Monday, July 30, 2012

Seizure Monster Visits Beastie (and I am MAD)!

This is an outrage! This is beyond words! The Mango is INSANE!

That Evil Seizure Monster dared to visit The Lacie Beastie!

How many times has nurse Lacie sprung to the side of ailing pups in blogland? Lookit! Here she is helping me to recover (in a rather artlessly photoshopped fashion I might add) from one of my many adventures. The Mango might have died!

How could the Seizure Monster even THINK of wrestling with the buttocks of steel?

Or the jaws of doom?

I always thought I hated Beastie. Yes, it is true, but when Lacie's Mumsie told me she had a seizure I realized, oh gasp, I LOVE her! 

The Mango LOVES the Beastie! There, I said it and if feels so good.

So I am asking my buddies to add their good thoughts to mine to keep that Evil Seizure Monster away from her for good. I MEAN IT! 

She has not posted about it, but you can visit her bloggie here to leave your thoughts.

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

POTP for Miss Emma and Another Pal Over the Bridge

My friend, Miss Emma, could really use some POTP.
She has been feeling very poorly and is not eating her foodables.
Miss Emma is a beautiful and extraordinary senior Great Dane gal whom you might remember as a strong contender in the Adventure Animals category at Mango Minster 2012.

It breaks my big old heart to see this vivacious pup struggling.
You can visit her here.

After 15 years of rule, King Toffee is now with his brother Max. wielding his paws of doom across the Rainbow Bridge.

Run free, my king.

You can visit his family here.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Let the Games Begin!

Hang onto your hats, because the Blogville Olympics are underway! Woo hoo!
Pea and I have entered several competitions and I believe we are strong contenders for gold.

I cannot wait to watch all the events. 
Check out the torch lighting ceremony (and some bloopers) here.
And the parade of athletes here.

I have disabled comments on this post to give you more time to enjoy the show. 

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

P.S. Send my pal, Tommy, your good thoughts as he is in surgery today. You can visit him here.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Still Handsome After all These Years

The Baby Mango.

The Mature Mango.

Damn, I'm handsome. Can you stand it?

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Adventure Walkies

I'll be honest. When it comes to walkie routes, "adventure" is not the first word one would apply to yours truly. Why? Well, because like momma and the RH, I am inclined to enjoy revisiting the same places over and over and over and.... well, you get my drift.

But every now and then, I, Dexter, do enjoy a bit of an adventure and I was excited to see that my usual walking route was about to become very exciting.

Do you think you can handle this, momma?

Whoa! Look, ma, no sidewalk! I'm walking on dirt! 

Too bad it didn't rain. Then it would be like a mud slide.

I'm not clear what is happening specifically, but I did note that it appears that NStar installed an invisible fence to keep their worker people off of every body's front lawn.

Any NStar guy passes the flag and ZAP!

They sure meant it when they said "proceed with caution." Yikes! It is like an agility course.

I hope momma can navigate these cones without toppling.

Here I am channeling my inner R. No, not exactly the Rockies, more like the Granities, but one can dream.

I think I can see my estate from here!

I couldn't wait to tell the RH all about my big adventure, but he was spent from going to get his nails done and not the most attentive audience.

Mango! Wake up! I went in the danger zone and lived to tell about it. Aren't you impressed?

Wait until he wakes up. I bet he will ask to go on the adventure walk as well, but I know momma won't take him because he would be scared. He might be big, but he is not brave like me.

Dexter done!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Yelling at Momma

Video evidence that Momma is just no fun during training time. When she asks me to do something I don't like, I go in for the body slam. Pity that she has learned to avoid my Relentlessly Huge assaults. 

Not to mention that she has so many rules about when to get a cookie for retrieving. 

The Mango is NOT a labradoink. Sheesh!

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Landscaping Supervisor Dexter

Alert readers might recall our buddy, Jimmy, who has been spotted at our estate and Master's project houses on several occasions. 

I'm getting married right there. You know it!

As it turns out, in less than a month, Jimmy is getting married right here at our estate.

Sadly, yours truly has been excluded from the festivities and scheduled to spend the day at camp along with the RH.

Despite the sting of this unfortunate guest list faux pas, I, Dexter, am still eager to see that the big day goes off without a hitch.

In particular, I have been firm with Master about completing the beautification of the front entry where the proverbial knot will be tied.

Thus I set to supervising the creation of shrubbery beds to either side of the porch. Having spent many hours (hours when I might have been walking or playing tennis ball - one could hardly be more self sacrificing) studying Wyatt's blog, I felt ready to proceed.

Jimmy and the boys came over and dug up all the grass and weeds and I assisted with selecting appropriate shrubberies.

