Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Little Button Nose

My buddy, Bert, recently put a photo of himself which showcased how enormous, how relentlessly HUGE his snooter is!

I mean, just look at that thing.

Seriously, your nose is so big I bet you can smell tomorrow coming.

Whereas I, Mango, have what one can only call an adorable little button nose.

Aw, look at me. Don't you just want to give me a big old smoochie?

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Monday, September 26, 2011

POTP Needed for Gizmo

The Mango's heart is breaking today having learned that my buddy, Gizmo, was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. He is only seven years old and a happy dude enjoying life with his brother and sister, Bart and Ruby. His family is going to make him as comfortable as they can and help him on his final journey when it is time. Please visit him here.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Big Foot - EXPLAINED!

Well, my BigFoot sure has been a mystery to both momma and vet lady as it seems of late to get smallish and then biggish, but never quite normal.

Yuh, like it will totally look exactly like my other foot and then, for no good reason, the next day it is bigger again.

Thankfully, alert reader, Tessa, suggested I install a spy cam to determine if there was possible skullduggery going on whilst the Mango was in his meditative postures.

Sure enough, the very first night, this SHOCKING photo was captured.... complete with subtitles (that is one great spy cam).

Oh evil one! I should have known that pointy headed devil was at the root of this mystery.

Well, my friend, two can play at that game.

Nodoggie messes with the Mango and gets away with it!

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

WTF Wednesday - Thursday Hapless Mastiff Edition

This shocking video was brought to my attention via one of momma's FB pals.

Did you see that? Some poor mastiff just minding his own business when pshyco Bambi comes along and totally spins him into some undignified Cirque du Soleil move. As if!

In other news, after returning almost to normal, my BigFoot is bigger this morning and momma is all in a tizzy. Not scary totally WTF big, but bigger than it has been. Fear not, it doesn't hurt me at all.

And, I am happy to report that Miss Khady is feeling quite chipper as evidenced by this photo of her mom visiting her at the hospital.

Now if you are going to have bad sickies, it is good to at least have the kind that don't make you hurt. So it is certainly happy making to see her smiling, but she is still very ill and her time with us is short, so continue sending your good thoughts her way by visiting her here.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rainbow Bridge and POTP

My dear friends and alert readers. It weighs heavily on the Mango when my pals take their final journey over the Rainbow Bridge. Momma says that bidding farewell is part of life and that I should remember all the happy times and try not to be sad. But it is not easy for my large and caring so much self.

Thus it is that I share with you the crossing of Miss Cleo over the bridge.

She put up a good fight, but her little hound body betrayed her and she made her final journey yesterday.

You can visit her here to give your support to her family.

And dear little Khady is in a very bad way. Continued support to her and her family is appreciated. Her momma is so sad and I know she is reading and gaining strength from all of your comments. Her momma visited her in the intensive care last night and Miss Khady was happy to see her and feeling pretty well, but the prognosis is grim.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Power of the Paw Needed for Little Khady

Oh friends, please send your healing thoughts to beautiful Khady.
She is just a baby, only three years old, and developed a sudden and devastating infection that is shutting down her kidneys. She is in intensive care and things are moment to moment for her.

Khady! The Mango's heart is breaking. Sending all my Relentlessly Huge thoughts to you. Please get better.

Visit her blog here.

A Big Birthday and the Mystery of the Dining Room Table

Before I start, I want to wish the beautiful Miss Lilac happy sweet 16th birthday!
What a remarkable gal. Visit her here to send your good wishes.

The naming of the dining room table remains a mystery to the Mango. For sure I have only ever seen actual foodables served on it during big holidays.

Most of the time, it is a repository for an odd assortment of this and that.

Take, for example, this recent photo showing Momma and Master's hats (always at hand lest they get actual sunlight on their aging skins), idiot PeeWee's harness and flexi-leash, and the odd dismembered hand.

Mind you that with the exception of the very occasional fine restaurant dining with real live other human beings, my momma never, never, never eats dinner. Of course if her jolly bottom is any indication, she consumes plenty during the daylight hours.

Master? He's a Trader Joe's microwave foodables kind of guy.

So what's on your "dining" room table? Put a photo on your blog and let the world know!

Oh yeah, here is a random photo of my large and having deep thoughts at all times self (actually, I am gazing at the totally hot alien border collie gal next door and getting that tingly feeling in my nards ....)

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dexter the Wonder Dog

Ever wonder why a toy that is so unremarkable that it passes for a piece of furniture for years...

... suddenly becomes fascinating?

Watch on YouTube here.

