey, you know that elk neck chewie the evil witch took away from me? Let me tell you that chewie messed with the Mango. No doubt. I was like totally farting so much that the paint started to peel off the walls and then my poop shooter turned into a missile launcher. Yoiks! So not worth it. And now momma is threatening me with just rice for supper since I kind of got up like three times last night. Oh, and as predicted, Pea's rib bone showed up right on schedule.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day by Dexter

Dexter here trying to clean up the blog after that alarming outburst yesterday. Don't worry, as momma has a big day planned of dog fun, housework, and yard work, I doubt she will have the time to get grouchy at Apple for taking away her freeze frames.

In honor of the day, here is a labradorable picture of me when I was just six months old. Can you say SQUEEEEE?

I'm planning to spend the day in the optimal cooling spot. The RH doesn't fit here, hehehe. But this is right where a lot of the coldness from the AC falls and you can bet that I am all about that.

Dexter done!

P.S. Momma confesses that she should have let the RH eat his big old elk neck bone, but she can go freak-a-zoid over the weirdest stuff. What can you do?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Momma is MAD (and a couple of movies)

Hoo doggie! Momma is pig biting mad right now, watch out!

She upgraded our iPhoto and iMovie recently. Yesterday she discovered that iPhoto made it a total pain to add and search on keywords. OK, we can live with that. But today she found out that they killed the easy export of still frames from iMovie. Uh oh.

Seems the only way to do it is export an entire movie via QuickTime which dumped about 300 images (I kid you not) that each had to be opened separately and after looking at about 100 of them she went total mental fits and deleted them all.

She is so mad that she is going to SHUT OFF the computer after I do this post. That is REALLY MAD!

So regarding my date with Cinnamon, I think we all better wait until she has a chance to cool down. That might take a while...

On a happier note, I do have a couple of movies. First one you can watch by clicking here of idiot PeeWee jumping over my large and hardly qualifying as an obstacle self. Is that dumb or what?

Next up, we get our weekly chewies. Note that momma did NOT call this video meaty bone or recreational bone or any other title that might attract the wrong kind of traffic to our YouTube. Hehehe.

I tried part of an elk neck, but the evil witch decided I was eating it too fast and took it away from me. Boo hoo.

Here is the movie. It is kind of long because momma was all like the keyboard was on FIRE and did not want to take the time to edit.

Happy Fourth of July to all my American pals. I don't think I'll be posting tomorrow. I expect you know who is going to be mad at Apple and our computer for a day or two. Sigh.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

This and That by Dexter

Ever notice how the humans claim there are rabbits all over the place when you can't see them? Momma is always shouting at me, "Dexter! Get the rabbit! It's right there!"

Then they will suddenly materialize all hopping about. Where did they come from? Momma says I just can't see them when they are sitting still but I find that hard to believe.

Hey! Remember the turkey? Well it is there ALL THE TIME now. Momma thinks it is a she turkey but how she has surmised this without wrestling the poor creature to the ground and flipping it over to check it's unspeakables I am not certain.

Hmmmm... can you say, "trash day?"

Whatever, it reminds me of the RH. Moving deceptively slowly yet always just out of reach.

In other news, momma signed the final paperwork on her new job at the work place. She says it is a GOOD thing because;
  1. She will work on hardware instead of boring software.
  2. She will learn exciting new things.
  3. Hardware humans are even geekier than the software type so nobody will notice if she wears the same clothes to work two, three times per week (why go to the closet when there is an outfit handy on the floor).
I think it is maybe a BAD thing because;
  1. She will need to get to the work place earlier because apparently these super geeks are early risers.
  2. She will need to bring the work place home with her sometimes and that means less time for ME!
  3. She will be working in a cubicle which she has not done for over 30 years which will be a what you call, emotional adjustment.
Of course since nobody asked me, the deal is done so I am resigned to less Dexter time.

And what of the RH?

Apparently busy competing with momma for the ugly toe nail championship. Ick.

I know you are all anxious about his date, but with momma's mentals being donated to the work place she says it will take some time to process the photos from the big event. Sure, I know what happened, but I'm not telling.

Dexter done!

P.S. Apparently there are still enough mentals to make dorky movies that take advantage of my patience with her photographing that dumb turkey. She now always walks me down the same street to see if that turkey is still there. BORING! Click here to see what I'm talking about.