Hmmm... looks like they dug up some nommy rocks.

I decided to order some new dirt. Sadly, the dirt in situ was ill suited to the healthy development of young plants.

Yup, that's dirt.

Alright, boys, let's see some digging action.

Choose your weapons! 

In the hopes of increasing the pace of work, I asked neighbor girl, Kate, to join the work party.

Unfortunately, I underestimated the propensity of 20 year old human males to feel the need to "supervisor" female humans all the while sporting a slack jawed expression of awe not unlike the Relentlessly Confused.

Look at Kate go with her little garden weasel.

I don't need to tell you that supervising humans is extraordinarily fatiguing work.

So while I recovered my strength, I temporarily turned supervisory activities over to Mango

He refused to venture outdoors due to the large population of digger wasps in the area (loyal readers will recall that just last summer, Mango suffered from the big foot which momma is convinced was caused by him placing a clumsy paw on one of their nests).

But, how wrong can you go digging and laying down mulch and I was quite pleased with the finished product.


And after...

Now I just need to motivate Master to remove the bird's nest from the porch light (don't want bird poop on the those nice tuxedos) and pretty up the gutters and we should be good to go.

Dexter done!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Goodbye to K

K has made her final journey.
She was a very special dog. Even during her illness, her spirit, her love of life, inspired so many of us, doggie and human alike. She grabbed every day and took the best out of it.
Her momma was so brave to let us share in the wonderful days that K had running through her beloved mountains as well as the days when the C monster took control and made her weary. 

You can read her post here.
If you did not know K, I encourage you to scroll through her blog, read her adventures, see the beautiful photos, and know that she lived every day to the fullest.

Special thanks to Zoolatry for making this wonderful photo of K for us to share.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tennis Ball Liberation Day

Dear Readers,

As you might recall, yours truly was on the DL for what seemed an extraordinary amount of time due to a bit of over torque in my rear quarters (which rendered me owie and unable to bounce).

I am happy to report that the enforced R&R, while possibly more stressful than the injury itself, seems to have done the trick and I am back in action with my beloved tennis balls.

Perhaps the day will come when momma will actually read the owner's manual for the flashy and learn how to take high speed photos. In the meantime, well, a bit blurry but I think these snaps convey nicely that I am fully recovered.

Even the RH has been feeling a bit tennis ball deprived as he does enjoy participating in a vigorous examination of his mouth eye coordination skills (from a safely seated position).

Sadly, our sessions have been cut short due to the alarming bout of hot weather we have been experiencing at our estate. But, with just a brief splash under the refreshing spray of the hose...

I am ready for more. Oh happy day!

Dexter done!

P.S. Momma and Master are quite exercised themselves over the fact that tomorrow they will be turning over the keys to their latest project house. 

I admit to being skeptical of the voracity of some of the alleged "before and after" photos that momma has shown me. 

Surely this nightmare....

Cannot be the same room as this!

What do you think? If you want to see more, along with fascinating posts during construction, you can visit Master's project house blog here.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why I'm Busy (with an unexpected photo)

Look, I know I am seriously behind in reading and commenting, but what with our unexpected blogging break, there are more pressing matters at hand right now. To be specific, the big blogville Olympics!

That's right! It is Olympic time and I am busy getting my entries in. You can too! Just click here to read all about it. 

I'm even too busy to worry that momma hasn't taken any new photos of me or the pea in about 87 minutes, so I am going to share this one with you. That's my Master harvesting the cherries at our estate.

You know what? He found out that a step ladder makes a super duper scarecrow. Who knew? Maybe next year we'll just put out 8 step ladders and forget all about netting the trees.

Mango man! Oh yeah!

P.S. Momma hit the mark all as read button this morning. Sorry about that. Hopefully now she will have a fresh start and be better able to help me with my reading and commenting.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Sasha the Great Dane

Beautiful Sasha made her final journey over the weekend and the Mango's heart is breaking.
She was a full sized doggie with a heart to match and she will be missed.
You can visit her family here and see a wonderful post about how she spent her last day with them.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Oh friends! The Mango seems to have had a mishap during his bed dismount!

The Mango is stuck!

Oops! Excuse me, ladies, there be my nards! 

Sorry about that. 

If only the Evil Witch would quit taking pictures and untangle my Mango-ness.

I feel dizzy...

PeeWee! Call 911 or at least fetch the block and tackle from the barn! Hurry!

You aren't still looking at my nards, are you?

Mango Man! Oh yeah!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blogging Break

Hey friends! We are going to take a little blogging break due to momma having busy brain with some human type stuff. 

See ya soon!

Mango Man! Oh yeah (and PeeWee too)!