Dexter done!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WTF Wednesday - Dog Door Fail

Every summer it's the same thing...

I say, "Hey, Master, how about installing a dog door so the Mango can let his large and wanting to go out when he wants self out."

And every year, Master puts this sorry excuse for a dog door up.

You're saying, "Hey! Mango! What's the problem? I can see from this high speed action shot moving so fast you are almost a blur that it is quite convenient for exiting to the Observation Deck."

Heck, even PeeWee figured out how to use it.

Yuh, but try coming in. Back in. I'm here like,

"Hey Master! WTF! I totally am shoving this lame-o doggie door with my large and resembling a battering ram head and it is seriously NOT moving!"

Look at Pea! He scoffs, "Mango! You are just not doing it right."

But he is a FOOL!

He flings his labraself at the dog door making a most annoying crashing sound and still it does not open.

Help! We are trapped outside! Surely this is abuse! Call the animal cops!

What if something bad happened while we were out here?

What if something happened most especially to ME?

I could have a needing to go inside and lay down on my double stack mammoth bed emergency!

And while I have your attention... WTF is up with the deck chairs all lined up like little soldiers anyway? Makes it near impossible to position myself thrillingly close to the edge of the deck. For sure. Gets momma's heart racing to see me lounging out there with one leggie draped carelessly over the edge.

You would think what with Master all strutting around calling himself a Carpenter dude he could get an operational door installed at the estate.

But Nooooo! I bet that stupid project foster whatever house has doors that work. As if!

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fun With Weave Poles by Mango Momma

That's right!
At last, here is my very own Mango Momma introduction to weave poles.
At almost seven minutes, it is kind of long, but grab a cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy because it is chock full of information, color commentary, and, of course, Mango and Dexter!

Warning! It gets kind of LOUD at 5:30 so be ready at the volume controls.

To watch on YouTube, just click here.

Monday, September 5, 2011

WTF Wednesday - Special Labor Day Edition

I know it isn't Wednesday. You think I'm an idiot? So sue me.

Yesterday I went back to visit Vet Lady so that she could take a gander at my less big but still swollen foot.

I, Mango, am most determined to know what the heck is going on. So I say, "Hey! Vet Lady! What's the deal?"

Thus ensued a most distressing conversation;

Mango: "So, Vet Lady, what do you have to say?"

Vet Lady: "Well, I can tell you that you do NOT have an a robe tick infection."

Mango: "Huh? A few too many articles in that sentence. Wanna run that by me again?"

Vet Lady: "I said, it is NOT an a robe tick infection."

Mango: "Like, seriously, did they even teach you grammar at vet school? Are you trying to say I don't have the robe tick?"

Vet Lady: "No, you don't have that. And it isn't a robe tick, it's an a robe tick."

Mango: "Dammit! There you go again."

Vet Lady: "It could be an an a robe tick, but the tests won't show that."

Mango: "What what what? An an an an a tick?"

Vet Lady: "Mango! Are you stuttering?"

Mango: "Me? I'm not stuttering you crazy lady! Just trying to figure out what the heck you are talking about. Could you say it straight up?"

Vet Lady: "It could be an an a robe tick."

Mango: "WTF? Do you even hear yourself? And what about the the the the fungus?"

Vet Lady: "There you go with the stuttering again. Are you sure you feel OK?"

Mango: "I feel fine. As if! But I'm thinking you might need some therapies."

Clearly I was getting nowhere with this stuttering article obsessed whack a do.

Then she says, "Oh Mango Momma, I want to take Mango in the back room and photocopy his leggie." Yuh, like I'm going anywhere with HER! But momma totally abandonded me and I went into a dark scary place where all the vet techs were waiting wearing lead aprons.

I'm thinking, "get me outta here" because WTF with the lead aprons? Some kind of new exercise regime?

Then I go into a different room and momma is there and crazy vet lady comes back and they are all looking at this photo and talking about it as if it is an actual photocopy of my large and not looking like a bag of bones leg.

Check out the alleged letter "R." Are you freakin' kidding me?

Gah! What a fake out! And momma is going to pay dollars for that?

To top it all off, I was feeling a bit parched and look what they give me!

I had to get this sorry excuse for a water bowl topped off three times just to take the edge off my large and needing to stick my head in a bucket thirst.

So at the end of the day, friends, I confess, the Mango felt a bit dizzy and I was most eager to return to the safety of my estate, you can count on it.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. From Mango Momma... not an aerobic infection. Possibly an anaerobic infection. His ankle and toe were still swollen so an x-ray was in order. His bones look nice and healthy. Phew. Still waiting for the results of the fungal test. Mango was very brave and it only took two techs and vet lady to get him to put his big old paw up on the x-ray machine.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Trapped with BigFoot by Dexter

Friday, our pal, Jared came over with his mini-Norwood, Rocky. I figured, good times, right?

WRONG! Because the RH is NOT allowed to play with puppies. No problem? Well, except that momma says "oh, Dexter, Mango is so stressed being in the house and he will feel better if you are inside with him."

WTF? I have to suffer because BigFoot is a clumsy, grouchy oaf who bounces on puppies and tries to fit them in his jaws of doom? NO FAIR!

Look at him. Fool!

And what's up with Jared wearing his road crew visible from a distance of 87 miles shirt?

To make matters worse still, just seeing that puppy made Mango feel a hankering to experience the crunchy, furry sensation of a good chomp on yours truly.

You feel sorry for me, right?

OK, in the interest of full disclosure, I did get to play with Rocky and actually we took turns being in the yard so that the RH's head wouldn't explode or anything. Even still, just not always easy living with such a temperamental cry baby momma's dog, let me tell you.

I made a little movie you can watch here. You know, I used to embed my movies, but sometimes when I use the YouTube music, the embedded version doesn't play right. Weird.

And to what purpose was Jared here anyway? You tell me. And does he know that even though he says his name is Jay Rod that it is spelled Jar'd?

He and Master labored all day long outside and near as I can tell the only result is this pointless leggo log box with dirt in it.

Dexter done!

P.S. Bigfoot is less big than before and is starting his second week of the antibiotics.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dogs with Blogs is Back!

Something really wonderful happened recently for sure. The original, the one and only Dogs With Blogs web site returned! That's right! DWB is back and better than ever!

What is DWB you ask? Just about the bestest web site ever for us dogs to get together and have total funballs is all.

Let me tell you a story...

A long long time ago in the year 2007 I was surfing the internets, looking for some mentals stimulation. As I was wont to do, I put Airedale Terrier in my google search given how I kind of missed my Grandpa Angus sometimes and one day I found a link to this.

That's right, it was an actual blog written by an actual dog. And not just any dog, but Bogart Handsome Devil himself!

Jackpot! I couldn't wait to read his new posts and see what he was up to. And you know what else? I found out that he had lots of pals. Yuh, lots of other cool awesome doggies who were writing their thoughts too.

"I want in!" Says I.

As luck would have it, Master gave Momma her digitals flashy for Christmas that very year and along with Bogart's help I started my very own blog. Look! Here is my first entry ever!

Back then, momma was kind of blogger challenged and my photos were tiny. Huh? Check it out. In my youthful days almost no grey furs on my snooter.

I didn't get many comments. Nope. But I kept plugging away and sure enough, other doggies found me. Like Maggie and Mitch! Hey! Are they eating macaronis? I want some!

And they told me about this awesome web site called Dogs with Blogs where all sorts of blogging canines could meet up and share adventures and have contests and holiday card exchanges and even let their humans communicate with each other.

Well, you can bet I joined spit spot and before I knew it I was meeting all sorts of wonderful doggies from all over the entire world for sure!

And momma even made pals with some doggie humans. A bunch of them came to my estate to admire my large and handsome self. Well, who wouldn't?

That's not all. Because DWB had lots of fun contests each and every month. Yuh. PeeWee and I won Awesome Photo of the Month for this exciting bitey face action shot!

And Hector Wheelie won Awesome Post of the Month for when he went to work with Momma!

And in 2009 I got the highest honor possible, the prestigious Awesome Blog award. That was like one of the biggest thrills of my large and lasting over six years life because it was voted on by other doggies with blogs and they chose ME!

DWB was started by Ping and Benson's humans. They started it in honor of their wonderful labradog, Charlie.

After he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, his sissy, Miss Opy

kept it running, but when she passed over the bridge their hearts were breaking so much that they could not keep DWB going and it was so sad for all of us.

But now Ping and Benson are in charge and DWB is back. It is totally like better than FB or Twitter or sometimes even blogging itself because everything is there forever for sure.

When you visit DWB, click on the PayPal button in the left hand margin and send a dollar or two, OK? Because it does cost some bags of cash for those guys to have the hosting and bandwidths and other digitals stuff required to bring you DWB.

Hey! Check out my large and sporting a few grey furs self! Handsome, eh?

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. My big foot is NOT an aerobic infection which does not surprise me in the least given that the only aerobics I do is head butting idiot Pea out of the way when he thinks he can get snuggles from Momma. But we still don't know what it is. I am going back to vet lady on Sunday for further consult.